List of Speakers of the Maryland House of Delegates

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Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates
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since April 7, 2019
Style The Honorable (diplomatic)
Mister Speaker (within the assembly)
Inaugural holder Thomas Wootton
Formation Maryland State Constitution
Website Maryland House of Delegates

The Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates presides as speaker over the House of Delegates in the state of Maryland in the United States.

Speaker (politics) presiding officer of a deliberative assembly, especially a legislative body

The speaker of a deliberative assembly, especially a legislative body, is its presiding officer, or the chair. The title was first used in 1377 in England.

Maryland House of Delegates lower house of the Maryland General Assembly

The Maryland House of Delegates is the lower house of the legislature of the State of Maryland. It consists of 141 delegates elected from 47 districts. The House of Delegates Chamber is in the Maryland State House on State Circle in Annapolis, the state capital. The State House also houses the Maryland State Senate Chamber and the offices of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of the State of Maryland. Each delegate has offices in Annapolis, in the nearby Casper R. Taylor Jr. House Office Building.

United States Federal republic in North America

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List of Speakers of the House of Delegates

1 Thomas Wootton [1] Montgomery February 1777
2 Nicholas Thomas Talbot March 1777 to March 1778
3 William Fitzhugh [2] Calvert March 1778 to July 1779
4 Josias Beall Prince George's November 1779 to June 1780
5 William Bruff Queen Anne's October 1780 to May 1781
6 Turbutt Wright [3] Queen Anne's June 11, 1781 to June 14, 1781
6 Thomas Cockey Deye Baltimore November 1781 to November 1788
7 George Dent Charles November 1789 to November 1790
8 Levin Winder (F) Somerset November 1791 to November 1793
9 John Parnham Charles November 1794
10 Matthew Tilghman Kent November 1794
11 Philip Key St. Mary's November 1795 to November 1796
12 James Carroll Baltimore November 1797
13 William Thomas St. Mary's November 1797
14 Henry Henley Chapman Charles November 1798 to November 1799
15 Edward Hall Anne Arundel November 1800
16 Charles Frazier Queen Anne's November 1801 to November 1802
17 Tobias E. Stansbury Baltimore November 1803
18 Charles Frazier Queen Anne's November 1804
19 Tobias E. Stansbury Baltimore November 1805 to November 1807
20 Levin Winder Somerset November 1808 to June 1809
21 Tobias E. Stansbury Baltimore November 1809 to June 1812
22 John Carlyle Herbert (F) Prince George's November 1812 to December 1813
23 Henry Henley Chapman Charles December 1814 to December 1815
24 Nicholas Stonestreet Charles December 1816 to December 1817
25 James Brown Queen Anne's December 1818
26 Tobias E. Stansbury Baltimore December 1819 to December 1821
27 William Hammond Marriott Anne Arundel December 1822
28 Tobias E. Stansbury Baltimore December 1823
29 William Hammond Marriott Anne Arundel December 1824
30 Benedict Joseph Semmes (D) Prince George's December 1825
31 John Grant Chapman (W) Charles December 1826
32 James W. McCulloh Baltimore December 1826
33 John Grant Chapman (W) Charles December 1827 to December 1828
34 Francis Thomas of Maryland - photo portrait seated.jpg Francis Thomas (D) Frederick December 1829
35 Richard Thomas St. Mary's December 1830 to December 1832
36 Thomas Wright III Queen Anne's December 1833
37 William J. Blakistone St. Mary's December 1834
38 Benjamin L. Gantt Prince George's December 1835 to December 1836
39 William Hallam Tuck Prince George's December 1837
40 Charles Sterrett Ridgely Anne Arundel December 1838
41 James Wray Williams (D) Harford December 1839
41 Charles Sterrett Ridgely Anne Arundel December 1840 to March 1841
42 Daniel S. Biser (D) Frederick December 1841
43 John Carroll LeGrand (D) Baltimore City December 1841
44 Daniel S. Biser (D) Frederick December 1842
