LFF Stadium

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LFF stadionas
Vetros stadionas.jpeg UEFA Category 3 stadium
LFF Stadium
AddressLiepkalnio g. 13/2
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Coordinates 54°40′07″N25°17′40″E / 54.66861°N 25.29444°E / 54.66861; 25.29444 Coordinates: 54°40′07″N25°17′40″E / 54.66861°N 25.29444°E / 54.66861; 25.29444
Owner Lithuanian Football Federation
Capacity 5,067
Surface Artificial turf
Vėtra (2004–2010)
Žalgiris (2011–present)
Riteriai (2014–present)
Lithuania national football team (2012–present)

LFF Stadium (Lithuanian Football Federation stadium, Lithuanian : LFF stadionas), formerly known as Vėtra Stadium, is a football stadium in Vilnius, Lithuania. [1]



The stadium was first named Lokomotyvas in Soviet era due to its location close to the Vilnius railway station.

In 2004 it was the first private football-oriented stadium in Lithuania rebuilt after the Soviet era. It was then renamed to Vėtra Stadium as the home ground of Vėtra. In 2005 it hosted its first national team matches.

Following the bankruptcy of Vėtra in 2010, the stadium was taken over by the Lithuanian Football Federation and renamed again as the LFF Stadium. The stadium has undergone various improvements to meet UEFA 3rd category stadium status. Following the renovation, the stadium also includes the new headquarters of the LFF, while the grass pitch was changed to an artificial turf.

In 2015 the stadium was renewed - the artificial turf was renewed with a new higher quality surface, and the stadium lighting system was updated. [2] A year later, before the match with Malta, a new scoreboard was installed. [3] Pitch was once again replaced in April 2020. [4]

Since 2012, the stadium is the home of the Lithuanian national football team and one of the top Lithuanian clubs Žalgiris Vilnius.

The current capacity of the stadium is 5,067.

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Lithuania national football team mens national association football team representing Lithuania

The Lithuania national football team represents Lithuania in international football and is controlled by the Lithuanian Football Federation, the governing body for football in Lithuania. They played their first match in 1923. In 1940, Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union; the country regained its independence in 1990 and played their first match thereafter against Georgia on 27 May of that year.

Lithuanian Football Federation sports governing body

The Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) is the governing body of football in Lithuania. The Federation is responsible for football development in the country and for the national teams, including the Lithuania national football team. It is based in Vilnius. LFF became a member of FIFA in 1923, but following Lithuania's annexation by the Soviet Union it was disbanded. It became a member again in 1992 after Lithuania regained its independence. The top division is A Lyga.

FK Žalgiris Lithuanian association football club

Futbolo klubas Žalgiris, commonly known as FK Žalgiris, Žalgiris Vilnius or simply Žalgiris is a Lithuanian professional football club based in Vilnius. The club competes in the A Lyga, the top flight of Lithuanian football. The club was founded as Dinamo in 1947. The club's name commemorates the victorious Battle of Žalgiris. Žalgiris has featured many Lithuanian football legends during their history, including Arminas Narbekovas, Valdas Ivanauskas, Edgaras Jankauskas and Deividas Šemberas. They have won the Lithuanian Championship 7 times, the Lithuanian Football Cup 12 times and the Lithuanian Supercup 6 times.

FK Atlantas association football team in Lithuania

FK Atlantas is a Lithuanian football team from the port city of Klaipėda. The team currently plays in A Lyga, the first level of the Lithuanian football league pyramid.

A Lyga association football league

The A Lyga is the top division of professional football in Lithuania. The A Lyga is an abbreviation of Aukščiausia lyga meaning Higher League. It is organized by Lithuanian Football Federation LFF. The Aukščiausia lyga also existed during the Soviet period of Lithuania, but was not considered to be a professional league until dissolution of the Soviet Union.

FK Vėtra association football club

FK Vėtra was a Lithuanian football team from the capital city of Vilnius.

Žalgiris Stadium football stadium

Žalgiris Stadium was a multi-purpose stadium in Žirmūnai elderate of Vilnius, Lithuania. The stadium holds 15,029 and was being used by the first division I Lyga - REO Vilnius. It was the largest football stadium in Lithuania and was built on the desecrated graves of Jews interred in the Old Jewish Cemetery under the stadium.

Alytus Stadium

Alytus Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Alytus, Lithuania. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of DFK Dainava Alytus. The stadium holds 3,748 people. Opened in 1924, the stadium was renovated four times: 1957–1958, 1993, 2007, and 2009–2010.

Football is the most popular sport in Armenia.

The Lithuania National Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Vilnius, Lithuania, that has been under construction since 1987. It is planned mostly for football matches and will host the home matches of the Lithuania national football team. It would replace the demolished Žalgiris Stadium and the current LFF Stadium as the main stadiums in Vilnius.

Football is one of the top two most popular sports in Lithuania by the quantity of active sportsmen. However, with only 52,000 match spectators a year (2019) in all top league matches, it falls far behind country's most popular sport, basketball. Other variations of football like futsal, 5-a-side to 8-a-side football, beach soccer have become fairly popular as well.

The 2009–10 Lithuanian Football Cup is the 21st season of the Lithuanian annual football knock-out tournament. The competition started around 28 May 2009 with the matches of the First Round and will end in May 2010 with the Final. FK Sūduva are the defending champions.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup qualification UEFA Group G was a UEFA qualifying group for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The group comprised Greece, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Latvia and Liechtenstein.

FK Riteriai Lithuanian association football club

Futbolo Klubas Riteriai, also known as FK Riteriai or as Riteriai, is a Lithuanian professional football club based in Vilnius. The team has been playing in the top level of Lithuanian football, the A Lyga, since 2014. Until 21 February 2019, the club was based in Trakai and was known as FK Trakai.

FC Stumbras

Football Club Stumbras was a professional football club, based in Kaunas, Lithuania, which played in A Lyga, the top tier of Lithuanian football. Founded in 2013 on the basis of the NFA, the club has reached the heights of Lithuanian football in a fairly short period of time. It became infamous for one-sided footballer contracts. The club stopped functioning mid-season in 2019 after the owner pulled out the funds. The club played its home matches at the Darius and Girėnas Stadium and used the NFA stadium in Kaunas as an alternative.

FK Kauno Žalgiris

Futbolo klubas Kauno Žalgiris is a professional football club based in Kaunas, Lithuania, that competes in the A lyga, the top tier of Lithuania. The club was founded as FM Spyris Kaunas in 2004, became the football section of basketball club Žalgiris Kaunas and moved to their current stadium, the Darius and Girėnas Stadium, in 2015. After their debut season in the A Lyga, the club adopted the name FK Kauno Žalgiris in 2016.

The 2017 A Lyga was the 28th season of the A Lyga, the top-tier association football league of Lithuania. The season began on 3 March 2017 and ended on 19 November 2017.

The 2017 Lithuanian Football Cup, also known as LFF Cup, was the seventy-second season of the Lithuanian annual football knock-out tournament. Forty-four teams entered the competitions, which started on 27 April and ended on 24 September in Aukštaitija Stadium, Panevėžys.

2019 Lithuanian Football Cup, SHARP LFF Cup was the 31st independent Lithuania and the 74th overall national football cup tournament.

The 2020 A Lyga is the 31st season of the A Lyga, the top-tier football league of Lithuania. The season began on 6 March and was planned to end on 7 November 2020. On 12 March all sports events were postponed for two weeks in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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