List of Ministers for Ecclesiastical Affairs of Denmark

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This is a list of Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs of Denmark since the establishment of the Ministry for Ecclesiastical Affairs in 1916.


List of Ministers for Ecclesiastical Affairs since 1916

No.PortraitMinister for Ecclesiastical AffairsTook officeLeft officeTime in officePartyCabinet
Povlsen, Thorvald Thorvald Povlsen  [ da ]
28 April 191630 March 19203 years, 337 days Social Liberals Zahle II
Hass, Heinrich H. Edvard Hass  [ da ]
30 March 19205 April 19206 days Independent Liebe
Ammentorp, Emil Emil Ammentorp  [ da ]
5 April 19205 May 192030 days Independent Friis
Jens Christian Christensen.png
Christensen, Jens Christian Jens Christian Christensen
5 May 192015 August 19222 years, 102 days Venstre Neergaard II
Jacob Appel by Elfelt.jpg
Appel, Jacob Jacob Appel  [ da ]
15 August 192223 April 19241 year, 252 days Venstre Neergaard IIIII
Niels Peter Lorentsen Dahl by Christian Monheim.jpg
Dahl, Niels Niels Peter Lorentsen Dahl  [ da ]
23 April 192414 December 19262 years, 235 days Social Democrats Stauning I
Bruun, Fritz Fritz Bruun-Rasmussen  [ da ]
14 December 192630 April 19292 years, 137 days Venstre Madsen-Mygdal
Niels Peter Lorentsen Dahl by Christian Monheim.jpg
Dahl, Niels Niels Peter Lorentsen Dahl  [ da ]
30 April 19294 November 19356 years, 188 days Social Democrats Stauning II
Hansen, Johannes Johannes Hansen  [ da ]
4 November 19358 July 19404 years, 247 days Social Democrats Stauning IIIIVV
Vilhelm Fibiger.jpg
Fibiger, Vilhelm Vilhelm Fibiger  [ da ]
8 July 19409 November 19422 years, 124 days Conservative Stauning VI
Buhl I
Holbøll, Valdemar Valdemar Holbøll  [ da ]
9 November 194229 August 1943 [lower-alpha 1] 293 days Independent Scavenius
No Danish government in between August 29, 1943 (1943-08-29) and May 5, 1945 (1945-05-05). Office is assumed by the permanent secretary. [lower-alpha 1]
Arne Sorensen.jpg
Sørensen, Arne Arne Sørensen
5 May 19457 November 1945186 days Danish Unity Buhl II
Hartling, Mads Mads Rasmussen Hartling  [ da ]
7 November 194512 November 19455 days Venstre Kristensen
Hermansen, Carl Carl Martin Hermansen  [ da ]
12 November 194513 November 19472 years, 1 day Venstre Kristensen
Nielsen, Frede Frede Nielsen  [ da ]
13 November 194716 September 19502 years, 307 days Social Democrats Hedtoft I
Bodil Koch (1954).jpg
Koch, Bodil Bodil Koch
16 September 195030 October 195044 days Social Democrats Hedtoft I
Jens Sonderup.jpg
Sønderup, Jens Jens Sønderup
30 October 195013 September 1951318 days Venstre Eriksen
Hermansen, Carl Carl Martin Hermansen  [ da ]
13 September 195130 September 19532 years, 17 days Venstre Eriksen
Bodil Koch (1954).jpg
Koch, Bodil Bodil Koch
30 September 195328 November 196613 years, 59 days Social Democrats Hedtoft II
Hansen III
Kampmann III
Krag I
Møller, Orla Orla Møller  [ da ]
28 November 19662 February 19681 year, 66 days Social Democrats Krag II
Pedersen, Arne Arne Fog Pedersen  [ da ]
2 February 196811 October 19713 years, 251 days Venstre Baunsgaard
Bennedsen, Dorte Dorte Bennedsen  [ da ]
11 October 197119 December 19732 years, 69 days Social Democrats Krag III
Jørgensen I
Kresten Damsgaard.jpg
