List of Sega arcade video games

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The following is a list of arcade games developed and published by Sega on their arcade system boards. Sega has made many arcade system boards over the years, ranging from 1977's Sega Vic Dual to 2018's Sega ALLS. This list comprises all of the games released on these arcade system boards. Sega has been producing unified arcade systems since the late 1970s.


Electro-mechanical games

YearTitleDeveloper(s)Arcade SystemsJPWWRef(s)
1962Punching BagSegaElectro-mechanicalGreen check.svg [1]
Skill DigaGreen check.svg [2]
1966BasketballGreen check.svg [3]
Periscope Sega, NamcoGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [4]
1967RiflemanSegaGreen check.svg [5]
1968DrivemobileGreen check.svg [6]
Duck HuntGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [7]
HelicopterGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [8]
Mini FutbolGreen check.svg [9]
MotopoloGreen check.svg [10]
Super Skill DigaGreen check.svg [11]
1969CombatGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [12]
Grand PrixGreen check.svg [13]
Gun FightGreen check.svg [14]
1970Jet RocketGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [15]
JumboGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [16]
MissileGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [17]
Night RiderGreen check.svg [18]
SoccerGreen check.svg [19]
Stunt CarGreen check.svg [20]
1971Astro DataGreen check.svg [21]
Derby DayGreen check.svg [22]
Dive BomberGreen check.svg [23]
Monte CarloGreen check.svg [24]
1972Air AttackGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [25]
Dodgem CrazyGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Grand National RaceGreen check.svg
InvadersGreen check.svg
Love TesterGreen check.svg
MatchlockGreen check.svg
Monster GunGreen check.svg
Pro BowlerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sand BuggyGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Killer SharkGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sea Devil [26] Green check.svg [27]
1973SonarGreen check.svg
AttackGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Lunar RescueGreen check.svg
Moto ChampGreen check.svg
1974CowboyGreen check.svg
Fox HuntGreen check.svg
1976Plinker's CanyonGreen check.svgGreen check.svg

Early video games

YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade SystemsJPWWRef(s)
1973Hockey TVSportsSegaDiscreteGreen check.svg [28]
Pong TronActionGreen check.svg [29] [30]
Pong Tron IIGreen check.svg [31]
1974Balloon GunShoot em' upGreen check.svg [32]
Goal Kick [33] SportsGreen check.svg
Mini HockeyGreen check.svg [34]
Table HockeyGreen check.svg [34]
1975Bullet MarkShoot em' upGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [35] [36]
1976 Fonz RacingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [37]
Heavyweight Champ FightingGreen check.svg
Sega VIC DualGreen check.svg
Rock n' BarkShoot em' upDiscreteGreen check.svg
SquadronActionGreen check.svg [38]
TracerShoot em' upGreen check.svg
1977BomberGreen check.svg
Crash Course [39] ActionGreen check.svg
Man T.T.RacingGreen check.svg
Twin Course T.T.Green check.svg
World CupSportsGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1978Galaxy WarShoot em' upGreen check.svg
Pro RacerRacingGreen check.svg
Secret BaseActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Space FighterShoot em' upGreen check.svg
Top RunnerRacingGreen check.svg
Wild WoodShoot em' upGreen check.svg
1979Double Block T3ActionGreen check.svg [40]
Monaco GP RacingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Deep Scan ActionSega, GremlinSega VIC DualGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [41]
Head On Green check.svgGreen check.svg
InvincoShoot em' upGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1980CarnivalGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
SamuraiActionSegaGreen check.svg
Tranquilizer Gun Green check.svg
Space TrekShoot em' upGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
N-Sub Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1981 Borderline ActionSega, GremlinGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Space TacticsShoot em' upSegaDiscreteGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Star RakerSega, Gremlin
KO Punch Non-gameSegaSega BlockadeGreen check.svg [42]
Space OdysseyShoot em' upSega, GremlinSega VIC DualGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Turbo RacingSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [43]
Sega VCO ObjectGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
005ActionSegaSega G80Green check.svgGreen check.svg [44]
Astro Blaster Shoot em' upSega, GremlinGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Eliminator Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Space Fury SegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Frogger ActionKonamiNamco GalaxianGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1982 Ali Baba and 40 Thieves ActionSegaSega Z80Green check.svg
Super Locomotive Green check.svg
Tac/Scan Shoot em' upSega ElectronicsSega G80Green check.svg
Pengo PuzzleCorelandSega Z80Green check.svgGreen check.svg [45]
Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Shoot em' upSega ElectronicsSega G80Green check.svg
SubRoc-3D Rail shooterSegaSega VCO ObjectGreen check.svg
Zaxxon Shoot em' upSega, Ikegami TsushinkiSega ZaxxonGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Zektor SegaSega G80Green check.svg
1983Sinbad MysteryPuzzleGreen check.svg
CommandoShoot em' upSega Z80Green check.svg
Zoom 909/Buck of Roders: Planet of ZoomSega VCO ObjectGreen check.svg [46] [47]
Congo Bongo ActionSega, Ikegami TsushinkiSega ZaxxonGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [48]
Super Zaxxon Shoot em' upSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1984AppoohSportsArcade (Unknown System)Green check.svg
Future SpyShoot em' upSega ZaxxonGreen check.svgGreen check.svg

