LOS40 Music Awards

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LOS40 Music Awards
Awarded for Best in Spanish and International music
Country Spain
Presented by Los 40
First awarded December 16, 2006
Website http://los40musicawards.los40.com

LOS40 Music Awards formerly known as Premios 40 Principales is an award show by the musical radio station Los 40. Created in 2006 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the worldwide station.



Top 40 music station is the most important in Spain, with 4,089,000 listeners in 2012, and the second strand of the country radio audience just behind the Cadena SER, in the same group. At first, began as a musical called Top 40 Radio in Madrid, from Cadena SER. After the program finished airing on 10 stations in the chain. At first lasted two hours later it was four, and eight hours later, when the program was transferred to the weekly edition on Saturday. The program was recorded, was sent to stations by geography Cadena SER Spanish and emitted as these, all at once, at the agreed time. Due to the success of the program, especially among young people, more and more hours of programming copaba and began to create his own style, the "Style 40" based on a language agile, dynamic, youthful, casual, for a very young audience where they compete in important music, music information and how to present the album. Wave Media was critical to convey that "Style 40" because we must not forget, the FM the tune a minority and Saturday afternoons Medium Wave stations emit eight hours of "Top 40" where listeners could choose the number 1. Thanks to the success of the program, and increased FM transmitters and receivers, Top 40 daily duration was increased in 1979 to reach 24 hours of daily broadcast stations radiofórmula new Top 40, still belonging to the Cadena SER . In 1985 began broadcasting via satellite and in the 1987-1988 season, constituted as radio station, Cadena 40 Principales, now independent of the Cadena SER, but still under the control of PRISA Group, who owns both chains.

Top 40 Waves received the award in the category National Radio in 1985. In 1998 both received Ondas Awards for Best Presenter Joaquin Luqui Musical Program and the 40 to 1 for Best TV Specialist Program. The program Your place or mine got in 2000 Ondas Award Most Innovative Radio Program, original and for their service to society. In 2004, the alarm Anda Ya! received the Innovation Award to radio waves. In 2010, Frank White is awarded the Gold Antenna Federation of Radio and Television Spain1


2006I16 de diciembre Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid Madrid,   Spain
2007IIDecember 14th
2008IIIDecember 12th
2009IVDecember 11th
2010VDecember 10th
2011VIDecember 9th
2012VIIJanuary 24, 2013
2013VIIDecember 12th
2014IXDecember 12th
2015XDecember 11th
2016XIDecember 1st Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona,   Spain
2017XIINovember 10th Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid Madrid,   Spain
2018XIIINovember 2nd



All-time ranking

Los Premios 40 Principales España

El Canto del Loco 89
Pablo Alborán 816
Shakira 711
Alejandro Sanz 718
Malú 59
Juanes 47
One Direction 47
Maldita Nerea 410
Camila 34
La 5ª Estación 37
David Bisbal 39
La Oreja de Van Gogh 311
The Black Eyed Peas 22
Teen Angels 22
Zoé 22
Ellie Goulding 22
Lady Gaga 23
Auryn 26
Carlos Jean 26
Pereza 28
Macaco 28
Enrique Iglesias 29
Maná 213
Melendi 220
Beyoncé 14
Lucie Silvas 11
Timbaland 11
Flex 11
Calle París11
U2 11
Chancho en Piedra 11
Mirella Cesa11
Mario Spinalli11
Méndez 11
Tan Biónica11
Los Vásquez11
Los Reyes Vagos11
Joey Montana 11
Lucenzo 11
Adele 11
Pablo López11
Wisin 11
Álvaro Soler 11
Madcon 11
Gente de Zona 11
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 12
James Arthur 12
Kudai 12
Andrés Cepeda 12
Santiago Cruz12
Por Partes12
Dúo Sway12
Iván Barrios12
J Balvin 12
Israel Brito12
Don Omar 12
John Newman 12
Birdy 12
Meghan Trainor 12
Dvicio 13
OneRepublic 13
Efecto Mariposa 13
Amaia Montero 13
Fausto Miño 13
Ludacris 13
DJ Frank E 13
Axel 13
El Tambor de la Tribu13
Malacates Trébol Shop 13
Ed Sheeran 13
Electric Nana13
Jason Derülo 14
Belanova 14
Cali & El Dandee 14
Coldplay 14
Sam Smith 14
Taylor Swift 14
David Guetta 14
Ricky Martin 15
Nelly Furtado 15
Miranda! 15
Pitbull 16
Nena Daconte 16
Rihanna 17
Fito & Fitipaldis 17
Bruno Mars 19
Dani Martín 111


  • Special awards not included.
  • Awards/nominations to collaborations of two or more acts are counted for everyone involved.

Los Premios 40 Principales América

Jesse & Joy 34
Enrique Iglesias 23
One Direction 23
Pitbull 11
Vazquez Sounds 11
Denise Rosenthal 11
Axel 11
Francisca Valenzuela 11
Comando Tiburón11
Daniel Páez11
Iván Zavala11
Descemer Bueno 11
Gente de Zona 11
Carly Rae Jepsen 12
Zoé 12
Maluma 12
Juanes 12
Calvin Harris 14


  • Special awards not included.
  • Awards/nominations to collaborations of two or more acts are counted for everyone involved.