List of actors with Hollywood Walk of Fame motion picture stars

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Film camera icon included on all motion picture stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

This list of actors with Hollywood Walk of Fame motion picture stars includes all actors who have been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of motion pictures. This list does not include any non-acting professionals with motion picture stars, nor does it include any directors or producers with acting credits that are minor when compared to their directing and producing credits. This list also excludes all actors with television or live theatre stars on the Walk of Fame, as well as all animal actors and fictional characters.


The star locations and the years of the induction ceremonies are available on the official Hollywood Walk of Fame website maintained by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. [1] The years of birth and death are available in the biographical articles on the Los Angeles Times Hollywood Star Walk website, [2] with more accurate birth years from government records—such as birth certificates, census and military records—for some actors via their Wikipedia article sources.


Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard Walk-of-fame.jpg
Walk of Fame stars on the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard

A total of 901 actors appear in the list—493 males and 408 females. There are 177 Academy Award winners for acting in the list—89 males and 88 females—and 172 non-winning nominees—95 males and 77 females. There are 552 actors with no Academy Award nominations for acting in the list—309 males and 243 females.

The youngest living male in the list is Daniel Radcliffe while the youngest living female is Scarlett Johansson. The oldest living female is Olivia de Havilland and the oldest living male is Mel Brooks. The youngest at induction is Patty McCormack at 15 years of age, while Bobby Driscoll was the youngest male actor, inducted at 23 years of age. The oldest at induction were Yakima Canutt, Gloria Stuart, and Gina Lollobrigida, all at 90 years of age. The average age at induction is about 54, with males averaging about 57 and females averaging about 51. Posthumously-awarded stars are not included in the average calculations.

Since the initial star installations of 1958–60 when 660 film actors received stars—165 being posthumously inducted—there have been 15 additional posthumous stars awarded to film actors: Paul Robeson in 1978, Dorothy Dandridge in 1983, Philip Ahn and Eleanor Powell in 1984, Smiley Burnette and Steve McQueen in 1986, Natalie Wood in 1987, Bruce Lee in 1993, Cleavon Little and George McFarland in 1994, John Belushi in 2004, Chris Farley in 2005, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez in 2008, Richard Burton in 2013, and Toshiro Mifune in 2016.

As of 2020, more than 2,600 stars are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame among all five categories: motion pictures, television, recording, radio and live performance. [3] Stars for motion picture actors comprise about one third of all Walk of Fame stars.

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6xxx/7xxx Hollywood Boulevard, 1xxx Vine Street
Year of induction ceremony
At age
Age at induction, or ~ if posthumous
Academy Award winner, nominee, or ~ if neither

Dagger-14-plain.png four actors—Alice Calhoun, [4] Patty McCormack, [5] Henry O'Neill [6] and Helen Twelvetrees [7] —have no induction year specified on the official site, while Joyce Compton is missing a profile page on the official website, [8] though she appears on the Los Angeles Times website; [9] in all those cases, the year is presumed to be 1960 which was the year of the initial placement of 1,558 stars. [10]

Double-dagger-14-plain.png only acting awards are considered in this list; Academy Award information is available on the official Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences database website via dynamically-generated lists. [11]

List of actors

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The initial sort order is by actor surnames. Clicking the same column heading a second time sorts in the reverse order. For example:

