List of municipalities in Ontario

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Location of Ontario in Canada Ontario in Canada 2.svg
Location of Ontario in Canada
Municipalities account for 17% of Ontario's total land area. Unincorporated areas encompass the remaining 83%. Ontario municipality coverage.png
Municipalities account for 17% of Ontario's total land area. Unincorporated areas encompass the remaining 83%.

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada with 14,223,942 residents as of 2021 and is third-largest in land area [lower-alpha 1] at 892,412 km2 (344,562 sq mi). [2] Ontario's 444 municipalities [3] cover only


A municipality in Ontario is "a geographic area whose inhabitants are incorporated" according to the Municipal Act, 2001. [6] Ontario's three municipality types include upper and lower-tier municipalities within the two-tier structure, and single-tier municipalities (unitary authorities) that are exempt from the two-tier structure. [5] Single and lower-tier municipalities are grouped together as local municipalities. [6] Of Ontario's 444 municipalities, 30 of them are upper-tier municipalities and 414 are local municipalities—241 lower-tier municipalities and 173 single-tier municipalities.

The Municipal Act, 2001 is the legislation that enables incorporation and stipulates governance of Ontario's municipalities, excluding the City of Toronto, which is subject to the City of Toronto Act, 2006. [7] The Municipal Act, 2001 provides lower and single-tier municipalities with the authority to incorporate as cities, towns, villages, townships, or generically as municipalities. [5] [8] There are no minimum population thresholds or other requirements for these municipal sub-types. A municipality can change its status to any of these so long as its resulting name is not being used by another municipality. [9] For upper-tier municipalities, the act provides them with the authority to incorporate as counties, regions and district municipalities. [5] [8]

Ontario's largest municipality by population is the City of Toronto with 2,794,356 residents, while the largest by land area is the City of Greater Sudbury at 3,186.26 km2 (1,230.22 sq mi). [4] The City of Ottawa, Canada's capital city, is the province's second-most populous municipality with 1,017,449 residents. [4] Ontario's smallest municipality by population is the Township of Cockburn Island with 16 residents while the smallest by land area is the Village of Newbury at 1.77 km2 (0.68 sq mi). [4] The first community to incorporate as a municipality in Ontario was Brockville in 1832. [10]

Upper-tier municipalities

Ontario's upper-tier municipalities represent 30 of its 49 census divisions. Ontario's upper-tier municipalities.png
Ontario's upper-tier municipalities represent 30 of its 49 census divisions.

Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001 defines upper-municipality as "a municipality of which two or more lower-tier municipalities form part for municipal purposes". [6] Ontario has 30 upper-tier municipalities that comprise multiple lower-tier municipalities, [8] which have a total population of 7,090,079, a total land area of 87,135.68 km2 (33,643.27 sq mi). These upper-tier municipalities include 19 counties, 3 united counties and 8 regional municipalities [lower-alpha 2] or regions, all of which represent 30 of Ontario's 49 census divisions. [6] [11] Regional governments are responsible for arterial roads, health services, policing, region-wide land use planning and development, sewer and water systems, social services, transit, and waste disposal, whereas county governments have the lesser responsibilities of arterial roads, county land use planning, health services, and social services. [8]

List of upper-tier municipalities in Ontario
Name [12] Municipal
sub-type [6]
2021 Census of Population [4]
Land area
Bruce [lower-alpha 3] County72,01766,491+8.3%3,965.28
Dufferin County66,25761,735+7.3%1,486.77
Durham [lower-alpha 4] Regional municipality696,867645,731+7.9%2,518.54
Elgin [lower-alpha 5] County51,91250,069+3.7%1,842.96
Essex [lower-alpha 6] County192,970181,530+6.3%1,657.16
Frontenac [lower-alpha 7] County29,29526,682+9.8%3,274.24
Grey County100,90593,830+7.5%4,497.93
Haliburton County20,57118,062+13.9%4,009.47
Halton Regional municipality596,637548,435+8.8%965.71
Hastings [lower-alpha 8] County41,58039,628+4.9%5,198.73
Huron County61,36659,297+3.5%3,398.28
Lambton [lower-alpha 9] County126,273123,399+2.3%2,840.54
Lanark [lower-alpha 10] County66,50659,918+11.0%2,977.05
Leeds and Grenville [lower-alpha 11] United counties72,49369,577+4.2%3,322.75
Lennox and Addington County45,18242,883+5.4%2,792.72
Middlesex [lower-alpha 12] County78,11071,551+9.2%2,821.44
Muskoka [lower-alpha 13] Regional municipality [lower-alpha 2] 66,46160,406+10.0%3,776.67
Niagara Regional municipality477,941447,888+6.7%1,852.82
Northumberland [lower-alpha 14] County88,82385,103+4.4%1,894.81
Oxford Regional municipality [lower-alpha 2] 121,781110,846+9.9%2,038.18
Peel Regional municipality1,451,0221,381,739+5.0%1,247.45
Perth [lower-alpha 15] County40,94738,077+7.5%2,175.78
Peterborough [lower-alpha 16] County62,44555,783+11.9%3,699.14
Prescott and Russell United counties95,63989,333+7.1%2,004.27
Renfrew [lower-alpha 17] County91,51188,072+3.9%7,336.24
Simcoe [lower-alpha 18] County350,222305,501+14.6%4,613.41
Stormont, Dundas
and Glengarry
[lower-alpha 19]
United counties66,79265,166+2.5%3,235.54
Waterloo Regional municipality587,165535,154+9.7%1,370.07
Wellington [lower-alpha 20] County97,28690,932+7.0%2,577.93
York [lower-alpha 21] Regional municipality1,173,1031,109,648+5.7%1,743.8
Total upper-tier municipalities7,090,0796,622,466+7.1%87,135.68
Province of Ontario14,223,94213,448,494+5.8%892,411.76

