Luboš Sluka

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Luboš Sluka (born on September 13, 1928 in Opočno) is a Czech Contemporary Composer.


Life and career

Lubos Sluka was admitted to Prague Conservatory where he completed his studies in three subjects - percussion, conducting and composition. In 1951, Sluka was chosen as Arthur Honegger's student, as well as George Auric's assistant. However, his stay in Paris has been cancelled due to political reasons. He graduated at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in composition with Jaroslav Řídký and Pavel Borkovec, film music with Václav Trojan in 1959.

From 1962 to 1963, he was employed as the program editor in Czech Television, from 1963 till 1969 he'd worked in the music publishing company Panton. In February 1992 was voted the chairman of the Society of composers and in January 1995 the chairman of the whole Association of musical artists and scientists of the Czech republic. Sluka's work is very complex and diverse (more than 350 compositions). He had also paid a great heed to vocal and vocal-symphonic compositions (8 song cycles, 5 cantatas), film and television productions (70 full-length films, 30 television productions, 3 musicals and 5 TV serials), as well as to orchestral music (80 pieces) and to so called popular music (80 compositions).

An asteroid 27978 Lubosluka is named after him.


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