La Tele (Peruvian TV network)

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La Tele
LaTele Peru 2018 Logo.png
Country Peru
Broadcast area Peru
Headquarters Lima
Language(s) Spanish
Picture format 480i 4:3 SDTV (NTSC)
Owner Grupo ATV
Launched7 January 2009 (2009-01-07)
ReplacedUranio TV
Analog UHF channel 15 (Lima, listings may vary)
Digital VHF channel 10.1 (Lima, listings may vary)
Movistar TVChannel 30
Movistar TVchannel 115

La Tele is a minor television network operated by Grupo ATV, in turn owned by Albavisión, airing exclusively imported programming.


Alliance SAC won eight licenses in six provinces to spread the signal of Uranio 15, however, these licenses are currently used to rebroadcast the programming of Andina de Radiodifusión (ATV), channel 9 in Lima. With these licenses, Vera Abad managed to ATV's transmission network, using permits issued on behalf of Uranio 15.

Uranio 15 (established in 1994) was a channel that had some programs led by Oscar Gayoso, Pedro Sanchez, Chris, Roxana among other presenters. Its main program was "The Ranking" and of course a large selection of music videos of all genres, 24 hours a day. Uranio 15 was one of the biggest UHF channels of its time, then in 2007 it started broadcasting music videos without identification.

When Mexican businessman Remigio Ángel González took over the control of Grupo ATV through Albavisión Communications Group LLC, Uranio TV disappeared, replaced by La Tele. At launch, the channel focused on a female demographic, with telenovelas being transmitted on weekdays and movies (already transmitted by ATV) on weekends.

In January 2013, the channel relaunched with premieres of international series in the evening hours and some short programs aimed at women.

In April 2015, the cartoons transmitted on Red Global in the mornings were transferred to this channel upon the other's rebrand to Red TV.

The current schedule consists of programming aimed at children in the morning hours, complemented with telenovelas on the weekdays and American imports on weekends.

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Television in Latin America currently includes more than 1,500 television stations and more than 60 million TV sets throughout the 20 countries that constitute Latin America. Due to economic and political problems television networks in some countries of this region have developed less than the North American and European networks, for instance. In other countries like Colombia or Chile, television broadcasting has historically been public-broadcast dominated until the 1990s. The largest commercial television groups are Mexico-based Televisa, Brazil-based Globo and Canada-based Canwest Latin American Group. Due to the shared language of Spanish by two thirds of Latin Americans a lot of programmes and broadcasters operate throughout the region, offering both United States television and Spanish-language television.

Media of Latin America includes a range of media groups across television, radio and the press. Pan-Latin American television networks include the US-based CNN en Español, Univision, and MundoVision, as well as Spain's Canal 24 Horas. In 2005 TeleSUR, headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela, was launched with the support of regional governments, with the objective of providing information to promote the integration of Latin America and as a counterweight to existing large international media.

Television in Peru has a history of more than 60 years. There are 105 television broadcasters in Peru, 22 of which are in Lima. In regard to television receivers, in 2003 there were 5,470,000 — that is 200 televisions for every thousand inhabitants. The number of cable subscribers was 967,943 in 2011.

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Grupo ATV is a media conglomerate Peruvian television communication company created in 2006, which is owned by the conglomerate Albavisión television, owned by Remigio Angel González.

XHTVL-TDT is a television station in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. XHTVL broadcasts on virtual channel 13 and is the flagship station of the Canal 13 regional network,Retransmit the programming from El Nueve,ATV and La Red,previously retransmit the programming from Nu9ve and FOROtv.

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