List of South African Flat Races

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The South African Graded and Black Type races are published each year by the National Horse Racing Authority of South Africa. A number of stakes races also take place which are not graded or granted Black Type and are raced as Non-Black Type races. [1]


Grade 1

MonthRaceVenueAge/SexTypeDistancePrize Money
DecemberGauteng Summer CupTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2000mR 2 000,000
DecemberCape GuineasKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 1 000,000
DecemberCape Fillies GuineasKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 1 000,000
JanuaryQueens PlateKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesWFA1600mR 1 500,000
JanuaryMaine Chance Farms Paddock StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA1800mR 1 000,000
JanuarySun MetKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesWFA2000mR 5 000,000
JanuaryCape Flying ChampionshipKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesWFA1000mR 1 000,000
JanuaryMajorca StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA1600mR 1 000,000
JanuaryCape DerbyKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights2000mR 1 000,000
MarchSouth African ClassicTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1800mR 2 000,000
MarchHorse Chestnut StakesTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesWFA1600mR 1 000,000
MarchSouth African Fillies ClassicTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1800mR 1 000,000
AprilEmpress Club StakesTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA1600mR 1 000,000
AprilPremier's Champions ChallengeTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesConditions2000mR 4 000,000
April South African Derby Turffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights2450mR 2 000,000
AprilComputaform SprintTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesWFA1000mR 1 000,000
MayTsogo Sun SprintScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1200mR 1 000,000
MayCity Of Pietermaritzburg Fillies SprintScottsvilleFillies and MaresWFA1200mR 750,000
MayGold MedallionScottsville2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200mR 750,000
MayAllan Robertson ChampionshipScottsville2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1200mR 750,000
JuneDaily News 2000Greyville (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights2000mR 2 000,000
JuneWoolavington 2000Greyville (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights2000mR 1 000,000
JuneGold ChallengeGreyville (Turf)All HorsesWFA1600mR 1 000,000
JulyDurban JulyGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2200mR 4 250,000
JulyGarden Province StakesGreyville (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA1600mR 1 000,000
JulyChampions CupGreyville (Turf)All HorsesWFA1800mR 1 000,000
JulyMercury SprintGreyville (Turf)All HorsesWFA1200mR 1 000,000
JulyPremiers Champion StakesGreyville (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 750,000
JulyThekwini StakesGreyville (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1600mR 750,000

Grade 2

MonthRaceVenueAge/SexTypeDistancePrize Money
OctoberJoburg Spring ChallengeTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesWFA+Penalties1450mZAR 400,000
OctoberJoburg Spring F & M ChallengeTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1450mZAR 400,000
OctoberWestern Cape Fillies ChampionshipKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesConditions1400mZAR 400,000
NovemberPeermont Emperors Palace Charity MileTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1600mZAR 1 000,000
NovemberCape MerchantsKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1200mZAR 400,000
NovemberConcord CupKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1600mZAR 400,000
NovemberDingaansTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 500,000
DecemberMerchantsTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1200mR 450,000
DecemberIpi Tombe ChallengeTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1600mR 400,000
DecemberGreen Point StakesKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesWFA+Penalties1600mR 400,000
DecemberSouthern Cross StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1000mR 400,000
DecemberPremier TrophyKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesConditions1800mR 400,000
JanuarySceptre StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1200mR 400,000
JanuaryPeninsula HandicapKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1800mR 400,000
JanuaryWestern Cape StayersKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesConditions2800mR 400,000
FebruaryDiadem StakesKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesWFA+Penalties1200mR 400,000
MarchGauteng GuineasTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 1 000,000
MarchGauteng Fillies GuineasTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1600mR 500,000
MarchHawaii StakesTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesConditions1400mR 400,000
AprilSenor Santa StakesTurffontein (Turf)All Horses1200mR 400,000
AprilColorado King StakesTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesConditions2000mR 400,000
AprilSouth African NurseryTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200mR 1 000,000
AprilSouth African OaksTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights2450mR 1 000,000
AprilSouth African Fillies NurseryTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1200mR 400,000
AprilGerald Rosenberg StakesTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties2000mR 400,000
AprilCamellia StakesTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1200mR 400,000
May KZN Guineas Greyville (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 600,000
May Drill Hall Stakes Greyville (Turf)All HorsesWFA+Penalties1400mR 500,000
May KZN Fillies Guineas Greyville (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1600mR 500,000
MayWorld Sports Betting 1900Greyville (Turf)All HorsesConditions1900mR 500,000
JuneTibouchina StakesGreyville (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1400mR 400,000
JunePost MerchantsGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1200mR 400,000
JulyDurban Golden HorseshoeGreyville (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1400mR 600,000
JulyGolden SlipperGreyville (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1400mR 600,000
JulyGold BraceletGreyville (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties2000mR 400,000

