List of programs broadcast by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation

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The following is a list of programs broadcast by ERT (Ellinikí Radiofonía Tileórasi) television stations. ERT was the Greek television network before the launch of ANT1 and Mega Channel in 1989 as well as ERT2.



Disney Zone – Disney Channel hours






News and information

«Ο κύριος αρμόδιος» – a look at issues of everyday life, with live reports on location as well as in studio
«Το πρώτο θέμα» – a look at regional issues with an emphasis on Northern Greece
«Σε άλλη διάσταση» – a look at social issue but from a different perspective
«Τι μας είπαν...» (χθες) – reports from national politics as well as the local scene
«χARTης» των ημερών – airs Monday to Friday at 9am. A look at cultural events from another viewpoint. Hosted by Μελίνα Καραπαναγιωτίδου-Γιάννης Κυφωνίδης. [ET-3]






Football Super League 2
Greek Cup Final Only in delay broadcast
Basketball Greek Basket League
Greek Basketball Cup
Greek Basketball Super Cup
Volleyball Greek Volley League
Association football Worldwide FIFA World Cup (except 2022)All 64 matches live
2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Selected matches live on ERT Sports HD
Flag of Europe.svg  Europe UEFA European Championship (except 2020)All 52 matches live
UEFA European Under-21 Championship Selected matches live on ERT Sports HD
UEFA Europa League Final only, on ERT Sports and ERT1
Athletics Worldwide World Athletics Championships
World Athletics U20 Championships
Diamond League
World Athletics Indoor Championships
Flag of Europe.svg  Europe European Athletics Championships
European Athletics Indoor Championships
Basketball Flag of Europe.svg  Europe EuroBasket 2022
Motorsport Worldwide Formula 1 Every race and qualifying airs live on ERT2, practice sessions air live on ERT Sports HD on ERTFLIX platform
Tennis Worldwide French Open-Roland Garros Live matches from Court Philippe Chatrier every day except when Greek players are playing matches in other Courts
  • Live coverage of basketball, volleyball, skating competitions, track & field competitions, weightlifting competitions, world series rally races and others; ERT1
  • Exclusive coverage of Greek 2nd Division Soccer (two games per week), volleyball matches; ERT3

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Television broadcasting in Greece began in 1966, preceded in 1951 by statute 1963 permitting television broadcasting.

ANT1 Television network in Greece and Cyprus

Antenna, better known as ANT1, is a television network airing in Greece. The alternate spelling is wordplay in Greek; ena (ένα) is the Greek number 1 (one), thus ANT1 is pronounced the same as Antenna (Αντέννα).

Alter Channel, better known as Alter, was a private TV channel in Greece. It launched in 1990 and was owned by Eleftheri Tileorasi S.A. and was headed by Andreas Kouris. Programming mainly consisted of news, current affairs shows and entertainment programs. Alter featured popular news anchor Nikos Hadjinikolaou, morning show host Giorgos Aftias & controversial but popular investigative reporter Makis Triantafyllopoulos. Alter also aired the award-winning program Light In The Tunnel, a program that tracked down missing individuals. It also featured a lineup of children's programming that aired daily. In 2011, Alter faced with severe financial difficulties and in early December 2011, it stopped broadcasting due to financial difficulties.

Mega Channel Greek television network

MEGA Channel, also known as MEGA TV or just MEGA, is a television network in Greece, that broadcasts a mix of foreign and Greek programming.

Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation Greek public broadcasting corporation

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation or ERT (ΕΡΤ) is the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster of Greece.

Odyssey Television Network

Odyssey Television Network, Inc. is a Canadian licensed Greek language television broadcaster who owns and operates three national ethnic channels, available via cable and satellite. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company has been in operation since 1996 and is headed by John Maniatakos, son of longtime Greek-Canadian broadcasting stalwart, Peter Maniatakos.

Skai TV Greek television channel

Skai TV is a Greek free-to-air television network based in Piraeus. It is part of the Skai Group, one of the largest media groups in the country. It was relaunched in its present form on 1 April 2006 in the Athens metropolitan area, and gradually spread its coverage nationwide. Besides digital terrestrial transmission, it is available on the subscription-based encrypted services of Nova and Cosmote TV.

ERT World is a Greek free-to-air television channel owned and operated by state-owned public broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is the corporation's international television service, and its programming includes a mix of news, discussion-based programmes, drama, documentaries, entertainment shows as well as sports coverage including live games from Greece's top football league, Super League Greece.

ERT1, is a Greek free-to-air television channel owned and operated by state-owned public broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is the corporation's flagship television channel, and is known for broadcasting mainstream and generalist programming, including news bulletins, talk shows, cultural shows, prime time drama, cinema and entertainment, and major breaking news, sports and special events.

ERT3 is a Greek free-to-air television channel owned and operated by state-owned public broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is an entertainment channel, and although it broadcasts nationwide, most of its content is aimed at Northern Greece. It mainly broadcasts from Thessaloniki with regional studios in various north cities, including Florina, Komotini, Alexandroupoli and on the islands of Paros, Lesbos (Mytilene) and Samos.

<i>Sigma TV</i> Commercial television network in Cyprus

Sigma TV is a commercial network in Cyprus that commenced broadcasting on April 3, 1995. It is a private service and is currently the first-rated channel in Cyprus. Sigma TV is geared at a younger audience, with the focus on the 18-45 age group. It broadcasts a mix of original programs as well as popular foreign programming. Sigma is a general entertainment station with programming that includes Children's shows, sports, news, movies, series and popular telenovelas from Latin America.

Huckabee, formerly on Fox News, is a TV political commentary program, following the basic format of a talk-variety show, on TBN hosted by former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. It premiered on Fox News on September 27, 2008 until January 3, 2015, when Huckabee ended his show to focus on running in the 2016 presidential election. The program returned after the election, this time airing on TBN. The TBN incarnation premiered on October 7, 2017.

The Doctors is a daily American syndicated talk show featuring medical advice. It debuted on September 8, 2008. The hour-long daytime program is produced by Phil McGraw and his son Jay McGraw and is distributed domestically and globally by CBS Media Ventures. The series is a spin-off of Dr. Phil and is the first talk show to be a third generation talk show spin-off, as Dr. Phil itself spun off The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Stelios Kouloglou

Stelios Kouloglou is a Greek journalist writer and documentaries director. He is the creator of the news web channel "TVXS". Political analyst and major Greek publications columnist in international press including Le Monde Diplomatique.

Irene Nikolopoulou, "greek name: Ειρήνη Νικολοπούλου" is a journalist, with one of the longest running presences in the Greek television as an anchorwoman and program host. She has been awarded for the exclusive interviews she held with international personalities and was the basic host of the two official t.v. shows of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Organizing Committee.

ERT2 is a Greek free-to-air television channel owned and operated by state-owned public broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is the corporation's second television channel and it broadcasts documentaries, talkshows, current affairs programs, sporting events and children's shows.

Hum News Pakistani news channel

Hum News is one of Pakistan's 24-hour Urdu news channel. Based in Islamabad, the channel is a business unit of Hum Television Network (HNL), her Other sister channels belonging to Network are Hum TV, Hum Masala and Hum Sitaray.


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