Sega System Series

YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade SystemsJPWWRef(s)
1983RegulusShoot' em-upSegaSystem 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Star JackerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Up'n Down [49] RacingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1984 Flicky ActionSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Bull Fight [50] SportsCorelandGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Mister VikingShoot' em-upSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
SpatterActionGreen check.svg
SWATShoot' em-upCorelandGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Water MatchSportsSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1985 4-D Warriors Shoot' em-upCorelandGreen check.svg
Choplifter ActionSegaGreen check.svg
Hang-On RacingSega (AM2)Super ScalerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Heavy MetalShoot' em-upSegaSystem 2Green check.svg
I'm Sorry ActionCorelandSystem 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Major LeagueSportsSegaSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
My Hero ActionCorelandSystem 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Ninja Princess SegaSystem 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Sega, ActivisionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Shooting MasterLight gun shooterSegaSystem 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Space Harrier Rail shooterSega (AM2)Super ScalerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Teddy Boy Blues ActionSegaSystem 1Green check.svg
1986119CorelandSystem 1Green check.svg
Action Fighter SegaSystem 16Green check.svg
Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars System 16Green check.svg
BrainShoot' em-upCorelandSystem 2Green check.svg
Body SlamSportsSegaSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Calorie-kun vs. MoguranianActionGraphic Techno EWArcade (Unknown)Green check.svg
Enduro Racer RacingSegaSuper ScalerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Fantasy Zone Shoot' em-upSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
RafflesiaCorelandSystem 1Green check.svg
Robowres 2001SportsSanritsuCustomGreen check.svg
WarballSegaSystem 2Green check.svg
Wonder Boy PlatformWestoneSystem 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
LegendActionCorelandArcade (Unknown)Green check.svg
OutRun RacingSega (AM2)Sega OutRunGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1987 After Burner Shoot' em-upSega (AM2)X BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
After Burner II Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Block GalPuzzleVic TokaiSystem 1Green check.svg
Alien Syndrome Shoot' em-upSegaSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
BulletGreen check.svg
Dunk ShotSportsGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Heavyweight Champ Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Quartet ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
SDI Shoot' em-upGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Shinobi ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sonic BoomShoot' em-upGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Super LeagueSportsGreen check.svg
Super Hang-On RacingSuper ScalerGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Thunder Blade Rail shooterX BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Time ScannerActionSystem 16Green check.svg
Toki no Senshi: Chrono SoldierEXA PlanningGreen check.svg
Wonder Boy: Monster Land WestoneGreen check.svg
1988 Altered Beast Sega (Team Shinobi)System 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dynamite Düx Sega (AM2)Green check.svg
Gain Ground Action, StrategySegaSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Galaxy Force Rail shooterY BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Galaxy Force II Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Hot Rod RacingSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Passing ShotSportsSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Power Drift RacingSega (AM2)Y BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Scramble Spirits Shoot' em-upSegaSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Tetris PuzzleSystem 16Green check.svg
UFO Senshi Youko-chanActionVIC TokaiGreen check.svg
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair WestoneGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1989Sukeban Janshi RyuukoTabletopWhiteboardGreen check.svg
Ace AttackerSportsSegaGreen check.svg
Bay RouteActionSunsoftGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
BloxeedPuzzleSegaSystem 18Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Crack Down ActionSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Cyber Police ESWAT System 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Excite LeagueSportsGreen check.svg
Flash PointGreen check.svg
Golden Axe ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Last SurvivorTPSX BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
M.V.P.SportsSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Shadow Dancer ActionSystem 18Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Super MastersSportsSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Super Monaco GP RacingX BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Tough Turf ActionSunsoftSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Wrestle War SportsSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Turbo OutRun RacingSega (AM2)Sega OutRunGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1990 Alien Storm ActionSegaSystem 18Green check.svgGreen check.svg
BorenchPuzzleSystem 14Green check.svg
Columns Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Aurail Shoot' em-upWestoneSystem 16Green check.svg
A.B. Cop RacingAicomX BoardGreen check.svg
Bonanza Bros. ActionSegaSystem 24Green check.svgGreen check.svg
G-LOC: Air Battle Rail shooterSega (AM2)Y BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
GP Rider RacingX BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Racing Hero SegaGreen check.svg
Rough Racer System 24Green check.svg
Laser Ghost Light gun shooterSystem 18Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1991 Clutch Hitter SportsGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Shoot' em-upSuccessSystem 16Green check.svgGreen check.svg
D. D. Crew ActionSega (AM3)System 18Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dynamic Country ClubSportsSega (AM3)System 24Green check.svg
F1 Exhaust Note RacingSega (AM2)System 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Rad Mobile Sega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Rail Chase Light gun shooterY BoardGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Twin SquashActionSegaSystem 14Green check.svg
Riot City WestoneSystem 16Green check.svg
Strike Fighter Rail shooterSega (AM2)Y BoardGreen check.svg
Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car RacingSega (AM1)System 32Green check.svg
Desert BreakerShoot' em-upSega (AM1)System 18Green check.svg
Spider-Man: The Video Game ActionSegaSystem 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Quiz Syukudai wo WasuremashitaPuzzleSega (AM1)System 24Green check.svg
1992 Arabian Fight ActionSega (AM2)System 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dark Edge FightingSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder ActionSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Holosseum FightingGreen check.svg
Puyo Puyo PuzzleSega (AM1), CompileSystem 14Green check.svg
Soreike Kokology PuzzleSega (AM2)System 32Green check.svg
Tokoro San no MahMahjanTabletopSega (AM1)System 24Green check.svg
Puzzle & Action: Tant-R Mini games Sega (AM1)System 14Green check.svg
Ribbit!ActionSegaGreen check.svg
OutRunners RacingSega (AM1)System 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Wally wo Sagase! PuzzleSega (AM3)System 18Green check.svg
WitchActionVIC TokaiArcade (Unknown Hardware)Green check.svg
1993 Alien 3: The Gun Light gun shooterSega (AM1)System 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Burning Rival FightingSega (AM2)Green check.svg
F1 Super Lap RacingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Shoot' em-upSega (AM1)Green check.svg
SegaSonic Popcorn Shop Non-gameGreen check.svg
SegaSonic the Hedgehog ActionSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Quiz Mekurumeku StoryPuzzleSega (AM1)System 24Green check.svg
1994 Jurassic Park Light gun shooterSega (AM3)System 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
PotoPotoPuzzleSystem 14Green check.svg
Puzzle & Action: Ichidant-R Mini gamesSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Super Visual SoccerSportsSystem 32Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Tokoro San no MahMahjan 2TabletopSystem 24Green check.svg
Quiz Ghost HunterPuzzzleGreen check.svg
Zunzunkyou no YabouShoot' em-upSega (AM1) Minato GikenSystem 14Green check.svg
1995 Cool Riders RacingSega (AM1)System H1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Print Club Non-gameAtlusSystem 14Green check.svg
1996Quiz Magical BrainPuzzleSega (AM1)System 24Green check.svg
Quiz Rouka ni TattenasaiGreen check.svg

