Leo Kinnunen

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Leo Kinnunen
Leo Kinnunen 1966.jpg
Kinnunen in 1966
Born(1943-08-05)5 August 1943
Tampere, Pirkanmaa
Died26 July 2017(2017-07-26) (aged 73)
Turku, Southwest Finland
Formula One World Championship career
Nationality Flag of Finland.svg Finnish
Active years 1974
TeamsAAW Racing Team (non-works Surtees)
Entries6 (1 start)
Championships 0
Wins 0
Career points0
Pole positions 0
Fastest laps 0
First entry 1974 Belgian Grand Prix
Last entry 1974 Italian Grand Prix

Leo Juhani "Leksa" Kinnunen (5 August 1943 – 26 July 2017) [1] was a Finnish racing driver, and the first Formula One driver from Finland.


Kinnunen won the Nordic Challenge Cup in 1969, the Interserie from 1971–1973, and helped Porsche to take the World Sportscar Championship for manufacturers in 1970 (drivers championships were not awarded until 1981). In 1974, he switched to Formula One, but in addition to the problems with the underpowered Surtees TS16, his team soon ran into financial problems. He was the last driver to compete in Formula One using an open-face helmet. [2]

Early career

Kinnunen (left) at the 1964 1000 Lakes Rally Kinnunen, Soderstrom and Lampinen - 1964 Rally Finland.jpg
Kinnunen (left) at the 1964 1000 Lakes Rally
Kinnunen in 1968 Leo-Kinnunen-1968b.jpg
Kinnunen in 1968

Kinnunen started his racing career on motorcycles, but switched to four wheels after receiving his driver's license in the early 1960s. He quickly gained success in rallying, autocross and ice racing. He finished runner-up in the Finnish Rally Championship and matched the points total of the winner Simo Lampinen. Kinnunen also participated in the Finnish F3 Championship with an outdated Brabham in 1967, and a Titan which he drove to several victories in 1968, including one at Ahvenisto Race Circuit in which he managed to beat Swedish future Formula One star Ronnie Peterson. [3]

International breakthrough

In 1969, Kinnunen made a complete switch to circuit racing and won the Nordic Challenge Cup, predecessor of the popular Interserie, with two wins and a second place at Keimola Motor Stadium after a close battle with Jochen Rindt. He was then invited to test a Porsche 917 at Österreichring and made such an impression that he was hired to partner Pedro Rodriguez in the World Sportscar Championship. The pair surprised the racing world by winning the first race, 24 Hours of Daytona, and went on to win the overall championship for Porsche. For Kinnunen, however, this was unsatisfying time. The car was built for Rodriguez' measurements and driving style, and after Kinnunen managed to quickly outpace him with his own set-ups, he wasn't allowed to modify the car to suit his style anymore. [3] His chance to shine finally came at Targa Florio with the new Porsche 908/03 as Rodriguez was ill on the race day. On the final lap of the race, Kinnunen set a time of 33'36min, breaking the old lap record by 1½ minutes. This is still the fastest ever time recorded for the Sicilian road circuit. [3]


Kinnunen then moved on to drive Porsche 917 for Finnish AAW Racing Team in the Interserie. He won the championship in his debut year, despite withdrawing from the race at Norisring after seeing his former team-mate Rodriguez crash into the barriers and lose his life. He eventually went on to win the championship three times in a row, in 1971, 1972 and 1973, with a total of 18 heat and 11 outright wins. In 1973, he also participated in the World Rally Championship event 23rd 1000 Lakes Rally and finished third with his Porsche Carrera, behind Timo Mäkinen and Markku Alén. [4]

Formula One

Kinnunen was close to moving to Formula One already for the 1971 season. With the help of Jochen Rindt he was negotiating for a race seat with Team Lotus, which was dominating the series at the time and eventually won the World Constructors' Championship that season. After Rindt's sudden death at Monza, the negotiations came to a halt. According to Kinnunen, Bernie Ecclestone wanted him to drive for free. Kinnunen turned down the offer and demanded a wage for his services, as he was a professional racer. [3]

In 1974, Kinnunen was looking for a job and John Surtees offered him one of his new Formula One cars, Surtees TS16, on lease. Kinnunen accepted the offer since the Surtees TS14 had done well the previous season. After finally finding sponsorship, Kinnunen entered the series with a new team and a Cosworth DFV V8 3.0 litre engine. Antti Aarnio-Wihuri allowed the team to use the AAW Racing Team name, which was recognized and had a good reputation in racing circles.

