List of solo keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti

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Detail of a painting by Gaspare Traversi, showing Scarlatti tutoring Princess Barbara of Portugal Concerto, pormenor (sec. XVIII) - Gaspare Traversi (Casa-Museu Pinacoteca Braamcamp Freire).png
Detail of a painting by Gaspare Traversi, showing Scarlatti tutoring Princess Barbara of Portugal

Italian composer Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757) wrote 555 solo keyboard sonatas throughout his career. Circulated irregularly in his lifetime, [1] these are now recognized as a significant contribution which pushed the musical and technical standards of keyboard music. [2]



This lists the sonatas for solo keyboard (originally intended for harpsichord, clavichord, or fortepiano) by Domenico Scarlatti. The list can be sorted by any of the four sets of catalogue numbers:

Solo keyboard sonatas

Solo keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti
K L P CZ KeyTempoRecording [lower-alpha 1]
1366576D minorAllegro
2388587G majorPresto
3378598A minorPresto
4390609G minorAllegro
53676110D minorAllegro
64796211F majorAllegro
73796312A minorPresto
84886413G minorAllegro
94136514D minorAllegro
103706615D minorPresto
113526717C minorAllegro
124896818G minorPresto
134866919G majorPresto
143877020G majorPresto
153747121E minorAllegro
163977222B majorPresto
173847323F majorPresto
184167424D minorPresto
193837525F minorAllegro
203757626E majorPresto
213637727D majorAllegro
223607828C minorAllegro
234117929D majorAllegro
244958030A majorPresto
254818131F minorAllegro
263688232A majorPresto
274498333B minorAllegro
283738434E majorPresto
294618536D majorPresto
30 499 86 199 G minor [lower-alpha 2] Moderato
312311959G minorAllegro
3242314D minorAria
3342413058D major
34S715D minorLarghetto
353862035G minorAllegro
362459161A minorAllegro
37406262C minorAllegro
384789760F majorAllegro
393915365A majorAllegro
40357119C minorMinuetto
4137198D minorAndante moderato
42S36120B majorMinuetto
4340133G minorAllegro assai
44432116175F majorAllegro
4526523093D majorAllegro
4625179E majorPresto
4746115B majorPresto
4815787C minorPresto
49301178C majorPresto
50440144181F minorAllegro
5120151E majorAllegro
5226741D minorAndante moderato
53261161173D majorPresto
5424114753A minorAllegro
55335117161G majorAllegro
563565057C minorCon spirito
57S38108B majorAllegro
5815839C minor
597122F majorAllegro
601329G minor
6113616A minor
624549A majorAllegro
638432G majorAllegro
645833D minorAllegro
65195142A majorAllegro
6649613498B majorAllegro
6732125F minorAllegro
681147E major
6938242115F minor
705021B major
718117G majorAllegro
724011C majorAllegro
7321780C minorAllegro – Minuetto – Minuetto
749435A majorAllegro
755323G majorAllegro
7618523G minorPresto
7716810D minorModerato e cantabile – Minuet
787526F majorAllegro – Minuet
7980204G majorAllegrissimo
8028G majorMinuet
8127113E minorGrave – Allegro – Grave – Allegro
823025F major
83S3131A major
841045C minor
8516624F major
86403122C majorAndante moderato
873343B minor
88368G minorGrave – Andante moderato – Allegro
8921112D minorAllegro – Grave – Allegro
901069D minorGrave – Allegro – Allegro
9117611G majorGrave – Allegro – Grave – Allegro
9236244D minor
9333638G minor
9427F majorMinuet
9535883C major
9646521079D majorAllegrissimo
975G minorAllegro
98325219E minorAllegrissimo
99317135C minorAllegro
100355232105C majorAllegrissimo
10149415674A majorAllegro
1028988G minorAllegro
103233233G majorAllegrissimo
104442109117G majorAllegro
10520490G majorAllegro
106437197107F majorAllegro
10747498106F majorAllegro
10824992167G minorAllegro
109138290A minorAdagio
110469129A minorAllegro
11113099G minorAllegro
1122989463B majorAllegro
11334516052A majorAllegro
114344141A majorSpirito e presto
11540710064C minorAllegro
11645211176C minorAllegro
117244181108C majorAllegro