Sega Model series

YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade systemsJPWWRef(s)
1992 Virtua Racing RacingSega (AM2)Model 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1993 Virtua Fighter FightingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Star Wars Arcade Light gun shooterSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1994 Daytona USA RacingSega (AM2)Model 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Desert Tank [51] ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 2 FightingModel 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 2.1 Green check.svg
Virtua Cop Light gun shooterModel 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker SportsModel 2B-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Wing War SimulationSega (AM1)Model 1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1995 Fighting Vipers FightingSega (AM2)Model 2B-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Indy 500 RacingSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Manx TT Superbike Sega (AM3)Model 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Rail Chase 2 [52] Light gun shooterModel 2B-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Rally Championship RacingModel 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sky Target Rail shooterSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Cop 2 Light gun shooterSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1996 Dead or Alive FightingTecmoModel 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Dynamite BaseballSportsSega (AM1)Model 2B-CRXGreen check.svg
Last Bronx FightingSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtual On: Cyber Troopers ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Gunblade NY [53] Light gun shooterGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Scud Race RacingSega (AM1)Model 3 Step 1.5Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Ski Super G SportsModel 2C-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Touring Car Championship RacingSega (AM Annex)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sonic the Fighters FightingSega (AM2)Model 2B-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Super GT 24hRacingJalecoGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 3 FightingSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 1.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Wave Runner RacingSega (AM1)Model 2C-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
1997Dynamite Baseball 97SportsModel 2B-CRXGreen check.svg
Motor Raid RacingModel 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Behind Enemy LinesLight gun shooterReal3DModel 2C-CRXGreen check.svg
Harley Davidson & L.A. Riders Action, DrivingSega (AM1)Model 3 Step 2.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Le Mans 24RacingSega (AM3)Model 3 Step 1.5Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Water Ski SportsSega (AM1)Model 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Scud Race PlusRacingSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 1.5Green check.svg
The House of the Dead Light gun shooterSega (AM1)Model 2C-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Sega (AM3)Model 3 Step 1.5Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Top Skater SportsModel 2C-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Over RevRacingJalecoGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle FightingSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 1.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker 2 SportsModel 3 Step 1.5Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Zero Gunner 2 Shoot-'em-UpPsikyoModel 2A-CRXGreen check.svg
1998 Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram ActionSega (AM3)Model 3 Step 2.0Green check.svg
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.4Green check.svg
Daytona USA 2: Battle on the Edge RacingSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 2.1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Daytona USA 2: Power Edition Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dirt DevilsSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dynamite Cop ActionSega (AM1)Model 2A-CRXGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Fighting Vipers 2 FightingSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 1.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
L.A. MachinegunsLight gun shooterSega (AM3)Model 3 Step 2.1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Bass Fishing Action, SimulationSega (AM3)Model 3 Step 1.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Rally 2 RacingSega (AM Annex)Model 3 Step 2.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
SpikeOut ActionSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 2.1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Ski ChampRacingSega (AM1)Model 3 Step 2.0Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Light gun shooterSega (AM12)Model 3 Step 2.1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
The Ocean Hunter Sega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker 2 '98 SportsSega (AM2)Model 3 Step 1.5Green check.svg
Virtua Striker 2 '99 Green check.svg
1999 Emergency Call Ambulance DrivingSega (AM1)Model 3 Step 2.1Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Magical Truck AdventureActionSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Pilot KidsShoot' em-upPsikyoGreen check.svg
SpikeOut: Final Edition ActionSega (AM11)Green check.svg