Local municipalities

Distribution of Ontario's 173 single-tier and 241 lower-tier municipalities Ontario local municipalities.png
Distribution of Ontario's 173 single-tier and 241 lower-tier municipalities

Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001 defines local municipality as "a single-tier municipality or a lower-tier municipality". [6] Combined, Ontario has 414 local municipalities comprising 173 single-tier municipalities and 241 lower-tier municipalities. The 414 local municipalities have a total population of 14,134,681, a total land area of 154,274 km2 (59,566 sq mi). These totals represent

Single-tier municipalities

Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001 defines a single-tier municipality as "a municipality, other than an upper-tier municipality, that does not form part of an upper-tier municipality for municipal purposes". [6] In southern Ontario, single-tier municipalities are either politically separate from but geographically within neighbouring counties or were formed through the amalgamation of upper-tier and lower-tier municipalities. All municipalities in northern Ontario are single-tier municipalities as upper-tier municipalities are not present. Single-tier municipalities provide for all local government services. [8] Ontario has 173 single-tier municipalities comprising 32 cities, 23 municipalities, 28 towns, 85 townships, and 5 villages.

Lower-tier municipalities

Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001 defines a lower-tier municipality as "a municipality that forms part of an upper-tier municipality for municipal purposes". [6] Ontario has 241 lower-tier municipalities comprising 19 cities, 41 municipalities, 61 towns, 114 townships and 6 villages. [8] Within regions, they are responsible for providing certain local services that are not provided by the regional municipality. [8] Within counties, they are responsible for providing a wider range of local services since counties as upper-tier municipalities provide fewer local services than regions. [8]