45 William H. Watson Baltimore City December 1843
46 John Grant Chapman Charles December 1844
47 William S. Waters Somerset December 1845
48 JohnKennedy.jpg John P. Kennedy (W) Baltimore City December 1846
49 William J. Blakistone St. Mary's December 1847
50 John Rankin Franklin (W) Worcester December 1849
51 Elias Ware Baltimore City January 1852 to January 1853
52 John F. Dent St. Mary's January 1854
53 William H. Travers Baltimore City January 1856
54 John Summerfield Berry Baltimore January 1858
55 Elbridge George Kilbourn Anne Arundel January 1860 to July 1861
56 John Summerfield Berry Baltimore December 1861 to January 1862
57 Thomas H. Kemp Calvert January 1864
58 John M. Frazier (Natl Union) Baltimore City, District 2January 1865 to January 1866
59 Oliver Miller (D) Anne Arundel January 1867
60 William A. Stewart (D) Baltimore City, District 1January 1868
61 Ferdinand Claiborne Latrobe (D) Baltimore City, District 2January 1870
62 Arthur Pue Gorman photo portrait left profile.jpg Arthur Pue Gorman (D) Howard January 1872
63 Jesse K. Hines (D) Kent January 1874
64 Lewis C. Smith (D) Washington January 1876
65 Fetter S. Hoblitzell (D) Baltimore City, District 1January 1878
66 Hiram McCullough (D) Cecil January 1880
67 Otis Keilholtz (D) Baltimore City, District 3January 1882
68 Joseph Pembroke Thom (D) Baltimore City, District 2January 1884
69 Joseph B. Seth (D) Talbot January 1886
70 George M. Upshur (D) Worcester January 1888
71 John Hubner (D) Baltimore January 1890
72 Murray Vandiver (D) Harford January 1892
73 James H. Preston (D) Baltimore City, District 2January 1894
74 Sydney Emanuel Mudd I (R) Charles January 1896
75 Louis Schaefer (R) Baltimore City, District 3January 1898
76 Lloyd Wilkinson (D) Worcester January 1900
77 Ferdinand Claiborne Latrobe (D) Baltimore City, District 2March 1901
78 Noble L. Mitchell (D) Harford January 1902 to April 1902
79 George Y. Everhart (D) Baltimore January 1904
80 Carville D. Benson (D) Baltimore January 1906
81 James Enos Ray, Jr. (D) Prince George's January 1908
82 Adam Peeples (D) Cecil January 1910
83 James Trippe (D) Baltimore City, District 3January 1912 to January 1914
84 Philip D. Laird (D) Montgomery January 1916
85 David Gregg McIntosh, Jr. (D) Baltimore June 1917
86 Herbert R. Wooden (R) Carroll January 1918
87 Millardetydings.jpg Millard Tydings (D) Harford January 1920 to September 1920
88 John L. G. Lee (D) Harford January 1922
89 Francis P. Curtis (D) Baltimore City, District 2January 1924
90 E. Brooke Lee (D) Montgomery January 1927 to July 1930
91 Francis A. Michel (D) Baltimore City, District 2January 1931
92 T. Barton Harrington (D) Baltimore City, District 3January 1933 to November 1933
93 Emanuel Gorfine (D) Baltimore City, District 4January 1935 to April 1937
94 Thomas E. Conlon (D) Baltimore City, District 5January 1939 to January 1943
95 John S. White (D) Prince George's March 1944 to December 1946
96 C. Ferdinand Sybert (D) Howard January 1947 to November 1950
97 John C. Luber (D) Baltimore City, District 5January 1951 to June 1958
98 Perry O. Wilkinson (D) Prince George's January 1959 to May 1962
99 A. Gordon Boone (D) Baltimore January 1963
100 Marvin Mandel (D) Baltimore City, District 5February 1964 to January 1969
101 Thomas Hunter Lowe (D) Talbot January 1969 to July 1973
102 John Hanson Briscoe (D) St. Mary's, later District 29November 1973 to January 1978
103 Ben Cardin portrait.jpg Benjamin L. Cardin (D) Baltimore City, District 42January 1979 to January 1986
104 R. Clayton Mitchell, Jr. (D) Kent, District 36January 1987 to January 1993
105 Casper R. Taylor, Jr. (D) Allegany, District 1cJanuary 8, 1994 to January 8, 2003
106 1busch.jpg Michael E. Busch (D) Anne Arundel, District 30January 8, 2003 to April 7, 2019


  1. Wooton was forced to leave his position because of a family situation with his brother, and, on March 13, 1777, Nicholas Thomas was chosen to replace him.
  2. Fitzhugh was elected speaker after the resignation of Thomas
  3. Wright served only a few days as speaker while Bruff was absent due to illness

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