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Leonard Stephen Hawkes (5 October 1907 – 3 August 1969) was Archdeacon of Lindisfarne from 1960 until his death. [1]

Hawkes was educated at Oakham School [2] and Emmanuel College, Cambridge. He was ordained in 1932 after studying at Ripon College Cuddesdon; and began his ecclesiastical career as a curate at St Andrew, Catford. He was Vice-Principal of Dorchester Missionary College then served a further curacy of St John Divine, Kennington. Following this he was Vice-Principal of Dorchester Missionary College then Curate of St John Divine, Kennington, 1938–46. He was a Chaplain to the Forces with the TA from 1939 to 1957. He was Vicar of Oxton then Rector of Bletchingley until his Archdeacon’s appointment [3]

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