List of local municipalities

List of local municipalities in Ontario
Name [12] Status [12] CSD type [4] Census division [32] [33] [34] 2021 Census of Population [4]
Land area
Addington Highlands Lower-tierTownship Lennox and Addington 2,5342,318+9.3%1,293.99
Adelaide Metcalfe Lower-tierTownship Middlesex 3,0112,990+0.7%331.11
Adjala-Tosorontio Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 10,98910,975+0.1%371.53
Admaston/Bromley Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 2,9952,935+2.0%519.59
Ajax Lower-tierTown Durham 126,666119,677+5.8%66.64
Alberton Single-tierTownship Rainy River 954969−1.5%116.60
Alfred and Plantagenet Lower-tierTownship Prescott and Russell 9,9499,680+2.8%391.79
Algonquin Highlands Lower-tierTownship Haliburton 2,5882,351+10.1%999.69
Alnwick/Haldimand Lower-tierTownship Northumberland 7,4736,869+8.8%398.25
Amaranth Lower-tierTownship Dufferin 4,3274,079+6.1%265.02
Amherstburg Lower-tierTown Essex 23,52421,936+7.2%183.76
The Archipelago Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 979531+84.4%592.14
Armour Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 1,4591,414+3.2%163.52
Armstrong Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 1,1991,166+2.8%90.16
Arnprior Lower-tierTown Renfrew 9,6298,795+9.5%13.04
Arran–Elderslie Lower-tierMunicipality Bruce 6,9136,803+1.6%458.76
Ashfield–Colborne–Wawanosh Lower-tierTownship Huron 5,8845,422+8.5%586.88
Asphodel–Norwood Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 4,6584,109+13.4%161.62
Assiginack Single-tierTownship Manitoulin 1,0081,013−0.5%224.89
Athens Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 3,0423,018+0.8%129.54
Atikokan Single-tierTown Rainy River 2,6422,753−4.0%313.64
Augusta Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 7,3867,353+0.4%313.77
Aurora Lower-tierTown York 62,05755,445+11.9%50.00
Aylmer Lower-tierTown Elgin 7,6997,492+2.8%6.37
Baldwin Single-tierTownship Sudbury 579605−4.3%82.49
Bancroft Lower-tierTown Hastings 4,0653,881+4.7%227.54
Barrie Single-tierCity Simcoe 147,829141,434+4.5%99.01
Bayham Lower-tierMunicipality Elgin 7,0967,396−4.1%244.60
Beckwith Lower-tierTownship Lanark 9,0217,644+18.0%239.31
Belleville Single-tierCity Hastings 55,07150,716+8.6%247.15
Billings Single-tierTownship Manitoulin 753603+24.9%208.81
Black River-Matheson Single-tierTownship Cochrane 2,5722,438+5.5%1,161.89
Blandford-Blenheim Lower-tierTownship Oxford 7,5657,399+2.2%382.03
Blind River Single-tierTown Algoma 3,4223,472−1.4%513.98
The Blue Mountains Lower-tierTown Grey 9,3907,025+33.7%284.65
Bluewater Lower-tierMunicipality Huron 7,5407,136+5.7%416.70
Bonfield Single-tierTownship Nipissing 2,1461,990+7.8%206.22
Bonnechere Valley Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 3,8983,674+6.1%588.36
Bracebridge Lower-tierTown Muskoka 17,30516,010+8.1%615.20
Bradford West Gwillimbury Lower-tierTown Simcoe 42,88035,325+21.4%200.68
Brampton Lower-tierCity Peel 656,480593,638+10.6%265.89
Brant Single-tierCity Brant 39,47435,640+10.8%817.66
Brantford Single-tierCity Brant 104,68898,563+6.2%98.65
Brethour Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 105124−15.3%81.97
Brighton Lower-tierMunicipality Northumberland 12,10811,844+2.2%223.24
Brock Lower-tierTownship Durham 12,56711,642+7.9%422.64
Brockton Lower-tierMunicipality Bruce 9,7849,461+3.4%564.64
Brockville Single-tierCity Leeds and Grenville 22,11621,569+2.5%20.91
Brooke-Alvinston Lower-tierMunicipality Lambton 2,3592,411−2.2%311.41
Bruce Mines Single-tierTown Algoma 5825820.0%6.09
Brudenell, Lyndoch and Raglan Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 1,5521,503+3.3%701.29
Burk's Falls Single-tierVillage Parry Sound 957981−2.4%3.09
Burlington Lower-tierCity Halton 186,948183,314+2.0%186.12
Burpee and Mills Single-tierTownship Manitoulin 382343+11.4%217.33
Caledon Lower-tierTown Peel 76,58166,502+15.2%688.82
Callander Single-tierMunicipality Parry Sound 3,9643,863+2.6%102.98
Calvin Single-tierMunicipality Nipissing 557516+7.9%140.13
Cambridge Lower-tierCity Waterloo 138,479129,920+6.6%112.99
Carleton Place Lower-tierTown Lanark 12,51710,644+17.6%9.94
Carling Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 1,4911,125+32.5%244.32
Carlow/Mayo Lower-tierTownship Hastings 953864+10.3%385.32
Casey Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 341368−7.3%80.80
Casselman Lower-tierVillage Prescott and Russell 3,9603,548+11.6%5.13
Cavan Monaghan Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 10,0168,829+13.4%306.39
Central Elgin Lower-tierMunicipality Elgin 13,74612,607+9.0%279.87
Central Frontenac Lower-tierTownship Frontenac 4,8924,373+11.9%991.41
Central Huron Lower-tierMunicipality Huron 7,7997,576+2.9%449.43
Central Manitoulin Single-tierMunicipality Manitoulin 2,2352,084+7.2%427.61
Centre Hastings Lower-tierMunicipality Hastings 4,8014,774+0.6%222.79
Centre Wellington Lower-tierTownship Wellington 31,09328,191+10.3%409.41
Chamberlain Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 311332−6.3%110.81
Champlain Lower-tierTownship Prescott and Russell 8,6658,706−0.5%207.02
Chapleau Single-tierTownship Sudbury 1,9421,964−1.1%13.20
Chapple Single-tierTownship Rainy River 763643+18.7%558.15
Charlton and Dack Single-tierMunicipality Timiskaming 6866860.0%92.74
Chatham-Kent Single-tierMunicipality Chatham-Kent 103,988101,647+2.3%2,451.90
Chatsworth Lower-tierTownship Grey 7,0806,630+6.8%594.44
Chisholm Single-tierTownship Nipissing 1,3121,291+1.6%205.77
Clarence-Rockland Lower-tierCity Prescott and Russell 26,50524,512+8.1%297.47
Clarington Lower-tierMunicipality Durham 101,42792,013+10.2%610.84