Grade 3

MonthRaceVenueAge/SexTypeDistancePrize Money
SeptemberSpring Spree StakesTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesSet Weights1200mZAR 250,000
OctoberMatchem StakesDurbanville (Turf)3/4-Year-OldsWFA1400mZAR 250,000
OctoberDiana StakesDurbanville (Turf)3/4-Year-Olds FilWFA1400mZAR 250,000
OctoberCape ClassicKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1400mZAR 250,000
NovemberYellowwood HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1800mZAR 250,000
NovemberGraham Beck StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1400mZAR 250,000
NovemberStarling StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesConditions1400mZAR 250,000
NovemberVictory Moon StakesTurffontein (Turf)*All HorsesConditions1800mZAR 400,000
NovemberFillies MileTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesConditions1600mR 275 000
DecemberMagnolia HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1200mR 250,000
DecemberCape Summer Stayers HandicapKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2500mR 250,000
DecemberVictress StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1800mR 250,000
DecemberLebelo SprintTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1000mR 250,000
DecemberFlamboyant StakesGreyville (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1600mR 250,000
JanuaryChairmans CupKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 250,000
JanuaryPolitician StakesKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1800mR 250,000
JanuaryLondon News StakesTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesConditions1800mR 250,000
FebruaryTony Ruffel StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1450mR 250,000
FebruaryThree Troikas StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-old FilliesConditions1450mR 250,000
FebruaryTommy Hotspur HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1000mR 250,000
FebruaryVasco Prix Du CapKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1400mR 250,000
MarchAcacia HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1600mR 250,000
MarchKings CupGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1600mR 250,000
MarchCaradoc Gold CupTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesConditions2850mR 250,000
MarchMan O' War SprintTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1100mR 250,000
MarchProtea StakesTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1100mR 200,000
MarchPretty Polly StakesTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1100mR 200,000
AprilSycamore SprintTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1200mR 250,000
AprilByerley TurkGreyville (Polytrack)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1400mR 250,000
AprilUmzimkhulu StakesGreyville (Polytrack)3-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1400mR 250,000
AprilGold BowlTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 500,000
AprilWinter GuineasKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 250,000
AprilPoinsettia StakesScottsvilleFillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1200mR 250,000
AprilGodolphin Barb StakesScottsville2-Year-OldsSet Weights1100mR 200,000
AprilStrelitzia StakesScottsville2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1100mR 200,000
MayWinter ClassicKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1800mR 250,000
JuneLonsdale Stirrup CupGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mR 300,000
JuneCup TrialGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1800mR 300,000
JuneCape of Good Hope NurseryKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200mR 200,000
JuneJubilee HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1800mR 250,000
JuneTrack And Ball "Derby"ScottsvilleAll HorsesWFA+Penalties2400mR 300,000
JuneTrack And Ball "Oaks"ScottsvilleFillies and MaresWFA+Penalties2400mR 300,000
JuneWinter DerbyKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights2400mR 250,000
JulyGold VaseGreyville (Turf)All HorsesConditions3000mR 500,000
JulyWorld Sports Betting 2200Greyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2200mR 500,000
JulyFinal Fling StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1800mR 250,000
JulyGold CupGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 1 250,000
JulyUmkhomazi StakesGreyville (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1200mR 300,000
JulyThe DebutanteGreyville (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1200mR 300,000
JulyChampagne StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA+Penalties1200mR 250,000


