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This list contains all of the Pyrenean three-thousanders, namely the 129 mountain summits of 3,000 metres (9,843 ft) or more above sea level in the Pyrenees, a range of mountains in southwest Europe that forms a natural border between France and Spain. The Pyrenees separate the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe, and extend for about 491 km (305 mi) from the Bay of Biscay (Cap Higuer) to the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus). The highest mountain in the Pyrenees is Aneto in Spain at 3,404 metres (11,168 ft).


The summits meeting the 3,000-metre criterion were defined by a UIAA-sponsored joint Franco-Spanish team led by Juan Buyse. [1] The UIAA list, published in 1990, also contains 83 secondary summits in addition to the 129 principal ones listed here, and divides the range into 11 zones. According to the latest surveys, three of the peaks in the original list are actually below 3000m but are still included below.

The selection criteria used here are quite broad – many of the peaks included are secondary summits of major mountains. Using prominence as a criterion, only one summit is an ultra-prominent peak, Aneto, a further three have a prominence of 1000m (Pico Posets, Pica d'Estats, Vignemale), and five more have a prominence of over 600m. Only 17 in total have a prominence of more than 300m, commonly used as a criterion for determining an independent mountain, and are indicated in bold in the table below. 28 more have a prominence of over 100m and can be considered significant summits.

All the peaks in this list are in Spain (59 peaks) or France (26 peaks), or delimit the border between the two countries (45). The two highest major mountains and their subsidiary summits (Aneto and Posets - Zone 7 and 9) are entirely in Spain, together with the Besiberri peaks (zone 10) while Pic Long and surrounding mountains (zone 5) are entirely in France. Most of the other mountains lie on or close to the border. The small country of Andorra is located in the eastern portion of the Pyrenees and is surrounded by Spain and France; its highest mountain – Coma Pedrosa at 2,942 metres (9,652 ft) – falls below the 3,000-metre threshold. The mountains are listed by height within each of the 11 zones. [2]

Composite satellite image of the Pyrenees (NASA) Pyrenees composite NASA.jpg
Composite satellite image of the Pyrenees (NASA)