Clearview Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 14,81414,151+4.7%556.37
Cobalt Single-tierTown Timiskaming 9891,128−12.3%2.07
Cobourg Lower-tierTown Northumberland 20,51919,440+5.6%22.41
Cochrane Single-tierTown Cochrane 5,3905,321+1.3%537.90
Cockburn Island Single-tierTownship Manitoulin 160NA168.90
Coleman Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 517595−13.1%177.95
Collingwood Lower-tierTown Simcoe 24,81121,793+13.8%33.15
Conmee Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 798819−2.6%167.65
Cornwall Single-tierCity Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 47,84546,589+2.7%61.50
Cramahe Lower-tierTownship Northumberland 6,5096,355+2.4%202.22
Dawn-Euphemia Lower-tierTownship Lambton 1,9681,967+0.1%445.14
Dawson Single-tierTownship Rainy River 399468−14.7%343.42
Deep River Lower-tierTown Renfrew 4,1754,109+1.6%50.27
Deseronto Lower-tierTown Hastings 1,7471,774−1.5%2.52
Dorion Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 375316+18.7%211.25
Douro-Dummer Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 7,6326,709+13.8%459.46
Drummond/North Elmsley Lower-tierTownship Lanark 8,1837,773+5.3%365.67
Dryden Single-tierCity Kenora 7,3887,749−4.7%65.58
Dubreuilville Single-tierTownship Algoma 576613−6.0%87.53
Dutton/Dunwich Lower-tierMunicipality Elgin 4,1523,866+7.4%294.38
Dysart, Dudley, Harcourt, Guilford, Harburn, Bruton, Havelock, Eyre and Clyde Lower-tierMunicipality Haliburton 7,1826,280+14.4%1,474.22
Ear Falls Single-tierTownship Kenora 924995−7.1%336.69
East Ferris Single-tierMunicipality Nipissing 4,9464,862+1.7%151.94
East Garafraxa Lower-tierTownship Dufferin 2,7942,579+8.3%166.50
East Gwillimbury Lower-tierTown York 34,63723,991+44.4%244.91
East Hawkesbury Lower-tierTownship Prescott and Russell 3,4183,296+3.7%235.06
East Zorra-Tavistock Lower-tierTownship Oxford 7,8417,113+10.2%241.96
Edwardsburgh/Cardinal Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 7,5057,074+6.1%309.91
Elizabethtown-Kitley Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 9,5459,631−0.9%555.96
Elliot Lake Single-tierCity Algoma 11,37210,741+5.9%696.06
Emo Single-tierTownship Rainy River 1,2041,333−9.7%202.28
Englehart Single-tierTown Timiskaming 1,4421,479−2.5%2.92
Enniskillen Lower-tierTownship Lambton 2,8252,796+1.0%338.05
Erin Lower-tierTown Wellington 11,98111,439+4.7%298.81
Espanola Single-tierTown Sudbury 5,1855,048+2.7%81.00
Essa Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 22,97021,083+9.0%279.92
Essex Lower-tierTown Essex 21,21620,427+3.9%277.53
Evanturel Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 502449+11.8%89.21
Faraday Lower-tierTownship Hastings 1,6121,401+15.1%217.44
Fauquier-Strickland Single-tierTownship Cochrane 467536−12.9%1,010.45
Fort Erie Lower-tierTown Niagara 32,90130,710+7.1%166.24
Fort Frances Single-tierTown Rainy River 7,4667,739−3.5%25.55
French River Single-tierMunicipality Sudbury 2,8282,662+6.2%717.91
Front of Yonge Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 2,5952,602−0.3%125.25
Frontenac Islands Lower-tierTownship Frontenac 1,9301,760+9.7%176.82
Gananoque Single-tierTown Leeds and Grenville 5,3835,159+4.3%7.01
Gauthier Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 151138+9.4%87.98
Georgian Bay Lower-tierTownship Muskoka 3,4412,514+36.9%525.29
Georgian Bluffs Lower-tierTownship Grey 11,10010,479+5.9%599.96
Georgina Lower-tierTown York 47,64245,418+4.9%287.69
Gillies Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 441474−7.0%92.68
Goderich Lower-tierTown Huron 7,8817,628+3.3%8.54
Gordon/Barrie Island Single-tierMunicipality Manitoulin 613490+25.1%263.44
Gore Bay Single-tierTown Manitoulin 808867−6.8%5.14
Grand Valley Lower-tierTown Dufferin 3,8512,956+30.3%158.60
Gravenhurst Lower-tierTown Muskoka 13,15712,311+6.9%489.11
Greater Madawaska Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 2,8642,518+13.7%1,018.15
Greater Napanee Lower-tierTown Lennox and Addington 16,87915,892+6.2%462.30
Greater Sudbury Single-tierCity Greater Sudbury 166,004161,531+2.8%3,186.26
Greenstone Single-tierMunicipality Thunder Bay 4,3094,636−7.1%2,727.04
Grey Highlands Lower-tierMunicipality Grey 10,4249,804+6.3%879.03
Grimsby Lower-tierTown Niagara 28,88327,314+5.7%68.71
Guelph Single-tierCity Wellington 143,740131,794+9.1%87.43
Guelph/Eramosa Lower-tierTownship Wellington 13,90412,854+8.2%292.84
Haldimand Single-tierCity Haldimand-Norfolk 49,21645,608+7.9%1,250.45
Halton Hills Lower-tierTown Halton 62,95161,161+2.9%276.81
Hamilton Lower-tierTownship Northumberland 11,05910,942+1.1%256.03
Hamilton Single-tierCity Hamilton 569,353536,917+6.0%1,118.31
Hanover Lower-tierTown Grey 7,9677,688+3.6%9.78
Harley Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 524551−4.9%92.34
Harris Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 530545−2.8%49.81
Hastings Highlands Lower-tierMunicipality Hastings 4,3854,078+7.5%966.58
Havelock-Belmont-Methuen Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 5,0834,530+12.2%529.35
Hawkesbury Lower-tierTown Prescott and Russell 10,19410,263−0.7%10.10
Head, Clara and Maria Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 267248+7.7%719.20
Hearst Single-tierTown Cochrane 4,7945,070−5.4%98.06
Highlands East Lower-tierMunicipality Haliburton 3,8303,343+14.6%688.18
Hilliard Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 215207+3.9%91.27
Hilton Single-tierTownship Algoma 382307+24.4%114.77
Hilton Beach Single-tierVillage Algoma 198171+15.8%2.52
Hornepayne Single-tierTownship Algoma 968980−1.2%203.04
Horton Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 3,1822,887+10.2%158.02
