List of banks in Romania

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This is a list of all the banks incorporated in Romania as of 7 July 2020. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Banks incorporated in Romania

Retail banks (foreign-owned banks)

Retail banks (domestically-owned banks)

Corporate banks

Romanian branches of international banks

Retail banks

Corporate banks

List of systemic banks

As of 2020, the National Committee of Macroprudential Oversight of Romania has identified 9 banks as systematically important and thus have to meet more stringent requirements: [7]

Market share of banks

The market share of banks in terms of assets (above 1%): [8] [9]

Banca Transilvania 17.72%16.48% [a] 13.87%13.15%12.60% [b] 9.80%8.90%
Banca Comercială Română 14.43%15.05%15.83%16.28%15.80%16.20%17.50%
BRD – Groupe Société Générale 11.28%11.99%12.50%12.87%13.00%12.40%13.00%
ING Bank 9.01%8.51%7.87%7.08%6.30%5.10%5.00%
UniCredit Bank 8.99%9.21%8.78%8.30%8.10% [c] 7.90%7.60%
Raiffeisen Bank 8.66%8.88%8.44%8.49%8.40%7.90%7.30% [d]
CEC Bank 6.64%6.50%7.41%7.16%7.30%7.70%7.40%
Alpha Bank 3.60%3.76%3.66%3.74%4.00%4.60%4.50%
OTP Bank 2.68%2.45%2.14%2.09%2.30% [e] 1.30%1.30%
Garanti BBVA 2.19%2.27%2.33%2.28%2.50%2.20%2.00%
Citibank [f] 2.06%1.78%1.57%1.73%2.30%2.40%1.80%
EximBank 1.57%1.60%1.30%1.09%1.00%1.10%1.10%
Banca Românească 1.34%1.50%1.46%1.62%1.80%1.90%1.90%
Intesa Sanpaolo 1.33%1.26%1.05% [h] 1.04%1.10%1.20%1.40%
Libra Internet Bank 1.32%1.21%1.08%0.86%0.60%0.50%0.30%
First Bank [g] 1.30%1.50%1.51%1.67%1.90%2.50%2.50%
a Banca Transilvania acquired Bancpost in 2018 from Eurobank.
b Banca Transilvania acquired Volksbank's Romanian subsidiary in 2015.
c UniCredit Bank acquired Royal Bank of Scotland's Romanian subsidiary in 2015.
d Raiffeisen Bank acquired Citibank's retail banking operations in 2013.
e OTP Bank acquired Millennium BCP's Romanian subsidiary in 2015.
f Citibank sold its retail banking operations to Raiffeisen Bank in 2015, and currently only has corporate banking operations on the local market.
g First Bank was known as Piraeus Bank until 2018, when the Piraeus Bank Group left the Romanian market and sold its subsidiary to J.C. Flowers & Co..
h Intesa Sanpaolo acquired Veneto Banca, including its Romanian subsidiary, in 2017.

Discontinued operations

BankLicence withdrawnFateDate
Credit Bank18 April 1997Bankruptcy9 November 2000
Albina Bank13 May 1999Bankruptcy25 May 1999
Bancorex 31 July 1999Merged with Banca Comercială Română 30 July 1999
Bankcoop8 February 2000Bankruptcy8 February 2000
Columna Bank22 June 2000Bankruptcy18 March 2003
International Religion Bank10 July 2000Bankruptcy10 July 2000
Discount Romanian Bank28 February 2002Bankruptcy19 April 2002
Investment and Development Bank29 March 2002Dissolved11 March 2002
Turkish-Romanian Bank30 April 2002Bankruptcy3 July 2002
HVB Bank Merged with Banca Comerciala Ion Tiriac as HVB Tiriac Bank31 August 2006
Banca di Roma The group, including its Romanian branch, merged with Unicredit 12 June 2008
Anglo-Romanian BankMerged with Erste Group and BCR 1 July 2011
Banca CR Firenze The group, including its Romanian subsidiary, merged with Intesa Sanpaolo.1 October 2012
The Royal Bank of Scotland Sold retail and corporate portfolio to Unicredit Bank and closed.August 2015
Millenium Bank 1 November 2015Merged with OTP Bank 31 October 2015
Volksbank 1 January 2016Merged with Banca Transilvania 31 December 2015
Banca Comercială Carpatica 2 May 2017Merged with Patria Bank 3 May 2017
Veneto Banca 8 June 2018The group, including its Romanian branch, merged with Intesa Sanpaolo.27 June 2017
Piraeus Bank The Romanian subsidiary of Piraeus Bank was acquired by J.C. Flowers & Co., whom later changed the bank's name to First Bank on 30 October 2018.28 June 2018
Bancpost 1 January 2019The Romanian subsidiary of Eurobank Ergasias merged with Banca Transilvania.31 December 2018
Bank of Cyprus 1 January 2019Sold its assets and liabilities to Marfin Bank (now known as Vista Bank) in 2013, and closed in 2018.31 December 2018
National Bank of Greece The Romanian subsidiary of National Bank of Greece, Banca Românească, was acquired by the Romanian state-owned corporate bank EximBank.23 January 2020
Bank Leumi 30 April 2020Bank Leumi's Romanian subsidiary merged with First Bank.31 April 2020

