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The Scioto Mile Promenade Columbus Scioto Mile 02.jpg
The Scioto Mile Promenade

Columbus, Ohio has numerous municipal parks, several regional parks (part of the Metro Parks system), and privately-owned parks. The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department operates 370 parks, with a combined 13,500 acres (5,500 ha). [1]


City parks

Columbus Commons Columbus Commons.jpg
Columbus Commons
Scioto Audubon Metro Park Scioto Audubon climbing wall.jpg
Scioto Audubon Metro Park
Topiary Garden at Old Deaf School Park Topiary Park, Columbus, OH.jpg
Topiary Garden at Old Deaf School Park
Lou Berliner Sports Park Columbus, Ohio JJ 67.jpg
Lou Berliner Sports Park

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Scioto River

The Scioto River is a river in central and southern Ohio more than 231 miles (372 km) in length. It rises in Hardin County just north of Roundhead, Ohio, flows through Columbus, Ohio, where it collects its largest tributary, the Olentangy River, and meets the Ohio River at Portsmouth. Early settlers and Native Americans used the river for shipping but it is now too small for modern commercial shipping. The primary economic importance for the river now is for recreation and drinking water. It is the longest river that is entirely within Ohio.

Olentangy River River in Ohio, United States of America

The Olentangy River is a 97-mile-long (156 km) tributary of the Scioto River in Ohio, United States.

Alum Creek (Ohio)

Alum Creek is 58-mile (93 km) long creek that runs north to south in central Ohio. The creek originates in Morrow County and then flows through Delaware County and finally into Franklin County, where it ends at Big Walnut Creek, which drains into the Scioto River. Alum Creek is a source of drinking water for the city of Westerville, Ohio.

Nevada State Route 228

State Route 228 (SR 228), also known as Jiggs Highway, is a 20.803-mile (33.479 km) state highway in Elko County, Nevada, United States, that connects Jiggs with Nevada State Route 227 in Spring Creek.

Franklinton (Columbus, Ohio) Neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio

Franklinton is a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. Settled in 1797, Franklinton is the first American settlement in Franklin County, Ohio, and was the county seat until 1824. As the city of Columbus grew, the city annexed and incorporated the existing settlement in 1859, and today it exists as a neighborhood immediately west of downtown, including the Scioto Peninsula. It is bordered by the Scioto River on the north and east, Harmon Avenue on the east, Stimmel Road and Greenlawn Avenue on the south, and Interstate 70 on the west. West Broad Street is one of the country's first roads and is Franklinton's main throughway.

Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks

The Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks are a group of 19 metropolitan parks in and around Columbus, Ohio. They are officially organized into the Columbus and Franklin County Metropolitan Park District. The Metro Parks system was organized in 1945 under Ohio Revised Code Section 1545 as a separate political division of the state of Ohio. The Metro Parks are overseen by a Board of Park Commissioners consisting of three citizens appointed to three-year terms without compensation by the Judge of the Probate Court of Franklin County, Ohio. The Board in turn appoints an Executive Director responsible for operations and management of the parks.

OShaughnessy Dam (Ohio) United States historic place

The O'Shaughnessy Dam is located on the Scioto River near Dublin, Ohio, United States. The dam forms O'Shaughnessy Reservoir, which is a major source of drinking water for the city of Columbus. It was completed in 1925 following recommendations of then superintendent Jerry O'Shaughnessy. At the time, the reservoir was described as "the finest inland waterway in the United States." Located 10 miles (16 km) upstream of the smaller Griggs Dam, it provides a large area for various forms of recreation in addition to its water supply duties. The reservoir holds 6.3 billion US gallons (24,000,000 m3) over a surface area of 845 acres (3.42 km2). The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is located on the east bank of the reservoir, near the dam.

Ohio State Route 745

State Route 745 (SR 745) is a state route in central Ohio that runs in a north-northwesterly direction along the west bank of the Scioto River. Its southern terminus is at the concurrency of U.S. Route 33 (US 33) and SR 161 in Dublin, and it runs for approximately ten miles (16 km) to Concord Township in Delaware County, where it arrives at its northern terminus at the concurrency of US 42 and SR 257. SR 745 was designated in 1937, and its routing has not changed since.