ActorBornDiedAgeAddressInductedAt ageOscar
Bud Abbott M18971974761611196063~
Art Acord M189019314017091960~~
Amy Adams F1974~456280201743Nom
Renée Adorée F189819333516011960~~
Philip Ahn M190519787262111984~~
Frank Albertson M19091964556754196051~
Rex Allen M19201999786821197555~
Tim Allen M1953~666834200451~
Kirstie Alley F1951~697000199544~
June Allyson F19172006881537196043~
Don Alvarado M19041967626504196056~
Adrienne Ames F190719473916121960~~
Broncho Billy Anderson M18821971881651196078~
Mary Anderson F19182014961645196042~
Julie Andrews F1935~846901197944Won
Heather Angel F19091986776301196051~
Jennifer Aniston F1969~516270201243~
Ann-Margret F1941~786501197332Nom
Roscoe Arbuckle M188719334667011960~~
Alan Arkin M1934~866914201985Won
Richard Arlen M18991976766755196061~
George Arliss M186819467766481960~Won
Desi Arnaz M19171986696325196043~
Jean Arthur F19001991906333196060Nom
Fred Astaire M18991987886756196061Nom
Nils Asther M18971981846705196063~
Mary Astor F19061987816701196054Won
Gene Autry M19071998916644196053~
Agnes Ayres F189619404465041960~~
Lew Ayres M19081996886385196052Nom
Lauren Bacall F19242014891724196036Nom
Kevin Bacon M1958~616356200345~
Lloyd Bacon M189019556570111960~~
King Baggot M187919486863121960~~
Fay Bainter F18931968747021196067Won
Carroll Baker F1931~881725196029Nom
Lucille Ball F19111989776436196049~
Antonio Banderas M1960~596801200545Nom
Tallulah Bankhead F19021968666141196058~
Vilma Bánky F18981991937021196062~
Theda Bara F189019556463071960~~
Javier Bardem M1969~516834201243Won
Lynn Bari F19131989756116196047~
Binnie Barnes F19031998951501196057~
Mona Barrie F19091964546140196051~
Wendy Barrie F19121978651708196048~
Bessie Barriscale F18841965806652196076~
Drew Barrymore F1975~456925200429~
Ethel Barrymore F187919597970011960~Won
John Barrymore M188219426066671960~~
Lionel Barrymore M187819547617241960~Won
Richard Barthelmess M18951963686755196065Nom
Freddie Bartholomew M19241992676663196036~
Billy Barty M19242000766922198157~
Richard Basehart M19141984706276196046~
Kim Basinger F1953~667021199239Won
Lina Basquette F190719438715291960~~
Angela Bassett F1958~617000200850Nom
Jason Bateman M1969~516533201748~
Kathy Bates F1948~716927201668Won
Anne Baxter F19231985626741196037Won
Warner Baxter M188919516262841960~Won
Beverly Bayne F18941982871752196066~
William Beaudine M18921970781777196068~
Wallace Beery M188519496470011960~Won
Kristen Bell F1980~396225201939~
Madge Bellamy F18991990906517196061~
John Belushi M194919823363552004~~
Robert Benchley M188919455617241960~~
Annette Bening F1958~616927200648Nom
Belle Bennett F189119324115111960~~
Constance Bennett F19041965606250196056~
Joan Bennett F19101990806300196050~
Jack Benny M18941974806650196066~
Edgar Bergen M19031978756766196057~
Ingrid Bergman F19151982676759196045Won
Sarah Bernhardt F184419237817511960~~
Halle Berry F1966~536801200741Won
Edna Best F19001974746124196060~
Charles Bickford M18911967766780196069Nom
Constance Binney F18961989936301196064~
Jack Black M1969~506441201849~
Sidney Blackmer M18951973781625196065~
Carlyle Blackwell M188419557163401960~~
Cate Blanchett F1969~506712200839Won
Joan Blondell F19061979736311196054Nom
Orlando Bloom M1977~436927201437~
Monte Blue M18871963766290196073~
Ann Blyth F1928~916733196032Nom
Betty Blythe F18931972781708196067~
Eleanor Boardman F18981991936928196062~
Humphrey Bogart M189919575763221960~Won
Mary Boland F18821965836150196078~
John Boles M18951969736530196065~
Ray Bolger M19041987836788196056~
Beulah Bondi F18891981911718196071Nom
Shirley Booth F18981992946850196062Won
Olive Borden F190619474168011958~~
Ernest Borgnine M19172012956324196043Won
Frank Borzage M18941962686300196066~
Hobart Bosworth M186719437665221960~~
Clara Bow F19051965601500196055~
John Bowers M188519365017091960~~
William Boyd M18951972771734196065~
Charles Boyer M18991978786300196061Nom
Alice Brady F189219394662011960~Won
Marlon Brando M19242004801765196036Won
Walter Brennan M18941974806501196066Won
Evelyn Brent F19011975736548196059~
George Brent M19041979751709196056~
Mary Brian F19062002961559196054~
Fanny Brice F189119515964151960~~
Jeff Bridges M1949~707065199445Won
Matthew Broderick M1962~586801200644~
Charles Bronson M19212003816901198059~
Mel Brooks M1926~936712201084~
Pierce Brosnan M1953~667021199744~
Joe E. Brown M18921973811680196068~
Johnny Mack Brown M19041974706101196056~
Tom Brown M19131990771648196047~
Vanessa Brown F19281999711621196032~
Tod Browning M18801962826225196080~
Yul Brynner M19201985656162196040Won
Sandra Bullock F1964~556801200541Won
John Bunny M186319155117151960~~
Billie Burke F18841970856617196076Nom
Smiley Burnette M191119675561251986~~
Bob Burns M189019566516011960~~
George Burns M189619961001639196064Won