MonthRaceVenueAge/SexTypeDistancePrize Money
AugustJockey Club StakesFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions2000mZAR 150,000
SeptemberSophomore SprintDurbanville (Turf)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1200mZAR 150,000
SeptemberSettlers TrophyDurbanville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mZAR 150,000
OctoberMichaelmas HandicapGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1900mZAR 150,000
OctoberRacing Association StakesFairview (Turf)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1600mZAR 150,000
OctoberAlgoa CupFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2000mZAR 350,000
NovemberGolden Loom HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1000mZAR 150,000
NovemberJava HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mZAR 150,000
NovemberKZN Guineas TrialScottsville3-Year-OldsSet Weights1600mZAR 150,000
NovemberLaisserfaire StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1100mZAR 150,000
NovemberWoolavington HandicapKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mZAR 150,000
NovemberGardenia StakesTurffontein (Turf)*Fillies and MaresConditions1000mZAR 150,000
DecemberRacing Association HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 250,000
DecemberSecretariat StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsHandicap1400mR 150,000
DecemberMemorial MileFairview (Turf)All HorsesWFA1600mR 150,000
DecemberSoutheaster SprintKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1100mR 150,000
DecemberChristmas HandicapGreyville (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1600mR 250,000
JanuaryLady's BraceletFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresWFA1600mR 150,000
JanuaryJamaica HandicapKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap2000mR 150,000
JanuarySea Cottage StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1800mR 150,000
JanuarySwallow StakesTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesConditions1200mR 150,000
JanuaryMichael Roberts HandicapScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1800mR 150,000
JanuarySummer Juvenile StakesKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1000mR 150,000
FebruaryWolf Power 1600Turffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1600mR 150,000
FebruaryLady's PendantFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1200mR 150,000
FebruaryKenilworth CupKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 150,000
FebruaryJet Master StakesKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesConditions1600mR 150,000
MarchIbhayi StakesFairview (Turf)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1400mR 150,000
MarchAquanaut HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mR 150,000
MarchBreeders GuineasFairview (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1600mR 150,000
MarchBauhinia HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1000mR 150,000
MarchStorm Bird StakesTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1000mR 150,000
MarchRuffian StakesTurffontein (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1000mR 150,000
MarchDrum Star HandicapTurffontein (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1800mR 150,000
MarchEast Cape Fillies NurseryFairview (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1200mR 150,000
MarchEast Cape Sprint CupFairview (Turf)All HorsesWFA1200mR 150,000
MarchEast Cape GuineasFairview (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600mR 150,000
MarchJacaranda HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1800mR 250,000
MarchKwaZulu-Natal StakesScottsvilleFillies and MaresConditions1000mR 150,000
AprilDerby TrialTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsHandicap2000mR 150,000
AprilOaks TrialTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesHandicap2000mR 150,000
AprilEast Cape OaksFairview (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights2000mR 150,000
AprilSpook Express HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap2400mR 150,000
AprilThe SledgehammerScottsvilleAll HorsesConditions1750mR 150,000
AprilThe Scarlet LadyScottsvilleFillies and MaresConditions1750mR 150,000
AprilEast Cape NurseryFairview (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200mR 150,000
AprilSweet Chestnut StakesKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1400mR 150,000
AprilIn Full Flight HandicapScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1100mR 150,000
MaySomerset 1200Kenilworth (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1200mR 125 000
MayPerfect Promise SprintKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1200mR 125 000
MayEast Cape DerbyFairview (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights2400mR 350,000
MayDahlia PlateFairview (Turf)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1200mR 150,000
MayEast Coast CupFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap2000mR 150,000
MaySyringa HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1600mR 150,000
MayGlenlair TrophyFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3200mR 150,000
MayOlympic Duel StakesKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1200mR 150,000
MayStormsvlei MileKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1600mR 150,000
MayMilkwood StakesFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1000mR 150,000
JuneLady's Slipper StakesFairview (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1400mR 150,000
JuneGatecrasher StakesGreyville (Polytrack)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1400mR 150,000
JuneDevon Air StakesGreyville (Polytrack)2-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1400mR 150,000
JuneKenilworth Fillies NurseryKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1200mR 200,000
JunePort Elizabeth Gold CupFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap3600mR 150,000
JuneEast Cape Breeders StakesFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1200mR 150,000
JuneLangermanKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1500mR 200,000
JuneLadies MileKenilworth (Turf)Fillies and MaresSet Weights1600mR 150,000
JuneWinter OaksKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights2200mR 150,000
JuneIrridescence StakesKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-Old FilliesLevel Weights1500mR 125 000
JulyChampion Juvenile CupFairview (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1400mR 200,000
JulyThukela HandicapGreyville (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap1600mR 150,000
JulyEast Cape Paddock StakesFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions1600mR 150,000
JulyOff to Stud StakesGreyville (Turf)4-Year-Old+F&MConditions1600mR 150,000
JulyUmngeni HandicapGreyville (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap1000mR 150,000
JulyThe Darley ArabianGreyville (Polytrack)3-Year-OldsSet Weights1600mR 150,000

