List of railway stations in Ireland

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This article lists railway stations both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland . The stations in the Republic of Ireland are generally operated by Iarnród Éireann and stations in Northern Ireland are generally operated by NI Railways.

Republic of Ireland Ireland, a country in north-western Europe, occupying 5/6 of the island of Ireland; succeeded the Irish Free State (1937)

Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland, is a country in north-western Europe occupying 26 of 32 counties of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin, which is located on the eastern part of the island, and whose metropolitan area is home to around a third of the country's over 4.8 million inhabitants. The sovereign state shares its only land border with Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom. It is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the Celtic Sea to the south, St George's Channel to the south-east, and the Irish Sea to the east. It is a unitary, parliamentary republic. The legislature, the Oireachtas, consists of a lower house, Dáil Éireann, an upper house, Seanad Éireann, and an elected President who serves as the largely ceremonial head of state, but with some important powers and duties. The head of government is the Taoiseach, who is elected by the Dáil and appointed by the President; the Taoiseach in turn appoints other government ministers.

Northern Ireland Part of the United Kingdom lying in the north-east of the island of Ireland, created 1921

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom in the north-east of the island of Ireland, variously described as a country, province or region. Northern Ireland shares a border to the south and west with the Republic of Ireland. In 2011, its population was 1,810,863, constituting about 30% of the island's total population and about 3% of the UK's population. Established by the Northern Ireland Act 1998 as part of the Good Friday Agreement, the Northern Ireland Assembly holds responsibility for a range of devolved policy matters, while other areas are reserved for the British government. Northern Ireland co-operates with the Republic of Ireland in some areas, and the Agreement granted the Republic the ability to "put forward views and proposals" with "determined efforts to resolve disagreements between the two governments".

Iarnród Éireann parastatal rail transport organisation of Ireland

Iarnród Éireann, also known as Irish Rail in English, is the operator of the national railway network of Ireland. Established on 2 February 1987, it is a subsidiary of Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ). It operates all internal InterCity, Commuter, DART and freight railway services in the Republic of Ireland, and, jointly with Northern Ireland Railways, the Enterprise service between Dublin and Belfast. In 2018, IÉ carried 48 million passengers, up from 45.5 million in 2017.