AAW Racing's first Grand Prix at Nivelles turned out to be a disaster. The TS16 arrived in time for the race weekend, but Kinnunen had never even sat in the car before. It also turned out that the car had been used as a mobile testbed by the factory, and it already had a damaged monocoque and rear suspension. On top of that, it was 80 kilos overweight, the engine lacked power and the team was not allowed to get the top quality tires used by the top teams. When Kinnunen took the car on track, its gearbox broke after three laps. The team, consisting of only three mechanics, had no spare parts and repair work turned out to be unsuccessful, as the gearbox broke again in qualifying, leaving Kinnunen without a recorded time and the only driver not to qualify for the race. [3]

After Nivelles, the team concentrated on testing and fixing the car. They did not travel to Monaco but entered the next race in Sweden. Kinnunen qualified 25th, and while usually only 24 drivers would be allowed to start, Kinnunen's good standing within the Swedish motorsport circle meant an exception was made for him and he was allowed to start.[ citation needed ]

The AAW team knew that the car would not last the whole race, so they fueled it for only ten laps in order to make a quick press run. This compensated for the TS16's heavy weight, and Kinnunen managed to overtake five cars in eight laps before a spark plug problem forced him to retire. [3] Kinnunen later stated that a spark plug thread in the cylinder head had been stripped prior to the race. A Ferrari mechanic had loaned them a threaded insert kit to fix it, but a mechanic inadvertently damaged the threads while installing the plug and it never seated properly.

The rest of the season did not go well for the team either. They were not allowed to take part in the Dutch Grand Prix, and failed to qualify for the races in France, Great Britain, Italy or Austria. Lack of funding then forced the team to retire from Formula One.

Later career

Kinnunen driving a Porsche 935 at the 1977 1000 km Nurburgring 1977-05-29 Porsche 935 - Leo Kinnunen.jpg
Kinnunen driving a Porsche 935 at the 1977 1000 km Nürburgring

After his short stint in Formula One, Kinnunen went back to the Interserie for the series' last event in Hockenheim. He won both heats, and placed sixth overall in the championship just for the points from this race. Kinnunen was then hired by Martini Racing to drive a Porsche 908 Turbo in the World Sportscar Championship in 1975. Partnered with Herbert Müller, his best result of the season was third at Nürburgring. In 1976, he switched teams and raced a Porsche 934 Turbo with Egon Evertz. They managed to collect three podium places and the highlight of the season was a second place at Watkins Glen. After the season the team quit in racing due to financial problems. Kinnunen quit his circuit racing career in 1977, but still raced in a few rally events in Finland, winning the 1979 Arctic Rally. [5] He remained in the sport in administration and lived in Turku.

Kinnunen was asked to drive in the film Le Mans personally by actor and racing enthusiast Steve McQueen, who himself drove for Porsche in North America. Kinnunen's contract with Porsche did not allow the performance and he was replaced by David Piper, who was severely injured during the filming. [6]

Racing record

Complete Formula One World Championship results


1974 AAW Racing Team Surtees TS16 Ford V8 ARG BRA RSA ESP BEL

Complete WRC results

1973 Leo Kinnunen Porsche Carrera MON SWE POR KEN MOR GRE POL FIN
1974 Fiat S.p.A. Fiat 124 Abarth Rallye MON
1977 Leo Kinnunen Porsche 911 MON SWE POR KEN NZL GRE FIN
1979 Leo Kinnunen Porsche 911 MON SWE POR KEN GRE NZL FIN
1981 Leo Kinnunen Porsche 911 SC MON SWE POR KEN FRA GRE ARG BRA FIN
1982 Leo Kinnunen Porsche 911 SC MON SWE POR KEN FRA GRE NZL BRA FIN