118122266D majorNon presto
11941521768D majorAllegro
12021514684D minorAllegrissimo
12118193G minorAllegrissimo
122334118D majorAllegro
123111180E majorAllegro
12423211048G majorAllegro
1254871521G majorVivo
1264021282C minor
1271861983A majorAllegro
128296199B minorAllegro
129460148C minorAllegro
130190272A majorAllegro
1313001544B minorAllegro
13245729577C majorCantabile
13328221890C majorAllegro
13422114351E majorAllegro
13522423478E majorAllegro
136377113109E majorAllegro
137315231D majorAllegro
13846495D minorAllegro
1396126C minorPresto
140107127D majorAllegro
141422271118D minorAllegro
142240F minorAllegro
143267C majorAllegro
144316G majorCantabile
145369105D major
146349106G majorAllegro
14737648116E minor
14864291A minorAndante
14993241A minorAllegro
150117205F majorAllegro
151330238F majorAndante allegro
152179114G majorAllegro
153445235G majorVivo
15496183B majorAllegro
155197208B majorAllegro
156101248104C majorAllegro
157405391C majorAllegro
1584123C minorAndante
15910441871C majorAllegro
16015131D majorAllegro
161417216D majorAllegro
16221162E majorAndante – Allegro
16363206E majorAllegro
16459274D majorAndante moderato
16552292C majorAndante
16651190C majorAllegro ma non molto
167329200F majorAllegro
168280182F majorVivo
169331247G majorAllegro
170303164C majorAndante – Allegro
17177153G majorAllegro
172S40313112B majorAllegro
17344751179B minorAllegro
174410149C minorAllegro
175429136A minorAllegro
176163163111D minorCantabile andante – Allegrissimo
177364184D majorAndante
178162392127D majorVivo
1791778916G minorAllegro
18027219285G majorAllegro vivo
181194253A majorAllegro
1821392075A majorAllegro
183473150114F minorAllegro
184189102F minorAllegro
185173121F minorAndante
1867246F minorAllegro
187285145F minorAllegro
188239213A minorAllegro
189143257B majorAllegro
190250256113B majorAllegro
19120718D minorAllegro
192216322102E majorAllegro
193142254E majorAllegro
19428479F majorAndante
195S18185F majorVivo
19638244G minorAllegro
197147124B minorAndante
19822132E minorAllegro
199253276C majorAndate moderato
20054242C majorAllegro
201129252180G majorVivo
202498173110B majorAllegro
20338096E minorVivo non molto
204a170F minorAllegro
204b255F minorAllegro – Allegro – Allegrissimo
205S23171F majorVivo
20625730794E majorAndante
207371140E majorAllegro
208238315A majorAdagio e cantabile
209428209A majorAllegro
210123293G majorAndante
21113327749A majorAndantino
212135155182A majorAllegro molto
213108288D minorAndante
214165430D majorAllegro vivo
21532328180E majorAndante
21627332066E majorAllegro
21742287A minorAndante
218392237101A minorVivo
219393278A majorAndante
220342309A majorAllegro
221259215A majorAllegro
222309236A majorVivo
223214188133D majorAllegro
224268225134D majorVivo
225351202C majorAllegro
226112101C minorAllegro
22734752B minorAllegro
228399224B majorAllegro
229199139135B majorAllegro vivo
23035447C minorAllegro
231409393C majorAllegro
23262317E minorAndante
233467497136E minorAllegro
23449286G minorAndante
235154172G majorAllegro
236161201D majorAllegro
237308446D majorAllegro
2382755F minorAndante
23928156F minorAllegro
240S29368G majorAllegro
241180431137G majorAllegro
242202243C majorVivo
243353394C majorAllegro
24434829875B majorAllegro
245450299B majorAllegro
24626029688C minorAllegro
24725629781C minorAllegro
248S35187B majorAllegro
24939424B majorAllegro
250174461C majorAllegro
251305314C majorAllegro
252159203E majorAllegro
253320239E majorAllegro
254219254C minorAllegro
255439226C majorAllegro
256228480F majorAndante
257169138138F majorAllegro
258178494D majorAndante
25910346954G majorAndante
26012430456G majorAllegro
261148300166B majorAllegro
262446301B majorVivo
263321283E minorAndante
264466308E majorVivo
265S32168121A minorAllegro
26648251B majorAndante
267434363B majorAllegro
26841369A majorAllegro
269307432A majorAllegro
270459481C major
271155447C majorVivo
272145518B majorAllegro