Irish nameEnglish NameCoordinatesStation CodeStation IDLocation
Castlerock 55°09′55″N6°47′13″W / 55.165278°N 6.786944°W / 55.165278; -6.786944 Northern Ireland
Portrush 55°12′07″N6°39′13″W / 55.202°N 6.653696°W / 55.202; -6.653696 Northern Ireland
Coleraine 55°08′02″N6°39′47″W / 55.133856°N 6.662937°W / 55.133856; -6.662937 Northern Ireland
Dhu Varren halt 55°06′53″N6°23′39″W / 55.1147°N 6.3941°W / 55.1147; -6.3941 Northern Ireland
University halt 55°05′25″N6°24′02″W / 55.0902°N 6.4006°W / 55.0902; -6.4006 Northern Ireland
Londonderry Waterside 54°59′31″N7°18′50″W / 54.992069°N 7.313788°W / 54.992069; -7.313788 Northern Ireland
Ballycarry 54°46′37″N5°43′34″W / 54.777°N 5.726°W / 54.777; -5.726 Northern Ireland
Bellarena 54°44′10″N6°34′34″W / 54.736°N 6.576°W / 54.736; -6.576 Northern Ireland
Antrim 54°43′06″N6°12′41″W / 54.7182°N 6.2115°W / 54.7182; -6.2115 Northern Ireland
Carrickfergus 54°43′03″N5°48′35″W / 54.717422°N 5.809689°W / 54.717422; -5.809689 Northern Ireland
Trooperslane 54°42′36″N5°50′58″W / 54.710059°N 5.849477°W / 54.710059; -5.849477 Northern Ireland
Seahill 54°39′39″N5°46′05″W / 54.6609°N 5.768°W / 54.6609; -5.768 Northern Ireland
Bangor West 54°39′34″N5°41′34″W / 54.6595°N 5.6929°W / 54.6595; -5.6929 Northern Ireland
Bangor 54°39′31″N5°40′21″W / 54.6585°N 5.6725°W / 54.6585; -5.6725 Northern Ireland
Cultra 54°39′08″N5°48′18″W / 54.6523°N 5.805°W / 54.6523; -5.805 Northern Ireland
Marino 54°38′49″N5°49′03″W / 54.6470°N 5.8174°W / 54.6470; -5.8174 Northern Ireland
Holywood 54°38′28″N5°50′22″W / 54.6411°N 5.8395°W / 54.6411; -5.8395 Northern Ireland
Belfast Central 54°36′44″N5°55′03″W / 54.6123°N 5.91744°W / 54.6123; -5.91744 BFSTC228 Northern Ireland
Yorkgate 54°36′37″N5°55′20″W / 54.6104°N 5.9221°W / 54.6104; -5.9221 Northern Ireland
Sydenham 54°36′33″N5°52′38″W / 54.6093°N 5.8773°W / 54.6093; -5.8773 Northern Ireland
Titanic Quarter/Bridge End 54°36′07″N5°54′23″W / 54.6019°N 5.9064°W / 54.6019; -5.9064 Northern Ireland
Belfast Great Victoria Street 54°35′39″N5°56′10″W / 54.5942°N 5.9362°W / 54.5942; -5.9362 Northern Ireland
City Hospital 54°35′19″N5°56′25″W / 54.5887°N 5.9402°W / 54.5887; -5.9402 Northern Ireland
Botanic 54°35′18″N5°55′58″W / 54.5884°N 5.9328°W / 54.5884; -5.9328 Northern Ireland
Adelaide 54°34′42″N5°59′42″W / 54.5784°N 5.9950°W / 54.5784; -5.9950 Northern Ireland
Balmoral 54°34′08″N5°58′06″W / 54.5688°N 5.9682°W / 54.5688; -5.9682 Northern Ireland
Finaghy 54°33′50″N5°57′24″W / 54.5638°N 5.9566°W / 54.5638; -5.9566 Northern Ireland
Dunmurry 54°33′11″N6°00′11″W / 54.553076°N 6.003059°W / 54.553076; -6.003059 Northern Ireland
Derriaghy 54°32′30″N6°01′06″W / 54.541594°N 6.018338°W / 54.541594; -6.018338 Northern Ireland
Cullybackey 54°31′54″N6°12′15″W / 54.5317°N 6.2041°W / 54.5317; -6.2041 Northern Ireland
Lambeg 54°31′46″N6°01′47″W / 54.5295533°N 6.029675°W / 54.5295533; -6.029675 Northern Ireland
Ballymena 54°30′54″N6°10′30″W / 54.5151°N 6.175°W / 54.5151; -6.175 Northern Ireland
Larne Town 54°30′36″N5°29′06″W / 54.5101°N 5.4851°W / 54.5101; -5.4851 Northern Ireland
Larne Harbour 54°30′19″N5°28′32″W / 54.5053°N 5.4755°W / 54.5053; -5.4755 Northern Ireland
Glynn 54°29′37″N5°28′58″W / 54.4937°N 5.4827°W / 54.4937; -5.4827 Northern Ireland
Moira 54°29′31″N6°12′54″W / 54.492°N 6.215°W / 54.492; -6.215 Northern Ireland
Magheramorne 54°29′08″N5°27′36″W / 54.4856°N 5.46°W / 54.4856; -5.46 Northern Ireland
Downshire 54°25′54″N5°28′21″W / 54.4316°N 5.4725°W / 54.4316; -5.4725 Northern Ireland
Greenisland 54°25′16″N5°31′21″W / 54.421°N 5.5224°W / 54.421; -5.5224 Northern Ireland
Lisburn 54°30′50″N6°02′36″W / 54.514°N 6.04327°W / 54.514; -6.04327 LBURN238 Northern Ireland
Lurgan 54°28′02″N6°20′08″W / 54.4672°N 6.33547°W / 54.4672; -6.33547 LURGN241 Northern Ireland