Complete 24 Hours of Le Mans results

1970 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg J.W. Automotive Engineering Ltd. Flag of Mexico.svg Pedro Rodriguez Porsche 917KS
1976 Flag of Germany.svg Egon Evertz K.G. Flag of Germany.svg Egon Evertz Porsche 908/3 TurboGp.6

Other results in track racing (not Formula 1 or Le Mans)

19.6.1966 Keimola [GT/S] Porsche 911 Kinnunen
11.9.1966Artukainen [Specials]VW MAC-1Kinnunen4.
5.5.1967II Helsingin VauhtikisatBrabham BT21KinnunenLeo Kinnunen4.
28.5.1967I Helsingin SuurajotBrabham BT18KinnunenLeo Kinnunen (AAW Racing ?)4.
6.8.1967II Hämeenlinna AjotBrabham BT18KinnunenLeo Kinnunen2.
3.9.1967KeimolaBrabham BT18KinnunenLeo Kinnunen11.
5.9.1967AhvenistoBrabham BT18KinnunenDNF
7.6.1968HämeenlinnaTitan Mk 3Kinnunen1.
28.7.1968Djursland RingTitan Mk 3KinnunenAAW Racing Teeam2.
4.8.1968XV VästkustloppetTitan Mk 3KinnunenAAW Racing Team3.
18.8.1968VI Hämeenlinnan AjotTitan Mk 3KinnunenAAW Racing Team2.
1.9.1968StockholmsloppetTitan Mk 3KinnunenDNF
15.9.1968Suomen Grand PrixTitan Mk 3KinnunenDNF
11.5.1969IV Helsingin VauhtikisatTitan Mk 3KinnunenAAW Racing Team3.
15.6.1969Hämeenlinnan Kansainväliset AjotTitan Mk 3KinnunenAAW Racing Team3.
24.8.1969Nordic Challenge KeimolaPorsche 908/02KinnunenAAW2.
31.8.1969Nordic Challenge Mantorp ParkPorsche 908/02KinnunenAAW1.
2.9.1969Suomen Grand PrixTitan Mk 3Kinnunen2.
14.9.1969Nordic Challenge AnderstorpPorsche 908/02KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
18.1.1970200 mile Buenos AiresPorsche 908/02Kinnunen / van Lennep DNA
1.2.1970 24 Hours of Daytona Porsche 917 Rodriguez / Kinnunen / Redman J. W. Engineering1.
21.3.197012 h SebringPorsche 917Rodriguez / Kinnunen / Siffert J. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.4.
12.4.19701000 km Brands HatchPorsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1.
25.4.19701000 km MonzaPorsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1.
3.5.1970 Targa Florio Porsche 908/03Kinnunen / RodriguezJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.2.
17.5.19701000 km SpaPorsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
31.5.1970 1000 km Nürburgring Porsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
11.7.19706 h Watkins GlenPorsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1.
19.7.1970GP MugelloAbarth 2000 SPKinnunenAbarth & C.2.
23.8.1970Interserie KeimolaMcLaren M12KinnunenBill Bradley Racing8.
6.9.1970500 km NürburgringAbarth 2000 SPKinnunenAbarth & Co.3.
11.10.19701000 km ZeltwegPorsche 917Rodriguez / KinnunenJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
2.5.1971Interserie ImolaPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenA.A.W. Racing Team3.
16.5.1971Targa FlorioAlfa Romeo T33/3 Stommelen / KinnunenAutodelta S.p.a.DNF
30.5.19711000 km NürburgringPorsche 911 SKinnunen / Waldegård Leo Kinnunen16.
6.6.1971Interserie ZolderPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenRacing Team AAW2.
4.7.1971Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenRacing Team AAW2.
11.7.1971Interserie NorisringPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenAAW Racing TeamDNF
22.8.1971Interserie KeimolaPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenAAW Racing Team1.
12.9.1971500 km ImolaPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenA.A.W. Racing Team4.
3.10.1971Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917 SpyderKinnunenA.A.W. Racing Team.3.
17.10.1971 1000 km of Paris Porsche 917 Spyder Larrousse / KinnunenA.A.W.2.
3.4.1972Interserie NürburgringPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW (Keimola Racing)4.
1.5.1972Interserie ImolaPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAWDNF
