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This is a list of notable singers who have performed in the Afrikaans language. Solo artists are alphabetised by their stage name or surname—whichever is more common. Choirs that sing in Afrikaans are also included in the list, but other music groups are listed in the "Music groups" section below.


The first major South African singers to record in Afrikaans were Ada Forrest and Annie Visser, in 1908. [1]




Mimi Coertse posing in front of a sculpture of herself (Johannesburg, ca. 1965) Mimi Coertse Johannesburg.JPG
Mimi Coertse posing in front of a sculpture of herself (Johannesburg, ca. 1965)







Theuns Jordaan Theuns Jordaan.jpg
Theuns Jordaan





Overtone are an a cappella group from Johannesburg. Overtone Band Shot.jpeg
Overtone are an a cappella group from Johannesburg.






Bobby van Jaarsveld in 2009 Bobby van Jaarsveld.jpg
Bobby van Jaarsveld in 2009



Karen Zoid performing on stage in 2009 Karen zoid in 2009.jpg
Karen Zoid performing on stage in 2009

Music groups that perform in Afrikaans

Die Antwoord performing in Los Angeles in 2010 Die Antwoord in LA 2010 07 17.jpg
Die Antwoord performing in Los Angeles in 2010

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Music of South Africa Overview of music traditions in South Africa

The South African music scene includes both popular (jive) and folk forms like Zulu isicathamiya singing and harmonic mbaqanga. South Africa has a global music industry.

The Springbok Nude Girls is a rock band from Cape Town, South Africa.

Johannes Kerkorrel, born Ralph John Rabie, was a South African singer-songwriter, journalist and playwright.


Fokofpolisiekar is an Afrikaans alternative rock band from Bellville, near Cape Town, South Africa. Due to the obscenity in the name, they are also commonly known simply as Polisiekar or FPK.

Riku Lätti, is a South African singer, songwriter and writer. After Riku matriculated in 1991 at Hoërskool Florida, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, he studied philosophy at University of the Witwatersrand where he finished his honours degree. He changed his name to Victor S. Wolf and claimed that Riku Latti is "dead". Since then he composed the complete film score for Jans Rautenbach's film "Abraham" on which he was credited as Riku Lätti, thereby being effectively resurrected.

Piet van Wyk de Vries Musical artist

Piet van Wyk de Vries is an independent South African songwriter born in Pretoria in 1972.

Hoërskool Bellville School in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Hoërskool Bellville is a public Afrikaans medium co-educational high school situated in Bellville in the Western Cape province of South Africa, It is one of the top schools in the Western Cape province, It was founded in 1937.

Huguenots in South Africa Wikimedia list article

Many people of European heritage in South Africa are descended from Huguenots. Most of these originally settled in the Cape Colony, but were absorbed into the Afrikaner and Afrikaans-speaking population, because they had religious similarities to the Dutch colonists.

Koos du Plessis

Jacobus (Koos) Johannes du Plessis was a prominent South African singer-songwriter and poet, colloquially known as Koos Doep. Although he received critical acclaim for much of his work, he became best known for the runaway success of a rendition of his song "Kinders van die Wind" by Laurika Rauch.

Valiant Swart South African musician

Valiant Swart, is a South African musician, Afrikaans folk rock singer-songwriter, and actor from Wellington.

Die Heuwels Fantasties

Die Heuwels Fantasties is an Afrikaans electronic band from Bellville, South Africa.

aKING is a South African melodic rock band based in Bellville, and also a suburb of Cape Town. The band was formed in November 2007 by Hunter Kennedy and Jaco 'Snakehead' Venter, both members of the Bellville-based Fokofpolisiekar, in collaboration with Laudo Liebenberg and Hennie van Halen (bass).

Jack Parow South African rapper

Zander Tyler, better known under his stage name Jack Parow, is a South African rapper who has collaborated with other South African artists such as Die Heuwels Fantasties, Die Antwoord and Francois Van Coke.

Willim Welsyn South African singer-songwriter, filmmaker and podcaster

Willim Welsyn aka William Welfare, is a South African rock singer-songwriter, filmmaker and an award-winning podcaster originally from Ladismith in the Western Cape. He is better known as the lead singer and guitarist for the Afrikaans Rock band, Willim Welsyn en die Sunrise Toffies and as former photographer, features writer and podcast host for the South African Rolling Stone magazine and for his weekly Afrikaans podcast show WAT Met Willim Welsyn Podcast.

Van Coke Kartel

Van Coke Kartel is an Afrikaans alternative rock band from Bellville, near Cape Town, South Africa.

Juanita du Plessis is an Afrikaans country singer, born on 26 April in Windhoek, Namibia. She became known for her song Ska-Rumba. Du Plessis' singing career began in 1998 with her debut album Juanita. That year she won the CMA awards as best singer, best songwriter and the Association's Award for outstanding achievement.

Francois Van Coke South African musician

Francois Badenhorst, better known by his stage name Francois Van Coke, rose to fame as the front man of South African rock bands Fokofpolisiekar and Van Coke Kartel. On the 8 April 2015, Francois launched his self-titled debut solo album and kicked his solo career into gear with the release of – Toe Vind Ek Jou featuring Karen Zoid. It was the first Afrikaans album and single to simultaneously jump to number one positions on the South African iTunes Store. The song was downloaded more than 20,000 times on iTunes, achieving Platinum status as a single. The music video for "Toe Vind Ek Jou" was viewed over a million times within six-month and was announced as the biggest Afrikaans music video of 2015. His second album, Hierdie is die Lewe followed in 2017 and in 2018 he released a collab-EP, Francois van Coke en Vriende featuring collaborations with Die Heuwels Fantasties, Early B, Laudo Liebenberg and Jack Parow. The first season of his TV show, Die Van Coke Show, aired in 2018. His third solo album, Dagdrome in Suburbia, released in October 2019. He has a daughter named Alex, age 4–5, and as of June 2020 his wife was expecting a baby boy.

Ada Cherry Kearton

Ada Cherry Kearton was a South African classical soprano who sang in concert and oratorio. She made her London debut in 1907 and retired from the stage shortly before her marriage in 1922 to the English wildlife photographer Cherry Kearton. Her 1956 autobiography On Safari recounts their travels together in Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Arno Jordaan born in Port Elizabeth is a South African pop singer singing in Afrikaans.


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