Richard Burton M192519845863362013~Nom
Mae Busch F189119465470211960~~
Francis X. Bushman M18831966831651196077~
David Butler M18941979846561196066~
Charles Butterworth M189619464970361960~~
Spring Byington F18861971846507196074Nom
James Caan M1940~806648197838Nom
Nicolas Cage M1964~567021199834Won
James Cagney M18991986866504196061Won
Alice Calhoun F19001966656815196060~
Rory Calhoun M19221999767007196038~
Dyan Cannon F1937~836608198346Nom
Judy Canova F19131983696821196047~
Cantinflas M19111993816438198069~
Eddie Cantor M18921964726648196068~
Yakima Canutt M18951986901500198590~
Steve Carell M1962~576708201654Nom
Harry Carey M187819476915211960~Nom
Kitty Carlisle F19102007966611196050~
Mary Carlisle F191420181046679196046~
Sue Carol F19061982751639198276~
Leslie Caron F1931~886153200978Nom
John Carradine M19061988826240196054~
Leo Carrillo M18801961811635196080~
Madeleine Carroll F19061987816707196054~
Nancy Carroll F19031965611725196057Nom
Walter Catlett M18891960711713196071~
Jackie Chan M1954~666801200248~
Jeff Chandler M19181961421770196042Nom
Lon Chaney M188319304770461960~~
Charlie Chaplin M18891977886751197283Nom
Cyd Charisse F19222008861601196038~
Charley Chase M189319404666301960~~
Chevy Chase M1943~767021199350~
Ilka Chase F19001978776361196060~
Ruth Chatterton F18921961686263196068Nom
Virginia Cherrill F19081996881545196052~
Maurice Chevalier M18881972831651196072Nom
Ina Claire F18931985916150196067~
Marguerite Clark F188319405763001960~~
Ethel Clayton F18821966836936196078~
Montgomery Clift M19201966456104196040Nom
Glenn Close F1947~737000200962Nom
Andy Clyde M18921967756758196068~
Charles Coburn M18771961846268196083Won
James Coburn M19282002747055199466Won
Steve Cochran M19171965481750196043~
George M. Cohan M187819426467341960~~
Claudette Colbert F19031996926812196057Won
Constance Collier F187819557762311960~~
William Collier Jr. M19021987846340196058~
Ronald Colman M189119586768011960~Won
Betty Compson F18971974771751196063Nom
Joyce Compton F19071997907000196053~
Chester Conklin M18861971851560196074~
Heinie Conklin M188619597317761960~~
Jack Conway M188619526615001960~~
Jackie Coogan M19141984691654196046~
Clyde Cook M18911984926531196069~
Donald Cook M19011961601718196059~
Gary Cooper M19011961606243196059Won
Jackie Cooper M19222011881507196038Nom
Ricardo Cortez M18991977771500196061~
Dolores Costello F19031979751645196057~
Helene Costello F190619575015001960~~
Lou Costello M190619595264381960~~
Maurice Costello M187719507365151960~~
Kevin Costner M1955~656801200348Nom
Joseph Cotten M19051994886382196055~
Broderick Crawford M19111986746901196049Won
Joan Crawford F19041977731752196056Won
Laird Cregar M191319443117161960~~
Richard Crenna M19262003766714198862~
Laura Hope Crews F187919426262511960~~
Donald Crisp M18821974911628196078Won
Richard Cromwell M19101960501627196050~
Bing Crosby M19031977741611196057Won
Scatman Crothers M19101986766712198171~
Russell Crowe M1964~566801201046Won
Tom Cruise M1962~576912198624Nom
Penélope Cruz F1974~456834201137Won
James Cruze M188419425869221960~~
Billy Crystal M1948~726925199143~
Constance Cummings F19102005956201196050~
Irving Cummings M188819597068161960~~
Robert Cummings M19101990806816196050~
Alan Curtis M190919534370211960~~
Jamie Lee Curtis F1958~616600199840~
Tony Curtis M19252010856817196035Nom
John Cusack M1966~536644201246~
Arlene Dahl F1925~941624196035~
Dorothy Dalton F18931972781560196067~
Matt Damon M1970~496801200737Nom
Viola Dana F18971987906541196063~
Dorothy Dandridge F192219654267191983~Nom
Karl Dane M188619344761401960~~
Bebe Daniels F19011971701716196059~
Linda Darnell F19231965411631196037~
Jane Darwell F18791967876735196081Won
Marion Davies F18971961646326196063~
Bette Davis F19081989816225196052Won
Joan Davis F19071961531521196053~
Viola Davis F1965~547013201752Won
Doris Day F19222019976735196038Nom
Laraine Day F19202007876676196040~
Yvonne De Carlo F19222007846124196038~
Olivia de Havilland F1916~1036762196044Won
Marguerite De La Motte F190219504769021960~~
James Dean M193119552417191960~Nom
Frances Dee F19092004947080199485~
Carter DeHaven M18861977901742196074~
Gloria DeHaven F19252016916933196035~
Dolores del Río F19041983781630196056~
Dom DeLuise M19332009751765198552~
William Demarest M18921983916667197987Nom
Reginald Denny M18911967756657196069~
Johnny Depp M1963~567018199936Nom
Eugenio Derbez M1961~587013201655~
Bruce Dern M1936~836270201074Nom
Laura Dern F1967~536270201043Won
Elliott Dexter M187019417117511960~~
Cameron Diaz F1972~476712200937~
Vin Diesel M1967~527000201346~
Marlene Dietrich F19011992906400196059Nom
Richard Dix M189319495616081960~Nom
Robert Donat M190519585364201960~Won
Marie Doro F188219567417251960~~
Kirk Douglas M191620201036263196044Nom
Melvyn Douglas M19011981806423196059Won