21.5.1972Interserie SilverstonePorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
9.7.1972Interserie ZeltwegPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW9.
16.7.1972Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
6.8.1972Interserie NorisringPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
27.8.1972Interserie KeimolaPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
24.9.1972Interserie NürburgringPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
1.10.1972Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917/10KinnunenRacing Team AAW1.
1.4.1973Interserie NürburgringPorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsportclub Stuttgart – Racing Team AAW2.
1.5.1973Interserie ImolaPorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsport-Club Stuttgart/Racing Team AAW2.
13.5.1973Targa FlorioPorsche 911 Carrera RSRKinnunen / Haldi Martini Racing3.
20.5.1973Interserie SilverstonePorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsport-Club Stuttgart/Racing Team AAW1.
24.6.1973Interserie NorisringPorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsport-Club Stuttgart/Racing Team AAW1.
1.7.1973Mainz-Finthen [S+1.6]Porsche 917/10KinnunenLeo Kinnunen1.
15.7.1973Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsport-Club Stuttgart e. V. Racing Team AAW9.
19.8.1973Interserie MisanoPorsche 917/10KinnunenMotorsport-Club Stuttgart/Racing Team AAW1.
30.9.1973Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917/10KinnunenMSC Stuttgart1.
29.9.1974Interserie HockenheimPorsche 917/30KinnunenMartini Racing Team1.
23.3.19751000 km MugelloPorsche 908/3Kinnunen / Müller / van LennepTeam Dr. Dannesberger16.
6.4.1975800 km DijonPorsche 908/3KinnunenJulio GargalloDNA
4.5.19751000 km SpaPorsche 908/3Müller / KinnunenMartini RacingDNF
18.5.1975Coppa FlorioPorsche 908/3Kinnunen / MüllerDr. H. Dannesberger7.
1.6.19751000 km NürburgringPorsche 908/3Müller / KinnunenMartini-Racing-Team Dr. H. Dannesberger3.
15.6.197524 h Le MansPorsche 908/3Müller / KinnunenHerbert MüllerDNA
29.6.1975Interserie MisanoPorsche 908/3Müller / KinnunenDr. H. Dannesberger9.
21.3.19766 h MugelloPorsche 934Kinnunen / Evertz Egon Evertz Solingen3.
4.4.19766h VallelungaPorsche 934Kinnunen / EvertzEgon Evertz K.G.DNF
25.4.19764h MonzaPorsche 908/3Kinnunen / EvertzEgon EvertzDNS
9.5.19766h SilverstonePorsche 934Kinnunen / EvertzEgon Evertz3.
30.5.19761000 km NürburgringPorsche 934Kinnunen / EvertzEgon Evertz KG, SollingenDNF
27.6.19766h ZeltwegPorsche 934Kinnunen / Schurti / EvertzEgon Evertz KGDNF
10.7.19766h Watkins GlenPorsche 934Kinnunen / Hezemans / EvertzEgon Evertz K.G.2.
1.8.1976Euro GT MisanoPorsche 934KinnunenNC
29.8.1976Interserie HockenheimPorsche 908/3KinnunenEgon Evertz KG.DNA
4.9.19766h DijonPorsche 934Kinnunen / EvertzEgon Evertz4.
5.9.1976500 km DijonPorsche 908/3KinnunenEgon EvertzDNF
12.9.1976DRM Nürburgring SupersprintPorsche 934KinnunenEgon Evertz KG Schwießtechnik2.
19.9.1976200 mile SalzburgringPorsche 908/3Evertz / KinnunenEvertz KGDNA
26.9.1976DRM HockenheimPorsche 934KinnunenEgon Evertz Schwießtechnik Solingen6.
31.10.1976Euro GT HockenheimPorsche 934KinnunenSchweißtechnik Egon Evertz KGDNA
20.3.19776h MugelloPorsche 934Evertz / KinnunenEgon EvertzDNA
29.5.19771000 km NürburgringPorsche 935Kinnunen / Neuhaus / Krebs Josef BrambringDNF
5.5.1985National SS Ahvenisto Saab 900 KinnunenDNA
26.5.1985Nordic SS KemoraSaab 900KinnunenDNA
26.5.1985National SS KemoraSaab 900Kinnunen11.
9.6.1985National SS Ahvenisto IISaab 900KinnunenTUADNF
1985KemoraSaab 900Kinnunen6.
9.6.1985Nordic SS Ahvenisto IISaab 900KinnunenDNS
11.8.1985National SS Ahvenisto IIISaab 900KinnunenDNS
11.8.1985Nordic SS Ahvenisto IIISaab 900Kinnunen9.
1.9.1985National SS Kemora IISaab 900KinnunenDNA

