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Stadion Haunstetten, a Sandbahn track Stadion Haunstetten.jpg
Stadion Haunstetten, a Sandbahn track

The Long track (more commonly known as the longtrack, or German Sandbahn) is a motorcycle sport version of speedway, but taking place on tracks ranging from 425 to 1,000 metres (1,390 to 3,280 ft) in length at much higher speeds. There are also subtle differences between the machinery in that a longtrack bike is slightly larger and has a two-speed gearbox. Races (or heats) usually consist of six riders although occasionally they have eight.


The sport is popular in Germany, perhaps even more so than speedway. This means that the majority of tracks are to be found in that country, although tracks can also be found in France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Finland and Norway. Long track meetings are also held in Australia (for both Solos and Sidecars with both state and national championships), New Zealand and the United States with the higher profile Australian and New Zealand Long track Grand Prix's often attracting the top riders from Europe. Due to the lack of genuine Long Track speedways in those countries outside of Europe, meetings generally take place at ½ Mile (800 m) Harness Racing or Showground venues.

The similarities with speedway means that many riders from that discipline also take part in longtrack. Whilst there are no leagues in longtrack, there are many lucrative open meetings which offer a means of additional income. Longtrack is also closely related to grasstrack and most riders compete in both disciplines.


World (FIM)
Individual World Individual (1971-)
European Individual (1957-1970)
Team World Team (2007-)

The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM), the World's motorcycle racing authority run a World Longtrack series as well as a World Championships. Although both events are named Long Track, they often are competed for on Grass.

The Individual Long Track World Championship competitors must qualify through a series of Qualifiers. Riders must be selected by their nations motorcycling authority. Riders then must compete in Qualifying rounds and hotly contested Semi Finals before reaching the World Longtrack series proper.

The Team Long Track World Championship involves each team consisting of 3 riders racing each other for points. The top team at the end is the winner. Germany have won 8 championships.

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There are annual world championship events in the sport of motorcycle speedway for individual riders - the Speedway Grand Prix - and for national teams - the Speedway World Cup. Each has a counterpart for riders under 21: the Speedway World Under 21 Championship and the Team Speedway Junior World Championship. A pairs event, the Speedway World Pairs Championship, ran until 1993.

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The 2010 Individual Speedway Junior World Championship was the 34th edition of the FIM World motorcycle speedway Under-21 Championships.

TTXGP are the official promoters of FIM eRoadRacing, the world's premier electric motorsport race series. Founded by Azhar Hussain MBE in 2008, TTXGP started life as the first zero-carbon, clean-emission race to take place at the Isle of Man TT as teams from around the globe raced electric motorbikes.

The FIM Team Long Track World Championship is an annual long track motorcycle racing event since 2007 organized by the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM). The championship has been won by Germany eight times.

The Australasian Individual Speedway Championship was a Motorcycle speedway Final sanctioned by the FIM as a qualifying round for the Speedway World Championship between 1976 and 1981.

The Commonwealth Final was a Motorcycle speedway Final sanctioned by the FIM as a qualifying round for the Speedway World Championship between 1979 and 1994.

The 1997 Individual Long Track/Grasstrack World Championship was the 27th edition of the FIM speedway Individual Long Track World Championship. For the first time the Championship was decided on a Grand Prix system and also contained races on grasstrack.

Mitchel Godden

Mitchel Stuart Godden is an English Motorcycle rider who compete's in Longtrack and Grasstrack Racing for Solos and more recently Sidecars. He is the son of Don Godden who won the Individual Speedway Long Track World Championship.