273398174B majorVivo – Moderato
274297491F majorAndante
275328430122F majorAllegro
276S20433F majorAllegro
277183275D majorCantabile andantino
278S15434162D majorCon velocita
279468306A majorAndante
280237395A majorAllegro
28156289D majorAndante
282484166D majorAllegro
283318482123G majorAndante allegro
28490169G majorAllegro
28591321A majorAndante allegro
286394410A majorAllegro
287S 9310D major [lower-alpha 3] Andante allegro
28857311D major [lower-alpha 4] Allegro
28978249G majorAllegro
29085396G majorAllegro
29161282E minorAndante
29224223E minorAllegro
293S44157B minorAllegro
29467470D minorAndante
295270211D minorAllegro
296198305F majorAndante
297S19448F majorAllegro
298S619487D majorAllegro
29921026882D majorAllegro
30092312A majorAndante
301493361A majorAllegro
3027279C minorAndante
3039212C minorAllegro
30488492G majorAndante cantabile
305322397G majorAllegro
30616456E majorAllegro
307115449E majorAllegro
308359318C majorCantabile
309454333C majorAllegro
310248284B majorAndante
311144227B majorAllegro
312264334D majorAllegro
313192398120D majorAllegro
314441505G majorAllegro
31523554119G minorAllegro
316299193F majorAllegro
31766258F majorAllegro
31831302F majorAndante
31935303F majorAllegro
320341335A majorAllegro
321258450A majorAllegro
322483360A majorAllegro
32395411A majorAllegro
324332285G majorAndante
32537451G majorAllegro
326201336128C majorAllegro
327152399129C majorAllegro
328S27485G majorAndante comodo
329S5337C majorAllegro
33055222C majorAllegro
33118471B majorAndante
332141519B majorAllegro
333269338D majorAllegro – Allegrissimo
334100412B majorAllegro
335S10339D majorAllegro
336337262D majorAllegro
337S26340G majorAllegro
33887400G majorAllegro
339251189C majorAllegro
340105420C majorAllegro
341140103A minorAllegro
342191341A majorAllegro
343291495165A majorAllegro andante
344295221A majorAllegro
345306342D majorAllegro
34660250D majorAllegro
347126294177G minorModerato cantabile
348127462178G majorPrestissimo
349170452F majorAllegro
350230413F majorAllegro
351S34165B majorAndante – Allegrissimo
352S13343D majorAllegro
353313401D majorAllegro
35468486F majorAndante
355S22344F majorAllegro
356443488C majorCon spirito andante
357S45270C majorAllegro
358412457D majorAllegro
359448425D majorAllegrissimo
360400520B majorAllegro
361247214B majorAllegrissimo
362156159C minorAllegro
363160104C minorPresto
364436345125F minorAllegro
365480112126F minorAllegro
36611926389F majorAllegro
367172453130F majorPresto
368S30506131A majorAllegro
369240259132A majorAllegro
370316346E majorAllegro
37117264E majorAllegro
372302402168G majorAllegro
37398158G minorPresto e fugato
37476472G majorAndante
375389414G majorAllegro
37634246B minorAllegro
377263245124B minorAllegrissimo
37827634799F majorAllegro
37973107F majorMinuet
38023483100E majorAndante comodo
38122532392E majorAllegro
382S33508A minorAllegro
383134269A minorAllegro
3842487C majorCantabile andante
385284220C majorAllegro
386171137164F minorPresto
387175415163F minorVeloce e fugato
388414370D majorPresto
389482331D majorAllegro
390234348G majorAllegro
39179364G majorAllegro
392246371B majorAllegro
39374326B majorMinuet
394275349E minorAllegro
39565273E majorAllegro
396110435D minorAndante
397208325D majorMinuet
39821849369C majorAndante
399274458C majorAllegro
40021322886D majorAllegro
401365436D majorAllegro
402427436E minorAndante
403470436E majorAllegro
404222436A majorAndante
40543436A majorAllegro
4065436C majorAllegro
407S4436C majorAllegro
408346436B minorAndante
409150436B minorAllegro
410S43372B majorAllegro
41169351B majorAllegro
412182463G majorAllegro
413125416G majorAllegro
414310373D majorAllegro
415S11175D majorPastoral Allegro
416149454D majorPresto
41746240D minorAllegro moderato
41826510F majorAllegro
419279524F majorPiu tosto presto che allegro
420S2352169C majorAllegro
421252459170C majorAllegro
422451511141C majorAllegro
