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A live house (ライブハウス) is a Japanese live music club – a music venue featuring live music. The term is a Japanese coinage (wasei eigo) and is mainly used in East Asia. It most frequently refers to smaller venues, which may double as bars, especially featuring rock, jazz, blues, and folk music.


The oldest live house is Coffee House Jittoku (拾得, after the Chinese monk Shide "Foundling") [1] in Kyoto, founded in 1973 in an old sake warehouse. Soon afterwards, the idea spread through Japan. In recent years, similar establishments started to appear in big cities in Taiwan, South Korea, China and many of them are also locally called "live houses."

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Joypolis is a chain of indoor amusement parks created by Sega and ran by CA Sega Joypolis. Beginning on July 20, 1994 with the original location sited in Yokohama, Japan, Joypolis centers have since opened in several cities in Japan and later China. The parks feature arcade games and amusement rides based on Sega's intellectual properties, original themes, and licensed franchises. Alongside the predecessor Galbo venues and the overseas spin-offs SegaWorld London and Sega World Sydney, they were officially referred to under the "Amusement Theme Park" or "ATP" concept by Sega in the 1990s.

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Nissin Power Station (日清パワーステーション), currently known as Nissin Power Station [Reboot] is a distribution-only live house and former music venue in Shinjuku, Tokyo owned by Nissin Foods. The original venue was active from March 11, 1988 to June 30, 1998 before closing due to the company's mismanagement. The venue was closed until November 2020, when Nissin Foods announced that it would be reopening the venue for performances but without audiences.