Lee Martin (politician)

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Henry Greathead Rex Mason was a New Zealand politician. He served as Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education, and Minister of Native Affairs, and had a significant influence on the direction of the Labour Party. He served in parliament from 1926 to 1966, the only person to serve as an MP for over 40 years.

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Waikato (New Zealand electorate) Electoral district in New Zealand

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Raglan is a former New Zealand parliamentary electorate. It existed for three periods between 1861 and 1996 and during that time, it was represented by 13 Members of Parliament.

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Western Maori was one of New Zealand's four original parliamentary Māori electorates established in 1868, along with Northern Maori, Eastern Maori and Southern Maori. In 1996, with the introduction of MMP, the Maori electorates were updated, and Western Maori was replaced with the Te Tai Hauāuru and Te Puku O Te Whenua electorates.

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">1927 Raglan by-election</span> New Zealand by-election

The Raglan by-election of 1927 was a by-election held in the Raglan electorate during the 22nd New Zealand Parliament, on 29 September 1927. It was caused by the death of incumbent MP Richard Bollard of the Reform Party. Despite being a local contest it quickly became a national contest in miniature due to growing discontent with the Reform Government.

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Harold David Caro was the 23rd mayor of Hamilton, New Zealand and a Hamilton businessman. He was awarded the OBE in 1950.


Lee Martin
William Lee Martin.jpg
15th Minister of Agriculture
In office
6 December 1935 21 January 1941
Political offices
Preceded by Minister of Agriculture
Succeeded by
New Zealand Parliament
Preceded by Member of Parliament for Raglan

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Stewart Reid
Succeeded by