Latvian Second League

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Latvian Second League
CountryFlag of Latvia.svg  Latvia
Number of teams50
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to Latvian First League
Domestic cup(s) Latvian Cup
Website Latvian Football Federation

The Latvian Second League (Latvian : 2. līga) is the third tier of football in Latvia and is organised by the Latvian Football Federation.


Regional qualification round

There are around 50 clubs in the Second League. There are 6 regions (Rīga, Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Latgale, Zemgale, Ziemeļaustrumi (North-East)) and teams have to play home and away games against their regional opponents. From each region 2 teams can advance to the final round. The regional qualification round is played from May to October.

Final round

The two best teams from each region compete in the final round and there are knockout games played. To get promotion to the 1.līga teams need to make it to the final.

Past Second League winners

1992 Vārpa-SCO Smiltene
1993 Cerība Preiļi Lokomotīve
1994 Konvoja pulks Dialogs Jelgava
1995 Vecrīga Nafta Ventspils
1996 FK Ozolnieki FK Ilūkste
1997 Valmiera-2 Auda
1998 Zibens Zemessardze FK Lode
1999 AS Lode Robežsardze
2000 Akora Viola
2001 FC Ditton Auda-Neo
2002 FK Balvu Vilki Nafta Ventspils
2003 Skonto/Juniors Fortūna Ogre
2004 Eirobaltija Saldus/Brocēni
2005 Miku/UPTK FK Abuls
2006 Olimps FK Ilūkste
2007 FK Spartaks Jēkabpils SC
2008 FK Kauguri-PBLC Preiļu BJSS
2009 RFS/Flaminko FK Ilūkste
2010 SFK Varavīksne OSC/FK-33
2011 Rīnūži/Strong SK Upesciems
2012 Kuldīgas NSS FK Jēkabpils/JSC
2013 RTU Futbola centrs JFK Saldus
2014 FC Caramba FK Staiceles Bebri
2015 FC Caramba FC Nikers
2016 Grobiņas SC SK Cēsis
2017 LDZ Cargo/DFA Monarhs/Flaminko
2018 FC Betlanes [1] FK Krāslava

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