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Lea Laven in Vihreat Niityt music festival. Lea Laven Vihreat Niityt musiikkitapahtumassa 2004.JPG
Lea Laven in Vihreät Niityt music festival.

Lea Laven (née Luukinen; after that Marjanen, Forssell and Tulonen; born 19 June 1948, Haukipudas) is a Finnish pop singer.

Haukipudas Municipality in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

Haukipudas is a town and former municipality of Finland. It is located in the province of Oulu and part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region. Its shore runs along the Gulf of Bothnia, with the river Kiiminkijoki running through the province. Along with Kiiminki, Oulunsalo and Yli-Ii municipalities it was merged with the city of Oulu on 1 January 2013.

Finland Republic in Northern Europe

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, and Gulf of Finland, between Norway to the north, Sweden to the northwest, and Russia to the east. Finland is a Nordic country and is situated in the geographical region of Fennoscandia. The capital and largest city is Helsinki. Other major cities are Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Turku.


Laven grew up in meager circumstances in the small town of Haukipudas: she began singing in shows while in school and as a teenager began participating in talent competitions. After completing her schooling she lived for a time in Sweden where she worked as a domestic in hotels and nursing homes. In 1966 while back in Finland for an intended visit Laven attended a dance where Pentti Oskari Kangas was playing: Laven asked to sing with his band and the reaction resulted in her being recruited as a vocalist. When not performing with the band Laven worked at a textile mill in the town of Rauma which was Kangas' home base.

Rauma, Finland Town in Satakunta, Finland

Rauma is a town and municipality of ca. 39,400 inhabitants on the west coast of Finland, 92 kilometres (57 mi) north of Turku, and 50 kilometres (31 mi) south of Pori. Granted town privileges on 17 April 1442, Rauma is known for its paper and maritime industry, high quality lace and the old wooden architecture of its centre, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

In 1969 Laven began recording for EMI Columbia - later known as CBS Records - with a debut album Se Jokin issued in 1970: during this time Laven also had a "day job" as a secretary at the label's Helsinki office. For several years Laven typically recorded Finnish language cover versions of contemporary international hits with the 1974 double A-side single "Niin"/ "Tumma Nainen" - comprising Finnish renderings of "" and "Dark Lady" originally by respectively Gigliola Cinquetti and Cher - affording Laven her career record with a #5 peak on the Finnish national charts: "Niin"/ "Tumma Nainen" debuted in the Top 30 in August 1974 and was still ranked in the Top 30 in August 1975.

Columbia Graphophone Company British record company, subsidiary of the US Columbia Graphophone Company

The Columbia Graphophone Company Limited was one of the earliest gramophone companies in the United Kingdom. As Columbia Records, it became a successful label in the 1950s and 1960s, but was eventually replaced by the newly created EMI Records, as part of an EMI label consolidation. This in turn was absorbed by the Parlophone Records unit of Warner Music Group in 2013.

Helsinki Capital city in Uusimaa, Finland

Helsinki is the capital and most populous city of Finland. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, it is the seat of the region of Uusimaa in southern Finland, and has a population of 650,058. The city's urban area has a population of 1,268,296, making it by far the most populous urban area in Finland as well as the country's most important center for politics, education, finance, culture, and research. Helsinki is located 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Tallinn, Estonia, 400 km (250 mi) east of Stockholm, Sweden, and 390 km (240 mi) west of Saint Petersburg, Russia. It has close historical ties with these three cities.

Cover version later version of a song already established with a different earlier performer

In popular music, a cover version, cover song, revival, or simply cover, is a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a previously recorded, commercially released song.

In 1978 Laven took second place - in a tie - in the Finnish national preliminary round of the Eurovision contest with the song "Aamulla Rakkaani Näin" which served at the title cut of Laven's seventh album which became Laven's first gold-certified album. Laven's subsequent recorded output was more focused on new material including the 1979 Syksyn sävel winner "Ei oo, ei tuu" which was the #1 hit in Finland for the months of December 1979 and January 1980. Laven still recorded Finnish-language covers including "Lahjan Sain" which as "Si la vie est cadeau" had won Eurovision 1983. In 1984 Laven switched to Bluebird Records where her debut album Sanat murenevat - Laven's twelfth album release - became her sole platinum-certified album to date. In 1990 Laven debuted on the Polarvox label with the album Ali Baba which was Laven's seventeenth album release and her sixth album to be certified gold. Laven subsequently experienced a drop in her career profile but was afforded a major comeback in 1999 when she again won the Syksyn sävel and her winning song ""Nyt kun oot mennyt" reached #6 on the Finnish national charts. Laven's twenty-fourth album Tähdenlennon alla was issued in 2006. [1] Laven has resided in Naantali since 1984.

Eurovision Song Contest 1978 song contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 1978 was the 23rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It was held on 22 April 1978 in Paris. The contest was won by Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta who represented Israel with the song "A-Ba-Ni-Bi". Although 'A-Ba-Ni-Bi' is the correct title, French television mistakenly captioned on screen the song title as 'Ah-Bah-Nee-Bee'. The presenters were Denise Fabre and Léon Zitrone, and this was the first time more than one presenter hosted an edition of the Contest. In addition, the two presenters served as commentators for France. Twenty countries participated, a record at the time.

Si la vie est cadeau 1983 Corinne Hermès song

"Si la vie est cadeau" by Jean-Pierre Millers (music) and Alain Garcia (lyrics), was the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1983, performed in French by French singer Corinne Hermès for Luxembourg.

Eurovision Song Contest 1983 song contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 1983 was the 28th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. It was held in Munich, then West Germany, on 23 April 1983. The presenter was Marlene Charell. Corinne Hermes was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, "Si la vie est cadeau". This was Luxembourg's fifth victory in the contest which equalled the record set by France in 1977. It was also the second year in a row where the winning entry was performed last on the night and the second year in a row in which Israel won 2nd place.

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