Complete Rally results (including WRC races mentioned before)

18.7.–19.7. 1964Kuopio RalliCharles Lindholm Volvo PV544 2.
14.8.–16.8. 1964 Jyväskylän Suurajot LindholmVolvo PV54435.
16.1.–25.1. 1965 Monte Carlo Rally Timo Karlsson Volvo 122 SDNF
10.7.–11.7. 1965ItäralliIlkka RepoFiat Abarth 1000DNF
5.1.–6.1. 1966Riihimäki-RalliTapio Klen Volkswagen 1600 TL 1.
25.2.–27.2. 1966 Hankiralli KlenVolkswagen 1600 TL6.
14.5.–15.5. 1966Salpausselkä RalliKlenVolkswagen 1600 TLDNF
9.7.–10.7. 1966ItäralliKlenVolkswagen 1600 TLDNF
19.8.–21.8. 1966Jyväskylän SuurajotKalevi LeivoVolkswagen 1600 L37.
29.10.–3010. 1966Pohjola RalliLeivoVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
5.1.–6.1. 1967Riihimäki-RalliLeivoVolkswagen 15003.
24.2.–26.2. 1967HankiralliKlen Volkswagen 1500 4.
8.7.–9.7. 1967ItäralliMartti KolariVolkswagen 1600 L1.
18.8.–20.8. 1967Jyväskylän SuurajotKolariVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
9.9.–10.9. 1967Tampere RalliKolariVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
11.11.–12.11. 1967Helsinki RalliKolariVolkswagen 1600 L3.
23.2.–25.2. 1968HankiralliKolariVolkswagen 1600 L2.
9.3.–10.3. 1968 Tunturiralli Jyrki AhavaVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
25.5.–26.5. 1968Salpausselkä RalliAhavaVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
5.7.–7.7. 1968ItäralliKolariVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
16.8.–18.8. 1968Jyväskylän SuurajotKolari Porsche 911 TDNF
25.10.–27.10. 1968Pohjola RalliAhavaVolkswagen 1600 L5.
4.1.–5.1. 1969Riihimäki-RalliAhavaVolkswagen 1600 L21.
21.2.–23.2. 1969HankiralliKolariVolkswagen 1600 L4.
14.5.–15.5. 1969Länsirannikon RalliKolariVolkswagen 1600 LDNF
15.8.–17.8. 1969Jyväskylän SuurajotKolariPorsche 911 SDNF
28.11.–30.11. 1969Pohjola RalliKolariPorsche 911 S1.
20.2.–22.2. 1970HankiralliErkki Salonen Saab 96 DNF
20.8.–23.8. 1970Jyväskylän SuurajotSalonenSaab 96DNF
12.9.–13.9. 1970Kesoil RalliSalonenSaab 9611.
26.2.–28.2. 1971HankiralliUrpo VihervaaraDatsun 1600DNF
