Line 2 (Tianjin Metro)

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Line 2
A returning train in KONGGANGJINGJIQU Station of Tianjin Metro Line 2.jpg
A train at Konggangjingjiqu
Type Rapid transit
System Tianjin Metro
Locale Tianjin, China
Termini Caozhuang
Opened1 July 2012;7 years ago (2012-07-01)
Owner Tianjin
Operator(s)Tianjin Rail Transit Group Corporation
Line length27.157 km (16.87 mi)
Number of tracks2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map
BSicon PORTALf.svg
BSicon KBHFa yellow.svg
BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
(West Jieyuan Avenue)
BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
(Xianyang Road)
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(Changhong Park)
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(Guangkai 4th Road)
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BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
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(  4  )
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(Jianguo Road)
BSicon lINT.svg
BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
(Tianjin railway station)
China Railways.svg   3    9  
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(Yuanyang International Center)
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(Shunchi Bridge)
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(Jingjiang Road)
(  5  )
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(  7  )
BSicon tBHF yellow.svg
(Dengzhou Road)
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(Guoshan Road)
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(Airport Economic Area)
BSicon tKBHFe yellow.svg
(Binhai International Airport)
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Line 2 of the Tianjin Metro (Chinese :天津地铁二号线; pinyin :Tiānjīn Dìtiě Èr Hào Xiàn) is a rapid transit line running from west to east Tianjin. Opened on 1 July 2012, [1] the line is 27.157 km long and has 20 stations. It is mostly underground; all stations, with the exception of surface-level station Caozhuang, are underground.


In May 2011, during construction, a section of tunnel west of Tianjin railway station was flooded with water from the Hai River and collapsed, trapping one of the TBMs. It was deemed too expensive to remove the trapped TBM, so a decision to abandon the TBM and dig a new tunnel around it was made. This delayed the original opening date from late 2011 to 2012. [2] After the line opened for trial operations on 1 July 2012, it operated in two separate sections until the affected section finished reconstruction and Jianguodao Station opened on 28 August 2013, finally reconnecting the two sections.

Opening timeline

Caozhuang — Dongnanjiao1 July 20129.1 km (5.65 mi)7(initial phase)
Tianjinzhan — Konggangjingjiqu11.6 km (7.21 mi)9
Jieyuanxidao18 November 2012Infill station1
Dongnanjiao — Tianjinzhan28 August 20131.95 km (1.21 mi)1Hai River tunnel reconstruction project
Konggangjingjiqu — Binhaiguojijichang28 August 20144.5 km (2.80 mi)1Airport extension

Stations (west to east)

Line 2 drawn to scale. Tianjin Metro Map Line2 201806.png
Line 2 drawn to scale.
Station nameConnectionsBus ConnectionsDistance
Caozhuang 曹庄366 385 603 616 620 669 714 9090.000.00 Xiqing
Bianxing 卞兴1.601.60 Nankai
Jieyuanxidao 芥园西道31 330 645 672 686 841 851 858 863 8671.022.62
Xianyanglu 咸阳路31 308 330 645 673 686 700 836 850 858 8671.564.18
Changhong­gongyuan 长虹公园  6  47 47区 48 48区 52 191 192 645 673 686 841 848 860 867 879 903 9111.185.36
Guangkai­simalu 广开四马路191 503 645 669 673 676 687 841 852 859 860 869 903 9611.106.46
Xi'nanjiao 西南角  1  2 12 191 600 628 631 639 645 669 673 676 800 837 849 860 863 903 906 9520.857.31
Gulou 鼓楼156 161 168 180 184 191 628 633 635 641 645 657 837 840 849 855 860 8650.808.11
Dongnanjiao 东南角1 5 37 156 619 634 670 671 688 693 801 804 836 8370.798.90
Jianguodao 建国道5 8 156 634 635 638 640 645 663 806 832 836 841 870 9010.999.89 Hebei
Tianjinzhan 天津站  3    9   China Railways.svg TJP   Jingjin    Jinji  96 181 182 187 190 194 195 196 197 198 199 528 607 701 749 8130.9610.85 Hedong
Yuanyang­guoji­zhongxin 远洋国际中心35 96 368 461 462 516 528 574 600 635 640 663 666 681 689 803 827 828 836 856 868 905 9161.0211.87
Shunchiqiao 顺驰桥42 327 340 516 635 639 660 663 665 689 842 9021.1112.98
Jingjianglu 靖江路  5  32 35 327 353 602 622 635 660 663 689 861 9070.9613.94
Cuifu­xincun 翠阜新村32 35 353 461 462 574 602 622 635 660 663 689 861 9071.1415.08
Yudongcheng 屿东城32 359 461 462 574 622 640 660 663 668 677 685 689 697 715 817 827 866 9071.9617.04 Dongli
Dengzhoulu 登州路528 574 622 660 663 677 689 8181.4418.48
Guoshanlu 国山路339 528 574 622 660 663 677 689 8181.2519.73
Konggang­jingjiqu 空港经济区114 575 654 691 692 695 6961.2120.94
Binhaiguojijichang 滨海国际机场 BSicon FLUG.svg TSN 3.9424.88

Rolling Stock

TypeTime of manufacturingSeriesSetsAssemblyNotes
Type B2009 - 2011Unknown23Tc+M+T+M+M+TcManufactured by CNR Dalian

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Line 4 of Tianjin Metro is an under construction metro line in Tianjin. The southern section (Dongnanjiao–Xinxingcun) will open in June 2021.