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Lori Lewis
Lori Lewis in Colombia.JPG
Lori Lewis live with Therion in 2007.
Background information
Birth nameLori Lewis
Born (1972-12-27) December 27, 1972 (age 49)
Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.
Genres Gothic metal, symphonic metal, classical, opera
Occupation(s)Singer, voice teacher
InstrumentsVocals, piano, harpsichord, bawu, organ
Years active2002–present
Labels Nuclear Blast, Iron
Associated actsAesma Daeva, Therion

Lori Lewis is an American opera singer and soprano who is an official member of the Swedish symphonic metal band Therion.


Lewis is also the former singer for Aesma Daeva, a band that toured as a supporting act with Therion in Canada and the US in 2006 and 2007. [1]

Musical career

Lori Lewis and Christofer Johnsson during the performance at the Miskolc Opera Festival (2007). C. Johnsson and L. Lewis.jpg
Lori Lewis and Christofer Johnsson during the performance at the Miskolc Opera Festival (2007).

Lewis got her undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance at the Missouri State University, [2] and the graduated degree at the University of Kansas. [3]

On September 11, 2011, Christofer Johnsson, Therion's head, announced that Lewis was named permanent member of the band, becoming then the first female member to have permanent status in the history of the band. [4]

As a permanent member of Therion, Lori participated in the recording of Les Fleurs du Mal , dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the band. [5]

Departure from touring with Therion

On May 10, 2014, the band announced that Lewis would withdraw from the 2014 tour, performing a last show in Mexico City on May 31. Lewis was replaced by Sandra Laureano as touring member, but remains as member of the band for studio recordings. [6]

Solo Career

On May 11, 2020, Lori announced her first solo album: Carmina Romanus. It has 10 songs, including a collaboration with Kristian Niemann (ex-Therion) in Venus (Bringer Of Love And Desire). In Mercury - Messenger of Dreams she does a duet with Thomas Vikström (Therion). Most of the lyrics were written by Per Albinsson, author of Beloved Antichrist.


Lewis currently resides in Salem, Oregon, and graduated from the University of Kansas.[ citation needed ]


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