Lawrence Ah Mon

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Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 劉國昌
Simplified Chinese 刘国昌

Lawrence Ah Mon or Lawrence Lau Kwok Cheong (劉國昌) (born 1949) is a Hong Kong film director. His films are notable for their lurid exploration of the problems of the poor in modern Hong Kong, such as Gangs (1986), Spacked Out (2000), Gimme Gimme (2001) and City Without Baseball (2008). He has also made several films about colonial and postcolonial subaltern history in Hong Kong, such as the Lee Rock series (starring Andy Lau) and Queen of Temple Street (1990).

He was born in Pretoria, South Africa [ citation needed ].

He has been nominated for Best Director in the Hong Kong Film Awards twice.

Filmography as director

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City Without Baseball is a 2008 Hong Kong drama film starring Ron Heung and other members of the Hong Kong National Baseball Team. It is directed by South African-born Hong Kong filmmaker Lawrence Ah Mon, about a city where baseball is almost unknown, and where the team plays to empty stadia. It explores several themes traditionally regarded as 'taboo' in Hong Kong society, in an unusually open, convention-defying way, and features full-frontal male nudity in several scenes. It is the first of seven such films by Scud. The six later films are: Permanent Residence in 2009, Amphetamine in 2010, Love Actually... Sucks! in 2011, Voyage in 2013, Utopians in 2015 and Thirty Years of Adonis in 2017. His eighth film, Naked Nation, is currently in production.

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Queen of Temple Street is a 1990 Hong Kong film directed by Lawrence Ah Mon. It has a Category III rating in Hong Kong.

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Lee Rock II is a 1991 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Lawrence Ah Mon and starring Andy Lau, Sharla Cheung and Aaron Kwok. The film is a direct sequel to Lee Rock released earlier in the same year, which is inspired by a true story of real life corrupt police officer Lui Lok, who is portrayed in the film as Lee Rock by Lau.

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The Prince of Temple Street is a 1992 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Jeffrey Chiang and starring Andy Lau, Joey Wong, Deanie Ip and Ng Man-tat. Aside of portraying the titular protagonist in the film, Lau also briefly reprises his role as "Lee Rock", the real life-inspired protagonist from the film series of the same name.