Lithuanian Football Cup

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Lithuanian Football Cup
Organising body Lithuanian Football Federation
Founded1924;97 years ago (1924)
Number of teams33 (2020)
Qualifier for UEFA Europa Conference League
Domestic cup(s) Lithuanian Supercup
Current champions FK Panevėžys (1st title)
Most successful club(s) Žalgiris Vilnius (12 titles)
Television broadcasters DELFI TV
Soccerball current event.svg 2021 Lithuanian Football Cup

The Lithuanian Football Federation Cup (Lithuanian : Lietuvos futbolo federacijos taurė), also known as Hegelmann LFF Cup for sponsorship reasons, is a Lithuanian football cup competition contested in a knockout tournament format. The winner of the cup gains entitlement to participate in the Lithuanian Supercup as well as the UEFA Europa League.


The clubs of A Lyga, I Lyga, II Lyga, III Lyga and IV Lyga are eligible to compete. The competition format is a single-elimination tournament.

The competition was sponsored by Sharp in 2018-2019, [1] and by Hegelmann in 2020.


Interwar period

The first cup tournament in Lithuania took place in 1924 and was called the "Kooperacijos taurė". It took place during the International Cooperation Day event. [2] "Kooperacijos taurė" competition took place three times - 1924, 1925 and 1926. Other cup competitions took place at the same time as well - "Žiemos taurė" (lith. Winter Cup) in 1925, "Pavasario taurė" (lith. Spring Cup) in 1926 and 1927, as well as once-off cup events.

1924Kooperacijos taurėFounded by a banker Vincas Zakarevičius. The 50 cm in diameter and 1,250g in weight cup was made of silver and gold-plated materials cost 1,000 Litas. [3] LFLS Kaunas 2:1 Kovas Kaunas
1925Kooperacijos taurė LFLS Kaunas won the cup for the second time. [4] The cup was to be passed on to the winner each year, and to be kept if won three times in a row.
1925Žiemos taurė KSK Kaunas 2:0 Kovas Kaunas
1926Kooperacijos taurė LFLS Kaunas won the cup for three years in a row, and fulfilled the condition to keep the cup. [5] LFLS Kaunas 4:3 Kovas Kaunas
1926Pavasario taurėOrganized by LFLS central committee. [6]
1926Lithuanian Cup of HonourThe 2,000 Litas cup was founded by the famous singer Kipras Petrauskas, yet it was not supported by the governing football committee. The cup was presented to the previous year football league champion Kovas Kaunas [7]
1927Pavasario taurė10 Kaunas A and B class teams were competing. [8] Makabi Kaunas 3:2 Kovas Kaunas
1927Lloyd Lithuania CupThe cup was presented to the Kaunas region league champion LFLS Kaunas. [9]
1932Sekminių taurėThe cup was founded with a view to replace the Kooperacijos taurė competition. [10] LFLS Kaunas 5:1 Kovas Kaunas
1935Lithuanian I Sports Festival6 teams from Kaunas and 4 teams from Latvia competed in the tournament. [11] MSK Kaunas  ?:? Tauras Kaunas
1938Lithuanian National Olympics16 teams participated, including 1 team from Latvia. The tournament was a part of a prestigious Lithuanian National Olympics event. [12] KSS Klaipėda 2:0 LGSF Kaunas

Post-war period

After the World War II, in soviet Lithuania a cup competition was established by the initiative of Tiesa newspaper in 1947, and was called The Tiesa Cup. [13] It consisted of Lithuanian SSR teams not competing in the Soviet football league pyramid.

Re-established Independence to present

Since the regained independence in 1990 the competition is called the Lithuanian Football Federation Cup.