Whitehead 54°27′04″N5°25′24″W / 54.4510°N 5.4234°W / 54.4510; -5.4234 Northern Ireland
Clipperstown 54°25′59″N5°29′09″W / 54.433°N 5.4859°W / 54.433; -5.4859 Northern Ireland
Portadown 54°25′46″N6°26′19″W / 54.4295°N 6.43868°W / 54.4295; -6.43868 PDOWN242 Northern Ireland
Mossley West 54°24′53″N5°34′30″W / 54.4146°N 5.575°W / 54.4146; -5.575 Northern Ireland
Jordanstown 54°24′41″N5°32′04″W / 54.4114°N 5.5344°W / 54.4114; -5.5344 Northern Ireland
Whiteabbey 54°24′08″N5°32′30″W / 54.4022°N 5.5416°W / 54.4022; -5.5416 Northern Ireland
Ballymoney 54°24′00″N6°18′18″W / 54.40°N 6.305°W / 54.40; -6.305 Northern Ireland
Helen's Bay 54°23′45″N5°26′34″W / 54.3959°N 5.4427°W / 54.3959; -5.4427 Northern Ireland
Carnalea 54°23′45″N5°25′20″W / 54.3958°N 5.4221°W / 54.3958; -5.4221 Northern Ireland
Hilden 54°18′44″N6°08′46″W / 54.3122°N 6.146°W / 54.3122; -6.146 Northern Ireland
Poyntzpass 54°17′33″N6°22′19″W / 54.2924°N 6.372°W / 54.2924; -6.372 Northern Ireland
Sligeach Sheáin Mhic Dhiarmada Sligo Mac Diarmada 54°16′20″N8°28′57″W / 54.2723°N 8.48249°W / 54.2723; -8.48249 SLIGO180 Republic of Ireland
Scarva 54°11′44″N6°12′57″W / 54.1956°N 6.2159°W / 54.1956; -6.2159 Northern Ireland
Iúr Cinn Trá Newry 54°11′28″N6°21′44″W / 54.1911°N 6.36225°W / 54.1911; -6.36225 NEWRY260 Northern Ireland
Cúil Mhuine Collooney 54°11′14″N8°29′40″W / 54.1871°N 8.49453°W / 54.1871; -8.49453 COLNY177 Republic of Ireland
Béal an Átha Ballina 54°06′31″N9°09′41″W / 54.1085°N 9.16146°W / 54.1085; -9.16146 BALNA167 Republic of Ireland
Baile an Mhóta Ballymote 54°05′19″N8°31′15″W / 54.0887°N 8.52088°W / 54.0887; -8.52088 BMOTE176 Republic of Ireland
Dún Dealgan Ui Cleirigh Dundalk Clarke 54°00′03″N6°24′46″W / 54.0007°N 6.41291°W / 54.0007; -6.41291 DDALK123 Republic of Ireland
Béal Easa Foxford 53°58′59″N9°08′11″W / 53.983°N 9.1364°W / 53.983; -9.1364 FXFRD193 Republic of Ireland
Mainistir na Búille Boyle 53°58′03″N8°18′16″W / 53.9676°N 8.30438°W / 53.9676; -8.30438 BOYLE175 Republic of Ireland
Cora Droma Rúisc Carrick-on-Shannon 53°56′18″N8°06′24″W / 53.9383°N 8.10657°W / 53.9383; -8.10657 CKOSH174 Republic of Ireland
Dromad Dromod 53°51′33″N7°54′59″W / 53.8591°N 7.9164°W / 53.8591; -7.9164 DRMOD173 Republic of Ireland
Caisleán an Bharraigh Castlebar 53°50′50″N9°17′14″W / 53.8471°N 9.2873°W / 53.8471; -9.2873 CLBAR168 Republic of Ireland
Gabhal Mhaigh Nulla Manulla Junction 53°49′41″N9°11′35″W / 53.828°N 9.19296°W / 53.828; -9.19296 MNLAJ194 Republic of Ireland
Cathair na Mart Westport 53°47′44″N9°30′32″W / 53.7955°N 9.50885°W / 53.7955; -9.50885 WPORT169 Republic of Ireland
Béal Átha hAmhnais Ballyhaunis 53°45′42″N8°45′30″W / 53.7616°N 8.7584°W / 53.7616; -8.7584 BYHNS165 Republic of Ireland
An Caisleán Riabhach Castlerea 53°45′40″N8°29′04″W / 53.7612°N 8.48448°W / 53.7612; -8.48448 CSREA164 Republic of Ireland
An Longfort Longford 53°43′27″N7°47′45″W / 53.7243°N 7.79574°W / 53.7243; -7.79574 LFORD172 Republic of Ireland
Clár Chlainne Mhuiris Claremorris 53°43′13″N9°00′08″W / 53.7204°N 9.00222°W / 53.7204; -9.00222 CLMRS166 Republic of Ireland
Droichead Átha Mac Giolla Bhríde Drogheda MacBride 53°42′43″N6°20′07″W / 53.712°N 6.33538°W / 53.712; -6.33538 DGHDA120 Republic of Ireland
Meathas Troim Edgeworthstown/Mostrim 53°41′20″N7°36′11″W / 53.6888°N 7.60299°W / 53.6888; -7.60299 ETOWN171 Republic of Ireland
An Inse Laytown 53°40′46″N6°14′33″W / 53.6794°N 6.24253°W / 53.6794; -6.24253 LTOWN119 Republic of Ireland
Baile Mhic Gormáin Gormanston 53°38′17″N6°13′01″W / 53.638°N 6.21705°W / 53.638; -6.21705 GSTON117 Republic of Ireland
Ros Comáin Roscommon 53°37′27″N8°11′47″W / 53.6243°N 8.19631°W / 53.6243; -8.19631 RSCMN163 Republic of Ireland
Baile Brigín Balbriggan 53°36′42″N6°10′56″W / 53.6118°N 6.18226°W / 53.6118; -6.18226 BBRGN116 Republic of Ireland