Howick Lower-tierTownship Huron 4,0453,873+4.4%286.55
Hudson Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 530503+5.4%90.28
Huntsville Lower-tierTown Muskoka 21,14719,816+6.7%705.18
Huron East Lower-tierMunicipality Huron 9,5129,138+4.1%669.15
Huron Shores Single-tierMunicipality Algoma 1,8601,664+11.8%451.87
Huron-Kinloss Lower-tierTownship Bruce 7,7237,069+9.3%440.73
Ignace Single-tierTownship Kenora 1,2061,202+0.3%72.13
Ingersoll Lower-tierTown Oxford 13,69312,757+7.3%12.73
Innisfil Lower-tierTown Simcoe 43,32636,566+18.5%262.39
Iroquois Falls Single-tierTown Cochrane 4,4184,537−2.6%599.03
James Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 348420−17.1%85.40
Jocelyn Single-tierTownship Algoma 314313+0.3%130.43
Johnson Single-tierTownship Algoma 749751−0.3%119.47
Joly Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 293304−3.6%193.95
Kapuskasing Single-tierTown Cochrane 8,0578,292−2.8%83.98
Kawartha Lakes Single-tierCity Kawartha Lakes 79,24775,423+5.1%3,033.66
Kearney Single-tierTown Parry Sound 974882+10.4%528.21
Kenora Single-tierCity Kenora 14,96715,096−0.9%211.65
Kerns Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 330358−7.8%90.66
Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 2,4102,420−0.4%391.60
Killarney Single-tierMunicipality Sudbury 397386+2.8%1,469.40
Kincardine Lower-tierMunicipality Bruce 12,26811,389+7.7%537.80
King Lower-tierTownship York 27,33324,512+11.5%332.12
Kingston Single-tierCity Frontenac 132,485123,798+7.0%451.58
Kingsville Lower-tierTown Essex 22,11921,552+2.6%246.08
Kirkland Lake Single-tierTown Timiskaming 7,7507,981−2.9%261.29
Kitchener Lower-tierCity Waterloo 256,885233,222+10.1%136.81
La Vallee Single-tierTownship Rainy River 788938−16.0%237.12
Laird Single-tierTownship Algoma 1,1211,047+7.1%103.25
Lake of Bays Lower-tierTownship Muskoka 3,7593,167+18.7%667.43
Lake of the Woods Single-tierTownship Rainy River 308230+33.9%746.24
Lakeshore Lower-tierTown Essex 40,41036,611+10.4%529.00
Lambton Shores Lower-tierMunicipality Lambton 11,87610,631+11.7%330.57
Lanark Highlands Lower-tierTownship Lanark 5,7375,338+7.5%1,031.52
Larder Lake Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 745730+2.1%227.62
LaSalle Lower-tierTown Essex 32,72130,180+8.4%64.96
Latchford Single-tierTown Timiskaming 355313+13.4%152.26
Laurentian Hills Lower-tierTown Renfrew 2,8852,961−2.6%634.31
Laurentian Valley Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 9,4509,387+0.7%539.08
Leamington Lower-tierMunicipality Essex 29,68027,595+7.6%261.24
Leeds and the Thousand Islands Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 9,8049,465+3.6%608.09
Limerick Lower-tierTownship Hastings 436346+26.0%201.04
Lincoln Lower-tierTown Niagara 25,71923,787+8.1%162.74
London Single-tierCity Middlesex 422,324383,822+10.0%420.50
Loyalist Lower-tierTownship Lennox and Addington 17,94316,971+5.7%342.72
Lucan Biddulph Lower-tierTownship Middlesex 5,6804,700+20.9%169.08
Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional Single-tierTownship Algoma 1,5131,609−6.0%163.26
Machar Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 969882+9.9%182.65
Machin Single-tierMunicipality Kenora 1,012971+4.2%290.14
Madawaska Valley Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 3,9274,123−4.8%665.83
Madoc Lower-tierTownship Hastings 2,2332,078+7.5%274.58
Magnetawan Single-tierMunicipality Parry Sound 1,7531,390+26.1%526.31
Malahide Lower-tierTownship Elgin 9,3089,292+0.2%394.27
Manitouwadge Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 1,9741,937+1.9%352.17
Mapleton Lower-tierTownship Wellington 10,83910,527+3.0%535.56
Marathon Single-tierTown Thunder Bay 3,1383,273−4.1%167.03
Markham Lower-tierCity York 338,503328,966+2.9%210.93
Markstay-Warren Single-tierMunicipality Sudbury 2,7082,656+2.0%505.92
Marmora and Lake Lower-tierMunicipality Hastings 4,2673,953+7.9%538.24
Matachewan Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 268225+19.1%539.56
Mattawa Single-tierTown Nipissing 1,8811,993−5.6%3.67
Mattawan Single-tierTownship Nipissing 153161−5.0%200.12
Mattice-Val Côté Single-tierTownship Cochrane 542648−16.4%412.81
McDougall Single-tierMunicipality Parry Sound 2,7442,702+1.6%264.02
McGarry Single-tierTownship Timiskaming 579609−4.9%85.62
McKellar Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 1,4191,111+27.7%176.07
McMurrich/Monteith Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 907824+10.1%275.26
McNab/Braeside Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 7,5917,178+5.8%255.28
Meaford Lower-tierMunicipality Grey 11,48510,991+4.5%587.57
Melancthon Lower-tierTownship Dufferin 3,1323,008+4.1%310.39
Merrickville–Wolford Lower-tierVillage Leeds and Grenville 3,1353,067+2.2%214.33
Middlesex Centre Lower-tierMunicipality Middlesex 18,92817,262+9.7%588.16
Midland Lower-tierTown Simcoe 17,81716,864+5.7%35.33
Milton Lower-tierTown Halton 132,979110,128+20.7%363.83
Minden Hills Lower-tierTownship Haliburton 6,9716,088+14.5%847.37
Minto Lower-tierTown Wellington 9,0948,671+4.9%300.19
Mississauga Lower-tierCity Peel 717,961721,599−0.5%292.74
Mississippi Mills Lower-tierTown Lanark 14,74013,163+12.0%511.25
Mono Lower-tierTown Dufferin 9,4218,609+9.4%278.37
Montague Lower-tierTownship Lanark 3,9143,761+4.1%278.47
Moonbeam Single-tierTownship Cochrane 1,1571,231−6.0%234.46
Moosonee Single-tierTown Cochrane 1,5121,481+2.1%547.83
Morley Single-tierTownship Rainy River 493481+2.5%388.38
Morris-Turnberry Lower-tierMunicipality Huron 3,5903,496+2.7%376.89
Mulmur Lower-tierTownship Dufferin 3,5713,478+2.7%286.17