Sega Titan Video

YearTitleGenre(s)DeveloperArcade systemsJPWWRef(s)
1994Sports FishingSports, SimulationSegaSega Titan VideoGreen check.svg
1995 Baku Baku Animal PuzzleSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Critter CrusherActionSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Ejihon Tantei JimushoPuzzleGreen check.svg
Funky Head Boxers FightingSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Golden Axe: The Duel Sega (AM1)Green check.svg
Pro Mahjong Kiwame STabletopAthenaGreen check.svg
Puzzle & Action: Treasure Hunt Mini gamesSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Shanghai: Triple-ThreatPuzzleActivisionGreen check.svg
Sports Fishing 2SimulationSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Super Major League SportsSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty FightingData EastGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter Remix Sega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1996 Batman Forever: The Arcade Game ActionProbe EntertainmentGreen check.svg
Decathlete SportsSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Die Hard Arcade ActionSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Purikura Daisakusen AtlusGreen check.svg
Puyo Puyo Sun PuzzleCompileGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter Kids FightingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1997All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring VirtuaSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Cotton 2: Magical Night DreamsShoot' em-upSuccessGreen check.svg
Groove on Fight FightingAtlusGreen check.svg
Hanagumi Taisen Columns PuzzleSegaGreen check.svg
Maru-chan de Goo!ActionSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Print Club 2Non-gameAtlusGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Shienryu Shoot' em-upWarashiGreen check.svg
Steep Slope Sliders SportsCaveGreen check.svg
Winter HeatSega (AM3)Green check.svg
1998 Astra Superstars FightingSunsoftGreen check.svg
Guardian ForceShoot' em-upSuccessGreen check.svg
Radiant Silvergun TreasureGreen check.svg
Taisen Tanto-R Sasissu!Mini gamesSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Touryuu Densetsu Elan DoreeFightingSai-MateGreen check.svg
Magical Night Dreams: Cotton BoomerangShoot' em-upSuccessGreen check.svg
Tecmo World Cup '98SportsTecmoGreen check.svg
1999 Final Fight Revenge FightingCapcomGreen check.svg
Mogu RapperRhythmSegaGreen check.svg

Sega NAOMI series

YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade systemsJPWWRef(s)
1998Dynamite Baseball NAOMISportsSega (AM1)NAOMIGreen check.svg
F1 World Grand Prix RacingVideo SystemGreen check.svg
The House of the Dead 2 Light gun shooterSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
1999 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker DrivingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Airline PilotsSimulationSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Brave FireFightersLight gun shooterSega (AM1)HikaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Charge'N'Blast ActionCRINAOMIGreen check.svg
Crazy Taxi DrivingSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Dead or Alive 2 FightingTecmoGreen check.svg
Dengen Tenshi Taisen Mahjong Shangri-LaTabletopMarvelousGreen check.svg
Derby Owners Club SimulationSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Dynamite Baseball '99SportsSega (AM1)Green check.svg
F355 Challenge RacingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Giant Gram 2 : All Japan Pro Wrestling In Nippon BudokanFightingSega (AM1)Green check.svg
Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IIITabletopJalecoGreen check.svg
Jambo! Safari DrivingSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Kasei Channel Mars TVTabletopSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Power Stone FightingCapcomGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Puyo Puyo Da! RhythmCompileGreen check.svg
Ring Out 4x4ActionSegaGreen check.svg
Outtrigger FPS, TPS Sega (AM2)Green check.svg
Samba de Amigo RhythmSega (Sonic Team)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Marine Fishing SimulationSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega TetrisPuzzleGreen check.svg
Super Major League '99SportsGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Touch De Uno!PuzzleSega (AM3)Green check.svg
Toy FighterFightingSega (AM3), AnchorGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
The Typing of the Dead Edutainment Sega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Tennis SportsSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker 2 ver.2000 Sega (AM11)Green check.svg
Zombie Revenge ActionSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2000 Cannon Spike Shoot' em-upCapcomGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Capcom vs. SNK Millennium Fight 2000 FightingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg

