Lillian Langdon

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Lillian Langdon
Lillian Langdon - Going Some (1920).jpg
Langdon in Going Some (1920)
Born(1860-11-25)November 25, 1860
DiedFebruary 8, 1943(1943-02-08) (aged 82)
Other namesLillie H. Bolles
Years active1912–1928
Family Zebulon Pike (descendant)

Lillian Langdon (November 25, 1860 February 8, 1943) was an American film actress of the silent era. She appeared in more than 80 films between 1912 and 1928.


Born in Newark, New Jersey, Langdon was a descendant of Zebulon Pike, discoverer of Pike's Peak, and Jasper Crane, founder of Newark. [1] She acted on stage before she began her career in films. [2] In private life, she was known as Lillie H. Bolles. [3]

She died at her home [3] in Santa Monica, California, aged 82. [4]

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