Muskoka Lakes Lower-tierTownship Muskoka 7,6526,588+16.2%774.46
Nairn and Hyman Single-tierTownship Sudbury 373342+9.1%159.18
The Nation Lower-tierMunicipality Prescott and Russell 13,35012,808+4.2%658.93
Neebing Single-tierMunicipality Thunder Bay 2,2412,055+9.1%873.78
New Tecumseth Lower-tierTown Simcoe 43,94834,242+28.3%273.87
Newbury Lower-tierVillage Middlesex 440466−5.6%1.77
Newmarket Lower-tierTown York 87,94284,224+4.4%38.50
Niagara Falls Lower-tierCity Niagara 94,41588,071+7.2%210.25
Niagara-on-the-Lake Lower-tierTown Niagara 19,08817,511+9.0%131.35
Nipigon Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 1,4731,642−10.3%107.94
Nipissing Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 1,7691,707+3.6%387.95
Norfolk Single-tierCity Haldimand-Norfolk 67,49064,044+5.4%1,597.68
North Algona Wilberforce Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 3,1112,915+6.7%369.23
North Bay Single-tierCity Nipissing 52,66251,553+2.2%315.53
North Dumfries Lower-tierTownship Waterloo 10,61910,215+4.0%188.09
North Dundas Lower-tierTownship Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 11,30411,278+0.2%502.41
North Frontenac Lower-tierTownship Frontenac 2,2851,903+20.1%1,157.97
North Glengarry Lower-tierTownship Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 10,14410,109+0.3%643.40
North Grenville Lower-tierMunicipality Leeds and Grenville 17,96416,451+9.2%351.90
North Huron Lower-tierTownship Huron 5,0524,932+2.4%179.01
North Kawartha Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 2,8772,479+16.1%746.35
North Middlesex Lower-tierMunicipality Middlesex 6,3076,352−0.7%598.65
North Perth Lower-tierMunicipality Perth 15,53813,130+18.3%493.09
The North Shore Single-tierTownship Algoma 531497+6.8%230.17
North Stormont Lower-tierTownship Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 7,4006,873+7.7%515.46
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands Single-tierMunicipality Manitoulin 2,6412,712−2.6%489.19
Northern Bruce Peninsula Lower-tierMunicipality Bruce 4,4043,999+10.1%775.70
Norwich Lower-tierTownship Oxford 11,15110,835+2.9%424.01
Oakville Lower-tierTown Halton 213,759193,832+10.3%138.94
O'Connor Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 689663+3.9%108.56
Oil Springs Lower-tierVillage Lambton 647648−0.2%8.14
Oliver Paipoonge Single-tierMunicipality Thunder Bay 6,0355,922+1.9%350.51
Opasatika Single-tierTownship Cochrane 200226−11.5%327.09
Orangeville Lower-tierTown Dufferin 30,16728,900+4.4%15.16
Orillia Single-tierCity Simcoe 33,41131,166+7.2%28.53
Oro-Medonte Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 23,01721,036+9.4%585.42
Oshawa Lower-tierCity Durham 175,383159,458+10.0%145.72
Otonabee–South Monaghan Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 7,0876,670+6.3%346.15
Ottawa Single-tierCity Ottawa 1,017,449934,243+8.9%2,788.20
Owen Sound Lower-tierCity Grey 21,61221,341+1.3%24.21
Papineau-Cameron Single-tierTownship Nipissing 9821,016−3.3%564.23
Parry Sound Single-tierTown Parry Sound 6,8796,408+7.4%13.10
Pelee Single-tierTownship Essex 230235−2.1%41.03
Pelham Lower-tierTown Niagara 18,19217,110+6.3%126.35
Pembroke Single-tierCity Renfrew 14,36413,882+3.5%14.32
Penetanguishene Lower-tierTown Simcoe 10,0778,962+12.4%25.42
Perry Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 2,6502,454+8.0%186.34
Perth Lower-tierTown Lanark 6,4695,930+9.1%12.21
Perth East Lower-tierTownship Perth 12,59512,277+2.6%711.93
Perth South Lower-tierTownship Perth 3,7763,805−0.8%391.88
Petawawa Lower-tierTown Renfrew 18,16017,187+5.7%164.70
Peterborough Single-tierCity Peterborough 83,65181,032+3.2%64.76
Petrolia Lower-tierTown Lambton 6,0135,742+4.7%12.46
Pickering Lower-tierCity Durham 99,18691,771+8.1%231.10
Pickle Lake Single-tierTownship Kenora 398388+2.6%247.21
Plummer Additional Single-tierTownship Algoma 757660+14.7%219.24
Plympton–Wyoming Lower-tierTown Lambton 8,3087,795+6.6%318.86
Point Edward Lower-tierVillage Lambton 1,9302,037−5.3%3.30
Port Colborne Lower-tierCity Niagara 20,03318,306+9.4%121.99
Port Hope Lower-tierMunicipality Northumberland 17,29416,753+3.2%278.80
Powassan Single-tierMunicipality Parry Sound 3,3463,455−3.2%223.26
Prescott Single-tierTown Leeds and Grenville 4,0784,222−3.4%4.94
Prince Single-tierTownship Algoma 9751,010−3.5%84.98
Prince Edward Single-tierCity Prince Edward 25,70424,735+3.9%1,052.61
Puslinch Lower-tierTownship Wellington 7,9447,336+8.3%214.82
Quinte West Single-tierCity Hastings 46,56043,577+6.8%495.45
Rainy River Single-tierTown Rainy River 752807−6.8%3.12
Ramara Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 10,3779,488+9.4%414.94
Red Lake Single-tierMunicipality Kenora 4,0944,107−0.3%602.93
Red Rock Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 8958950.0%62.10
Renfrew Lower-tierTown Renfrew 8,1908,223−0.4%12.81
Richmond Hill Lower-tierCity York 202,022195,022+3.6%100.79
Rideau Lakes Lower-tierTownship Leeds and Grenville 10,88310,326+5.4%711.81
Russell Lower-tierTownship Prescott and Russell 19,59816,520+18.6%198.78
Ryerson Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 745648+15.0%185.93
Sables-Spanish Rivers Single-tierTownship Sudbury 3,2373,188+1.5%801.04
Sarnia Lower-tierCity Lambton 72,04771,594+0.6%163.90
Saugeen Shores Lower-tierTown Bruce 15,90813,715+16.0%170.19
Sault Ste. Marie Single-tierCity Algoma 72,05173,368−1.8%221.99
Schreiber Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 1,0391,059−1.9%35.81
Scugog Lower-tierTownship Durham 21,58121,617−0.2%474.38
Seguin Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 5,2804,304+22.7%586.99
Selwyn Lower-tierTownship Peterborough 18,65317,060+9.3%316.12
