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Manfred von Richthofen

Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen (2 May 1892 – 21 April 1918), widely known as the Red Baron, is considered the ace-of-aces of the First World War, being officially credited with 80 air combat victories, more than any other pilot of the war – before being killed in action near Amiens on 21 April 1918.


As the following list demonstrates, his victories are well documented. [1] Victories are against English flyers unless otherwise noted. The † indicates death.

Victory nºDefeatedDateHourRichthofen's unitRichthofen's aircraftOpponent/s unitOpponent/s aircraftLocation
1Lt. Lionel Morris †;
Capt. Tom Rees †;
17 September 19161100 Jasta 2 Albatros D.II(491/16)11 Sqn. F.E.2b (7018)Near Villers Plouich
2Sgt. Herbert Bellerby †23 September 19161100Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)27 Sqn. Martinsyde G.100 (7481) Bapaume
3Lt. Ernest Conway Lansdale †;
Sgt. Albert Clarkson †
30 September 19161150Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)11 Sqn.F.E.2b (6973)Near Lagnicourt
42/Lt. William Fenwick †7 October 19160910Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)21 Sqn. B.E.12 (6618)Near Equancourt
52/Lt. John Thompson DCM16 October 19160500Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)19 Sqn.B.E.12 (6580)Near Ypres
6(probably) 2/Lt. W.T.W Wilcox (WIA; POW)25 October 19160935Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)21 Sqn.B.E.12 (6654)Near Bapaume- also listed as 2/Lt. Arthur James Fisher (vs Kurt Wolff)
7Sgt. Cuthbert Baldwin †;
Lt. George Bentham Andrew †
3 November 19161410Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)18 Sqn.F.E.2b (7010)NE of Grévillers Wood
82/Lt. Ian Gilmour Cameron †9 November 19161030Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)12 Sqn. B.E.2c (2506) Beugny
9?(possibly) Lt. Thomas Henry Clarke (POW);
2/Lt. James Lees (POW)
20 November 19160940Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)15 Sqn.B.E.2c (2767)S of Grandcourt (prob. versus Lt Kirmaier)
102/Lt. Gilbert Sudbury Hall †;
2/Lt. George Doughty †
20 November 19161615Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)18 Sqn.F.E.2b (4848)Grandcourt
11Maj.Lanoe Hawker VC DSO23 November 19161500Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)24 Sqn. D.H.2 (5964)S of Bapaume
12Lt. Benedict Philip Hunt (POW)11 December 19161155Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)32 Sqn.D.H.2 (5986)Near Arras
13Capt.Arthur Gerald Knight, DSO20 December 19161130Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)29 Sqn.D.H.2 (7927) Menchy
14Lt. Lionel George D'Arcy †;
Sub-Lt. Reginald Whiteside (RNVR) †
20 December 19161345Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)18 Sqn.F.E.2b (A5446) Moreuil
15?(possibly) Capt. JB Quested (WIA);
Lt. HJH Dicksee (unhurt)