Table (incomplete) of Pyrenean 3000m summits

For the complete list see: Pyrenees#Highest summits

Zone 1 : Balaïtous-Enfer-Argualas

Zone 2 : Vignemale

Zone 3 : Monte Perdido

Zone 4 : La Munia

Zone 5 : Néouvielle-Pic Long

Zone 6 : Batoua-Batchimale

Zone 7 : Posets-Eristé

Zone 8 : Clarabide-Perdiguero-Boum

Zone 9 : Maladeta-Aneto

Zone 10 : Besiberris

Zone 11 : Estats-Montcalm

ZoneSummitHeightProminence (m) [3] Country
1 Balaïtous 3,144 metres (10,315 ft)849F/S
1 Picos del Infierno central3,083 metres (10,115 ft)532S
1 Picos del Infierno oriental3,076 metres (10,092 ft)23S
1 Picos del Infierno occidental3,073 metres (10,082 ft)14S
1 Frondella NE 3,071 metres (10,075 ft)122S
1 Garmo negro 3,051 metres (10,010 ft)252S
1 Argualas 3,046 metres (9,993 ft)104S
1 Algas 3,036 metres (9,961 ft)28S
1 Arnales 3,006 metres (9,862 ft)28S
1 Grande Fache 3,005 metres (9,859 ft)271F/S
1 Frondella SW 3,001 metres (9,846 ft)10S
2 Vignemale (Pique longue)3,298 metres (10,820 ft)1027F/S
2 Clot de la Hount 3,289 metres (10,791 ft)39F/S
2 Cerbillona 3,247 metres (10,653 ft)52F/S
2 Pic central 3,235 metres (10,614 ft)35F/S
2 Pic de Montferrat 3,219 metres (10,561 ft)37F/S
2 Pointe Chausenque 3,204 metres (10,512 ft)52F
2 Piton Carré 3,197 metres (10,489 ft)37F
2Grand Tapou3,150 metres (10,330 ft)44F/S
2Pic du Milieu3,130 metres (10,270 ft)16F/S
2 Petit Vignemale 3,032 metres (9,948 ft)42F
3 Monte Perdido 3,355 metres (11,007 ft)970S
3 Cilindro de Marboré 3,328 metres (10,919 ft)251S
3 Soum de Ramond (pic d'Anisclo)3,258 metres (10,689 ft)97S
3 Pic du Marboré 3,248 metres (10,656 ft)60F/S
3 Pic de la cascade oriental 3,161 metres (10,371 ft)23F/S
3 Pic du Taillon 3,144 metres (10,315 ft)342F/S
3 Pic de la cascade central or Pic Brulle 3,106 metres (10,190 ft)20F/S
3 Pic de la cascade occidental 3,095 metres (10,154 ft)69F/S
3 Épaule du Marboré 3,073 metres (10,082 ft)15F/S
3 Astazou Oriental or Grand Astazou 3,071 metres (10,075 ft)118F/S
3Mallo Tormosa (Baudrimont NW )3,045 metres (9,990 ft)57S
3 Gabietou occidental 3,034 metres (9,954 ft)96S
3 Gabietou oriental 3,031 metres (9,944 ft)29F/S
3 Baudrimont SE 3,026 metres (9,928 ft)54S
3 Astazou occidental or Petit Astazou 3,012 metres (9,882 ft)46F/S
3 Tour du Marboré 3,009 metres (9,872 ft)64F/S
3 Casque du Marboré 3,006 metres (9,862 ft)117F/S
3 Punta de las Olas 3,002 metres (9,849 ft)57S
4 Pic de la Munia 3,133 metres (10,279 ft)514F/S
4Pic de Serre Mourene 3,090 metres (10,140 ft)62F/S
4Pic de Troumouse3,085 metres (10,121 ft)40F/S
4Pic Heid3,022 metres (9,915 ft)50F
4Pica de la Robiñera3,003 metres (9,852 ft)181S
5 Pic Long 3,192 metres (10,472 ft)726F
5Pic Campbieil 3,173 metres (10,410 ft)271F
5Pic Badet3,160 metres (10,370 ft)61F
5 Pic de Néouvielle 3,091 metres (10,141 ft)487F
5Pic Maou3,074 metres (10,085 ft)25F
5Pic Maubic3,058 metres (10,033 ft)10F
5Pic des Trois Conseillers 3,039 metres (9,970 ft)113F
5 Turon de Néouvielle 3,035 metres (9,957 ft)37F
5Pic de Bugarret3,031 metres (9,944 ft)48F
5Pale Crabounouse3,021 metres (9,911 ft)20F
5Dent d’Estibere3,017 metres (9,898 ft)34F
5 Pic Ramougn 3,011 metres (9,879 ft)46F
5Pics d'Estaragne 3,006 metres (9,862 ft)84F
6 Pic Schrader 3,177 metres (10,423 ft)558S
6Punta del Sabre3,136 metres (10,289 ft)12S
6Pointe Ledormeur3,120 metres (10,240 ft)15F/S
6Pic Marcos Feliu3,057 metres (10,030 ft)22F/S
6Punta Batoua (or Culfreda) (SW summit)3,034 metres (9,954 ft)583F/S
6Pic de l'Abeille3,029 metres (9,938 ft)29F/S
6Pic de la Pez3,024 metres (9,921 ft)66F/S
6Pic de Lustou3,023 metres (9,918 ft)264F
6Pic du Port de la Pez3,018 metres (9,902 ft)13F/S
7 Pico Posets 3,375 metres (11,073 ft)1125S
7 Pico Espadas 3,332 metres (10,932 ft)77S
7Pic des Bessons Ravier3,160 metres (10,370 ft)31S
7Pic dels Veteranos3,125 metres (10,253 ft)39S
7Pic de Pavots3,121 metres (10,240 ft)34S
7Diente de Llardana3,085 metres (10,121 ft)75S
7Pic de Bardamina3,079 metres (10,102 ft)49S
7Pic de la Paul3,078 metres (10,098 ft)38S
7Grand Eriste3,056 metres (10,026 ft)225S
7Eriste S3,045 metres (9,990 ft)46S
7Pic Beraldi (Eriste N)3,025 metres (9,925 ft)41S
7Forgueta (Turets NW)3,007 metres (9,865 ft)144S
8 Perdiguero 3,222 metres (10,571 ft)649F/S
8Punta de Lliterola3,132 metres (10,276 ft)83F/S
8Pic des Gourgs Blancs3,129 metres (10,266 ft)220F/S
8Pic Royo3,121 metres (10,240 ft)20F/S
8Crabioules Oriental3,116 metres (10,223 ft)126F/S
8Seil Dera Baquo3,110 metres (10,200 ft)119F/S
8 Pic de Maupas 3,109 metres (10,200 ft)112F/S
8Pic Lezat3,107 metres (10,194 ft)144F
8Crabioules Occidental3,106 metres (10,190 ft)16F/S
8Pic Jean Arlaud (Tuca de O)3,065 metres (10,056 ft)38F/S
8 Pic des Spijeoles 3,065 metres (10,056 ft)188F
8 Grand Quayrat 3,060 metres (10,040 ft)155F
8Pic du Portillon d’Oô3,050 metres (10,010 ft)73F/S
8Pic Camboue3,043 metres (9,984 ft)10F
8Pic Gourdon3,034 metres (9,954 ft)118F
8Pic de Clarabide3,020 metres (9,910 ft)92F/S
8Pic de Gias3,011 metres (9,879 ft)47S
8Pic Belloc3,008 metres (9,869 ft)38F
8Pic de Boum3,006 metres (9,862 ft)111F/S
8Pic de Saint Saud3,003 metres (9,852 ft)20F
9 Aneto 3,404 metres (11,168 ft)2812S
9Pointe d'Astorg3,355 metres (11,007 ft)153S
9 Pic Maldito 3,350 metres (10,990 ft)20S
9Epaule de l’Aneto3,350 metres (10,990 ft)14S
9Pico del Medio3,346 metres (10,978 ft)13S
9 La Maladeta 3,308 metres (10,853 ft)107S
9Pico de Coronas3,293 metres (10,804 ft)30S
9Pic des Tempêtes3,290 metres (10,790 ft)98S
91st Pic Occidental Maladeta3,254 metres (10,676 ft)11S
9Pic Margalida3,241 metres (10,633 ft)41S
92nd Pic Occidental Maladeta3,220 metres (10,560 ft)36S
9 Pic Russell 3,205 metres (10,515 ft)50S
93rd Pic Occidental Maladeta3,185 metres (10,449 ft)40S
9Pic le Bondidier3,185 metres (10,449 ft)25S
9Diente de Alba3,136 metres (10,289 ft)29S
9Pico de Alba3,118 metres (10,230 ft)67S
9 Pic de Vallibierna 3,067 metres (10,062 ft)330S
9Tuca de Culebras3,062 metres (10,046 ft)15S
9Pic Aragüells3,037 metres (9,964 ft)134S
9Tuc de Mulleres3,010 metres (9,880 ft)203S
10 Comaloforno 3,029 metres (9,938 ft)742S
10 Besiberri Sud 3,023 metres (9,918 ft)36S
10 Besiberri Nord 3,008 metres (9,869 ft)100S
10 Punta Alta de Comalesbienes or Punta Alta 3,014 metres (9,888 ft)541S
10 Pic Celestin Passet 2,998 metres (9,836 ft)58S
10 Besiberri del Mig S2,996 metres (9,829 ft)66S
10 Besiberri del Mig N2,995 metres (9,826 ft)10S
11 Pic d'Estats 3,143 metres (10,312 ft)1290F/S
11Pic Verdaguer3,129 metres (10,266 ft)21F/S
11 Punta Gabarró 3,115 metres (10,220 ft)25F/S
11 Pic du Sotllo 3,073 metres (10,082 ft)198F/S
11 Pic de Montcalm 3,078 metres (10,098 ft)96F

