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Strazske Laborec 01.jpg
Laborec at Strážske
Country Ukraine, Slovakia
Physical characteristics
  location Laborec Highlands
48°30′14″N21°54′04″E / 48.504°N 21.901°E / 48.504; 21.901 Coordinates: 48°30′14″N21°54′04″E / 48.504°N 21.901°E / 48.504; 21.901
Length126 km (78 mi)
Basin size4,523 km2 (1,746 sq mi)
Basin features
Progression LatoricaBodrogTiszaDanubeBlack Sea
  left Uzh, Cirocha

The Laborec (Ukrainian : Лаборець; Hungarian : Laborc) is a river in eastern Slovakia that flows through the districts of Medzilaborce, Humenné, and Michalovce in the Košice Region, and the Prešov Region. The river drains the Laborec Highlands. It is 126 km (78 mi) long and its basin size is 4,523 km2 (1,746 sq mi). [1]



Tributaries of the Laborec river include the Uzh which joins the Laborec near the city of Drahňov in Michalovce District, and the Cirocha river. The Laborec itself is a tributary, flowing into the Latorica river.

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Michalovce Town in Slovakia

Michalovce is a town on the Laborec river in eastern Slovakia. Originally named after the Archangel St Michael, it is the second-largest city in the Košice Region and the seat of the Michalovce District.

Zemplín (region)

Zemplín is the name of an informal traditional region located in eastern Slovakia. It includes the Slovak part of the former Zemplén county, often including the Slovak part of the Ung county.

Eastern Slovak Flat

The East(ern) Slovak Flat, also translated as Eastern Slovak Plain, is the lower, flat part of the Eastern Slovak Lowland.

Eastern Slovak Hills

The East(ern) Slovak Hills, also translated as Eastern Slovak Upland, is the higher, mountain-like part of the Eastern Slovak Lowland.

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Petrovce nad Laborcom

Petrovce nad Laborcom is a village and municipality in Michalovce District in the Košice Region of eastern Slovakia.

Veľké Raškovce

Veľké Raškovce is a village and municipality in Michalovce District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia.


Stretavka is a small village and municipality in Michalovce District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia.

Strážske Town in Slovakia

Strážske is a small town and municipality in Michalovce District in the Kosice Region of eastern Slovakia. It is located in the most northern part of Michalovce District.

Volica Municipality in Slovakia

Volica is a village and municipality in the Medzilaborce District in the Prešov Region of far north-eastern Slovakia, in the Laborec Highlands.

Zemplínska šírava Body of water

Zemplínska šírava (sometimes called the "Slovak sea". is a dam and lake in eastern Slovakia, near the town of Michalovce, wholly belonging to the Michalovce District. The name recalls the historical Zemplín region. The dam was built in 1961–1965, covers an area of 33 km2, has an average depth of 9.5 m, with a maximum depth of 14 m. Water from the dam flows into the Laborec river, which in turn flows into the Bodrog river. The area is primarily used for recreation. It also supplies cooling water for the Vojany Power Station.

Latorica Protected Landscape Area is the second lowland protected landscape area in Slovakia. It is located in the south-eastern Slovakia, in the Trebišov and Michalovce districts.

Cirocha River in Slovakia

Cirocha is a right tributary of the river Laborec in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia. It is 50.1 km (31.1 mi) long and its drainage basin size is 499.8 km2 (193.0 sq mi). Its average flow is 2.85 m³/s in Snina.

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