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Raions of Ukraine
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Raions Ukraine after the administrative reform of 2020
CategorySecond level of subdivision
LocationFlag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine
Created2020 as part of decentralization reform in Ukraine
Number136 (as of 2020)
Areas1,200 km2 (460 sq mi)
GovernmentRaion Council
Subdivisions1470 hromadas
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Raions of Ukraine (Ukrainian : Райони України) are the second level of administrative division in Ukraine, below the oblast.


As an administrative unit raions have existed in Ukraine since 1922 as part of an administrative reform in the Soviet Union. [1] [nb 1] On 17 July 2020, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament) approved the administrative reform to merge most of the existing 490 raions, resulting in creation of 136 new raions. [3] The amalgamated hromadas have taken over most tasks of the raions (education, healthcare, sport facilities, culture, and social welfare). [4]


UkrainianUkrainian translit.English
РайонRajonDistrict [5] [6]
Район у містіRajon u mistiUrban district, district of a city

Districts of cities

Some cities of oblast subordination along with the two cities of national significance (Kyiv and Sevastopol) are also divided in "city raions". "City raions" have their own local administration and are subordinated directly to a city. They may contain other cities, towns, and villages.

July 2020 reform

On 17 July 2020, the number of raions in Ukraine was reduced: since then there are 136 instead of 490.

Note: region is a general term referring to oblasts, the republic [nb 2] and cities with special status. [nb 3] The population recorded in the table is listed in accordance to the latest census taken in the country, Ukrainian Census (2001). Asterisk (*) identifies raions with administrative centers located outside of them (usually separately incorporated).


Source: New rayons: maps and structure and with maps Note: de facto Crimea continue to use the old administrative division. Raions located in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass (see below in grey) exist only de jure.

Autonomous Republic of Crimea

PopulationDensityCouncils (municipalities)
1 Bakhchysarai Raion Bakhchysarai 19231,58992,617581215
2 Bilohirsk Raion Bilohirsk 19303,106122,259391235
3 Dzhankoi Raion Dzhankoi 19212,693125,333471226
4 Feodosia Raion Feodosia 20203,177231,666733847
5 Kerch Raion Kerch 20203,027226,660752224
6 Perekop Raion Yani Qapu 19352,646126,110482225
7 Qurman Raion Qurman 19443,240134,035410334
8 Simferopol Raion Simferopol 19651,860512,5272761819
9 Yalta Raion Yalta 2020883198,16122432233
10 Yevpatoria Raion Yevpatoria 20203,860264,368683533