Ohio State Route 257 Highway in Ohio

State Route 257 is a 26.19-mile (42.15 km) north - south state highway in the central portion of the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway's southern terminus is in the northwestern Columbus suburb of Dublin at a roundabout intersection with U.S. Route 33 and SR 161. This mainly two-lane highway follows the eastern side of the Scioto River from Dublin to its junction with US 42. After crossing over the river with the U.S. highway, SR 257 parallels the river's western bank. SR 257 has its northern terminus at a T-intersection with SR 47 on the western village limits of Prospect. SR 257 was created in 1926, and extended in 1935 and 1937.

Big Walnut Creek

Big Walnut Creek starts near Mount Gilead, Ohio in Morrow County. It flows south to eastern Delaware County and parallels Alum Creek. It passes to the east of Sunbury and into Hoover Reservoir. The reservoir crosses into Franklin County and flows through Gahanna and Whitehall. Near Obetz it is joined by its principal tributaries Alum Creek and Blacklick Creek at the Three Creeks Columbus Metro Park. It flows through southern Franklin County and joins the Scioto River near the Franklin-Pickaway Counties line at 39°47′57″N83°00′34″W.

Georgesville, Ohio Unincorporated community in Ohio, United States

Georgesville is an unincorporated community in western Pleasant Township, Franklin County, Ohio, United States. It is located southwest of Columbus, the county seat of Franklin County and the capital and largest city of Ohio.

Griggs Dam

Griggs Dam is located within the Columbus, Ohio city limits, on the Scioto River near Upper Arlington, Ohio, in Franklin County. The dam forms Griggs Reservoir, which is a major source of drinking water for the city of Columbus. Named after the city's chief engineer, Julian Griggs, the dam was completed in 1905 at a cost of $700,000 and was the first major reservoir in the Columbus area. For 20 years, it served as the only reservoir serving the city of Columbus' drinking water needs. Griggs Dam is a gravity dam with a 500-foot-long (150 m) curved concrete spillway. Its height is only 35 feet (11 m), but it forms a reservoir almost 6 miles (9.7 km) long with a 1,200,000,000-US-gallon (4.5×109 l) capacity. US Route 33 runs along the East side of the dam, providing access to the dam and recreation area on both the upstream and downstream sides of the dam.

Big Darby Creek

Big Darby Creek is a scenic river located in northwestern central Ohio, and an important tributary to the Lower Scioto River. The river's major tributary is the Little Darby Creek.

Camp Chase Trail

The Camp Chase Trail is a paved multi-use trail in Madison and Franklin counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. It serves as the Southwest Columbus segment of the 326-mile (525 km) Ohio to Erie Trail. The entire length of the Camp Chase Trail is part of U.S. Bicycle Route 50, a west-east bicycle route across Ohio connecting Indiana to West Virginia.

Battelle Riverfront Park Park in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Battelle Riverfront Park is a 4.1-acre (1.7 ha) park in downtown Columbus, Ohio, United States, near Columbus City Hall. The park was established in 1983. It is named after Gordon Battelle and was funded by the Battelle Memorial Institute.

Scioto Mile Park in Columbus, Ohio

The Scioto Mile is a collection of parks and trails in Columbus, Ohio. The parks along both banks of the Scioto River connect parts of the Scioto Greenway Trail with downtown Columbus and Franklinton. The nine parks total 145 acres (59 ha).

Scioto Audubon Metro Park Park and nature preserve in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park is a public park and nature preserve in Columbus, Ohio. The park is managed by the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks and is part of the Scioto Mile network of parks and trails around Downtown Columbus. The park features numerous trails, wetlands, rock climbing, volleyball and bocce courts, and numerous other amenities. At the western edge is the Grange Insurance Audubon Center, considered the first nature center built in close proximity to a downtown area.

Dorrian Green Park in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.

Dorrian Green is a park by the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The park is part of the Scioto Mile network of parks and trails around downtown Columbus. Dorrian Green neighbors COSI, the city's science and children's museum.


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