Confidential Mission

Light gun shooterSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Crackin' DJRhythmGreen check.svg
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram M.S.B.S. Ver. 5.66 ActionGreen check.svg
Death Crimson OX Light gun shooterEcoleGreen check.svg
Dead or Alive 2 Millenium FightingTecmoGreen check.svg
Derby Owners Club 2000 SimulationSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svg
Giant Gram 2000 : All Japan Pro Wrestling 3 Brave Men Of GloryFightingSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svg
Giga Wing 2 Shoot' em-upCapcomGreen check.svg
Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes FightingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Ninja Assault Light gun shooterNamcoGreen check.svg
Quiz Aa! Megami-sama: Tatakau Tsubasa to Tomoni RPGSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Planet Harriers Rail shooterSega (Amusement Vision)Sega HikaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Project Justice FightingCapcomNAOMIGreen check.svg
Power Stone 2 Green check.svg
Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000 RhythmSega (Sonic Team)Green check.svg
Shakatto Tambourin Green check.svg
Sega Strike FighterShoot' em-upSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
SlashOut ActionSega (Amusement Vision)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Spawn: In the Demon's Hand CapcomGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sports Jam SportsSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svg
Star Wars Racer Arcade RacingSega (Sega Rosso)HikaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Tokyo Bus TourSimulationFortyfiveNAOMIGreen check.svg
World KicksSportsNamcoGreen check.svg
WWF Royal RumbleFightingYukeGreen check.svg
Virtua NBASportsSega (Amusement Vision)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2001 Alien Front ActionSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svg
Air TrixSportsSega (Hitmaker)HikaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Beach Spikers Sega (AM2)NAOMI 2Green check.svg
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting FightingCapcomNAOMIGreen check.svg
Club KartRacingSegaNAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force ActionSega (Hitmaker)HikaruGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Derby Owners Club World Edition SimulationNAOMIGreen check.svg
Doki Doki Idol Star SeekerPuzzleG.RevGreen check.svg
Virtua GolfSportsSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
F355 Challenge 2: International Course Edition RacingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Gun Survivor 2: Biohazard CODE:Veronica Light gun shooterCapcomGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Heavy Metal Geomatrix FightingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Inu no Osanpo SimulationSega (WOW Entertainment), CaveGreen check.svg
Ikaruga Shoot' em-upTreasureGreen check.svg
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Renpou vs. ZeonActionCapcomGreen check.svg
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Renpou vs. Zeon DXGreen check.svg
La Keyboard XYUEdutainment, PuzzleSega (Sega Rosso)Green check.svg
Lupin III: The Shooting Light gun shooterSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svg
Monkey Ball PlatformSega (Amusement VisionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Spikers Battle ActionGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper FightingCapcomGreen check.svg
WaveRunner GPRacingCRIGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 4 FightingSega (AM2)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker 3 SportsSega (Amusement Vision)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Wild RidersRacingSega (Wow Entertainment)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
World Series Baseball SportsGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Zero Gunner 2 Shoot' em-upPsykioNAOMIGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
2002Azumanga Daioh Puzzle BobblePuzzleTaitoGreen check.svg
Cleopatra Fortune PlusGreen check.svg
Derby Owners Club 2 SimulationSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svg
Guilty Gear XX FightingArc System WorksGreen check.svg
Initial D Arcade Stage RacingSega (Sega Rosso)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Lupin III: The Typing EdutainmentSega (WOW Entertainment)NAOMIGreen check.svg
Moeru CasinyoTabletopAltronGreen check.svg
Sega Driving Simulator SimulationSegaNAOMI 2Green check.svg
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ TabletopSega (AM2)NAOMIGreen check.svg
Soul SurferSimulatorSega (Sega Rosso)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Shootout PoolSports, SimulatorSegaNAOMIGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
The King of Route 66 DrivingSega (AM2)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
The Maze of the KingsLight gun shooterSega (Hitmaker)NAOMIGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution FightingSega (AM2)NAOMI 2Green check.svg
World Club Champion Football Serie A 2001-2002 CCG, Sports, SimulationSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svg
2003 Border Down Shoot' em-upG.RevNAOMIGreen check.svg