Michael Douglas M1944~756259201874Won
Paul Douglas M190719595216481960~~
Billie Dove F19031997946351196057~
Frances Drake F19122000876821196048~
Louise Dresser F18781965856538196082Nom
Marie Dressler F186819346517311960~Won
Ellen Drew F19152003886901196045~
Richard Dreyfuss M1947~727021199649Won
Bobby Driscoll M19371968311560196023~
Patty Duke F19462016697000200458Won
Faye Dunaway F1941~797021199655Won
James Dunn M19011967656555196059Won
Irene Dunne F18981990916440196062Nom
Mildred Dunnock F19011991906613196059Nom
Kirsten Dunst F1982~377076201937~
Jimmy Durante M18931980861606196067~
Deanna Durbin F19212013911724196039~
Charles Durning M19232012896504200885Nom
Robert Duvall M1931~896801200372Won
Ann Dvorak F19121979686321196048~
Buddy Ebsen M19082003951765196052~
Nelson Eddy M19011967656311196059~
Robert Edeson M186819316216281960~~
Faye Emerson F19171983656529196043~
Leon Errol M188119517068011960~~
Madge Evans F19091981711752196051~
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. M19092000906318196051~
Douglas Fairbanks M188319395670221960~~
Chris Farley M196419973363662005~~
Richard Farnsworth M19202000801560199272Nom
Dustin Farnum M187419295566351960~~
William Farnum M187619537663221960~~
Geraldine Farrar F18821967851620196078~
Charles Farrell M19001990907021196060~
Glenda Farrell F19041971666524196056~
William Faversham M186819407217241960~~
Frank Fay M18911961696282196069~
Alice Faye F19151998836930196045~
Julia Faye F18921966736501196068~
Louise Fazenda F18951962666801195863~
Helen Ferguson F19001977766153196060~
Will Ferrell M1967~526767201548~
José Ferrer M19121992806541196048Won
Mel Ferrer M19172008906268196043~
Stepin Fetchit M19021985831751196058~
Sally Field F1946~736767201468Won
W. C. Fields M188019466670041960~~
Flora Finch F186719407266731960~~
Colin Firth M1960~596714201151Won
Barry Fitzgerald M18881961726252196072Won
Geraldine Fitzgerald F19132005916353196047Nom
Rhonda Fleming F1923~966660196037~
Errol Flynn M190919595066541960~~
Nina Foch F19242008846322196036Nom
Henry Fonda M19051982771601196055Won
Peter Fonda M19402019797018200363Nom
Joan Fontaine F19172013961645196043Won
Glenn Ford M19162006906933196044~
Harrison Ford M188419577366651960~~
Harrison Ford M1942~776801200361Nom
Jodie Foster F1962~576927201654Won
Michael J. Fox M1961~587021200241~
Jamie Foxx M1967~526801200740Won
Kay Francis F19051968636766196055~
James Franco M1978~416838201335Nom
William Frawley M18871966796322196073~
Pauline Frederick F188319385570001960~~
Morgan Freeman M1937~827021200366Won
Annette Funicello F19422013706834199351~
Betty Furness F19161994781533196044~
Clark Gable M19011960591608196059Won
Greta Garbo F19051990846901196055Nom
Andy García M1956~647000199539Nom
Ava Gardner F19221990671560196038Nom
John Garfield M191319523970651960~Nom
Judy Garland F19221969471715196038Nom
Jennifer Garner F1972~476920201846~
Peggy Ann Garner F19321984526604196028~
Greer Garson F19041996911651196056Won
Janet Gaynor F19061984776284196054Won
Mitzi Gaynor F1931~886288196029~
Hoot Gibson M18921962701765196068~
Billy Gilbert M18941971776263196066~
John Gilbert M189919363617551960~~
Dorothy Gish F18981968706385196062~
Lillian Gish F18931993991720196067Nom
Louise Glaum F18881970826834196072~
James Gleason M188219597670381960~Nom
Paulette Goddard F19101990791652196050Nom
Whoopi Goldberg F1955~646801200146Won
Jeff Goldblum M1952~676656201865~
Pedro G. Gonzalez M192520068015552008~~
Cuba Gooding Jr. M1968~526834200234Won
John Goodman M1952~676767201765~
Louis Gossett Jr. M1936~837000199256Won
Jetta Goudal F18911985936333196069~
Betty Grable F19161973566525196044~
Gloria Grahame F19231981576522196037Won
Cary Grant M19041986821610196056Nom
Bonita Granville F19231988656607196037Nom
Gilda Gray F190119595866201960~~
Kathryn Grayson F19222010881600196038~
Mitzi Green F19201969486430196040~
Jane Greer F19242001761634196036~
Corinne Griffith F18941979841560196066Nom
Raymond Griffith M189019576761241960~~
Texas Guinan F188419334917651960~~
Alec Guinness M19142000861559196046Won
Steve Guttenberg M1958~616411201153~
Edmund Gwenn M187719598117551960~Won
William Haines M19001973737012196060~
Alan Hale Sr. M189219505765321960~~
Creighton Hale M18821965836915196078~
Monte Hale M19192009897000200485~
Jon Hall M19151979641724196045~
Mark Hamill M1951~686834201866~
George Hamilton M1939~807021200970~
Lloyd Hamilton M189119354361411960~~
Neil Hamilton M18991984856634196061~
Tom Hanks M1956~637000199236Won
Ann Harding F19021981796201196058Nom
Cedric Hardwicke M18931964716201196067~
Oliver Hardy M189219576515001960~~
Jean Harlow F191119372669101960~~
Ed Harris M1950~696712201565Nom
Mildred Harris F190119444263071960~~
Rex Harrison M19081990826904196052Won
William S. Hart M186419468163631960~~