Na Sceirí Skerries 53°34′27″N6°07′10″W / 53.5741°N 6.11933°W / 53.5741; -6.11933 SKRES115 Republic of Ireland
An Muileann gCearr Mullingar 53°31′23″N7°20′46″W / 53.523°N 7.34608°W / 53.523; -7.34608 MLGAR153 Republic of Ireland
Ros Eó agus Lusca Rush and Lusk 53°31′12″N6°08′38″W / 53.5201°N 6.1439°W / 53.5201; -6.1439 RLUSK114 Republic of Ireland
Domhnach Bat Donabate 53°29′08″N6°09′05″W / 53.4855°N 6.15134°W / 53.4855; -6.15134 DBATE113 Republic of Ireland
Mullach Íde Malahide 53°27′03″N6°09′23″W / 53.4509°N 6.15649°W / 53.4509; -6.15649 MHIDE112 Republic of Ireland
Ollpháirc M3 M3 Parkway 53°26′06″N6°28′08″W / 53.4349°N 6.46898°W / 53.4349; -6.46898 M3WAY86 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha Luain Athlone 53°25′38″N7°56′13″W / 53.4273°N 7.93683°W / 53.4273; -7.93683 ATLNE156 Republic of Ireland
Dún Búinne Dunboyne 53°25′03″N6°27′53″W / 53.4175°N 6.46483°W / 53.4175; -6.46483 DBYNE85 Republic of Ireland
Port Mearnóg Portmarnock 53°25′01″N6°09′04″W / 53.4169°N 6.1512°W / 53.4169; -6.1512 PMNCK111 Republic of Ireland
An Bóthar Buí Enfield 53°24′57″N6°50′02″W / 53.4157°N 6.83395°W / 53.4157; -6.83395 ENFLD83 Republic of Ireland
Cill Choca Kilcock 53°24′15″N6°40′44″W / 53.4043°N 6.67892°W / 53.4043; -6.67892 KCOCK90 Republic of Ireland
Cluain Ghrifín Clongriffin 53°24′12″N6°08′54″W / 53.4032°N 6.14839°W / 53.4032; -6.14839 GRGRD187 Republic of Ireland
Cill Fhionntain Sutton 53°23′31″N6°06′52″W / 53.392°N 6.11448°W / 53.392; -6.11448 SUTTN107 Republic of Ireland
Cois Bá Bayside 53°23′30″N6°08′12″W / 53.3917°N 6.13678°W / 53.3917; -6.13678 BYSDE106 Republic of Ireland
Gabhal Bhinn Éadair & Domhnach Míde Howth Junction & Donaghmede 53°23′27″N6°09′24″W / 53.3909°N 6.15672°W / 53.3909; -6.15672 HWTHJ105 Republic of Ireland
Binn Éadair Howth 53°23′21″N6°04′26″W / 53.3891°N 6.07401°W / 53.3891; -6.07401 HOWTH108 Republic of Ireland
Cill Bharróg Kilbarrack 53°23′13″N6°09′42″W / 53.387°N 6.16163°W / 53.387; -6.16163 KBRCK104 Republic of Ireland
Páirc Hans Hansfield 53°23′07″N6°26′31″W / 53.3853°N 6.44205°W / 53.3853; -6.44205 HAFLD87 Republic of Ireland
Cluain Saileach Clonsilla 53°22′59″N6°25′27″W / 53.3831°N 6.4242°W / 53.3831; -6.4242 CLSLA94 Republic of Ireland
Caisleán Cnucha Castleknock 53°22′54″N6°22′17″W / 53.3816°N 6.37149°W / 53.3816; -6.37149 CNOCK96 Republic of Ireland
Ráth Eanaigh Raheny 53°22′53″N6°10′37″W / 53.3815°N 6.17699°W / 53.3815; -6.17699 RAHNY103 Republic of Ireland
Baile Hearman Harmonstown 53°22′43″N6°11′29″W / 53.3786°N 6.19131°W / 53.3786; -6.19131 HTOWN102 Republic of Ireland
Maigh Nuad Maynooth 53°22′41″N6°35′24″W / 53.378°N 6.58993°W / 53.378; -6.58993 MYNTH91 Republic of Ireland
Ollpháirc Bhóthar na hUaimhe Navan Road Parkway 53°22′40″N6°20′45″W / 53.3777°N 6.34591°W / 53.3777; -6.34591 PHNPK89 Republic of Ireland
Cúil Mhín Coolmine 53°22′39″N6°23′27″W / 53.3776°N 6.39072°W / 53.3776; -6.39072 CMINE95 Republic of Ireland
Baile an Ásaigh Ashtown 53°22′32″N6°19′53″W / 53.3755°N 6.33135°W / 53.3755; -6.33135 ASHTN97 Republic of Ireland
Léim an Bhradáin Confaí Leixlip Confey 53°22′27″N6°29′10″W / 53.3743°N 6.48624°W / 53.3743; -6.48624 LXCON93 Republic of Ireland
Cill Easra Killester 53°22′23″N6°12′16″W / 53.373°N 6.20442°W / 53.373; -6.20442 KLSTR101 Republic of Ireland
Droichead Broome Broombridge 53°22′21″N6°17′55″W / 53.3725°N 6.29869°W / 53.3725; -6.29869 BBRDG98 Republic of Ireland
Léim an Bhradáin Droichead Louisa Leixlip Louisa Bridge 53°22′13″N6°30′22″W / 53.3704°N 6.50598°W / 53.3704; -6.50598 LXLSA92 Republic of Ireland
Droim Conrach Drumcondra 53°21′48″N6°15′33″W / 53.3632°N 6.25908°W / 53.3632; -6.25908 DCDRA99 Republic of Ireland
