Lee Ji-ha

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Lee Ji-ha
Lee Ji-ha

(1970-10-07) October 7, 1970 (age 51)
Other namesYi Ji-ha
Education Kyungsung University (Department of Theater)
  • Actress
  • model
Years active2005–present
AgentS&A Entertainment
Known for The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
My Unfamiliar Family
Sweet Home
Squid Game

Lee Ji-ha (Korean : 이지하; born October 7, 1970) is a South Korean actress and model. [1] She is known for her roles in dramas such as The Smile Has Left Your Eyes , My Unfamiliar Family, Sweet Home, [2] and Squid Game, in which the latter gains international fame. She also appeared in movies The Bros , The Handmaiden and Tabloid Truth . [3]



Television series

2012Drama Special Series Season 2: Ordinary Love KBS2 Sightseeing guide [4]
2013 The Queen of Office Show host [5]
2016 Five Enough Counselor [6]
2017 The Bride of Habaek tvN So-ah's mother [7]
Hello, My Twenties! JTBC Ho-chang's mother [8]
Jugglers KBS2 Kang Soon-deok [9]
Bad Guys 2 OCN Kim Kyung-im [10]
2018 Welcome to Waikiki JTBC Ji-soo's mother [11]
Life on Mars OCN Han Mal-sook [12]
Drama Special Season 9: Forgotten Season KBS2 Park Jung-sook [13]
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes tvN Nun Lucy [14]
The Last Empress SBS Shin Eun-soo [15]
2019 Romance Is a Bonus Book tvN Hae-rin's mother [16]
Drama Special Season 10: Goodbye B1 KBS2 Jang Seon-ja [17]
Search: WWW tvN Park Morgan's mother [18]
2020 My Unfamiliar Family Oh Mi-sook [19]
Please Don't Date Him MBC Jung-han's mother [20]
Hi Bye, Mama! tvN Park Hye-jin's mother [21]
Sweet Home Netflix Moon Hyeon-sook [22]
2021 Hospital Playlist 2 tvN Gyung-jin's mother [23]
Drama Special – F20 KBS2 N/A [24]
School 2021 KBSGoo Mi-hee [25]
Squid Game Netflix Player 70 [26]
2022The King of Pigs TVING Hwang Kyung-min's mother [27]
TBA Happiness tvN Jo Ji-hee [28]


2010 Finding Mr. Destiny Customer
2012 Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time Bag Carrier
Duresori: The Voice of EastAh-reum's aunt
2014 Tabloid Truth Nam Jung-in's wife
2016 The Handmaiden Owner of Ryokan
2017 The Bros Dang-sook's mother
2018 Love+Sling Homeroom Teacher
Herstory Director
2020Forgotten LoveJi-ha
2021New Year BluesJin-ah's manager

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