Signe Hasso F19152002867080199479~
Anne Hathaway F1982~376927201936Won
Raymond Hatton M18871971841708196073~
June Haver F19262005791777196034~
June Havoc F19122010976618196048~
Goldie Hawn F1945~746201201772Won
Sessue Hayakawa M18891973841645196071Nom
Helen Hayes F19001993926258196060Won
Louis Hayward M19091985751500196051~
Susan Hayward F19171975576251196043Won
Rita Hayworth F19181987681645196042~
Eileen Heckart F19192001826140196041Won
Tippi Hedren F1930~907060200373~
Van Heflin M19081971626311196052Won
Sonja Henie F19121969576101196048~
Paul Henreid M19081992846366196052~
Taraji P. Henson F1970~496212201948Nom
Audrey Hepburn F19291993631652196031Won
Katharine Hepburn F19072003966284196053Won
Hugh Herbert M188419526762511960~~
Jean Hersholt M188619566965011960~~
Irene Hervey F19091998896336196051~
Charlton Heston M19232008841628196037Won
William Holden M19181981631651196042Won
Judy Holliday F19211965436901196039Won
Celeste Holm F19172012951500196043Won
Phillips Holmes M190719423569081960~~
Taylor Holmes M187819598168211960~~
Jack Holt M188819516263131960~~
Bob Hope M190320031006541196057~
Anthony Hopkins M1937~826801200366Won
Miriam Hopkins F19021972691709196058Nom
Dennis Hopper M19362010746712201074Nom
Hedda Hopper F18851966806313196075~
Lena Horne F19172010926282196043~
Edward Everett Horton M18861970846427196074~
Leslie Howard M189319435065501960~Nom
Ron Howard M1954~666931201561~
Rochelle Hudson F19161972556200196044~
Rock Hudson M19251985596116196035Nom
Josephine Hull F187719578065021960~Won
Holly Hunter F1958~627000200850Won
Kim Hunter F19222002791617196038Won
Ruth Hussey F19112005931551196049Nom
Anjelica Huston F1951~686270201059Won
John Huston M19061987811765196054Nom
Walter Huston M188319506766241960~Won
Betty Hutton F19212007866259196039~
Jill Ireland F19361990546751198953~
Hugh Jackman M1968~516931201244Nom
Samuel L. Jackson M1948~717018200052Nom
Dean Jagger M19031991871623196057Won
Emil Jannings M188419506516301960~Won
Isabel Jewell F19071972641560196053~
Scarlett Johansson F1984~356931201228Nom
Ben Johnson M19181996777083199476Won
Dwayne Johnson M1972~476801201745~
Van Johnson M19162008926600196044~
Al Jolson M188619506466221960~~
Buck Jones M189119425068341960~~
Jennifer Jones F19192009906429196041Won
Shirley Jones F1934~861541198652Won
Tommy Lee Jones M1946~736925199448Won
Victor Jory M19021982796605196058~
Leatrice Joy F18961985886517196064~
Katy Jurado F19242002787065199470Nom
Boris Karloff M18871969811737196073~
Danny Kaye M19111987766563196049~
Buster Keaton M18951966706619196065~
Michael Keaton M1951~686931201665Nom
Howard Keel M19192004856253196041~
Ruby Keeler F19091993836730196051~
Annette Kellermann F18871975886608196073~
DeForest Kelley M19201999797021199171~
Gene Kelly M19121996836153196048Nom
Grace Kelly F19291982526329196031Won
Nancy Kelly F19211995737021196039Nom
Patsy Kelly F19101981716669196050~
Arthur Kennedy M19141990756681196046Nom
Edgar Kennedy M189019485869011960~~
George Kennedy M19252016916356199166Won
Madge Kennedy F18911987961600196069~
Deborah Kerr F19212007861709196039Nom
J. M. Kerrigan M18841964796621196076~
Norman Kerry M189419566167241960~~
Nicole Kidman F1967~526801200235Won
Ben Kingsley M1943~766931201067Won
Kevin Kline M1947~727000200457Won
June Knight F19131987746247196047~
Theodore Kosloff M188219567416171960~~
Kurt Kreuger M19162006891560196044~
Otto Kruger M18851974891734196075~
Barbara La Marr F189619262916211960~~
Laura La Plante F19041996916378196056~
Rod La Rocque M18981969701580196062~
Alan Ladd M19131964501601196047~
Diane Ladd F1935~846270201075Nom
Alice Lake F18951967721624196065~
Veronica Lake F19221973506918196038~
Hedy Lamarr F19142000856247196046~
Dorothy Lamour F19141996816332196046~
Burt Lancaster M19131994806801195845Won
Martin Landau M19282017896801200173Won
Elissa Landi F190419484316111960~~
Carole Landis F191919482917651960~~
Nathan Lane M1956~646801200549~
Harry Langdon M188419446069271960~~
Frances Langford F19132005921500196047~
Angela Lansbury F1925~946623196035Nom
Mario Lanza M192119593868211960~~
Queen Latifah F1970~506915200636Nom
Charles Laughton M18991962637021196061Won
Stan Laurel M18901965747021196070~
Francis Lederer M189920001006902196061~
Anna Lee F19132004916777199380~
Bruce Lee M194019733269331993~~
Gypsy Rose Lee F19111970596351196049~
Lila Lee F19011973721716196059~
Janet Leigh F19272004771777196033Nom
Vivien Leigh F19131967536773196047Won
Jack Lemmon M19252001766357196035Won
Jerry Lewis M19262017916821196034~
Beatrice Lillie F18941989946404196066~
Elmo Lincoln M188919526370421960~~
Eric Linden M19091994847098196051~
Margaret Lindsay F19101981706318196050~
Cleavon Little M193919925370801994~~
Harold Lloyd M18931971771503196067~
Gene Lockhart M189119576563071960~Nom
June Lockhart F1925~946323196035~
