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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the British soap opera Emmerdale in 1996, by order of first appearance.


Sean Rossi

Sean Rossi
Emmerdale character
Portrayed byMark Cameron
First appearance22 February 1996 (1996-02-22)
Last appearance8 January 1997 (1997-01-08)
Introduced byMervyn Watson
Classification Former; recurring

Sean Rossi, played by Mark Cameron, made his first appearance on 22 February 1996. Actor Paul Opacic originally auditioned for the role of Sean, before he was cast as Steve Marchant. [1] Chris Hughes of the Daily Mirror observed "fast-talking chef Sean Rossi, is plainly a scheming rat." [2] A reporter for The Guardian included Sean in a feature on soap characters that did not work. They wrote that he was a "beautiful man", but his biggest achievement was bringing an oyster knife to the village, while his brief relationship with Kathy Tate (Malandra Burrows) "caused even fewer ripples than the unwrapping of the oyster knife." [3]

Sean is employed as a chef at The Old School Tearooms run by Kathy Tate. He and Kathy become friends and begin a relationship. When Kathy's brother Nick Bates (Cy Chadwick) kills poacher Jeremy "Jed" Connell (Ian Blower), Jed's brother Sidney Connell (Rodger Fox) begins terrorising Kathy and targets the tearooms. One night, Sean sees Sidney and pins him to his car and warns him to back off or he will kill him. Kathy ends their relationship when she learns that Sean had been in prison for knocking down and killing his daughter while he was drunk. Sean leaves the village, but returns a few months later after learning Kathy's husband Dave Glover (Ian Kelsey) has died. Sean tries to reconcile with Kathy, but she tells him to leave and he does.

Steve Marchant

Steve Marchant, played by Paul Opacic, made his first appearance on 26 March 1996. Opacic originally auditioned for the role of Sean Rossi, but proved more suitable for the role of "shady dealer" Steve. [1] He was initially contracted for six episodes. [4] Steve was introduced as a former university friend of established regular Rachel Hughes (Glenda McKay). [4] The character was written out in 1998 by series producer Kieran Roberts. [5]

Andy Sugden

Faye Clarke

Faye Clarke
Emmerdale character
Portrayed byHelena Calvert
First appearance30 July 1996
Last appearance10 October 1996
Introduced byMervyn Watson
Classification Former; recurring

Faye Clarke, played by Helena Calvert, made her first appearance on 30 July 1996. Shortly after her introduction, Faye was described as being a "Glamorous blonde" and a "brazen hussy" by Tony Purnell of the Daily Mirror . [6] Another reporter for the paper called Faye "glamorous" and said that she was a "mini-skirted character". [7] They added that Faye had become a favourite with male fans. [7] Describing her first scenes, Purnell said Faye made her entrance in a flash sports car and then "showed off her bare midriff and prompted Terry from the Woolpack to describe her as the perfect woman." [6] On 18 August 1996, it was announced that Calvert had chosen to leave Emmerdale. [7] A Yorkshire TV spokesperson said "Millions of hearts will be broken, but her leaving won't mean things simmer down." [7] Faye leaves her lover Steve Marchant (Paul Opacic) to go to the city. [7]

Granny Hopwood

Granny Hopwood
Emmerdale character
Portrayed byBeatrice Kelly
Appears on1 August 1996
Introduced byMervyn Watson
Classification Former; guest

Granny Hopwood, played by Beatrice Kelly, is the mother of Billy Hopwood (David Crellin) and grandmother of Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher) and Daz Eden (Luke Tittensor). She is Andy's legal guardian for much his life prior to 1996, as his father, her son Billy is in and out of jail. They live in a run-down Tower Block of Flats in Leeds.

When Jack Sugden (Clive Hornby) brings Andy home, he is taken aback by Granny Hopwood's manner and living conditions. While smoking and drinking heavily, She tells him about Billy's imprisonment and wished that Andy would run away and never come back. Three weeks later, Andy tries to wake his grandmother but cannot. Jack initially believes Mrs Hopwood is drunk but when he arrives at the flat, he finds that she has died. Following her death, The Sugden family subsequently foster and adopt Andy.

Lisa Dingle

Jamie Tate

Jamie Tate
Emmerdale character
Portrayed byJake Meays (1996)
Elliott Suckley (1996)
Sam Silson (1997)
Oliver Carroll (1997)
Bradley White (1997–1999)
Alexander Lincoln (2019–)
Duration1996–1999, 2019–
First appearance24 September 1996 (1996-09-24)
Introduced byMervyn Watson (1996)
Kate Brooks and Laura Shaw (2019)
Classification Present; regular

James Francis "Jamie" Tate made his first appearance on 24 September 1996. He was played by various child actors until his departure on 19 January 1999. The character was reintroduced in 2019, with Alexander Lincoln cast in the role. [8]

James is the only child of Frank Tate (Norman Bowler) from his marriage to Kim Tate (Claire King). His paternity is initially in doubt as Kim had been having an affair with Dave Glover (Ian Kelsey). Dave dies saving James from a fire before the paternity tests show Frank is the father. Kim expresses doubts about the tests, thinking that Frank's money means he could have paid for the test results to be altered; however, after Frank dies, Dave's father Ned Glover (Johnny Leeze) agrees to a second DNA test, which proves James is Frank's son. The following year, Kim marries Steve Marchant (Paul Opacic). They are involved in a hit and run accident while stealing a horse, and Kim pins the blame on Steve. She escapes with James in a helicopter to avoid being arrested.

When Kim returns to the village without James after she spent six years in prison and sent him to boarding school. Kim asks her lover Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) to track down James as she needs him back in her life. Graham later gives her James' phone number, but she is forced to leave a voice message as James does not answer the phone.

Jamie returns to Emmerdale to attend an interview for a role at the Emmerdale Veterinary Centre. Jamie stops his Ford Mondeo to let Eric Pollard (Christopher Chittell) cross when Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye) crashes her Volkswagen Golf into the back of him, pushing his Mondeo forward and running over Eric. Megan caused the accident as she was using her phone whilst driving. Eric sustains serious head injuries and is later found to have internal bleeding. Jamie has a major panic attack. Kim later arrives on the scene to find Jamie being treated in the back of an ambulance, telling the paramedics not to let her come. Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) drives Kim to the hospital to see Jamie. Jamie refuses to see Kim and tells Rhona to stay wary of her. Kim steals his car keys so she can see more of him. Jamie later arrives at Home Farm to retrieve his keys from Kim, although she claims she does not have them. They go to The Woolpack to retrieve them from lost property although they are not there. Back at Home Farm, Kim tries to help Jamie piece together what happened. As Jamie confronts his mum about her past, Kim hands back his car keys, just as Graham shows up. He tells her they are finished. Jamie starts a custody battle for his daughter Millie and begins an affair with Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper). Jamie strikes Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) with his car and leaves the scene. His estranged wife Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) learns what happened and blackmails him into breaking up with Belle. Later that year Belle Dingle turns against Jamie to work with Andrea to bring him down.

Marlon Dingle

Ashley Thomas

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Lord Alex Oakwell

Lord Alex Oakwell is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Rupam Maxwell. The actor auditioned for the part of Alex and was told he had won the role on the same day. His casting was announced in June 1997. Maxwell said he was thrilled to get the part, and he hoped his character would have some juicy storylines lined up. Maxwell made his first screen appearance as Alex during the episode broadcast on 9 July 1997.


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