423102455143C majorPresto
424289374142G majorAllegro
425333426144G majorAllegro molto
42612812845G minorAndante
427286286145G majorPresto quanto sia possible
42813113146A majorAllegro
42913213247A majorAllegro
43046346350D majorNon presto ma a tempo di ballo
4318383G majorAllegro
432288288171G majorAllegro
433453453172G majorVivo
434343498176D minorAndante
435361466174D majorAllegro
436109404D majorAllegro
437278499139F majorAndante comodo
438381467140F majorAllegro
43947473B majorModerato
44097328B majorMinuet
441S39375146B majorAllegro
442319229147B majorAllegro
443418376148D majorAllegro
444420441149D minorAllegrissimo
445385468150F majorAllegro o presto
44643317772F majorPastorale Allegrissimo
447294191151F minorAllegro
448485261152F minorAllegro
449444405153G majorAllegro
45033842244G minorAllegrissimo
451243366103A minorAllegro
452A majorAndante allegro
453280A majorAndante
454184423154G majorAndante spirituoso
455209354155G majorAllegro
456491377156A majorAllegro
457292442157A majorAllegro
45821226043D majorAllegro
459S14167D minor/majorAllegro
460324378158C majorAllegro
4618324C majorAllegro
46243847495F minorAndante
46347151296F minorMolto allegro
464151460C majorAllegro
465242406159C majorAllegro
466118501F minorAndante moderato
467476513F minorAllegrissimo
46822650741F majorAllegro
46943151473F majorAllegro molto
470304379G majorAllegro
47182327G majorMinuet
47299475B majorAndante
473229355B majorAllegro molto
47420350237E majorAndante cantabile
47522031997E majorAllegrissimo
47634042738G minorAllegro
47729041970G majorAllegrissimo
47812503D majorAndante cantabile
479S16380D majorAllegrissimo
480S8381D majorPresto
48118750439F minorAndante cantabile
48243535640F majorAllegrissimo
48347240742F majorPresto
484419428D majorAllegro
485153490C majorAndante cantabile
486455515C majorAllegro
48720542155C majorAllegro
488S37382B majorAllegro
489S41522B majorAllegro
49020647691D majorCantabile
491164484D majorAllegro
49214443D majorPresto
493S24383G majorAllegro
494287444G majorAllegro
495426384E majorAllegro
496372332E majorAllegro
497146357B minorAllegro
498350367B minorAllegro
499193477A majorAndante
500492358A majorAllegro
501137385C majorAllegretto
5023408C majorAllegro
503196196B majorAllegretto
50429265B majorAllegro
505326386F majorAllegro non presto
50670409F majorAllegro
507113478E majorAndantino cantabile
50819516E majorAllegro
509311387D majorAllegro
510277525D minorAllegro molto
511314388D majorAllegro
512339359D majorAllegro
513S3176C majorModerato e Molto allegro – Presto
5141389C majorAllegro
515255417C majorAllegro
516S12523D minorAllegretto
517266517190D minorPrestissimo
518116390F majorAllegro
519475445189F minorAllegro assai
52086362G majorAllegretto
521408429G majorAllegro
522S25526G majorAllegro
523490527197G majorAllegro
524283528F majorAllegro
525188529194F majorAllegro
526456530193C minorAllegro comodo
527458531C majorAllegro assai
528200532B majorAllegro
529327533188B majorAllegro
53044534E majorAllegro
53143053567E majorAllegro
532223536187A minorAllegro
533395537186A majorAllegro assai
53411538D majorCantabile
535262531185D majorAllegro
536236540A majorCantabile
537293541A majorPrestissimo
538254542G majorAllegretto
539121543G majorAllegro
540S17544F majorAllegretto
541120545F majorAllegretto
542167546F majorAllegretto
543227547F majorAllegro
544497548B majorCantabile
545500549B majorPrestissimo
546312550G minorCantabile
547S28551G majorAllegro
548404552C majorAllegretto
549S1553C majorAllegro
550S42554B majorAllegretto
551396555184B majorAllegro
552421556D minorAllegretto
553425557183D minorAllegro
554S21558F majorAllegretto
555477559F minorAllegro
A major, 3
[lower-alpha 5]
A major, 4
[lower-alpha 6]
Music Archive of the Cathedrals of Saragossa [E-Zac]Y : YáñezKey
B-2 Ms.31Y.1.B major
B-2 Ms.31Y.2.C major
B-2 Ms.31Y.3.D major
B-2 Ms.31Y.4.G major
A-1 Ms.1Y.5.G major
A-1 Ms.1Y.6.G minor