Kathleen Lockhart F18941978836241196066~
Gina Lollobrigida F1927~926361201890~
Carole Lombard F190819423369301960~Nom
Sophia Loren F1934~857060199460Won
Peter Lorre M19041964596619196056~
Anita Louise F19151970556821196045~
Bessie Love F18981986876777196062Nom
Edmund Lowe M18901971816363196070~
Myrna Loy F19051993886685196055~
Bela Lugosi M188219567363401960~~
Paul Lukas M18911971806821196069Won
Keye Luke M19041991867000199086~
Ida Lupino F19181995776821196042~
Diana Lynn F19261971451625196034~
Ben Lyon M19011979781724196059~
Bert Lytell M188519546964171960~~
Jeanette MacDonald F19031965616157196057~
Katherine MacDonald F188119567467591960~~
Helen Mack F19131986726310196047~
Shirley MacLaine F1934~851617196026Won
Fred MacMurray M19081991836421196052~
Jeanie MacPherson F188719465961501960~~
William H. Macy M1950~707072201262Nom
Anna Magnani F19081973656385196052Won
Mako M19332006727095199461Nom
Karl Malden M19122009976231196048Won
Dorothy Malone F19242018931716196036Won
Hank Mann M18871971846300196073~
Jayne Mansfield F19331967346328196027~
Fredric March M18971975771620196063Won
Mae Marsh F18941968731600196066~
Herbert Marshall M18901966756200196070~
Dean Martin M19171995786519196043~
Marion Martin F19091985766915196051~
Tony Martin M19132012986436196047~
Ilona Massey F19101974641623196050~
Raymond Massey M18961983861719196064Nom
Marlee Matlin F1965~546667200944Won
Walter Matthau M19202000796357198262Won
Victor Mature M19131999866780196047~
Ken Maynard M18951973776751196065~
Paul Mazursky M19302014846667201383~
May McAvoy F18991984841731196061~
Mercedes McCambridge F19162004871720196044Won
Melissa McCarthy F1970~496927201545Nom
Matthew McConaughey M1969~506931201445Won
Patty McCormack F1945~746312196015Nom
Tim McCoy M18911978861600196069~
Joel McCrea M19051990846901196055~
Hattie McDaniel F189519525717191960~Won
Malcolm McDowell M1943~766714201269~
George McFarland M192819936470951994~~
Dorothy McGuire F19162001856933196044Nom
Victor McLaglen M188619597217351960~Won
Steve McQueen M193019805068341986~Nom
Donald Meek M187819466817521960~~
George Meeker M19041984806101196056~
Thomas Meighan M187919365717191960~~
Adolphe Menjou M18901963736826196070Nom
Burgess Meredith M19071997896904198780Nom
Una Merkel F19031986826262196057Nom
Ethel Merman F19081984767044196052~
Toshiro Mifune M192019977769122016~~
Ray Milland M19071986791621196053Won
Ann Miller F19232004806914196037~
Mary Miles Minter F19021984821724196058~
Carmen Miranda F190919554662621960~~
Helen Mirren F1945~746714201368Won
Thomas Mitchell M18921962701651196068Won
Robert Mitchum M19171997796240198467Nom
Tom Mix M188019406017081960~~
Marilyn Monroe F19261962366774196034~
Robert Montgomery M19041981776440196056Nom
Colleen Moore F18991988881549196061~
Constance Moore F19212005846270196039~
Dudley Moore M19352002667000198752Nom
Grace Moore F189819474862741960~Nom
Julianne Moore F1960~596250201353Won
Matt Moore M18881960726301196072~
Owen Moore M188619395267271960~~
Roger Moore M19272017897007200780~
Terry Moore F1929~917076199465Nom
Tom Moore M188319557116401960~~
Victor Moore M18761962866834196084~
Agnes Moorehead F19001974731719196060Nom
Polly Moran F188319526863001960~~
Antonio Moreno M18871967796651196073~
Rita Moreno F1931~887080199564Won
Frank Morgan M189019495917081960~Nom
Michèle Morgan F19202016961645196040~
Ralph Morgan M188319567216171960~~
Pat Morita M19322005736633199462Nom
Jack Mulhall M18871979911724196073~
Paul Muni M18951967716433196065Won
Ona Munson F190319555162501960~~
Audie Murphy M19251971451601196035~
Eddie Murphy M1961~597000199635Nom
George Murphy M19021992891601196058~
Charlie Murray M187219416917191960~~
Don Murray M1929~906385196031Nom
Mae Murray F18851965796318196075~
Carmel Myers F18991980811751196061~
Mike Myers M1963~567046200239~
Conrad Nagel M18971970721719196063~
Nita Naldi F18941961666316196066~
Alla Nazimova F187919456669331960~~
Patricia Neal F19262010847018200579Won
Pola Negri F18971987906140196063~
Gene Nelson M19201996767005199070~
Paul Newman M19252008837060199469Won
Jack Nicholson M1937~826925199659Won
Leslie Nielsen M19262010846541198862~
Anna Q. Nilsson F18901974836150196070~
Leonard Nimoy M19312015836651198554~
David Niven M19101983736384196050Won
Marian Nixon F19041983781724196056~
Nick Nolte M1941~796433201776Nom
Mabel Normand F189419303568211960~~
Chuck Norris M1940~807000198949~
Kim Novak F1933~876332196027~
Ramon Novarro M18991968696350196061~
Dave O'Brien M19121969576251196048~
Edmond O'Brien M19151985691725196045Won
Eugene O'Brien M18801966851620196080~
George O'Brien M18991985866201196061~
Margaret O'Brien F1937~836606196023~
Pat O'Brien M18991983831531196061~
Donald O'Connor M19252003781680196035~
Molly O'Day F19111998871708196049~
George O'Hanlon M19121989766428196048~