Bóthar Chluain Tarbh Clontarf Road 53°21′46″N6°13′39″W / 53.3629°N 6.22753°W / 53.3629; -6.22753 CTARF109 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha Cliath Stáisiún Uí Chonghaile Dublin Connolly 53°21′11″N6°14′45″W / 53.3531°N 6.24591°W / 53.3531; -6.24591 CNLLY100 Republic of Ireland
Dugthailte Docklands 53°21′03″N6°14′21″W / 53.3509°N 6.23929°W / 53.3509; -6.23929 DCKLS84 Republic of Ireland
Sráid na Teamhrach Tara Street 53°20′49″N6°15′15″W / 53.347°N 6.25425°W / 53.347; -6.25425 TARA124 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha Cliath Stáisiún Heuston Dublin Heuston 53°20′47″N6°17′41″W / 53.3464°N 6.29461°W / 53.3464; -6.29461 HSTON1 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha Cliath Stáisiún na bPiarsach Dublin Pearse 53°20′36″N6°14′54″W / 53.3433°N 6.24829°W / 53.3433; -6.24829 PERSE150 Republic of Ireland
Móta Woodlawn 53°20′36″N8°28′20″W / 53.3432°N 8.47231°W / 53.3432; -8.47231 WLAWN158 Republic of Ireland
Dug na Canálach Móire Grand Canal Dock 53°20′23″N6°14′16″W / 53.3397°N 6.23773°W / 53.3397; -6.23773 GCDK110 Republic of Ireland
Clóirtheach Clara 53°20′22″N7°36′57″W / 53.3395°N 7.61596°W / 53.3395; -7.61596 CLARA73 Republic of Ireland
Béal Átha na Sluaighe Ballinasloe 53°20′11″N8°14′27″W / 53.3363°N 8.24081°W / 53.3363; -8.24081 BSLOE157 Republic of Ireland
Bhaile Adaim Adamstown 53°20′07″N6°27′08″W / 53.3353°N 6.45233°W / 53.3353; -6.45233 ADMTN (ADAMF)75 (975) Republic of Ireland
Bóthar Lansdúin Lansdowne Road 53°20′05″N6°13′47″W / 53.3347°N 6.22979°W / 53.3347; -6.22979 LDWNE125 Republic of Ireland
An Chiseog Kishoge (Unopened) 53°20′04″N6°25′49″W / 53.3345°N 6.4304°W / 53.3345; -6.4304 Republic of Ireland
Páirc an Iarthair agus Gort na Sílíní Park West and Cherry Orchard 53°20′02″N6°22′43″W / 53.334°N 6.37868°W / 53.334; -6.37868 CHORC (PWESF)76 (976) Republic of Ireland
Cluan Dolcáin & Cnoc an Fhuaráin Clondalkin and Fonthill 53°20′00″N6°24′23″W / 53.3334°N 6.40628°W / 53.3334; -6.40628 CLDKN (CLONF)77 (977) Republic of Ireland
Dumhach Thrá Sandymount 53°19′41″N6°13′16″W / 53.3281°N 6.22116°W / 53.3281; -6.22116 SMONT188 Republic of Ireland
Collchoill agus Cill Droichid Hazelhatch and Celbridge 53°19′20″N6°31′25″W / 53.3223°N 6.52356°W / 53.3223; -6.52356 HZLCH (HAZEF)78 (978) Republic of Ireland
Áth Tíomáin Attymon 53°19′16″N8°36′22″W / 53.3212°N 8.60608°W / 53.3212; -8.60608 ATMON159 Republic of Ireland
Paráid Sydney Sydney Parade 53°19′14″N6°12′40″W / 53.3206°N 6.21112°W / 53.3206; -6.21112 SIDNY126 Republic of Ireland
Baile an Bhóthair Booterstown 53°18′36″N6°11′42″W / 53.3099°N 6.19498°W / 53.3099; -6.19498 BTSTN127 Republic of Ireland
An Charraig Dhubh Blackrock 53°18′10″N6°10′42″W / 53.3027°N 6.17833°W / 53.3027; -6.17833 BROCK128 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha an Rí Athenry 53°18′05″N8°44′55″W / 53.3015°N 8.74855°W / 53.3015; -8.74855 ATHRY162 Republic of Ireland
Órán Mór Oranmore 53°16′33″N8°56′45″W / 53.27586°N 8.94572°W / 53.27586; -8.94572 ORNMR Republic of Ireland
Rinn na Mara Seapoint 53°17′57″N6°09′54″W / 53.2991°N 6.16512°W / 53.2991; -6.16512 SEAPT129 Republic of Ireland
Cnoc an tSalainn agus Baile na Manach Salthill and Monkstown 53°17′43″N6°09′07″W / 53.2954°N 6.15206°W / 53.2954; -6.15206 SHILL130 Republic of Ireland
Dún Laoghaire Dún Laoghaire Mallin 53°17′42″N6°08′06″W / 53.2951°N 6.13498°W / 53.2951; -6.13498 DLERY131 Republic of Ireland
Cuas an Ghainimh agus Glas Tuathail Sandycove 53°17′16″N6°07′38″W / 53.2878°N 6.12712°W / 53.2878; -6.12712 SCOVE132 Republic of Ireland
Gleann na gCaorach Glenageary 53°16′52″N6°07′22″W / 53.2812°N 6.12289°W / 53.2812; -6.12289 GLGRY133 Republic of Ireland
Deilginis Dalkey 53°16′32″N6°06′12″W / 53.2756°N 6.10333°W / 53.2756; -6.10333 DLKEY134 Republic of Ireland