(Some sources claim that this was Sgt. James McCudden of No.29 Squadron, in a DH.2.)
27 December 19161625Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)11 Sqn.F.E.2b (6937)Quested/Dicksee were downed at 11.20 hours, 12 km east of Ficheux (probably versus Jasta 1)- inside Allied lines. Richthofen claimed his kill at 16.25 hours [2] McCudden, who returned to base, fits the time period.
16Flt/Lt. Allan Switzer Todd Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN4 January 19171615Jasta 2Albatros D.II(491/16)8 RNAS Sopwith Pup (N5193)Near Metz-en-Couture
172/Lt. John Hay Flag of Australia (converted).svg  AUS23 January 19171610 Jasta 11 Albatros D.II(491/16)40 Sqn. F.E.8 (6388)S of Lens
18Lt. John MacLennan (WIA: POW);
Capt. Oscar Greig (WIA: POW);
24 January 19171215Jasta 11Albatros D.III(789/17)25 Sqn.F.E.2b (6997)O of Vimy
19Lts. Percival Murray †;
Duncan John McRae Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN
1 February 19171600Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II16 Sqn.B.E.2d (6742)1 km SO of Thelus
20Lt. Cyril Bennett (POW);
2/Lt. Herbert Arthur Croft †
14 February 19171200Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II2 Sqn.B.E.2d (6231)O of Loos
21(probably) Capt. George Cyril Bailey  DSO  (WIA);
2/Lt. George William Betts Hampton (unhurt)
14 February 19171645Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II2 Sqn.B.E.2c (2543)SW of Mazingarbe; aircraft actually returned to base safely.
22Lt. James Benjamin Evelyn Crosbee (unhurt); Sgt. John Edward Prance DCM (WIA)4 March 19171250Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II2 Sqn.B.E.2d (5785)1 km N of Loos; aircraft actually returned to base safely.
232/Lt. Herbert John Green †;
2/Lt. Alexander William Reid MC
4 March 19171620Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II43 Sqn. Sopwith 1½ Strutter (A1108) Acheville
242/Lt. Gerald Maurice Gosset-Bibby †;
Lt. Geoffrey Joseph Ogilvy Brichta Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN
6 March 19171700Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II16 Sqn.B.E.2e (A2785) Souchez
25Lt. Arthur John Pearson MC9 March 19171155Jasta 11 Albatros D.III 29 Sqn.D.H.2 (A2571)Between Roclincourt and Bailleul
262/Lt. James Smyth †;
2/Lt. Edward Byrne †
11 March 19171200Jasta 11 Halberstadt D.II 2 Sqn.B.E.2d (6232)S of La Folie Wood
27Lt. Arthur Elsdale Boultbee †;
2AM. Frederick King †
17 March 19171130Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II25 Sqn.F.E.2b (A5439) Oppy
282/Lt. George MacDonald Watt †;
Sgt. Ernest Adam Howlett †
17 March 19171700Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II16 Sqn.B.E.2g (2814)O of Vimy
29F/Sgt. Sidney Herbert Quicke †;
2/Lt. William John Lidsey †
21 March 19171730Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II16 Sqn.B.E.2e (A3154)Hill 123, N of Neuville
30Lt. Richard Plunkett Baker Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN (WIA; POW)24 March 19171155Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II19 Sqn. SPAD VII (A6706) Givenchy
31Lt. Christopher Guy Gilbert (POW)25 March 19170820Jasta 11Halberstadt D.II29 Sqn. Nieuport 17 (A6689)Tilloy
32Lt. Patrick John Gordon Powell †;
1AM. Percy Bonner †
2 April 19170835Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)13 Sqn.B.E.2d (5841) Farbus
332/Lt. Algernon Peter Warren (POW);
Sgt. Reuel Dunn †
2 April 19171115Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)43 sqn.Sopwith 1½ Strutter (A2401)Givenchy
342/Lt. Donald Peter McDonald (POW);
2/Lt. John Ingram Mullaniffe O'Beirne †
3 April 19171615Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)25 Sqn.F.E.2d (A6382)Between Lens and Liévin
352/Lt. Arthur Norman Lechler (WIA; POW);
2/Lt. Herbert Duncan King George †
5 April 19171115Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)48 Sqn. Bristol F.2a (A3340) Lewarde, S of Douai
36Lts. Alfred Terence Adams (POW);
Donald James Stewart (POW)
5 April 19171130Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)48 Sqn.Bristol F.2a (A3343) Cuincy
372/Lt. George Orme Smart †7 April 19171745Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)60 Sqn.Nieuport 17 (A6645) Mercatel
38Lts. John Heagerty (POW);
Leonard Heath-Cantle †;
8 April 19171140Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)43 Sqn.Sopwith 1½ Strutter (A2406)Near Farbus
392/Lt. Keith Ingleby MacKenzie †;
2/Lt. Guy Everingham †