Damsgaard, Kresten Kresten Damsgaard  [ da ]
19 December 197313 February 19751 year, 56 days Venstre Hartling
Hansen, Jørgen Jørgen Peder Hansen
13 February 197530 August 19783 years, 198 days Social Democrats Jørgensen II
Jensen, Egon Egon Carlo Larsen Jensen  [ da ]
30 August 197826 October 19791 year, 57 days Social Democrats Jørgensen III
Hansen, Jørgen Jørgen Peder Hansen
26 October 197920 January 19811 year, 86 days Social Democrats Jørgensen IV
Larsen, Tove Tove Lindbo Larsen  [ da ]
20 January 198110 September 19821 year, 233 days Social Democrats Jørgensen IVV
Koch, Elsebeth Elsebeth Kock-Petersen  [ da ]
(born 1949)
10 September 198223 July 19841 year, 317 days Venstre Schlüter I
Madsen, Mette Mette Madsen  [ da ]
23 July 19843 June 19883 years, 316 days Venstre Schlüter III
Rechendorff, Torben Torben Rechendorff  [ da ]
(born 1937)
3 June 198825 January 19934 years, 236 days Conservative Schlüter IIIIV
Andersen, Arne Arne O. Andersen  [ da ]
(born 1939)
25 January 199327 September 19941 year, 245 days Centre Democrats P.N. Rasmussen I
Weiss, Birte Birte Weiss
(born 1941)
27 September 199430 December 19962 years, 94 days Social Democrats P.N. Rasmussen II
Jensen, Ole Ole Vig Jensen  [ da ]
30 December 199623 March 19981 year, 83 days Social Liberals P.N. Rasmussen III
Vestager 520 2012-04-16.jpg
Vestager, Margrethe Margrethe Vestager
(born 1968)
23 March 199821 December 20002 years, 273 days Social Liberals P.N. Rasmussen IV
Lebech, Johannes Johannes Lebech
(born 1967)
21 December 200027 November 2001341 days Social Liberals P.N. Rasmussen IV
Tove Fergo
27 November 200118 February 20053 years, 83 days Venstre A.F. Rasmussen I
Bertel Haarder, undervisningsminister och nordisk samarbetsminister Danmark.jpg
Bertel Haarder
(born 1944)
18 February 200523 November 20072 years, 278 days Venstre A.F. Rasmussen II
Birthe Rønn Hornbech
(born 1943)
23 November 20078 March 20113 years, 105 days Venstre A.F. Rasmussen III
L.L. Rasmussen I
Per Stig Moller-2011-09-03.jpg
Per Stig Møller
(born 1942)
23 February 20103 October 20111 year, 222 days Conservative L.L. Rasmussen I
Manu Sareen (2012).jpg
Manu Sareen
(born 1967)
3 October 20116 December 20121 year, 64 days Social Liberals Thorning-Schmidt I
Marianne Jelved
(born 1943)
6 December 201228 June 20152 years, 204 days Social Liberals Thorning-Schmidt III
Bertel Haarder, undervisningsminister och nordisk samarbetsminister Danmark.jpg
Bertel Haarder
(born 1944)
28 June 201528 November 20161 year, 153 days Venstre L.L. Rasmussen II
20180615 Mette Bock Folkemodet Bornholm 1236 (41272342750).jpg
Mette Bock
(born 1957)
28 November 201627 June 20192 years, 211 days Liberal Alliance L.L. Rasmussen III
Joy Mogensen.jpg
Mogensen, Joy Joy Mogensen
(born 1980)
27 June 2019Incumbent1 year, 8 days Social Democrats Frederiksen


  1. 1 2 On 29 August 1943, the Danish government resigned, refusing to grant further concessions to Nazi Germany. All government operations were assumed by the permanent secretaries of the individual departments, and this arrangement lasted until the Liberation of Denmark on 5 May 1945. Since King Christian X never accepted the resignation of the government, it existed de jure until a new cabinet was formed on 5 May 1945.

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