Gaillimh Galway Ceannt 53°16′25″N9°02′49″W / 53.2736°N 9.04696°W / 53.2736; -9.04696 GALWY170 Republic of Ireland
Tulach Mhór Tullamore 53°16′13″N7°29′59″W / 53.2704°N 7.49985°W / 53.2704; -7.49985 TMORE72 Republic of Ireland
Cill Iníon Leinín Killiney 53°15′21″N6°06′47″W / 53.2557°N 6.11317°W / 53.2557; -6.11317 KILNY135 Republic of Ireland
Na Solláin agus An Nás Sallins and Naas 53°14′49″N6°39′50″W / 53.2469°N 6.66386°W / 53.2469; -6.66386 SALNS79 Republic of Ireland
Seanchill Shankill 53°14′11″N6°07′01″W / 53.2364°N 6.11691°W / 53.2364; -6.11691 SKILL136 Republic of Ireland
Creachmhaoil Craughwell 53°13′31″N8°44′09″W / 53.2252°N 8.7359°W / 53.2252; -8.7359 CRGHW184 Republic of Ireland
Woodbrook (Planned [1] ) 53°13′12″N6°06′36″W / 53.22°N 6.1101°W / 53.22; -6.1101 WBROK801 Republic of Ireland
Bré Uí Dálaigh Bray Daly 53°12′15″N6°06′02″W / 53.2043°N 6.10046°W / 53.2043; -6.10046 BRAY140 Republic of Ireland
Droichead Nua Newbridge 53°11′08″N6°48′29″W / 53.1855°N 6.80807°W / 53.1855; -6.80807 NBRGE4 Republic of Ireland
An CurrachCurragh 53°10′21″N6°51′45″W / 53.1725°N 6.86245°W / 53.1725; -6.86245 CURAH5 Republic of Ireland
Cill Dara Kildare 53°09′47″N6°54′29″W / 53.163°N 6.90802°W / 53.163; -6.90802 KDARE6 Republic of Ireland
Ard Raithin Ardrahan 53°09′26″N8°48′53″W / 53.1572°N 8.81483°W / 53.1572; -8.81483 ARHAN183 Republic of Ireland
Cúl an tSúdaire Portarlington 53°08′46″N7°10′50″W / 53.146°N 7.18055°W / 53.146; -7.18055 PTRTN8 Republic of Ireland
Mainistir Eimhín Monasterevin 53°08′43″N7°03′49″W / 53.1454°N 7.06361°W / 53.1454; -7.06361 MONVN7 Republic of Ireland
Na Clocha Liatha Greystones 53°08′39″N6°03′39″W / 53.1442°N 6.06085°W / 53.1442; -6.06085 GSTNS141 Republic of Ireland
Cill Chomhghaill Kilcoole halt 53°06′25″N6°02′28″W / 53.107°N 6.04112°W / 53.107; -6.04112 KCOOL139 Republic of Ireland
Gort Inse Guaire Gort 53°03′55″N8°48′57″W / 53.0653°N 8.81595°W / 53.0653; -8.81595 GORT182 Republic of Ireland
Port Laoise Portlaoise 53°02′14″N7°18′03″W / 53.0371°N 7.30086°W / 53.0371; -7.30086 PTLSE9 Republic of Ireland
Baile Átha Í Athy 52°59′31″N6°58′34″W / 52.992°N 6.9762°W / 52.992; -6.9762 ATHY45 Republic of Ireland
Cill Mhantáin Wicklow 52°59′18″N6°03′12″W / 52.9882°N 6.05338°W / 52.9882; -6.05338 WLOW142 Republic of Ireland
Ros Cré Roscrea 52°57′39″N7°47′39″W / 52.9607°N 7.7941°W / 52.9607; -7.7941 RCREA31 Republic of Ireland
Cloch Shiurdáin Cloughjordan 52°56′11″N8°01′29″W / 52.9363°N 8.0246°W / 52.9363; -8.0246 CJRDN32 Republic of Ireland
Ráth Droma Rathdrum 52°55′46″N6°13′35″W / 52.9295°N 6.22641°W / 52.9295; -6.22641 RDRUM143 Republic of Ireland
Baile Uí Bhróithe Ballybrophy 52°54′00″N7°36′09″W / 52.8999°N 7.60259°W / 52.8999; -7.60259 BBRHY11 Republic of Ireland
An tAonach Nenagh 52°51′38″N8°11′41″W / 52.8605°N 8.19471°W / 52.8605; -8.19471 NNAGH33 Republic of Ireland
Ceatharlach Carlow 52°50′27″N6°55′20″W / 52.8407°N 6.92217°W / 52.8407; -6.92217 CRLOW46 Republic of Ireland
Inis Ennis 52°50′19″N8°58′30″W / 52.8386°N 8.97491°W / 52.8386; -8.97491 ENNIS181 Republic of Ireland
Abhóca Avoca (planned)AVKA Republic of Ireland
An tInbhear Mór Arklow 52°47′36″N6°09′36″W / 52.7932°N 6.15994°W / 52.7932; -6.15994 ARKLW144 Republic of Ireland
An Teampall Mór Templemore 52°47′16″N7°49′23″W / 52.7878°N 7.82293°W / 52.7878; -7.82293 TPMOR12 Republic of Ireland
Cnocán an Éin Fhinn Birdhill 52°45′56″N8°26′33″W / 52.7656°N 8.44247°W / 52.7656; -8.44247 BHILL34 Republic of Ireland
An Droichead Abhann Uí gCearnaigh Sixmilebridge 52°44′15″N8°47′03″W / 52.7376°N 8.78427°W / 52.7376; -8.78427 SXMBR185 Republic of Ireland
An Caisleán Uí gConaing Castleconnell 52°42′46″N8°29′53″W / 52.7128°N 8.49794°W / 52.7128; -8.49794 CCONL35 Republic of Ireland
Muine Bheag Muine Bheag 52°41′56″N6°57′08″W / 52.699°N 6.95213°W / 52.699; -6.95213 MNEBG47 Republic of Ireland