Non-Black Type

MonthRaceVenueAge/SexTypeDistancePrize Money
AugustWedgewood HandicapFairview (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap2400mZAR 110,000
AugustRA Flamingo MileFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap1600mZAR 200,000
AugustWorld Sports Betting SprintFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap1000mZAR 135 000
AugustRA Diamond StakesFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap2200mZAR 110,000
AugustSpeedsters StakesFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1000mZAR 110,000
AugustFounders TrophyFairview (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap1600mZAR 110,000
SeptemberThe Ladies StakesTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresSet Weights1200mZAR 125 000
SeptemberWalmer HandicapFairview (Polytrack)Fillies and MaresHandicap1800mZAR 110,000
SeptemberFairview 1800Fairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1800mZAR 110,000
SeptemberThe Grand HeritageVaal (Turf)All HorsesConditions1475mZAR 750,000
SeptemberHeritage Consolation HandicapVaal (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1475mZAR 250,000
SeptemberHeritage 1200 HandicapVaal (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1200mZAR 150,000
SeptemberHeritage 1200 F & M HandicapVaal (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1200mZAR 150,000
SeptemberSophomore 1000Vaal (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1000mZAR 135 000
OctoberKZN Fillies Guineas TrialGreyville (Turf)3-Year-Old FilliesSet Weights1600mZAR 130,000
OctoberCradock Place StakesFairview (Turf)All HorsesConditions1200mZAR 110,000
NovemberEmperor's Palace Ready to Run Cup (CTS)Turffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1400mZAR 500,000
NovemberCape MileKenilworth (Turf)All HorsesConditions1600mZAR 150,000
NovemberNovember Stakes (Poly)Fairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1400mZAR 110,000
NovemberReady to Run StakesKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1400mZAR 2 500,000
NovemberGlendore SprintFairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1000mR 110,000
DecemberKZN Summer Challenge 1200ScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1200mR 200,000
DecemberKZN Summer Challenge 1600ScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1600mR 200,000
DecemberKZN Summer Challenge 2000ScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap2000mR 200,000
DecemberNeed For Speed SprintKenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsConditions1000mR 150,000
DecemberRiver Indigo HandicapGreyville (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap1400mR 130,000
JanuaryAfrican Holly HandicapScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1000mR 130,000
JanuaryFlamingo Park SprintFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap1200mR 110,000
JanuaryAloe Handicap (Poly)Fairview (Polytrack)3-Year-Old FilliesHandicap1300mR 110,000
JanuaryFairview MerchantsFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap1200mR 110,000
JanuaryThe CTS 1200Kenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200m5 000,000
JanuaryThe CTS 1600Kenilworth (Turf)3-Year-OldsLevel Weights1600m5 000,000
JanuaryKuda SprintKenilworth (Turf)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1200m350,000
JanuaryMarula SprintScottsvilleAll HorsesConditions1200mR 130,000
FebruaryFairview MileFairview (Turf)All HorsesConditions1600mR 110,000
FebruaryAllez France StakesTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresConditions2200mR 135 000
FebruaryKimberley 1400Flamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap1400mR 110,000
FebruaryumThombothi StakesScottsvilleAll HorsesConditions2000mR 130,000
FebruaryFever Tree HandicapScottsvilleAll HorsesHandicap1400mR 130,000
