Leon Dai

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Leon Dai
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Born (1966-07-27) 27 July 1966 (age 54)
Awards Golden Horse AwardsBest Supporting Actor
1999 A Chance to Die
Best Short Film
2002 Two Summers
Best Director
2009 Cannot Live Without You
Best Film
2009 Cannot Live Without You
Best Original Screenplay
2009 Cannot Live Without You
Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year
2009 Cannot Live Without You
Best Popularity Film
2009 Cannot Live Without You

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 戴立忍
Simplified Chinese 戴立忍

Leon Dai (Chinese :戴立忍; pinyin :Dài Lìrĕn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī :Tè Li̍p-jím, born 27 July 1966) is a Taiwanese actor and film director. His film Cannot Live Without You was Taiwan's submission to the 82nd Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. The film also won two awards at the 46th Golden Horse Film Awards.


In 2016, Dai faced public anger in China over remarks perceived as supportive of the Taiwan independence movement, although he denied any such sympathies. [1]

Selected filmography

2017 The Great Buddha+ Kevin
2016Peaceful Island
2015 The Master
2015 Where's the Dragon?
2015Sentence Me Guilty
2015 The Assassin
2015 Hot Blood Band
2014Love Evolutionism
2014 Secret Sharer Captain Wang
2014 (Sex) Appeal
2013 Control Devil
2013 Fall of Ming Sun Chuanting
2009 Cannot Live Without You Director
2008 Parking
2002 Double Vision
2001 Betelnut Beauty
1999 March of Happiness
Tempting Heart
1997 Sweet Degeneration

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