Other oblasts

NameCenterCenter populationOblastArea
(thousand people)
Vinnytsia Raion Vinnytsia 370,7 Vinnytsia Oblast 6888,9657,616
Haisyn Raion Haisyn 25,8 Vinnytsia Oblast 5674,8243,314
Zhmerynka Raion Zhmerynka 34,3 Vinnytsia Oblast 3150,6165,88
Mohyliv-Podilskyi Raion Mohyliv-Podilskyi 31,2 Vinnytsia Oblast 3220,5146,97
Tulchyn Raion Tulchyn 14,9 Vinnytsia Oblast 3858,4157,29
Khmilnyk Raion Khmilnyk 27,4 Vinnytsia Oblast 3701,1188,39
Volodymyr-Volynskyi Raion Volodymyr-Volynskyi 38,9 Volyn Oblast 2558,2174,711
Kamin-Kashyrskyi Raion Kamin-Kashyrskyi 12,5 Volyn Oblast 4693,4132,45
Kovel Raion Kovel 68,2 Volyn Oblast 7647,927123
Lutsk Raion Lutsk 221,1 Volyn Oblast 5247,8457,315
Dnipro Raion Dnipro 987,2 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 5605,71179,317
Kamianske Raion Kamianske 240,5 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 4821,243912
Kryvyi Rih Raion Kryvyi Rih 624,6 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 5717,4772,315
Nikopol Raion Nikopol 110,7 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 3240,4262,68
Novomoskovsk Raion Novomoskovsk 71,4 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 3482,9171,78
Pavlohrad Raion Pavlohrad 105,2 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 2420,9173,37
Synelnykove Raion Synelnykove 31,4 Dnipropetrovsk Oblast 6616,6208,319
Bakhmut Raion Bakhmut 74,1 Donetsk Oblast 1747,6211,47
Volnovakha Raion Volnovakha 21,9 Donetsk Oblast 4449,11468
Horlivka Raion Horlivka 244 Donetsk Oblast 2468,4690,69
Donetsk Raion Donetsk 924,2 Donetsk Oblast 2895,11503,46
Kalmiuske Raion Kalmiuske 11,5 Donetsk Oblast 3132,6122,65
Kramatorsk Raion Kramatorsk 153,9 Donetsk Oblast 5186,356812
Mariupol Raion Mariupol 440,4 Donetsk Oblast 2623,8521,15
Pokrovsk Raion Pokrovsk 63,0 Donetsk Oblast 4020402,714
Berdychiv Raion Berdychiv 75,4 Zhytomyr Oblast 3014,1163,610
Zhytomyr Raion Zhytomyr 264,5 Zhytomyr Oblast 10505,8622,731
Korosten Raion Korosten 63,3 Zhytomyr Oblast 11066,8262,113
Novohrad-Volynskyi Raion Novohrad-Volynskyi 56,3 Zhytomyr Oblast 5242,6171,712
Berehove Raion Berehove 23,7 Zakarpattia Oblast 1458,7209,210
Mukachevo Raion Mukachevo 85,9 Zakarpattia Oblast 2054254,613
Rakhiv Raion Rakhiv 15,5 Zakarpattia Oblast 1845,282,84
Tiachiv Raion Tiachiv 9 Zakarpattia Oblast 1869,5185,310
Uzhhorod Raion Uzhhorod 114,9 Zakarpattia Oblast 2359,5255,814
Khust Raion Khust 28,5 Zakarpattia Oblast 3174,4269,113
Berdyansk Raion Berdyansk 109,2 Zaporizhia Oblast 4461,56 [8] 183,984 [8] 8 [8]
Vasylivka Raion Vasylivka 13,7 Zaporizhia Oblast 4287,33 [8] 188,667 [8] 11 [8]
Zaporizhia Raion Zaporizhia 731,9 Zaporizhia Oblast 4674,61 [8] 874,150 [8] 17 [8]
Melitopol Raion Melitopol 153,1 Zaporizhia Oblast 7081,04 [8] 286,574 [8] 16 [8]
Polohy Raion Polohy 19,3 Zaporizhia Oblast 6762,50 [8] 172,461 [8] 15 [8]
Verkhovyna Raion Verkhovyna 5,8 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 1271,730,53
Ivano-Frankivsk Raion Ivano-Frankivsk 236,6 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 3913,1560,120
Kalush Raion Kalush 66,5 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 3555286,513
Kolomyia Raion Kolomyia 61,3 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 2484,5279,813