8 April 19171640Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)16 Sqn.B.E.2g (A2815)Vimy
40Lt. Edward Claude England Derwin (WIA);
Gunner H. Pierson (WIA)
11 April 19170925Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)13 Sqn.B.E.2d (2501) Willerval-fell inside Allied Lines.
41Capt. James Maitland Stuart †;
Lt. Maurice Herbert Wood †
13 April 19170858Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)59 sqn.R.E.8 (A3190)Between Vitry and Brebières
42Sgt. James Allen Cunniffe (WIA);
2AM. W.J. Batten; (WIA)
13 April 19171245Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)11 Sqn.F.E.2b (A831)Between Monchy and Feuchy-crashed Allied side of Lines.
432/Lt. Allan Harold Bates †;
Sgt. William Alfred Barnes †
13 April 19171935Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)25 Sqn.F.E.2b (4997) Noyelles-Godault, near Hénin-Liétard
44Lt. William Oswald Russell (POW)14 April 19170915Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)60 Sqn.Nieuport 17 (A6796)1 km S of Bois Bernard
452/Lt. Alphonso Pascoe (WIA);
2/Lt. Frederick Seymour Andrews †
16 April 19171730Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)13 Sqn.B.E.2e (3156)Between Bailleul and Gavrelle-Allied side of Lines.
46(possibly) Lt. Waldemar Franklin (WIA);
Lt. William Frederick Fletcher; (WIA)
22 April 19171710Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)11 Sqn.F.E.2b (7020)Near Lagnicourt- one of four FE2b's downed by Jasta 11.
472/Lt. Eric Welch †;
Sgt. Amos George Tollervey †
23 April 19171205Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)16 Sqn.B.E.2f (A3168)Mericourt
48Lt. Reginald William Follit †;
2/Lt. Frederick James Kirkham (POW)
28 April 19170930Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)13 Sqn.B.E.2e (7221)E of Pelves, SE edge of Square 6998
49Lt. Richard Applin †29 April 19171205Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)19 Sqn.SPAD VII (B1573)Near Lecluse
50Sgt. George Stead †;
Cpl. Alfred Beebee †
29 April 19171655Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)18 sqn.F.E.2b (4898)SW of Inchy, Hill 90, near Pariville
51Lt. David Evan Davies †;
Lt. George Henry Rathbone Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN
29 April 19171925Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)12 Sqn.B.E.2e (2738)Near Roeux
52 Flt. Sub-Lt Albert Edward Cuzner Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN29 April 19171940Jasta 11Albatros D.III(2253/17)8 RNAS Sopwith Triplane (N5463)Between Billy-Montigny and [[Sallaumines] over Vimy]
53Lt. Ralph Walter Elly Ellis †;
Lt. Harold Carver Barlow †
18 June 19171315 JG I Albatros D.V(789/17)9 Sqn. R.E.8 (A4290) Hof Struywe, Square V.42
54?(possibly) Lt. Robert Wallace Farquhar (unhurt)23 June 19172130JG I Albatros D.V(1177/17)23 Sqn.SPAD VII (B1530)N of Ypres- landed back at base at La Lovie, slightly damaged.
55Capt. Norman George McNaughton MC †;
Lt. Angus Hughes Mearns †
24 June 19170910JG IAlbatros D.V(1177/17)57 Sqn. D.H.4 (A7473)Between Keibergmolen (former windmill, located in Beselare) and Lichtensteinlager.
56Lt. Leslie Spencer Bowman †;
2/Lt. James Edward Power-Clutterbuck †
25 June 19171840JG IAlbatros D.V(1177/17)53 Sqn.R.E.8 (A3847)Near Le Bizet
57Sgt. Hubert Arthur Whatley †;
2/Lt. Frank Guy Buckingham Pascoe †
2 July 19171020JG IAlbatros D.V(1177/17)53 Sqn.R.E.8 (A3538) Deulemont
582/Lt. William Harold Trant Williams (WIA; POW; † from wounds)16 August 19170755JG IAlbatros D.V(2059/17)29 Sqn. Nieuport 23 (A6611)Near Polygon Wood
592/Lt. Coningsby Phillip Williams †26 August 19170730JG IAlbatros D.V(2059/17)19 Sqn.SPAD VII (B3492)Between Poelcapelle and Langemarck
60Lt. John Bristo Culley Madge (WIA/POW);
2/Lt. Walter Kember †
1 September 19170750JG I Fokker F.I(102/17)6 Sqn.R.E.8 (B782)Near Zonnebeke
61Lt. Algernon Frederick Bird (POW)3 September 19170735JG IFokker F.I (102/17)46 Sqn.Sopwith Pup (B1795)S of Bousbecque
62Lt. James Alexander Vazeill Boddy (WIA)23 November 19171400JG IAlbatros D.V (4693/17)64 Sqn. D.H.5 (A9299)SE edge of Bourlon Wood-rescued from no-mans land
63Lt. Donald Argyle Douglas Ian MacGregor †30 November 19171430JG IAlbatros D.V(4963/17)41 Sqn. S.E.5a (B644)Near Mœuvres. Noted elsewhere (Gibbons) as 56 Sqn's Capt. P.T. Townsend. However, Townsend was downed 15.45 some 34 km further north west. [3]
642/Lt. Leonard Frederick Cyril Clutterbuck (POW);
2/Lt Henry James Sparks MC; (POW)