Maureen O'Hara F19202015957004196040~
Henry O'Neill M18911961696801196069~
Maureen O'Sullivan F19111998876541199180~
Jack Oakie M19031978746752196057Nom
Merle Oberon F19111979686274196049Nom
Edna May Oliver F188319425916231960~Nom
Laurence Olivier M19071989826319196053Won
Edward James Olmos M1947~737021199245Nom
Anita Page F19102008986116196050~
Janis Paige F1922~976624196038~
Eugene Pallette M188919546567021960~~
Gwyneth Paltrow F1972~476931201038Won
Franklin Pangborn M188919586915001960~~
Eleanor Parker F19222013916340196038Nom
Jean Parker F19152005906666196045~
Helen Parrish F192419593462631960~~
Katina Paxinou F19001973721651196060Won
John Payne M19121989776125196048~
Gregory Peck M19162003876100196044Won
George Peppard M19281994656675198557~
Anthony Perkins M19321992606821196028Nom
Jack Perrin M18961967711777196064~
House Peters Sr. M18801967876157196080~
Susan Peters F192119523116011960~Nom
Olga Petrova F18841977936562196076~
Michelle Pfeiffer F1958~616801200749Nom
Dorothy Phillips F18891980906358196071~
Jack Pickford M189619333615231960~~
Mary Pickford F18921979876280196068Won
Walter Pidgeon M18971984876414196063Nom
ZaSu Pitts F18941963696554196066~
Sidney Poitier M1927~937065199467Won
Snub Pollard M18891962726415196071~
David Powell M188319254116511960~~
Dick Powell M19041963586915196056~
Eleanor Powell F191219826915411984~~
Jane Powell F1929~916818196031~
William Powell M18921984911636196068Nom
Tyrone Power M191419584467471960~~
Chris Pratt M1979~406834201738~
Marie Prevost F189619374062011960~~
Vincent Price M19111993826201196049~
Aileen Pringle F18951989946723196065~
Richard Pryor M19402005656438199353~
Denver Pyle M19201997777083199777~
Dennis Quaid M1954~667018200551~
Randy Quaid M1950~697000200353Nom
Anthony Quinn M19152001866251196045Won
Daniel Radcliffe M1989~306801201526~
George Raft M19011980796159196059~
Luise Rainer F191020141046302196050Won
Ella Raines F19201988677021196040~
Claude Rains M18891967776400196071Nom
Esther Ralston F19021994916664196058~
Vera Ralston F19192003831752196041~
Marjorie Rambeau F18891970806336196071Nom
Basil Rathbone M18921967756549196068Nom
Gregory Ratoff M18931960676100196067~
Herbert Rawlinson M188519536761501960~~
Charles Ray M189119435263551960~~
Martha Raye F19161994786251196044~
Gene Raymond M19081998897001196052~
Donna Reed F19211986641612196039Won
Christopher Reeve M19522004527021199745~
Keanu Reeves M1964~556801200541~
Wallace Reid M189119233166171960~~
Rob Reiner M1947~736421199952~
Lee Remick F19351991551615199156Nom
Burt Reynolds M19362018826838197842Nom
Debbie Reynolds F19322016846423196028Nom
Ryan Reynolds M1976~436801201640~
Irene Rich F18911988966225196069~
Tim Robbins M1958~616801200850Won
Theodore Roberts M186119286761661960~~
Cliff Robertson M19232011886801198663Won
Paul Robeson M189819767766601978~~
Edward G. Robinson M18931973796235196067~
Chris Rock M1965~557021200338~
Buddy Rogers M19041999946135196056~
Ginger Rogers F19111995836772196049Won
Roy Rogers M19111998861752196049~
Will Rogers M187919355564011960~~
Gilbert Roland M19051994886730196055~
Ruth Roland F189219374562601960~~
Cesar Romero M19071994866615196053~
Mickey Rooney M19202014931718196040Nom
Lillian Roth F19101980696330196050~
Alma Rubens F189719313364091960~~
Paul Rudd M1969~516834201546~
Charlie Ruggles M18861970846264196074~
Gail Russell F19241961366933196036~
Harold Russell M19142002886752196046Won
Jane Russell F19212011896850196039~
Kurt Russell M1951~696201201766~
Rosalind Russell F19071976691708196053Nom
Ann Rutherford F19172012946834196043~
Winona Ryder F1971~487018200029Nom
Sabu M19241963396251196036~
Eva Marie Saint F1924~956624196036Won
Zoe Saldana F1978~416920201839~
George Sanders M19061972651636196054Won
Adam Sandler M1966~536262201145~
Susan Sarandon F1946~736801200256Won
Telly Savalas M19221994726801198361Nom
Joseph Schildkraut M18961964676780196064Won
Arnold Schwarzenegger M1947~726764198740~
Lizabeth Scott F19222015921624196038~
Randolph Scott M18981987896243196062~
Zachary Scott M19141965516349196046~
Dorothy Sebastian F190319575366551960~~
Tom Selleck M1945~756925198641~
Larry Semon M188919283969331960~~
Norma Shearer F19021983806636196058Won
Charlie Sheen M1965~547021199429~
Martin Sheen M1940~791500198949~
Ann Sheridan F19151967517024196045~
Anne Shirley F19181993757018196042Nom
Sylvia Sidney F19101999886245196050Nom
Milton Sills M188219304862631960~~
Frank Sinatra M19151998821600196045Won
Penny Singleton F19082003956547196052~
C. Aubrey Smith M186319488563271960~~
Wesley Snipes M1962~577018199836~
Ann Sothern F19092001921612196051Nom
Sissy Spacek F1949~706834201162Won
Kevin Spacey M1959~606801199940Won
David Spade M1964~557018200339~
Al St. John M18931963696313196067~
Robert Stack M19192003847001196041Nom