Severn Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 14,57613,462+8.3%523.06
Shelburne Lower-tierTown Dufferin 8,9948,126+10.7%6.56
Shuniah Single-tierMunicipality Thunder Bay 3,2472,798+16.0%571.34
Sioux Lookout Single-tierMunicipality Kenora 5,8395,272+10.8%378.02
Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls Single-tierTownship Kenora 727567+28.2%1,215.80
Smiths Falls Single-tierTown Lanark 9,2548,780+5.4%9.66
Smooth Rock Falls Single-tierTown Cochrane 1,2001,330−9.8%199.73
South Algonquin Single-tierTownship Nipissing 1,0551,096−3.7%867.73
South Bruce Lower-tierMunicipality Bruce 5,8805,639+4.3%486.86
South Bruce Peninsula Lower-tierTown Bruce 9,1378,416+8.6%530.61
South Dundas Lower-tierMunicipality Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 11,04410,852+1.8%521.54
South Frontenac Lower-tierTownship Frontenac 20,18818,646+8.3%948.05
South Glengarry Lower-tierTownship Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 13,33013,150+1.4%605.02
South Huron Lower-tierMunicipality Huron 10,06310,096−0.3%425.12
South River Single-tierVillage Parry Sound 1,1011,114−1.2%4.11
South Stormont Lower-tierTownship Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 13,57013,110+3.5%447.71
Southgate Lower-tierTownship Grey 8,7167,354+18.5%643.08
Southwest Middlesex Lower-tierMunicipality Middlesex 5,8935,723+3.0%427.82
South-West Oxford Lower-tierTownship Oxford 7,5837,634−0.7%369.61
Southwold Lower-tierTownship Elgin 4,8514,421+9.7%301.38
Spanish Single-tierTown Algoma 670712−5.9%106.90
Springwater Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 21,70119,059+13.9%535.85
St. Catharines Lower-tierCity Niagara 136,803133,113+2.8%96.20
St. Clair Lower-tierTownship Lambton 14,65914,086+4.1%618.57
St. Joseph Single-tierTownship Algoma 1,4261,240+15.0%127.65
St. Marys Single-tierTown Perth 7,3867,265+1.7%12.44
St. Thomas Single-tierCity Elgin 42,84038,909+10.1%35.61
St.-Charles Single-tierMunicipality Sudbury 1,3571,269+6.9%314.46
Stirling-Rawdon Lower-tierTownship Hastings 5,0154,882+2.7%282.48
Stone Mills Lower-tierTownship Lennox and Addington 7,8267,702+1.6%693.71
Stratford Single-tierCity Perth 33,23231,470+5.6%30.02
Strathroy-Caradoc Lower-tierMunicipality Middlesex 23,87120,867+14.4%270.86
Strong Single-tierTownship Parry Sound 1,5661,439+8.8%158.88
Sundridge Single-tierVillage Parry Sound 938961−2.4%2.25
Tarbutt Single-tierTownship Algoma 573534+7.3%52.79
Tay Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 11,09110,033+10.5%137.86
Tay Valley Lower-tierTownship Lanark 5,9255,665+4.6%528.67
Tecumseh Lower-tierTown Essex 23,30023,229+0.3%94.59
Tehkummah Single-tierTownship Manitoulin 450436+3.2%131.70
Temagami Single-tierMunicipality Nipissing 862802+7.5%1,878.12
Temiskaming Shores Single-tierCity Timiskaming 9,6349,920−2.9%176.67
Terrace Bay Single-tierTownship Thunder Bay 1,5281,611−5.2%151.50
Thames Centre Lower-tierMunicipality Middlesex 13,98013,191+6.0%433.99
Thessalon Single-tierTown Algoma 1,2601,286−2.0%4.38
Thornloe Single-tierVillage Timiskaming 92112−17.9%6.59
Thorold Lower-tierCity Niagara 23,81618,801+26.7%83.29
Thunder Bay Single-tierCity Thunder Bay 108,843107,909+0.9%327.77
Tillsonburg Lower-tierTown Oxford 18,61515,872+17.3%22.20
Timmins Single-tierCity Cochrane 41,14541,788−1.5%2,955.33
Tiny Lower-tierTownship Simcoe 12,96611,787+10.0%335.05
Toronto Single-tier [lower-alpha 22] City Toronto 2,794,3562,731,571+2.3%631.10
Trent Hills Lower-tierMunicipality Northumberland 13,86112,900+7.4%513.85
Trent Lakes Lower-tierMunicipality Peterborough 6,4395,397+19.3%833.72
Tudor and Cashel Lower-tierTownship Hastings 740586+26.3%433.31
Tweed Lower-tierMunicipality Hastings 6,0676,044+0.4%918.61
Tyendinaga Lower-tierTownship Hastings 4,5384,226+7.4%312.42
Uxbridge Lower-tierTownship Durham 21,55621,176+1.8%420.52
Val Rita-Harty Single-tierTownship Cochrane 757762−0.7%378.89
Vaughan Lower-tierCity York 323,103306,233+5.5%272.44
Wainfleet Lower-tierTownship Niagara 6,8876,372+8.1%217.53
Warwick Lower-tierTownship Lambton 3,6413,692−1.4%290.21
Wasaga Beach Lower-tierTown Simcoe 24,86220,675+20.3%57.42
Waterloo Lower-tierCity Waterloo 121,436104,986+15.7%64.06
Wawa Single-tierMunicipality Algoma 2,7052,905−6.9%411.89
Welland Lower-tierCity Niagara 55,75052,293+6.6%81.16
Wellesley Lower-tierTownship Waterloo 11,31811,260+0.5%277.74
Wellington North Lower-tierTownship Wellington 12,43111,914+4.3%526.31
West Elgin Lower-tierMunicipality Elgin 5,0604,995+1.3%322.09
West Grey Lower-tierMunicipality Grey 13,13112,518+4.9%875.21
West Lincoln Lower-tierTownship Niagara 15,45414,500+6.6%387.02
West Nipissing Single-tierMunicipality Nipissing 14,58314,364+1.5%1,956.27
West Perth Lower-tierMunicipality Perth 9,0388,865+2.0%578.88
Westport Lower-tierVillage Leeds and Grenville 634590+7.5%2.19
Whitby Lower-tierTown Durham 138,501128,377+7.9%146.69
Whitchurch-Stouffville Lower-tierTown York 49,86445,837+8.8%206.42
White River Single-tierTownship Algoma 557645−13.6%95.55
Whitestone Single-tierMunicipality Parry Sound 1,075916+17.4%923.70
Whitewater Lower-tierTownship Renfrew 7,2257,009+3.1%535.48
Wilmot Lower-tierTownship Waterloo 21,42920,545+4.3%263.81
Windsor Single-tierCity Essex 229,660217,188+5.7%146.02
Wollaston Lower-tierTownship Hastings 721670+7.6%215.87
Woodstock Lower-tierCity Oxford 46,70541,098+13.6%56.46
Woolwich Lower-tierTownship Waterloo 26,99925,006+8.0%326.56
Zorra Lower-tierTownship Oxford 8,6288,138+6.0%529.19
Total local (single and lower-tier) municipalities14,134,68113,357,280+5.8%154,274.36
Province of Ontario14,223,94213,448,494+5.8%892,411.76