Durlas Thurles 52°40′36″N7°49′19″W / 52.6766°N 7.82189°W / 52.6766; -7.82189 THRLS13 Republic of Ireland
Guaire Gorey 52°40′16″N6°17′31″W / 52.6712°N 6.29195°W / 52.6712; -6.29195 GOREY145 Republic of Ireland
Luimneach Limerick Colbert 52°39′31″N8°37′26″W / 52.6587°N 8.62397°W / 52.6587; -8.62397 LMRCK40 Republic of Ireland
Cill Chainnigh Mhic Donncha Kilkenny MacDonagh 52°39′18″N7°14′42″W / 52.655°N 7.24498°W / 52.655; -7.24498 KKNNY48 Republic of Ireland
Baile Mhic Andáin Thomastown 52°31′23″N7°08′56″W / 52.523°N 7.14891°W / 52.523; -7.14891 THTWN49 Republic of Ireland
Inis Córthaidh Enniscorthy 52°30′17″N6°33′59″W / 52.5046°N 6.56627°W / 52.5046; -6.56627 ECRTY147 Republic of Ireland
Gabhal Luimnigh Limerick Junction 52°30′03″N8°12′00″W / 52.5009°N 8.20003°W / 52.5009; -8.20003 LMRKJ16 Republic of Ireland
Tiobraid Árann Tipperary halt 52°28′12″N8°09′45″W / 52.4701°N 8.1625°W / 52.4701; -8.1625 TIPRY41 Republic of Ireland
An Chathair Cahir 52°22′40″N7°55′19″W / 52.3777°N 7.92181°W / 52.3777; -7.92181 CAHIR42 Republic of Ireland
Cluain Meala Clonmel 52°21′40″N7°41′58″W / 52.3611°N 7.69936°W / 52.3611; -7.69936 CLMEL43 Republic of Ireland
Carraig na Siuire Carrick on Suir 52°20′55″N7°24′13″W / 52.3487°N 7.40354°W / 52.3487; -7.40354 CKOSR44 Republic of Ireland
Ráth Luirc Charleville 52°20′48″N8°39′13″W / 52.3468°N 8.65362°W / 52.3468; -8.65362 CVILL19 Republic of Ireland
Loch Garman Ó hAnnrachain Wexford O'Hanrahan 52°20′36″N6°27′49″W / 52.3434°N 6.4636°W / 52.3434; -6.4636 WXFRD148 Republic of Ireland
Trá Ros Láir Rosslare Strand 52°16′21″N6°23′33″W / 52.2726°N 6.39254°W / 52.2726; -6.39254 RLSTD58 Republic of Ireland
Trá Lí Mhic Easmainn Tralee Casement 52°16′16″N9°41′54″W / 52.271°N 9.69846°W / 52.271; -9.69846 TRLEE28 Republic of Ireland
Phort Láirge Pluincéid Waterford Plunkett 52°16′00″N7°07′06″W / 52.2667°N 7.1183°W / 52.2667; -7.1183 WFORD50 Republic of Ireland
Calafort Ros Láir Rosslare Europort 52°15′11″N6°20′06″W / 52.2531°N 6.33493°W / 52.2531; -6.33493 RLEPT60 Republic of Ireland
An Fearann Fuar Farranfore 52°10′24″N9°33′10″W / 52.1733°N 9.55278°W / 52.1733; -9.55278 FFORE27 Republic of Ireland
Magh Ealla Mallow 52°08′23″N8°39′19″W / 52.1396°N 8.65521°W / 52.1396; -8.65521 MLLOW21 Republic of Ireland
Bántír Banteer 52°07′43″N8°53′53″W / 52.1287°N 8.89793°W / 52.1287; -8.89793 BTEER23 Republic of Ireland
An Ráth Mhór Rathmore 52°05′07″N9°13′03″W / 52.0854°N 9.21756°W / 52.0854; -9.21756 RMORE25 Republic of Ireland
Sráid an Mhuilinn Millstreet 52°04′39″N9°04′11″W / 52.0776°N 9.06973°W / 52.0776; -9.06973 MLSRT24 Republic of Ireland
Cill Airne Killarney 52°03′34″N9°30′07″W / 52.0595°N 9.50198°W / 52.0595; -9.50198 KLRNY26 Republic of Ireland
Mainistir na Corann Midleton 51°55′16″N8°10′33″W / 51.9212°N 8.17579°W / 51.9212; -8.17579 MDLTN68 Republic of Ireland
Carraig Thuathail Carrigtwohill 51°54′59″N8°15′48″W / 51.9163°N 8.26323°W / 51.9163; -8.26323 CGTWL67 Republic of Ireland
An Gleanntán Glounthaune 51°54′40″N8°19′31″W / 51.9112°N 8.3254°W / 51.9112; -8.3254 GHANE380 Republic of Ireland
An tOileán Beag Little Island 51°54′28″N8°21′17″W / 51.9078°N 8.35466°W / 51.9078; -8.35466 LSLND61 Republic of Ireland
Corcaigh Kent Cork Kent 51°54′06″N8°27′30″W / 51.9018°N 8.4582°W / 51.9018; -8.4582 CORK30 Republic of Ireland
Fóite Fota 51°53′46″N8°19′06″W / 51.896°N 8.3183°W / 51.896; -8.3183 FOTA63 Republic of Ireland
Carraig an Ló Carrigaloe 51°52′08″N8°19′27″W / 51.8688°N 8.32417°W / 51.8688; -8.32417 CGLOE64 Republic of Ireland
Rinn an Chabaltaigh Rushbrooke halt 51°50′59″N8°19′21″W / 51.8496°N 8.32252°W / 51.8496; -8.32252 RBROK65 Republic of Ireland
An Cóbh Cobh 51°50′57″N8°17′58″W / 51.8491°N 8.29956°W / 51.8491; -8.29956 COBH66 Republic of Ireland