MarchFlamingo Park HandicapFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap1800mR 110,000
MarchGold Rush SprintTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsHandicap1100mR 150,000
MarchSun Chariot HandicapTurffontein (Turf)Fillies and MaresHandicap2400mR 135 000
MarchEgoli MileTurffontein (Turf)3-Year-OldsHandicap1600mR 135 000
MarchLakeside HandicapFairview (Turf)All HorsesHandicap2400mR 110,000
MarchEC P oly ChallengeFairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1200mR 110,000
MarchSentinel StakesScottsville2-Year-OldsSet Weights1000mR 150,000
AprilNorthern Cape Stayers HandicapFlamingo Park (Sand)All HorsesHandicap2200mR 110,000
AprilEC Poly ChallengeFairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1400mR 110,000
AprilFairview Flying FiveFairview (Turf)All HorsesConditions1000mR 110,000
AprilHighland Night CupScottsvilleAll HorsesConditions2400mR 130,000
MayEC Poly ChallengeFairview (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1600mR 110,000
MayKimberley ClassicFlamingo Park (Sand)3-Year-OldsHandicap1600mR 110,000
MayFairview 1400Fairview (Turf)All HorsesConditions1400mR 110,000
JuneDurban Dash (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)3-Year-OldsConditions1100mR 150,000
JuneKZN Winter Challenge 1200Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap1200mR 200,000
JuneKZN Winter Challenge 1600Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap1600mR 200,000
JuneKZN Winter Challenge 2000Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesHandicap2000mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders Million MileGreyville (Polytrack)3-Year-Olds+Conditions1600mR 1 000,000
JuneKZN Breeders 1200 (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1200mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders 1200 F&M (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)Fillies and MaresConditions1200mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders 1600 (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1600mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders 1600 F&M (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)Fillies and MaresConditions1600mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders 1900 (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)All HorsesConditions1900mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders Juvenile Plate (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)2-Year-OldsConditions1200mR 200,000
JuneKZN Breeders Fillies Juvenile Plate (Poly)Greyville (Polytrack)2-Year-Old FilliesConditions1200mR 200,000
JulyEthekwini SprintGreyville (Polytrack)3-Year-OldsConditions1200mR 130,000
JulyKZN Yearling Sale MillionGreyville (Polytrack)2-Year-OldsLevel Weights1300mR 1 000,000
JulyQueen Palm StakesGreyville (Polytrack)Fillies and MaresConditions2400mR 150,000
JulyKimberley NurseryFlamingo Park (Sand)2-Year-OldsSet Weights1400mR 110,000
JulyFriendly City StakesFairview (Turf)All HorsesConditions1800mR 110,000

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The Breeders' Cup Filly & Mare Turf is a Weight for Age Thoroughbred horse race on turf for fillies and mares, three years old and up. It is held annually at a different racetrack in the United States as part of the Breeders' Cup World Championships.

Pimlico Race Course American thoroughbred horse racetrack

Pimlico Race Course is a thoroughbred horse racetrack in Baltimore, Maryland, most famous for hosting the Preakness Stakes. Its name is derived from the 1660s when English settlers named the area where the facility currently stands in honor of Olde Ben Pimlico's Tavern in London. The racetrack is nicknamed "Old Hilltop" after a small rise in the infield that became a favorite gathering place for thoroughbred trainers and race enthusiasts. It is currently owned by the Stronach Group.