Kosiv Raion Kosiv 8,6 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 853,785,75
Nadvirna Raion Nadvirna 22,1 Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast 1872130,68
Bila Tserkva Raion Bila Tserkva 208,9 Kyiv Oblast 6513,1443,413
Boryspil Raion Boryspil 62,3 Kyiv Oblast 3874,9203,711
Brovary Raion Brovary 108,7 Kyiv Oblast 2883,1240,78
Bucha Raion Bucha 35,6 Kyiv Oblast 1544,3339,512
Vyshhorod Raion Vyshhorod 29,9 Kyiv Oblast 6913,4130,17
Obukhiv Raion Obukhiv 33,6 Kyiv Oblast 3526,3229,89
Fastiv Raion Fastiv 45,9 Kyiv Oblast 2886,7180,99
Holovanivsk Raion Holovanivsk 6 Kirovohrad Oblast 4244,3124,910
Kropyvnytskyi Raion Kropyvnytskyi 227,4 Kirovohrad Oblast 9716,9448,117
Novoukrainka Raion Novoukrainka 16,7 Kirovohrad Oblast 5198,9142,713
Oleksandriia Raion Oleksandriia 79,3 Kirovohrad Oblast 5409,7229,89
Alchevsk Raion Alchevsk 107,4 Luhansk Oblast 2006,1442,83
Dovzhansk Raion Dovzhansk 64,2 Luhansk Oblast 2139207,72
Luhansk Raion Luhansk 403,9 Luhansk Oblast 2147,4535,23
Rovenky Raion Rovenky 46,7 Luhansk Oblast 2087,6296,83
Svatove Raion Svatove 17,1 Luhansk Oblast 5329,180,97
Sievierodonetsk Raion Sievierodonetsk 102,4 Luhansk Oblast 2685,7375,86
Starobilsk Raion Starobilsk 16,9 Luhansk Oblast 6930,6129,28
Shchastya Raion Novoaidar 8,6 Luhansk Oblast 3380,481,25
Drohobych Raion Drohobych 76 Lviv Oblast 1496,92395
Zolochiv Raion Zolochiv 24,3 Lviv Oblast 2913,4163,37
Lviv Raion Lviv 724,3 Lviv Oblast 4968,51150,423
Sambir Raion Sambir 34,8 Lviv Oblast 3250,4227,711
Stryi Raion Stryi 59,3 Lviv Oblast 3840,5327,714
Chervonohrad Raion Chervonohrad 67,2 Lviv Oblast 2971,62337
Yavoriv Raion Yavoriv 15 Lviv Oblast 2378,4180,96
Bashtanka Raion Bashtanka 12,7 Mykolaiv Oblast 6714,9140,512
Voznesensk Raion Voznesensk 34,4 Mykolaiv Oblast 6081182,513
Mykolaiv Raion Mykolaiv 483,2 Mykolaiv Oblast 7433,7656,319
Pervomaisk Raion Pervomaisk 66,1 Mykolaiv Oblast 3797,2151,88
Berezivka Raion Berezivka 9,6 Odessa Oblast 5551,6109,416
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Raion Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi 49 Odessa Oblast 5220,6201,416
Bolhrad Raion Bolhrad 15 Odessa Oblast 4559,4154,510
Izmail Raion Izmail 71,8 Odessa Oblast 3434,4206,26
Odessa Raion Odessa 1017,7 Odessa Oblast 3922,81375,922
Podilsk Raion Podilsk 40,4 Odessa Oblast 7063,6229,912
Rozdilna Raion Rozdilna 17,8 Odessa Oblast 3564,4104,29
Kremenchuk Raion Kremenchuk 220,1 Poltava Oblast 6105,8399,412
Lubny Raion Lubny 46,2 Poltava Oblast 5476,9192,67
Myrhorod Raion Myrhorod 39,1 Poltava Oblast 6287,4207,917
Poltava Raion Poltava 286,7 Poltava Oblast 10849,6600,524
Varash Raion Varash 42,4 Rivne Oblast 3327,21398
Dubno Raion Dubno 38 Rivne Oblast 3294,6170,419
Rivne Raion Rivne 245,6 Rivne Oblast 7218634,926
Sarny Raion Sarny 29,2 Rivne Oblast 621921311
Konotop Raion Konotop 86,3 Sumy Oblast 5190,6204,28
Okhtyrka Raion Okhtyrka 48,5 Sumy Oblast 3196,6125,69
Romny Raion Romny 40,5 Sumy Oblast 3882,7113,78
Sumy Raion Sumy 263,5 Sumy Oblast 6499,4449,416
Shostka Raion Shostka 75 Sumy Oblast 5072,3188,510
Kremenets Raion Kremenets 21,2 Ternopil Oblast 2635,7144,78
Ternopil Raion Ternopil 221,8 Ternopil Oblast 6162,356725
Chortkiv Raion Chortkiv 29 Ternopil Oblast 5022334,222