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Since 1989, modern skyscrapers and glass-fronted hotels have altered the skyline of Cluj-Napoca, a city in the Transylvanian region of Romania.

Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania S.A. is a banking institution with headquarters in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The bank was founded in 1993 in Cluj-Napoca by a local business people group, with a capital of 2 billion RON, of which 79% was Romanian and 21% foreign. In 2014, Banca Transilvania celebrates 20 years since it became operational, with the opening of Cluj branch.

Mugur Isărescu

Constantin Mugur Isărescu is the Governor of the National Bank of Romania, a position he held since September 1990, with the exception of an eleven months period, during which he served as Prime Minister of Romania. He is a member of the Romanian Academy.

Romanian leu Currency of Romania

The Romanian leu is the currency of Romania. It is subdivided into 100 bani, a word that also means "money" in Romanian.

First Bank is a Romanian bank, owned and managed by U.S. investment firm J.C. Flowers & Co.. The bank was established in 1995 as Pater Bank, after which it was acquired and renamed by Piraeus Bank in 2000.

National Bank of Romania

The National Bank of Romania is the central bank of Romania and was established in April 1880. Its headquarters are located in the capital city of Bucharest.

Banca Comercială Română

Banca Comercială Română (BCR), a member of Erste Group, is the most important financial group in Romania, including operations of universal bank, as well as specialized companies on the leasing market, assets management, private pensions, housing banks and banking services through mobile phone. BCR is No. 1 bank in Romania on the assets value, No. 1 Bank by number of clients and No. 1 bank by savings and financing segments.

BRD – Groupe Société Générale

BRD – Groupe Société Générale is a Romanian bank which is based in Bucharest, Romania. It was founded in 1923 and is currently the third largest bank by assets in Romania.

Daniel Dăianu

Daniel Dăianu is a Romanian economist, professor, and politician.

CEC Bank, is a state-owned Romanian banking institution.

BCR Chișinău

BCR Chișinău is a subsidiary of Banca Comercială Română (BCR) in the Republic of Moldova, member of Erste Group. BCR Chișinău is one of the first foreign capital owned banks in Moldova, which is a member of an international financial group.

ProCredit Bank is a commercial bank based in Bucharest, Romania. It was founded in 2002 as Banca de Microfinantare MIRO and was renamed in December 2004.

Ion Lapedatu

Ion Lapedatu was finance minister of Romania (1926-1927), Governor of the National Bank of Romania (1944-1945), and honorary member of the Romanian Academy.

Aneta Bogdan is a Romanian branding, corporate identity and marketing consultant. She is co-founder and managing partner of brand and design company Brandient, which operates from Bucharest and Singapore. She is considered a pioneer in the branding discipline in Romania and was included in the top 100 "Most Powerful Business Women in Romania" in 2012, as well as in other relevant business publications, such as "Who’s Who in Business Romania 2018", made by Ziarul Financiar.

Emilian Necula, known also as Emil Necula is a Romanian former rugby union player. He played as Number 8. He is nicknamed Ene.

Dacia Felix Bank was the second private bank established in Romania after the Romanian Revolution. It was founded in Cluj-Napoca in March 1991.


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