Group One, Group 1, Grade I or G1 is the term used for the highest level of Thoroughbred and Standardbred stakes races in many countries. In Europe, the level of races for Thoroughbred racing is determined using the Pattern race system introduced in 1971 and monitored by the European Pattern Committee. To attain or maintain a Group One status, the average rating for the first four finishers in the race must be 115 or higher over a three-year period. The International Federation of Horseracing Authorities works to ensure consistent international standards. Group One races may only be restricted to age groups or a stipulated sex: they should not be restricted to horses bred in a certain country. Group One (G1) races may be run under handicap conditions in Australia, but in Europe weight-for-age conditions always apply.

Group races, also known as Pattern races, or Graded races in some jurisdictions, are the highest level of races in Thoroughbred horse racing. They include most of the world's iconic races, such as, in Europe, The Derby, Irish Derby and Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, in Australia, the Melbourne Cup and in the United States, the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup races. Victory in these races marks a horse as being particularly talented, if not exceptional, and they are extremely important in determining stud values. They are also sometimes referred to as Black type races, since any horse that has won one of these races is printed in bold type in sales catalogues.

Black-Eyed Susan Stakes American Thoroughbred stakes horse race

The George E. Mitchell Black-Eyed Susan Stakes is a Grade II American Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-old fillies run over a distance of ​1 18 miles on the dirt annually at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland. The event currently offers a purse of $250,000

A graded stakes race is a thoroughbred horse race in the United States that meets the criteria of the American Graded Stakes Committee of the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association (TOBA). A specific grade level is then assigned to the race, based on statistical analysis of the quality of the field in previous years, provided the race meets the minimum purse criteria for the grade in question. In Canada, a similar grading system is maintained by the Jockey Club of Canada. Graded stakes races are similar to Group races in Europe but the grading is more dynamic in North America.

Team Valor Stable LLC is an American Thoroughbred horse racing stable based in Lake Worth, Florida. It was founded by Barry Irwin and Jeff Siegel who create partnerships (syndicates) with racing enthusiasts to race Thoroughbred horses at major racing venues, primarily in North America.

Glorious Song (1976–2003) was a Hall of Fame Thoroughbred racehorse who was a Champion in Canada and the United States and became an important broodmare. Bred by the prominent horseman E. P. Taylor at his Windfields Farm in Oshawa, Ontario, she was sired by Halo and out of the mare Ballade, who also produced U.S. Champion Devil's Bag.

Tokyo Yūshun

The Tokyo Yūshun (東京優駿), also called as the Japanese Derby is a Grade 1 flat horse race in Japan for three-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies run over a distance of 2,400 metres at the Tokyo Racecourse, Fuchū, Tokyo in late May or early June.

The Breeders' Cup Challenge is a series of Thoroughbred horse races in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, South Africa and South America, in which the winner earns an automatic spot in a specified Breeders' Cup race. The challenge races change somewhat each year.

The Bourbon Stakes is a Grade II American thoroughbred horse race for two-year-olds over a distance of ​1 116 miles on the turf held annually in early October at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky during the fall meeting.

Plugged Nickle was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. He was voted American Champion Sprint Horse in 1980.

The Jessamine Stakes is a Grade II American thoroughbred horse race for two-year-old filles over a distance of ​1 116 miles on the turf held annually in early October at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky during the fall meeting.

The Torrey Pines Stakes' is a Grade III American Thoroughbred horse race for three-year-old fillies run over a distance of one mile on the dirt held annually in August at Del Mar Racetrack in Del Mar, California. The event currently carries a purse of $100,000.

The Wonder Again Stakes is a Grade III American Thoroughbred horse race for fillies aged three years old held over a distance of one mile on the inner turf scheduled annually in early June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. The event currently carries a purse of $200,000.


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