Bohodukhiv Raion Bohodukhiv 15,2 Kharkiv Oblast 4510,3128,45
Izium Raion Izium 48,2 Kharkiv Oblast 5910,2181,68
Krasnohrad Raion Krasnohrad 20,9 Kharkiv Oblast 4912,8108,96
Kupiansk Raion Kupiansk 28,7 Kharkiv Oblast 4618,1137,28
Lozova Raion Lozova 64,7 Kharkiv Oblast 4025,9154,65
Kharkiv Raion Kharkiv 1443,2 Kharkiv Oblast 2644,31762,815
Chuhuiv Raion Chuhuiv 32,5 Kharkiv Oblast 4807202,29
Beryslav Raion Beryslav 12,4 Kherson Oblast 476499,111
Henichesk Raion Henichesk 19,5 Kherson Oblast 6521,7122,44
Kakhovka Raion Nova Kakhovka 45,4 Kherson Oblast 6289,7224,715
Skadovsk Raion Skadovsk 17,6 Kherson Oblast 5248,51279
Kherson Raion Kherson 289,1 Kherson Oblast 3649,9464,410
Kamianets-Podilskyi Raion Kamianets-Podilskyi 99 Khmelnytskyi Oblast 4521,2291,115
Khmelnytskyi Raion Khmelnytskyi 273,9 Khmelnytskyi Oblast 10755,868727
Shepetivka Raion Shepetivka 41,2 Khmelnytskyi Oblast 5346,7286,518
Zvenyhorodka Raion Zvenyhorodka 17,1 Cherkasy Oblast 5279,920417
Zolotonosha Raion Zolotonosha 28,3 Cherkasy Oblast 4249,1142,311
Uman Raion Uman 83,1 Cherkasy Oblast 4527,2257,512
Cherkasy Raion Cherkasy 274,8 Cherkasy Oblast 6882,1602,626
Vyzhnytsia Raion Vyzhnytsia 4 Chernivtsi Oblast 1882919
Dnistrovskyi Raion Kelmentsi 7,3 Chernivtsi Oblast 2122,5157,810
Chernivtsi Raion Chernivtsi 266,5 Chernivtsi Oblast 4101,5655,633
Koriukivka Raion Koriukivka 12,9 Chernihiv Oblast 4578,791,75
Nizhyn Raion Nizhyn 71,1 Chernihiv Oblast 7226,6228,717
Novhorod-Siverskyi Raion Novhorod-Siverskyi 13 Chernihiv Oblast 4630,566,44
Pryluky Raion Pryluky 56,3 Chernihiv Oblast 5214,2158,211
Chernihiv Raion Chernihiv 288,3 Chernihiv Oblast 10249460,820

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  1. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union from 1920 until Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union on 24 August 1991. [2]
  2. Following the 2014 Crimean crisis, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was annexed by Russia as the Republic of Crimea. [7]
  3. The under Ukrainian law city with special status Sevastopol was in 2014 annexed by Russia also. [7]

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Taurida Governorate

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Armenians have maintained a presence in the Crimea since the Middle Ages. The first wave of Armenian immigration into this area began during the mid-eleventh century and, over time, as political, economic and social conditions in Armenia proper failed to improve, newer waves followed them. Today, between 10 and 20 thousand Armenians live in the peninsula.

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Autonomous Republic of Crimea Administrative division of Ukraine; disputed with Russia since 2014

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Republican Football Federation of Crimea (RFFK) is a football governing body in the region of Crimea.

Crimean Directorate of Railway Transportation – directorate of Near-Dnipro Railways. Management services to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. By March 2014 also south-eastern part of Kherson and south-western parts of Zaporozhye region. In the management of living about 2.5 million people.


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