Demolish FistActionSammy, DimpsAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Dolphin BlueShoot' em-upSammyGreen check.svg
Guilty Gear IsukaFightingArc System WorksGreen check.svg
Guilty Gear X Ver. 1.5Green check.svg
Guilty Gear XX Reload NAOMIGreen check.svg
Initial D Arcade Stage 2 RacingSega (Sega Rosso)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Knights of Valour: The Seven SpiritsActionSammy, International Games SystemAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Maximum SpeedRacingSammy, DimpsGreen check.svg
Mushiking: The King of Beetles CCG, KidsSega (Mirai R&D)NAOMIGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Psyvariar 2: The Will To Fabricate Shoot' em-upSuccessGreen check.svg
Puyo Pop Fever PuzzleSega (Sonic Team)Green check.svg
Quiz Keitai Q modeTaitoGreen check.svg
Sports Shooting USALight gun shooterSammyGreen check.svg
Shikigami no Shiro II Shoot' em-upAlfa SystemGreen check.svg
Sushi BarPuzzleSammyAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
The King of Fighters Neowave FightingSammy, SNK PlaymoreGreen check.svg
The Rumble FishSammy, DimpsGreen check.svg
Usagi: Yasei no Touhai: Yamashiro Mahjong HenTabletopSammyNAOMIGreen check.svg
World Club Champion Football Serie A 2002-2003 CCG, Sports, SimulationSega (Hitmaker)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2004 Chaos Field Shoot' em-upMilestoneNAOMIGreen check.svg
Dirty Pigskin FootballSportsSammyAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Faster than SpeedRacingGreen check.svg [54]
Initial D Arcade Stage 3 RacingSega (Hitmaker)NAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Netselect Salaryman KintarouTabletopSammyAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Ranger MissionLight gun shooterGreen check.svg [55]
Tetris KiwamemichiPuzzleSuccessNAOMIGreen check.svg
The King of Fighters NeowaveFightingSNKAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
The Rumble FishSammy, DimpsGreen check.svg
Trizeal Light gun shooterTriangle ServiceNAOMIGreen check.svg
Oshare Majo: Love and Berry CCG, Rhythm, KidsSega (Mirai R&D)System SPGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned FightingSega (AM2)NAOMI 2Green check.svg
2005Animal BasketActionSammy, MossAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Dinosaur King CCG, KidsSega (AM3)System SPGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Extreme HuntingLight gun shooterSega Amusements USAAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
ExZeus Shoot' em-upTaitoNAOMIGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Fist of the North Star FightingArc System WorksAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Kochoja Mushiking Popo no Boken-henCCG, KidsSegaNAOMIGreen check.svg
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza FightingEcoleGreen check.svg
NeoGeo Battle ColiseumSNKGreen check.svg
Radirgy Shoot' em-upMilestoneGreen check.svg
Senko no Ronde ActionG.RevGreen check.svg
Super Shanghai 2005TabletopStarfishGreen check.svg
The King of Fighters XI FightingSNK PlaymoreAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
The Rumble Fish 2Sammy, DimpsGreen check.svg
Under Defeat Shoot' em-upG.RevNAOMIGreen check.svg
World Club Champion Football European Clubs 2004-2005 CCG, Sports, SimulationSegaNAOMI 2Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2006Extreme Hunting 2Light gun shooterSegaAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Kuru Kuru ChameleonPuzzleStarfishNAOMIGreen check.svg
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza Version B FightingFrench BreadGreen check.svg
Metal Slug 6 ActionSNKAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
Noukone Puzzle Takoron PuzzleCompile HeartNAOMIGreen check.svg
Jingi Storm: The ArcadeFightingAltravia JapanGreen check.svg
KarousShoot' em-upMilestoneGreen check.svg
Senko no Ronde SPActionG.RevGreen check.svg
Trigger Heart Exelica (Warashi)Shoot' em-upWarashiGreen check.svg
Touch De ZunouPuzzleSegaGreen check.svg
2007 Dynamite Deka EX ActionGreen check.svg
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core FightingArc System WorksGreen check.svg
King of Beetle: Battle TerminalCCG, KidsSegaGreen check.svg
2007Issyo ni WanwanCCG, Driving, KidsNAOMIGreen check.svg
Manic Panic GhostAction, Light gun shooterSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Rhythm Tengoku RhythmSega (AM2)Green check.svg
Shooting Love. 2007 Shoot' em-upTriangle ServiceGreen check.svg
2008Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf.AchseFightingSubtle StyleGreen check.svg
Beetle DASH!CCGSegaSystem SPGreen check.svg
Disney Magical DanceCCG, Rhythm, KidsGreen check.svg
Issyo ni Turbo DriveCCG, Drivng, KidsGreen check.svg
Illmatic EnvelopeShoot' em-upMilestoneNAOMIGreen check.svg
Marine & MarineCCG, KidsSegaSystemSPGreen check.svg
Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta!Shoot' em-upG.RevNAOMIGreen check.svg
Melty Blood: Actress Again FightingFrench BreadGreen check.svg
Sega Clay ChallengeLight gun shooterSegaAtomiswaveGreen check.svg
2009Brick PeoplePuzzleSegaSystem SP
Future Police Patrol ChaseCCG, Driving, KidsGreen check.svg
Giant Tetris PuzzleGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Radirgy Noa Shoot' em-upMilestoneNAOMIGreen check.svg
Sega Bass Fishing ChallengeSimulationSegaAtomiswaveGreen check.svg

