Larry Carroll (artist)

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Larry Carroll
Nationality American
Citizenship United States
Occupation Artist

Larry Carroll is a former television news reporter in Los Angeles, and an artist who has worked for The Progressive , The Village Voice , The New York Times , The Los Angeles Times , Newsweek , The Nation , Reason , Spin , Ray Gun , and other periodicals drawing political illustrations. [1] Carroll's most notable work is designing the artwork for the American thrash metal band Slayer's album covers.

Carroll designed the artwork for Reign in Blood , South of Heaven , Seasons in the Abyss and Christ Illusion . Reign in Blood's release was delayed due to the controversial cover art, [1] though it placed in the "top 10 heavy metal album covers of all time" by Blender. [2] Christ Illusion was banned in India for its graphic art depicting Christ mutilated with missing limbs, in a sea of blood with severed heads. [3]


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