26.11.–28.11. 1971Pohjola RalliAtso Aho Volkswagen 1302 S1.
4.2.–6.2. 1972Arctic TunturiralliAhoPorsche 911 S1.
3.3.–5.3. 1972HankiralliAhoPorsche 911 SDNF
2.2.–4.2. 1973Arctic TunturiralliJaakko MarkulaAlfa Romeo 2000 GTVDNF
3.8.–5.8. 1973Jyväskylän SuurajotAhoPorsche Carrera3.
24.11.–25.11. 1973Pohjola RalliAhoVolkswagen 1302 SDNF
31.1.–2.2. 1974Marlboro Arctic RallyAhoVolkswagen 1302 SDNF
2.8.–4.8. 1974Jyväskylän SuurajotAho Fiat 124 Abarth Rallye6.
16.11.–20.11. 1974 Lombard RAC Rally AhoFiat 124 Abarth Rallye14.
31.1.–2.2. 1975Marlboro Arctic RallyVihervaara Toyota Corolla DNF
28.2.–2.3. 1975HankiralliVihervaaraDatsun 160JDNF
20.9.–21.9. 1975Kesoil RalliTapio PinomäkiVolkswagen 1302 SDNF
29.1.–1.2. 1976Marlboro Arctic RallyAho Volvo 66 DNF
14.2.–15.2. 1976Mänttä 200-ajoJorma PulkkinenVolvo 66DNF
5.3.–7.3. 1976HankiralliPulkkinenVolvo 66DNF
19.6.–20.6. 1976Oulujärven RalliPulkkinenVolvo 667.
13.11.–14.11. 1976Pohjola RalliPulkkinenVolvo 661.
8.1.–9.1. 1977Riihimäki-RalliPulkkinenVolvo 6663.
4.2.–6.2. 1977Marlboro Arctic RallyRoman FehrmannVolvo 66DNF
18.2.–20.2. 1977HankiralliFehrmannVolvo 6611.
26.8.–28.8 1977Jyväskylän SuurajotPulkkinenPorsche 911DNF
17.9.–18.9. 1977Länsirannikon RalliFehrmannPorsche 9112.
29.10.–30.10. 1977Teboil RalliFehrmannPorsche 911DNF
12.11.–13.11. 1977Helsinki RalliFehrmannPorsche 911DNF
26.11.–27.11. 1977Pohjola RalliFehrmannPorsche 9113.
3.2.–5.2. 1978Marlboro Arctic RallyFehrmannPorsche 911DNF
2.2.–3.2. 1979Arctic RallyJussi KuukkalaPorsche 9111.
24.8.–28.8. 1979Jyväskylän SuurajotSalonenPorsche 911DNF
15.9.–16.9. 1979Länsirannikon RalliSalonenPorsche CarreraDNF
20.10.–21.10. 1979Teboil RalliPentti KuukkalaPorsche Carrera3.
24.11.–25.11. 1979Pohjola RalliKuukkalaPorsche CarreraDNF
2.2.–3.2. 1980Arctic RallySalonenPorsche CarreraDNF
29.2.–2.3. 1980HankiralliKuukkalaPorsche CarreraDNF
31.1.–1.2. 1981Arctic RallyKuukkalaPorsche CarreraDNF
28.8.–30.8. 19811000 Lakes RallyRisto AnttilaPorsche 911 SCDNF
27.8.–29.8. 19821000 Lakes RallyAnttilaPorsche 911 SCDNF