PlayStation 2-based

YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade systemJPWWRef(s)
2001 Vampire Night Light gun shooterNamco, Sega (WOW Entertainment)Namco System 246Green check.svgGreen check.svg


YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)Arcade systemsJPWWRef(s)
2002 The House of the Dead III Light gun shooterSega (WOW Entertainment)ChihiroGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller DrivingSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2003 OutRun 2 RacingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ2 TabletopGreen check.svg
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune RacingNamcoGreen check.svg
Virtua Cop 3 Light gun shooterSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2004 Ghost Squad Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Ollie King RacingSega (Amusement Vision)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
OutRun SPSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
Quest of DAction RPG, CCGGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Sega Golf Club SportsGreen check.svg
The Quiz ShowPuzzleSega (Hitmaker)Green check.svg
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2RacingNamcoGreen check.svg
2005Gundam Battle Operating SimulatorSimulatorBanprestoGreen check.svg
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card BuilderCCG, StrategyGreen check.svg
Quest of D Ver. 2.0: Gofu no KeisyousyaAction RPG, CCGSega (AM2)Green check.svg
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ3 TabletopGreen check.svg
Sangokushi TaisenCCG, StrategySega (AM1)Green check.svg
Sangokushi Taisen: Ryusei no UrakamiGreen check.svg
2006Quest of D Ver 3.0: Oukoku no SyugosyaAction RPG, CCGSega (AM2)Green check.svg
Sangokushi Taisen 2CCG, StrategySega (AM1)Green check.svg
Sangokushi Taisen 2: Wakakishishi no KodouGreen check.svg
Sega Golf Club Ver. 2006SportsSega (AM2)Green check.svg
2007Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card BuilderCCG, StrategyBanprestoGreen check.svg
Quest of D: The Battle KingdomAction RPG, CCGSega (AM2)Green check.svg
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ3 Evo TabletopGreen check.svg


YearTitleGenre(s)Developer(s)JPWWArcade SystemsRef(s)
2002 Virtua Striker 2002 SportsSega (Amusement Vision)Green check.svgGreen check.svgTriforce
2003 F-Zero AX RacingGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Gekitou Pro Yakyuu SportsSega (WOW Entertainment)Green check.svg
Avalon no Kagi 1.00: The Wizard MasterCCG, StrategySega (Hitmaker)Green check.svg
2005Avalon no Kagi 2: Eutaxy CommandmentGreen check.svg
Avalon no Kagi 2.5: War of the KeyGreen check.svg
Mario Kart Arcade GP RacingNamcoGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Virtua Striker 4 SportsSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
2006 Virtua Striker 4 Ver. 2006 Green check.svgGreen check.svg
2007 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 RacingNamco BandaiGreen check.svgGreen check.svg


