List of Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly

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This is list of Acts of the Northern Ireland Assembly from its establishment in 1999 up until the present.

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The law of Northern Ireland refers to the legal system of statute and common law operating in Northern Ireland since the partition of Ireland established Northern Ireland as a distinct jurisdiction in 1921. Prior to 1921, Northern Ireland was part of the same legal system as the rest of Ireland.

Statutory rules of Northern Ireland

The statutory rules of Northern Ireland are the principal form in which delegated legislation is made in Northern Ireland.

The Chronological Table of the Statutes is a chronological list of the public Acts passed by the Parliament of England (1235–1706), the Parliament of Great Britain (1707–1800), and the Parliament of the United Kingdom, as well as the Acts of the old Parliament of Scotland and of the modern Scottish Parliament, and the Measures passed by the National Assembly for Wales and by the General Synod of the Church of England. It is produced by Her Majesty's Stationery Office and published by The Stationery Office.