Soviet Era (Tiesa Cup)
1947 Lokomotyvas Kaunas Vėliava Šiauliai 3–2 Miesto stadionas, Vilnius
1948 Inkaras Kaunas Lokomotyvas Kaunas 4–0 Valstybinis stadionas, Vilnius
1949 Inkaras Kaunas Audiniai Kaunas 1–0 KKI Stadionas, Kaunas
1950 Elnias Šiauliai Inkaras Kaunas 4–0 Valstybinis stadionas, Vilnius
1951 Inkaras Kaunas Elnias Šiauliai 2–0 Dinamo stadionas, Vilnius
1952 Karininkų namai Vilnius Dinamo Vilnius 1–0 Dinamo stadionas, Vilnius
1953 Lima Kaunas Trinyčiai Klaipėda 4–2 Valstybinis stadionas, Vilnius
1954 Inkaras Kaunas KPI Kaunas 4–0 KKI Stadionas, Kaunas
1955 KPI Kaunas Linų audiniai Plungė 2–0 Jaunimo stadionas, Vilnius
1956 Raudonasis Spalis Kaunas Raudonoji žvaigždė Vilnius 3–0 Jaunimo stadionas, Vilnius
1957 Elnias Šiauliai MSK Panevėžys 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Šiauliai
1958 FK Spartakas Vilnius Melioratorius Kretinga 5–3 (a.e.t) Miesto stadionas, Kretinga
1959 Elnias Šiauliai KKI Kaunas 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Šiauliai
1960 FK Panemunė Kaunas Inkaras Kaunas 2–1 KKI Stadionas, Kaunas
1961 Cementininkas Akmenė EAG Kėdainiai 2–1 Miesto stadionas, Kėdainiai
1962 Lima Kaunas Šešupė Kapsukas 3–1 Miesto stadionas, Kapsukas
1963 Saliutas Vilnius FK Žalgiris Naujoji Vilnia 1–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1964 FK Minija Kretinga Baltija Klaipėda 3–2 Miesto stadionas, Kretinga
1965 Inkaras Kaunas Saliutas Vilnius 4–2 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1966 FK Žalgiris Naujoji Vilnia Saliutas Vilnius 0–0 / 1–0 Jaunimo stadionas, Vilnius
1967 Nevėžis Kėdainiai FK Statyba Panevėžys 2–1 Centrinis stadionas, Panevėžys
1968 Nevėžis Kėdainiai Pažanga Vilnius 6–0 Miesto stadionas, Kėdainiai
1969 Inkaras Kaunas Vienybė Ukmergė 2–0 / 1–1 Miesto stadionas, Ukmergė / Inkaro stadionas, Kaunas
1970 Nevėžis Kėdainiai FK Minija Kretinga 0–0 / 3–1 Miesto stadionas, Kretinga / Miesto stadionas, Kėdainiai
1971 Pažanga Vilnius FK Statyba Panevėžys 1–0 / 3–1 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius / Centrinis stadionas, Panevėžys
1972 Nevėžis Kėdainiai Ekranas Panevėžys 1–1 / 3–2 Miesto stadionas, Kėdainiai / Centrinis stadionas, Panevėžys
1973 Nevėžis Kėdainiai Pažanga Vilnius 1–0 Miesto stadionas, Kėdainiai
1974 Statybininkas Šiauliai Kelininkas Kaunas 2–1 Statybininko stadionas, Šiauliai
1975 Vienybė Ukmergė Statybininkas Šiauliai 3–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1976 Kelininkas Kaunas Sūduva Kapsukas 2–1 (a.e.t) Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1977 Granitas Klaipėda Kelininkas Kaunas 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1978 Kelininkas Kaunas Kooperatininkas Plungė 2–0 Linų audinių stadionas, Plungė
1979 Kelininkas Kaunas Atmosfera Mažeikiai 1–0 Sporto kombinato stadionas, Kaunas
1980 Kelininkas Kaunas Banga Kaunas 3–1 Sporto kombinato stadionas, Kaunas
1981 Granitas Klaipėda Banga Kaunas 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Klaipėda
1982 Pažanga Vilnius Nevėžis Kėdainiai 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1983 Granitas Klaipėda SRT Vilnius 2–1 (a.e.t) Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1984 SRT Vilnius Banga Kaunas 2–2 (3–1 pen.) Sporto kombinato stadionas, Kaunas