YearTitleGenres(s)Developer(s)Arcade SystemsJPWWRef(s)
2005 The House of the Dead 4 Light gun shooterSega (AM1)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [56] [57]
2006 After Burner Climax Rail shooterSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [58]
Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice Light gun shooterSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [59]
Let's Go Jungle! SpecialGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
The House of the Dead 4 Special Sega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg
OutRun 2 SP SDX DrivingSegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [60]
Virtua Fighter 5 FightingSega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [61] [62]
Virtua Tennis 3 SportsSega (AM3)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [63]
20072 SPICYLight gun shooterSega (AM1)Lindbergh RedGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [64]
Ghost Squad Evolution Sega (AM2)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [65]
Network Taisen Quiz Answer X AnswerPuzzleSega (AM1)Green check.svg [66]
Initial D Arcade Stage 4 RacingSega (AM3)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [67]
Sangokushi Taisen 3CCG, StrategySega (AM1)Green check.svg [68]
2008 Derby Owners Club 2008: Feel the Rush SimulationSega (AM3)Lindbergh BlueGreen check.svg [69]
Hummer RacingSegaLindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [70]
Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer 2Quiz gameSega (AM1)Lindbergh RedGreen check.svg [71]
Primeval Hunt Light gun shooterSegaGreen check.svg [72]
RAMBOSega (AM1)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [73]
R-Tuned : Ultimate Street Racing RacingSega (AM2)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [74]
Sangokushi Taisen 3: Soten no Ryu Myaken CCG, StrategySega (AM1)Green check.svg [75]
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ4 TabletopSega (AM2)Lindbergh RedGreen check.svg [76]
Sega Race TV RacingSega (AM+)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [77]
Sega Rally 3 Sega Racing StudioEuropa-RGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [78]
The Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EXLight gun shooterSega of ChinaLindbergh RedGreen check.svg [79]
Virtua Fighter 5 R Fighting gameSega (AM2)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svg [80]
World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2006-2007 CCG, Sports, SimulationSega (AM3)Lindbergh BlueGreen check.svg [81]
2009 Border Break TPSSega (AM2)RingEdgeGreen check.svg [82]
Ciao Manga StationCCG, KidsSegaUnknown (Arcade Hardware)Green check.svg [83]
Derby Owners Club 2009: Ride for the Live SimulationSega (AM3)Lindbergh BlueGreen check.svg [84]
Harley-Davidson: King of the RoadRacingSega (AM1)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [85]
Initial D Arcade Stage 5 Sega (AM1)Green check.svg [86]
Hummer Extreme Edition SegaGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [87]
Rekishi Taisen GettenkaCCG, KidsRingWideGreen check.svg [88]
Sangokushi Taisen 3: Takeki Houou no TenshouCCG, StrategySega (AM1)Lindbergh YellowGreen check.svg [89]
Shining Force CrossAction RPGSega (AM2)RingEdgeGreen check.svg [90]
Lil Puritsu Bipuruhime Chen Yu! CCG, KidsSegaRingWideGreen check.svg [91]
World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2007-2008 CCG, SportsSega (AM1)Lindbergh BlueGreen check.svg [92]
World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2008-2009 Green check.svg [93]
2010 Bakugan: The Batters Action, CCG, KidsSegaUnknown Hardware (Arcade)Green check.svg [94]
Border Break Airburst TPSSega (AM2)RingEdgeGreen check.svg [95]
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade RhythmGreen check.svg [96]
Race Driver: GRID RacingCodemastersEuropa-RGreen check.svg [97]
Let's Go Bus Edutainment, KidsSegaUnknown Hardware (Arcade)Green check.svgGreen check.svg [98]
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code FightingFrench Bread, Type MoonRingWideGreen check.svg
Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer LivePuzzleSega (AM1)Lindbergh RedGreen check.svg [99]
Sangokushi Taisen 3: War BeginsCCG, StrategyLindbergh YellowGreen check.svg [100]
Sengoku Taisen: 1560 Owari no Fuuunji RingEdgeGreen check.svg [101]
Sega Racing Classic RacingSega (AM2)RingWideGreen check.svg [102]
Shining Force Cross RaidAction RPGRingEdgeGreen check.svg [103]
Transformers The Animated: ShootingCCG, Light gun shooter, KidsSegaUnknown Hardware (Arcade)Green check.svg [104]
Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown FightingSega (AM2)Lindbergh SilverGreen check.svg [105]
World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2009-2010 CCG, Sports, SimulationSega (AM1)Lindbergh BlueGreen check.svg [106]
2011 Initial D Arcade Stage 6AA RacingSega (AM1)RingWideGreen check.svg [107]
Let's Go Island 3D Light gun shooterSegaRingEdgeGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Let's Go Island: Lost on the Island of Topics RingWideGreen check.svgGreen check.svg [108]
Sega Network Taisen Mahjong MJ5 TabletopSega (AM2)RingEdgeGreen check.svg
Sega Golden GunLight gun shooterSega of ChinaRingWideGreen check.svg [109]
Sengoku Taisen: 1560 Owari no CCG, StrategySega (AM1)RingEdgeGreen check.svg
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing RacingSumo DigitalRingWideGreen check.svg
Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz Action, PuzzleSegaGreen check.svg
ToyletMini gamesSega (AM1)UnknownGreen check.svg
Operation G.H.O.S.T Rail ShooterRingWideGreen check.svgGreen check.svg
Under Night In-Birth FightingArc System WorksRingEdge 2Green check.svg
Virtua Tennis 4 SportsSegaRingEdgeGreen check.svg
World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2010-2011 CCG, Sports, SimulationSega AM1Green check.svg
2012 Border Break Union TPSSega (AM2)Green check.svg
Dream RaidersRail ShooterSega Europe Amusements, GamewaxUnknown (Arcade hardware)Green check.svg
Geisen Love.: Plus Pengo!CompilationTriangle ServiceRingEdge 2Green check.svg
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R FightingArc System WorksGreen check.svg
Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AA XRacingSega (AM1)RingEdgeGreen check.svg
Maimai RhythmRingEdge 2Green check.svg
Maimai PlusGreen check.svg
REC CHECK GOLFSportsRingWideGreen check.svg
Sengoku Taisen: 1582 Nichirin, Honnouji Yori IzuruCCG, StrategyRingEdge