12 March 19181110–1115JG I Fokker Dr.I(152/17)62 Sqn.Bristol F.2b (B1251)N of Nauroy, Square 2858
65Lt. Elmer Ernest Heath Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN (WIA/POW)13 March 19181035JG IFokker DR.I (152/17)73 Sqn. Sopwith Camel (B2523)Between Gonnelieu and Banteux, Square 1853
662/Lt. William George Ivamy Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN (POW)18 March 19181115JG IFokker DR.I (477/17)54 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (B5243)road Molain Vaux-Andigny
67Lt. John Percy McCone Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN †;
OR Lt. Donald Cecil Tucker (WIA/POW)
24 March 19181445JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)both 41 Sqn.S.E.5a (C1054 or C6399) Combles; Gibbons listed Lt. W Porter of 56 Sqn, although he was killed an hour earlier versus Jasta 34b. As Richthofen's combat report states the enemy aircraft disintegrated, McCone would be the more likely victim. [4]
682/Lt. Donald Cameron †25 March 19181555JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)3 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (C1562)road Bapaume Albert
69(possibly) Lt. Allan McNab Denovan Canadian Red Ensign (1868-1921).svg  CAN26 March 19181645JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)1 Sqn.S.E.5a (B511)S of Contalmaison. Several other victims have been postulated over the years, but Donovan is the best fit for time and location. These others include Lt W Knox (54 Sqn), who was actually killed two days earlier, Lt ATW Lindsay (54 Sqn), who was lost two hours earlier, and one of two 19 Sqn. Sopwith Dolphins lost that day. [5]
702/Lt. Vernon Jack Reading †;
2/Lt. Matthew Leggat †
26 March 19181700JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)15 Sqn.R.E.8 (B742)2 km NE of Albert, Somme
71Capt.Thomas Sydney Sharpe DFC (WIA/POW)27 March 19180900JG IFokker DR.I (127/17)73 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (C6733) Ancre, 1 km N of Aveluy, N of Albert
72Lt. Edward Treloar Smart; 2/Lt. Kenneth Purnell Barford27 March 19181630JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)2 Sqn. A/W F.K.8 (B288)2 km O of Foucaucourt. (Some sources suggest that this may have been a DH-4 of 5 RNAS.)
732/Lt. George Halliwell Harding Flag of the United States.svg  USA27 March 19181635JG IFokker DR.I (477/17)79 Sqn. Sopwith Dolphin (C4016)1 km N of Chuignolles, S of Bray-sur-Somme
742/Lts. Joseph Bertram Taylor †;
2/Lt. Eric Betley †
28 March 19181220JG IFokker DR.I (127/17)82 Sqn.A/W F.K.8 (C8444)Near Mericourt
752/Lt. Ernest David Jones †;
2/Lt. Robert Francis Newton †
2 April 19181230JG IFokker DR.I (477/17)52 Sqn.R.E.8 (A3868)Hill 104, NE of Moreuil
76Capt.Sydney Philip Smith (MIA)6 April 19181545JG IFokker DR.I(127/17)46 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (D6491)NE of Villers-Bretonneux, near the E edge of Bois de Hamel
772/Lt. Albert Vernon Gallie7 April 19181130JG IFokker DR.I (477/17)73 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (D6550)Near Hangard
78?(possibly) Lt. Ronald George Hinings Adams (WIA/POW)7 April 19181205JG IFokker DR.I(477/17)73 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (D6554)500m E of Hill 104, N of Villers-Bretonneux. (Possibly a different Camel from 73 Sqn; three were lost.)
79Major Richard Raymond-Barker MC20 April 19181840JG IFokker DR.I(425/17)3 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (D6439)SO of Bois de Hamel
802/Lt. David Greswolde Lewis Flag of Rhodesia (1964-1968).svg RHO (POW)20 April 19181843JG IFokker DR.I (425/17)3 Sqn.Sopwith Camel (B7393)NE of Villers-Bretonneux

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Captain Sydney Philip Smith, was a British First World War flying ace, who was credited with five aerial victories, before being shot down and killed, the 76th victory of Manfred von Richthofen.

Otto Brauneck was a German World War I flying ace credited with ten confirmed and five unconfirmed aerial victories. Originally assigned to fly on the Macedonian Front to support Germany's ally, the Ottoman Empire, between September 1916 and April 1917 Brauneck shot down four enemy observation balloons and three aircraft, with a further five claims going unproven. Transferred to the Red Baron's Jagdstaffel 11 in France, Brauneck scored a further three victories before being killed in action on 26 July 1917.

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