Sylvester Stallone M1946~736712198438Nom
Barbara Stanwyck F19071990821751196053Nom
Pauline Starke F19011977766125196059~
Mary Steenburgen F1953~677021200956Won
Rod Steiger M19252002777080199772Won
Ford Sterling M188319395566121960~~
Jan Sterling F19212004826638196039Nom
Onslow Stevens M19021977746349196058~
Anita Stewart F18951961666724196065~
James Stewart M19081997891708196052Won
Dean Stockwell M1936~847000199256Nom
Fred Stone M187319598516341960~~
George E. Stone M19031967646932196057~
Lewis Stone M187919537365261960~Nom
Sharon Stone F1958~626925199537Nom
Edith Storey F18921967751523196068~
Lee Strasberg M19011982806757197776Nom
Meryl Streep F1949~707018199849Won
Barbra Streisand F1942~776915197634Won
Gloria Stuart F191020101006714200090Nom
Margaret Sullavan F19091960501751196051Nom
Barry Sullivan M19121994816160196048~
Slim Summerville M189219465364091960~~
Donald Sutherland M1935~847024201176~
Mack Swain M187619355915001960~~
Hilary Swank F1974~456925200733Won
Gloria Swanson F18991983846750196061Nom
Patrick Swayze M19522009577021199745~
Blanche Sweet F18961986901751196064~
Mabel Taliaferro F18871979916720196073~
Constance Talmadge F18981973756300196062~
Norma Talmadge F189419576315001960~~
Akim Tamiroff M18991972721634196061Nom
Jessica Tandy F19091994856284196051Won
Elizabeth Taylor F19322011796336196028Won
Estelle Taylor F189419586316201960~~
Kent Taylor M19071987791645196053~
Robert Taylor M19111969571500196049~
Shirley Temple F19282014851500196032~
Alice Terry F18991987886626196061~
Phyllis Thaxter F19192012926531196041~
Charlize Theron F1975~446801200530Won
Emma Thompson F1959~616714201051Won
Fred Thomson M189019283868501960~~
Billy Bob Thornton M1955~646801200449Nom
Gene Tierney F19201991706125196040Nom
Genevieve Tobin F18991995956119196061~
Thelma Todd F190619352962621960~~
Franchot Tone M19051968636560196055Nom
Regis Toomey M18981991937021196062~
David Torrence M186419518765641958~~
Ernest Torrence M187819335468011960~~
Lee Tracy M18981968701638196062Nom
Spencer Tracy M19001967676814196060Won
John Travolta M1954~666901198531Nom
Arthur Treacher M18941975816274196066~
Claire Trevor F19102000906933196050Won
Forrest Tucker M19191986676385198667~
Tom Tully M19081982736119196052Nom
Lana Turner F19211995746241196039Nom
Ben Turpin M186919407016511960~~
Helen Twelvetrees F190819584962631960~~
Cicely Tyson F1924~957080199773Nom
Rudolph Valentino M189519263161641960~~
Virginia Valli F18981968706125196062~
Mamie Van Doren F1931~897057199463~
Jo Van Fleet F19151996807010196045Won
Robert Vaughn M19322016836633199866Nom
Lupe Vélez F190819443669271960~~
Evelyn Venable F19131993801500196047~
Vera-Ellen F19211981607083196039~
Bobby Vernon M189719394268251960~~
Helen Vinson F19071999921560196053~
Erich von Stroheim M188519577168261960~Nom
Mark Wahlberg M1971~486259201039Nom
Robert Walker M191819513217091960~~
Henry B. Walthall M187819365862011960~~
Christoph Waltz M1956~636667201458Won
H. B. Warner M187519588366001960~Nom
Ruth Warrick F19162005886689196044~
John Wayne M19071979721541196053Won
Sigourney Weaver F1949~707021199950Nom
Clifton Webb M18891966766850196071Nom
Raquel Welch F1940~797021199656~
Orson Welles M19151985701600196045Nom
Mae West F18931980871560196067~
Forest Whitaker M1961~586801200746Won
Alice White F19061983761511196054~
Pearl White F188919384968381960~~
Stuart Whitman M1928~927083199870Nom
Richard Widmark M19142008936800196046Nom
Henry Wilcoxon M19051984786256196055~
Cornel Wilde M19121989771635196048Nom
Warren William M189419485315591960~~
Billy Dee Williams M1937~831521198548~
Earle Williams M188019274715601960~~
Esther Williams F19212013911560196039~
Kathlyn Williams F18791960817038196081~
Robin Williams M19512014636925199039Won
Bruce Willis M1955~656915200651~
Chill Wills M19021978766923196058Nom
Lois Wilson F18941988936933196066~
Marie Wilson F19161972566601196044~
Rita Wilson F1956~637024201962~
Claire Windsor F18921972807021196068~
Marie Windsor F19192000801549198364~
Toby Wing F19152001856561196045~
Kate Winslet F1975~446262201439Won
Shelley Winters F19202006851752196040Won
Jane Withers F1926~946119196034~
Reese Witherspoon F1976~446262201034Won
Anna May Wong F19051961561708196055~
Natalie Wood F193819814370001987~Nom
James Woods M1947~727021199851Nom
Joanne Woodward F1930~906801195828Won
Monty Woolley M18881963746542196072Nom
Fay Wray F19072004966349196053~
Teresa Wright F19182005861680196042Won
Jane Wyman F19172007906607196043Won
Ed Wynn M18861966791541196074Nom
Michael York M1942~786385200260~
Clara Kimball Young F18901960706513196070~
Loretta Young F19132000876100196047Won
Robert Young M19071998916933196053~
Roland Young M188719536565231960~Nom
Renée Zellweger F1969~507000200536Won

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