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National Rail (NR) in the United Kingdom is the trading name licensed for use by the Rail Delivery Group, an unincorporated association whose membership consists of the passenger train operating companies (TOCs) of England, Scotland, and Wales. The TOCs run the passenger services previously provided by the British Railways Board, from 1965 using the brand name British Rail. Northern Ireland, which is bordered by the Republic of Ireland, has a different system. National Rail services share a ticketing structure and inter-availability that generally do not extend to services which were not part of British Rail. The name and the accompanying double arrow symbol are trademarks of the Secretary of State for Transport.

CIÉ Parastatal transport organisation of Ireland

Córas Iompair Éireann, or CIÉ, is a statutory corporation of the Republic of Ireland, answerable to the Irish Government and responsible for most public transport in Ireland and – jointly with its Northern Ireland counterpart, the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company – the railway service between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company is headquartered at Heuston Station, Dublin. It is a statutory corporation whose members are appointed by the Minister for Transport.

Rail transport in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and previously consisted of Great Britain and the whole of Ireland. Rail transport systems developed independently on the two island masses of Great Britain and Ireland, and most of the railway construction in the Republic of Ireland was undertaken before the creation of the Irish Free State in 1922. Thus, the logical division to discuss the history and present-day state of railways in these areas is by geographical division, rather than the nationalist division of nation states.

History of rail transport in Ireland

The history of rail transport in Ireland began only a decade later than that of Great Britain. By its peak in 1920, Ireland had 3,500 route miles (4,200 km). The current status is less than half that amount, with a large unserviced area around the border area between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Rail transport in Ireland

Rail transport in Ireland is provided by Iarnród Éireann in the Republic of Ireland and by Northern Ireland Railways in Northern Ireland.

There are effectively two separate mainline railway systems in the United Kingdom – the Great Britain system and the Northern Ireland system, which are regulated and operated separately, and are constituted under separate pieces of United Kingdom legislation.

Translink is the brand name of the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHCo), a public corporation in Northern Ireland which provides the public transport in the region. NI Railways, Ulsterbus and Metro are all part of Translink. It is led by CEO Chris Conway.

Bundoran Town in Ulster, Ireland

Bundoran is a town in County Donegal, Ireland. The town is located on the N15 road near Ballyshannon, and is the most southerly town in Donegal. The town is a popular seaside resort, and tourism has been at the heart of the local economy since 1777. Bundoran is a world-renowned surfing area and was listed by National Geographic magazine in 2012 as one of the World's Top 20 Surf Towns.

Enterprise (train service) train service

Enterprise is the cross-border inter-city train service between Dublin Connolly in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast Lanyon Place in Northern Ireland, jointly operated by Iarnród Éireann (IE) and NI Railways (NIR). It operates on the Belfast–Dublin railway line.

Pettigo Village in Ulster, Ireland and United Kingdom

Pettigo is a small village on the border of County Donegal, Republic of Ireland and County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It is bisected by the Termon River which is part of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The portion of the village in Northern Ireland is officially called Tullyhommon, but is locally known as 'High Street' due to its hillside position overlooking the remainder of the village. The rest of the village in the Republic includes Main Street, Mill Street and Station Street, all of which meet in The Diamond at the centre of the village. There are also two relatively modern housing estates on the northern outskirts, namely Termon Villas and St. Patrick's Terrace along with new developments such as Mill Grove. Until the late 1700s, the area was known as 'An Tearmann', meaning 'a place of sanctuary'. The modern Irish (Paiteagó) and English (Pettigo) names derive from the Latin protectio (protection), a translation of the Irish 'An Tearmann'.

Londonderry railway station British Railway Station

Londonderry Railway Station, known commonly as Waterside Railway Station, is a railway terminus in the city of Derry in Northern Ireland, on the east bank of the River Foyle. The station is also used by residents of the west of County Londonderry, much of west Tyrone and County Donegal. It is operated by Northern Ireland Railways. It serves the line to Belfast, whose other terminus is Great Victoria Street.

Great Northern Railway (Ireland)

The Great Northern Railway (Ireland) was an Irish gauge railway company in Ireland. It was formed in 1876 by a merger of the Irish North Western Railway (INW), Northern Railway of Ireland, and Ulster Railway. The Ulster Railway was the GNRI's oldest constituent, having opened between Belfast and Lisburn in 1839 and extended in stages to reach Clones in 1863. The Northern Railway of Ireland was itself formed by a merger of the Dublin and Drogheda Railway (D&D) with the Dublin and the Belfast Junction Railway (D&BJct).

Belfast–Newry line

The Belfast–Newry line operates from Lanyon Place station in County Antrim to Newry in County Down, Northern Ireland. The manager for this line is based at Portadown railway station, although the line extends to the border to include the Scarva and Poyntzpass halts and Newry. Newry is on the fringe of the network, being the last stop before the border with the Republic of Ireland. The line follows the route of the northern half of the main Dublin–Belfast line, with the exception of calling at Belfast Great Victoria Street.

Belfast–Larne line

The Belfast–Larne line, or Larne line, is a railway line in Northern Ireland, operated by Northern Ireland Railways. It runs as double track along the majority of its route north along the scenic east Antrim coastline from Belfast to the coastal seaport town of Larne, serving commuters and ferry passengers.

Belfast–Dublin line

The Belfast–Dublin Main Line is a main and busiest railway route on the island of Ireland that connects Dublin Connolly station in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast Lanyon Place station in Northern Ireland.

Newry railway station

Newry railway station serves Newry and Bessbrook in Northern Ireland. The station is to the northwest of Newry city in County Armagh on the Cross Border line close to the 18-arch, 126 ft (38 m) high Craigmore Viaduct.


Carnalea is a townland west of Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. It consists of the Killaire area, Station Road area and Seymour area and falls under the control of Ards and North Down Borough Council and within the Bangor West electoral boundary. Carnalea is bordered by Belfast Lough to the North, Crawfordsburn to the immediate West, Wandsworth and Springhill/Rathmore to the immediate South, and Bryansburn to the East, which then leads into Bangor town centre. The area has seen relatively increased development in recent years, notably with the creation of Carnalea Glen, Station Court, and Killaire Court. The closure of the Carnalea Mini-Market after Christmas of 2005 has led to the site's redevelopment for residential use, such is the high demand for housing in the area.

Clogher Valley Railway

The Clogher Valley Railway was a 37-mile-long (60 km), 3 ft narrow gauge railway in County Tyrone and County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. It opened in May 1887 and closed on 1 January 1942.


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