1985 Ekranas Panevėžys Banga Kaunas 0–0 (4–3 pen.) Sporto kombinato stadionas, Kaunas
1986 Granitas Klaipėda Banga Kaunas 3–1 Žalgirio stadionas, Klaipėda
1987 SRT Vilnius Inkaras Kaunas 0–0 (5–4 pen.) Pasvalys
1988 Sirijus Klaipėda Kelininkas Kaunas 3–2 Jonavos stadionas, Jonava
1989 Banga Kaunas Tauras Tauragė 2–0 Miesto stadionas, Palanga
Independent Lithuania — (LFF Cup)
1990 FK Sirijus Klaipėda Žalgiris Vilnius 0–0 (4–3 pen.) Tauragė
1991 Žalgiris Vilnius Tauras Šiauliai 1–0 (a.e.t) Žalgirio stadionas, Kaunas
1991–92 Lietuvos Makabi Vilnius Žalgiris Vilnius 1–0 Vingio stadionas, Vilnius
1992–93 Žalgiris Vilnius FK Sirijus Klaipėda 1–0 Miesto stadionas, Palanga
1993–94 Žalgiris Vilnius Ekranas Panevėžys 4–2 S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno stadionas, Kaunas
1994–95 Inkaras Kaunas Žalgiris Vilnius 2–1 Žalgirio stadionas, Klaipėda
1995–96 Kareda-Sakalas Šiauliai Inkaras-Grifas Kaunas 2–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1996–97 Žalgiris Vilnius Inkaras-Grifas Kaunas 1–0 Sporto ir rekreacijos stadionas, Alytus
1997–98 Ekranas Panevėžys FBK Kaunas 1–0 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
1998–99 Kareda Šiauliai FBK Kaunas 3–0 (a.e.t) Aukštaitijos stadionas, Panevėžys
1999–2000 Ekranas Panevėžys Žalgiris Vilnius 1–0 Sūduvos stadionas, Marijampolė
2000–01 Atlantas Klaipėda Žalgiris Vilnius 1–0 Aukštaitijos stadionas, Panevėžys
2001–02 FBK Kaunas Sūduva Marijampolė 3–1 Sporto ir rekreacijos stadionas, Alytus
2002–03 Atlantas Klaipėda Vėtra Rūdiškės 1–1 (3–1 pen.) Telšiai
2003 [14] Žalgiris Vilnius Ekranas Panevėžys 3–1 Utena
2004 FBK Kaunas Atlantas Klaipėda 0–0 (2–1 pen.) Savivaldybės stadionas, Šiauliai
2005 FBK Kaunas Vėtra Vilnius 2–0 (a.e.t) Vėtros stadionas, Vilnius
2006 Sūduva Marijampolė Ekranas Panevėžys 1–0 S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno stadionas, Kaunas
2007–08 FBK Kaunas Vėtra Vilnius 2–1 Žalgirio stadionas, Vilnius
2008–09 Sūduva Marijampolė Tauras Tauragė 1–0 S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno stadionas, Kaunas
2009–10 Ekranas Panevėžys Vėtra Vilnius 2–1 S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno stadionas, Kaunas
2010–11 Ekranas Panevėžys Banga Gargždai 4–2 (a.e.t) Sporto ir rekreacijos stadionas, Alytus
2011–12 Žalgiris Vilnius Ekranas Panevėžys 0–0 (3–1 pen.) ARVI Football Arena, Marijampolė
2012–13 Žalgiris Vilnius Šiauliai 3–3 (8–7 pen.) S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno stadionas, Kaunas
2013–14 Žalgiris Vilnius Banga Gargždai 2–1 Utenio stadionas, Utena
2014–15 Žalgiris Vilnius Atlantas Klaipėda 2–0 Savivaldybės stadionas, Šiauliai
2015–16 Žalgiris Vilnius Trakai 1–0 (a.e.t) Telšiai Stadium, Telšiai
2016 Žalgiris Vilnius Sūduva Marijampolė 2–0 Klaipėdos centrinis stadionas, Klaipėda
2017 Stumbras Žalgiris Vilnius 1–0 Aukštaitijos stadionas, Panevėžys
2018 Žalgiris Vilnius Stumbras 3–0 Alytaus stadionas, Alytus
2019 Sūduva Marijampolė Banga Gargždai 4–0 Utenio stadionas, Utena
2020 FK Panevėžys Sūduva Marijampolė 1–1 (5–4 pen.) Aukštaitijos stadionas, Panevėžys

