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Leslie Stannard Hunter, DD (2 May 1890 15 July 1983) was the second Bishop of Sheffield from 1939 until 1962. [1] Born on 2 May 1890 and educated at Kelvinside Academy [2] and New College, Oxford [3] he was ordained in 1915 and began his career with curacies at St Peter's, Brockley and St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square. He was then a Residentiary Canon at Newcastle Cathedral after which he was Vicar of Barking. In 1930 he became Archdeacon of Northumberland, a post he held until his elevation to the Episcopate. [4] An eminent author, [5] he died on 15 July 1983.


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Church of England titles
Preceded by
Leonard Hedley Burrows
Bishop of Sheffield
1939 1962
Succeeded by
Francis John Taylor

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