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Aneto The highest mountain in the Pyrenees

Aneto is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees and in Aragon, and Spain's third-highest mountain, reaching a height of 3,404 metres. It stands in the Spanish province of Huesca, the northernmost of the three Aragonese provinces, 6 kilometres south of the France–Spain border. It forms the southernmost part of the Maladeta massif.

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The Vignemale, at 3,298 metres, is the highest of the French Pyrenean summits. It lies on the border between the Department of Hautes-Pyrénées, in Occitanie and Gascony, France and Sobrarbe, in Huesca, Aragon, Spain, and the peak is split between the two countries.

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Pico Posets

Pico Posets or Punta de Llardana is the second highest peak of the Pyrenees, after Aneto. It is located in the Spanish province of Huesca and is 3,369 metres (11,053 ft) high.

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Three-thousanders are mountains with a height of between 3,000 metres (9,800 ft), but less than 4,000 metres (13,000 ft) above sea level. Similar terms are commonly used for mountains of other height brackets e. g. four-thousanders or eight-thousanders. In Britain, the term may refer to mountains above 3,000 feet (910 m).

Pic central

The pic Central is a pyrenean summit, culminating at 3,235 m (10,614 ft), located on the Franco-Spanish border in the massif du Vignemale, of which it constitutes the fourth highest peak.

Pic de Montcalm

Pic de Montcalm is a French pyrenean summit, culminating at 3,077 m (10,095 ft), located in the Ariège department, Midi-Pyrénées region of France.


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