See: Yanez Navarro, Celestino: Nuevas aportaciones para el estudio de las sonatas de Domenico Scarlatti. Los manuscritos del Archivo de música de las Catedrales de Zaragoza. Tesis doctoral, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, 2015.


  1. All recordings are by harpsichordist John Sankey unless otherwise noted.
  2. Has been called the "Cat fugue"
  3. For chamber organ with 2 manuals
  4. For chamber organ with 2 manuals
  5. Transcribed in a manuscript as Cary 703, in the Morgan Library & Museum, New York
  6. known from a Portuguese source as well ;Cary 703, in the Morgan Library & Museum, New York

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Scott Ross was a United States-born harpsichordist who lived in France and Canada for many years. His recordings include the first complete recording by a single performer of the 555 harpsichord sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti.

Cat fugue

The Fugue in G minor by Domenico Scarlatti is a one-movement harpsichord sonata popularly known as the Cat fugue or Cat's fugue.


A harpsichordist is a person who plays the harpsichord. Harpsichordists may play as soloists, as accompanists, as chamber musicians, or as members of an orchestra, or some combination of these roles. Solo harpsichordists may play unaccompanied sonatas for harpsichord or concertos accompanied by orchestra. Accompanist harpsichordists might accompany singers or instrumentalists, either playing works written for a voice and harpsichord or an orchestral reduction of the orchestra parts. Chamber musician harpsichordists could play in small groups of instrumentalists, such as a quartet or quintet. Baroque-style orchestras and opera pit orchestras typically have a harpsichordist to play the chords in the basso continuo part.

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Giuseppe Scarlatti was a composer of opere serie and opere buffe. He worked in Rome from 1739 to 1741, and from 1752 to 1754 in Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Turin. From 1752 to 1754, and again from 1756 to 1759, he worked in Venice and for short periods in Milan and Barcelona. In 1760 he moved to Vienna, where he enjoyed the friendship of Christoph Willibald Gluck. "The third most important musician of his clan", it is still uncertain whether he was the nephew of Alessandro born 18 June 1723 or the nephew of Domenico born in 1718. Giuseppe Scarlatti was married to the Viennese singer Barbara Stabili who died about 1753. By 1767 he had married Antonia Lefebvre, who that year bore him a son; she died three years later. Scarlatti died intestate in 1777 in Vienna.

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Essercizi per gravicembalo(Exercises for Harpsichord) is a collection of thirty sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. It was published in London on 3 February 1739 and dedicated by the composer to King John V of Portugal. The latter summoned the composer to Lisbon to teach his daughter, Barbara of Portugal, to play the harpsichord.

<i>Amor dunombra e gelosia dunaura</i>

Amor d'un'ombra e gelosia d'un'aura, also known as Narciso ("Narcissus"), is an opera in three acts composed by Domenico Scarlatti to a libretto by Carlo Sigismondo Capece. It premiered in Rome in January 1714 at the private theatre of Maria Casimira of Poland who had commissioned the work. The libretto is based on two fables from Ovid's Metamorphoses: Echo and Narcissus and Cephalus and Procris.

Che vidi oh Ciel, che vidi is a cantata da camera written by Domenico Scarlatti for soprano, two violins, and basso continuo. It is one of 41 cantatas Scarlatti composed for soprano voice. The text was written by poet and librettist Pietro Metastasio. The exact date of publication is not printed on the original score. Because this cantata belongs to the volume "Österreichische Nationalbibliothek", the cantata was likely composed between 1729 and 1757, during the composer's time in Spain.

Joel Leonard Sheveloff was an American musicologist, teacher and author.