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Ferrari 512 Car model

Ferrari 512 S is the designation for 25 sports cars built in 1969–70, with five-litre 12-cylinder ("512") engines, related to the Ferrari P sports prototypes. The V12-powered cars were entered in the 1970 International Championship for Makes by the factory Scuderia Ferrari and private teams. Later that year, modified versions resembling their main competitor, the Porsche 917, were called Ferrari 512 M. In the 1971 International Championship for Makes, the factory focused on the new Ferrari 312 PB and abandoned the 512 which was only entered by privateers. From 1972 onwards, the 512 was withdrawn from the world championship following a change in the regulations, and some 512s in private hands were entered in CanAm and Interserie races.

Nordic Challenge Cup (NCC) was the predecessor of the popular and long-running sports car racing series Interserie, which is known as the "European Can-Am" and still exists today. NCC consisted of only three races in 1969 and was replaced by Interserie in 1970. It is now mostly remembered for the large number of Formula One drivers competing in it. Among these drivers were Jochen Rindt, who won the F1 World Drivers' Championship posthumously in 1970, and Jackie Oliver. The series also launched the career of Leo Kinnunen who went on to win the World Sportscar Championship the next year.

The Konrad KM-011 was a sports prototype built for Group C racing in the 1991 World Sportscar Championship season. The car was part of a brief partnership between Konrad Motorsport and Lamborghini.

Kremer K8 Spyder

The Kremer K8 Spyder, along with its predecessor, the K7 (1992–1993), were open-cockpit prototypes built by Kremer Racing for use in multiple sportscar series, such as the IMSA GT Championship, Interserie, and International Sports Racing Series. The cars shared many components from the retired Porsche 962 and would eventually go on to win the 24 Hours of Daytona and several championships.

Keimola Motor Stadium

The Keimola Motor Stadium was a dedicated race track located in Vantaa, Finland. It was founded by Finnish racing driver Curt Lincoln after the closure of the Eläintarha track in 1963. Construction started in 1965 and the track was opened on 12 June 1966. The track was 3.3 km (2.1 mi) long, consisting of eight turns and a 1 km (0.62 mi) home straight. Multiple racing series, including Formula Two, Formula Vee and Interserie, raced on the track during the years it was used. After many years of financial difficulties, the track was abandoned in late 1978. For many years of decay, there are plans to transform it into a residential area.

1970 12 Hours of Sebring

The 1970 12 Hours of Sebring was an endurance race held at the 5.2 mile (8.3 km) Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida, United States on March 21, 1970. It was the twentieth running of the endurance classic and the second round of the 1970 World Sportscar Championship season.

The 1970 Targa Florio was an endurance race that took place on May 3, 1970. It was held on a 44.6 mi (71.8 km) anti-clockwise circuit made up entirely of public roads on the mountainous Italian island of Sicily. It was the fifth round of the 1970 International Championship for Makes.

The 1970 1000km of Spa-Francorchamps was an endurance race held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium on May 17, 1970. It was the sixth round of the 1970 International Championship for Makes.

1970 1000km of Nürburgring

The 1970 1000km of Nürburgring was an endurance race held at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, Nürburg, West Germany on May 31, 1970. It was the seventh round of the 1970 World Sportscar Championship season.

1966 Grand Prix de Rouen-les-Essarts

The 14th Grand Prix de Rouen-les-Essarts, was the third round of the 1966 Trophées de France. It was held on the Circuit de Rouen-les-Essarts, in Grand-Couronne, near Rouen, on the 10 July. This Formula Two race was only a week after the previous round at Reims, and the cars were brought over from there and assembled in time for opening qualifying on the Thursday. Qualifying was scheduled for Thursday and Friday. This allowed those drivers competing in the Martini Trophy race at Slverstone to practise and then fly to England for the sportscar race and return to Northern France in time for the race on Sunday.

Surtees TS16

The Surtees TS16 was a Formula One car used by Surtees during the 1974, 1975 and 1976 Formula One seasons. It was designed by John Surtees.


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