Performance by club


ClubWinnersRunners-upWinning Years
Žalgiris Vilnius 1251991, 1993, 1994, 1997, 2003, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2016, 2018
Inkaras Kaunas 751948, 1949, 1951, 1954, 1965, 1969, 1995
Atlantas Klaipėda 621977, 1981, 1983, 1986, 2001, 2003
FBK Kaunas 571989, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2008
Ekranas Panevėžys 551985, 1998, 2000, 2010, 2011
Nevėžis Kėdainiai 521967, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1973
Kelininkas Kaunas 431976, 1978, 1979, 1980
Sūduva Marijampolė 352006, 2009, 2019
Elnias Šiauliai 311950, 1957, 1959
Kareda Šiauliai 311974, 1996, 1999
Saliutas Vilnius 231952, 1963
Pažanga Vilnius 221971, 1982
SRT Vilnius 211984, 1987
Sirijus Klaipėda 211988, 1990
Lima Kaunas 2-1953, 1962
Minija Kretinga 121964
Lokomotyvas Kaunas 111947
KPI Kaunas 111955
Žalgiris Naujoji Vilnia 111966
Vienybė Ukmergė 111975
Stumbras Kaunas 112017
Raudonasis Spalis Kaunas 1-1956
Spartakas Vilnius 1-1958
Panemunė Kaunas 1-1960
Cementininkas Akmenė 1-1961
Neris Vilnius 1-1992
FK Panevėžys 1-2020

Finalists without Wins

ClubFinalsYears Runner-up
Vėtra Vilnius 42003, 2005, 2008, 2010
Banga Gargždai 3 2011, 2014, 2019
Statyba Panevėžys 31957, 1967, 1971
Baltija Klaipėda 21953, 1964
Linų Audiniai Plungė 21955, 1978
Tauras Tauragė 21989, 2009
FK Šiauliai 21991, 2013
Vėliava Šiauliai 11947
Audiniai Kaunas 11949
Dinamo Vilnius 11952
KKI Kaunas 11959
FK Mažeikiai 11979
Riteriai (Trakai) 1 2015–16

Clubs currently playing in A Lyga are shown in Bold.
- Defunct clubs.

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The 2017 Lithuanian Football Cup, also known as LFF Cup, was the seventy-second season of the Lithuanian annual football knock-out tournament. Forty-four teams entered the competitions, which started on 27 April and ended on 24 September in Aukštaitija Stadium, Panevėžys.

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The 2018 II Lyga season was the second season since return to two divisions system, the twentieth after switch to spring-to-fall format and the thirtieth overall after the restoration of Independence.

The 2019 A Lyga was the 30th season of the A Lyga, the top-tier association football league of Lithuania. The season began on 2 March 2019 and ended on 27 November 2019.

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2020 Lithuanian Football Cup - 32nd edition of the Independent Lithuania Football Cup. The official name of this year's competition for sponsorship reasons is Hegelmann LFF Cup .

2021 A Lyga

The 2021 A Lyga, for sponsorship reasons also called Optibet A lyga is the 32nd season of the A Lyga, the top-tier football league of Lithuania. The season began on 5 March and is planned to end at the beginning of November 2021.


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