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  1. Although Ontario is the third-largest province in land area, it is second-largest in total area after accounting for its freshwater area. [1]
  2. 1 2 3 Though Muskoka and Oxford are officially named the District Municipality of Muskoka and the County of Oxford respectively, both are actually regional municipalities per the definition of "regional municipality" in Ontario's Municipal Act, 2001, which states that a regional municipality "means an upper-tier municipality that was a regional or district municipality or the County of Oxford on December 31, 2002". [6]
  3. Demographic information excludes the Chief's Point No. 28, Neyaashiinigmiing 27, and Saugeen 29 reserves. [13]
  4. Demographic information excludes the Mississaugas of Scugog Island reserve. [14]
  5. Demographic information excludes the City of St. Thomas which is independent of Elgin County but included in the Elgin County Census Division. [15]
  6. Demographic information excludes the City of Windsor and the township of Pelee which are independent of Essex County but included in the Essex County Census Division. [16]
  7. Demographic information excludes the City of Kingston which is independent of Frontenac County but included in the Frontenac County Census Division. [17]
  8. Demographic information excludes the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory reserve, and the cities of Belleville and Quinte West which are independent of Hastings County but included in the Hastings County Census Division. [18]
  9. Demographic information excludes the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, Aamjiwnaang First Nation, and Walpole Island reserves which are independent of Lambton County but included in the Lambton County Census Division. [19]
  10. Demographic information excludes the City of Smiths Falls which is independent of Lanark County but included in the Lanark County Census Division. [20]
  11. Demographic information excludes the City of Brockville and towns of Gananoque and Prescott which are independent of Leeds and Grenville but included in the Leeds and Grenville Census Division. [21]
  12. Demographic information excludes the City of London and the Chippewas of the Thames 42, Munsee-Delaware 1, Oneida 41 reserves which are independent of Middlesex County but included in the Middlesex County Census Division. Chippewas of the Thames 42 and Oneida 41 were incompletely enumerated in the 2016 census and population figures are not included in the 2016 population. [22]
  13. Demographic information excludes the Moose Point 79 reserve and Wahta Mohawk Territory which are independent of District Municipality of Muskoka but included in the District Municipality of Muskoka Census Division. [23]
  14. Demographic information excludes the Alderville First Nation reserve which is independent of Northumberland County but included in the Northumberland County Census Division. [24]
  15. Demographic information excludes the City of Stratford and Town of St. Marys which are independent of Perth County but included in the Perth County Census Division. [25]
  16. Demographic information excludes the City of Peterborough and the Curve Lake First Nation 35 and Hiawatha First Nation reserves which are independent of Peterborough County but included in the Peterborough County Census Division. [26]
  17. Demographic information excludes the City of Pembroke and the Pikwakanagan (Golden Lake 39) reserve which are independent of Renfrew County but included in the Renfrew County Census Division. [27]
  18. Demographic information excludes the cities of Barrie and Orillia and the Chippewas of Rama First Nation, Christian Island 30, and Christian Island 30A reserves which are independent of Simcoe County but included in the Simcoe County Census Division. [28]
  19. Demographic information exclude the single-tier municipality of Cornwall and the Akwesasne 59 reserve which are independent of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry but included in the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Census Division. [29]
  20. Demographic information exclude the City of Guelph which is independent of Wellington County but included in the Wellington County Census Division. [30]
  21. Demographic information exclude the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation reserve which is independent of Regional Municipality of York but included in the Regional Municipality of York Census Division. [31]
  22. A unique set of legal powers, beyond other single-tier municipalities, is provided by the City of Toronto Act, 2006, SO 2006, c 11, Sch A.

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A regional municipality is a type of Canadian municipal government similar to and at the same municipal government level as a county, although the specific structure and servicing responsibilities may vary from place to place. Regional municipalities were formed in highly populated areas where it was considered more efficient to provide certain services, such as water, emergency services, and waste management over an area encompassing more than one local municipality. For this reason, regions may be involved in providing services to residents and businesses.

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