Lung Shao-hua

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Lung Shao-hua
Chen Kun-chang (陳坤倉)

(1953-03-25) 25 March 1953 (age 67)
OccupationActor, singer, television host
Years active1986—present
Pai Hung
(m. 1977;div. 1978)

Hsieh Hsueh-chen
(m. after 1995)
Children2 (including actor Chen Wei-zuo) [1]
Musical career
Also known asLong Shaohua

Lung Shao-hua (Chinese :龍劭華; pinyin :Lóng Shàohuá; born 25 March 1953) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and television host. [2] [3]



Television series

YearEnglish titleOriginal titleRoleNotes
1986Auspicious Beginning開張大吉A-pieh
1987Laughter of the Red Roof House紅瓦屋笑聲
1987Shenyi Hua Tuo神醫華佗
1988The One I Yearn For思慕的人A-pin
1991Career Master草地狀元Jen-te
1992Xiamen Bride廈門新娘Lin Ming-tang
1993Qiu Wang She Yu Bai Zei Qi邱罔舍與白賊七
1994Qian Shou Chu Tou Tian牽手出頭天Chen Wan-chin
1995The Taiwan Folklore臺灣水滸傳Lin Tien-ting
1995Love in Other Lands愛在他鄉
1995Jin Ye Zuo Meng Ye Hui Xiao今夜作夢也會笑Huang Cha-mou / Huang Li-chun
1996Taiwan History臺灣演義Chiu Tzu-she
1996Heaven Loves Good Men天公疼好人Lung Chia-pao
1996Affinity 大家有緣Chu-tou
1997Taiwan Independence Members台獨份子Kuo-hsiung
1997Big Sister in Charge大姐當家Liu Tien-tsai
1998Qian Jin Xi Fu Wan Jin Sun千金媳婦萬金孫Wu Chia-wen
2000Ah Bian and Ah Jane阿扁與阿珍Chen Chao-chin
2000Women Walk女生向前走Yung-kang
2000Wish You Happiness祝你幸福Yang Te-chuan
2000Fei Lung飛龍在天Hui-niang's father
2001Beigang Burner北港香爐
2002Negative Line of Tears負君千行淚Kan Lu-sung
2002Good Luck to Me好運今年輪到我
2003The Young Shi Yanwen少年史艷文
2003Jun Chen Qing Shen君臣情深EunuchCameo
2003Beauty 99愛情風暴美麗99Ho Chih-yuan
2004The Luckiest Man天下無雙
2005Memories of an Old Love舊情綿綿Wang Pang-hsiung
2006 The Spirits of Love Wang Chin-lung
2007Ji Gong濟公Ji Gong
2008The Sandwich Man三明治先生Chou Wan-tsai
2009Kaifeng Bao Qing Tian開封有個包青天Lung Tsai-tien
2010Roadside CEO路邊董事長Lin Yung-hsiang
2011Way Back into Love愛。回來Yang Si-yuan
2012Gentle Mercy溫柔的慈悲Fan Yung-kang
2012 Ti Amo Chocolate 愛上巧克力Cocoa masterCameo
2012The Other Hands牽手Hsiao Pa-tienAlternative title: Wives
2012Home回家Su Ching-kuei
2013 The Heart of Woman 天下女人心Hsu Yung-yeh
2013Laba Hong's Melody喇叭宏的悲喜曲Laba Hong
2013Flavor of Life含笑食堂Liu Kuei-te
2013Ordinary Love世間情Ke Chi-pa
2014 In a Good Way 我的自由年代Chang Chia-lin
2014Our Mother阿母HsuCameo
2015 Aim High 22K夢想高飛Jen Chi-liang
2015Life of Pearl珍珠人生Chi Yao-lin
2015The Taste of Dang-Liang's Family黨良家之味Wu Dang-liang
2015 Love Cuisine 料理高校生Old manCameo
2016Nie Xiaoqian聶小倩Lin
2016La Grande Chaumière Violette紫色大稻埕Tsai Hsueh-hsi
2016 Refresh Man 後菜鳥的燦爛時代Wang Chao-lungCameo
2016High 5 BasketballHigh 5 制霸青春Chiu Te-chi
2016All in 700700歲旅程Li Te-lang
2017 The Masked Lover 我的愛情不平凡Jung Fu-hsiung
2017 The Perfect Match 極品絕配Jung Fu-hsiungCameo
2017A Boy Named Flora A植劇場-花甲男孩轉大人Cheng Kuang-huang
2017 Taste of Life 甘味人生King
2017Love River春風愛河邊


YearEnglish titleOriginal titleRoleNotes
1980One Wife is Good Enough一個太太恰恰好
1980The Frogman大地勇士
1980The Story of A-Lan阿蘭的故事
1981The Flute Player of Wrath血雨鴛鴦奪魂笛
1981The Way to Stardom我是大明星
1982All the Corl One's Men百分滿點
1982Escape to Freedom黑獄大逃亡
1982The Assault on Virgin Island突擊處女島
1983Forbidden Fruit莫偷嘗禁果
1983Who Knows About Me江湖我獨行
1983The Fishing Adventure討海的人
1983Zhi Fen Ying Han脂粉硬漢
1985The Win中獎
1987Lang Zi Yu Wu Nu浪子與舞女
1988High Noon Passion情鎖高危日
1988Lady and Wicked Man 淑女惡男
1988King of Kings騙王之王
1989He Is My Brother海口人
1989Xiao Xiao Mian Dang Bing小小免當兵
198900.99 Da Fa Cai00.99大發財Lottery store bossCameo
1990Ye Ying Tu Ji野鶯突擊
1990Pi Li Nu Jiao Wa霹靂女嬌娃
1991The Dignified Killers至尊殺手
1991Retreat of the Godfather大哥讓位
1998Sheng Goes to Taiwan周成過台灣
1999 March of Happiness 天馬茶房Sea Dragon
2000Pan Ke Yu Lei Gu叛客與雷鬼
2011Jump Ashin!翻滚吧!阿信Pine
2012 Love Mr. Li
2013 Forever Love 阿嬤的夢中情人Old Liu Chi-sheng
2013As the Winds Blow戀戀海灣
2014Elena愛琳娜Chen You-yi
2015When Miracle Meets Maths愛情算不算Grandfather
2016 10,000 Miles 一萬公里的約定Father
20167 Seconds in a Life Time直線七秒Television
2017 The Tag-Along 2 紅衣小女孩2Master Long
2017Father to Son在一個死亡之後A-hou

Variety show

NetworkEnglish titleOriginal titleNotes
CTV You and Me綜藝我和你Host
Guess 我猜我猜我猜猜猜Host
Taiwan Arts & Culture TelevisionTaiwan Much Dian Chang Xiu台灣MUCH點唱秀Host


Studio albums

TitleAlbum detailsTrack listing
  • Released: 1996
  • Label: Blue & White Company
  • Formats: CD
Track listing
  1. 孤單
  2. 心內的話
  3. 隨人著保重
  4. 好漢
  5. 黃昏的故鄉
  6. 不倘乎愛變成一種罪
  7. 江湖浪子不是阮的名
  8. 媽媽請你也保重
  9. 月娘半邊圓
  10. 心內的話一演奏版

Published works

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResult
199732nd Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Television Series March of Happiness Nominated
199936th Golden Horse Awards Best Supporting ActorThe Taiwan FolkloreNominated
200136th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Television Series Beigang BurnerNominated
201146th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Television Series Roadside CEONominated
201247th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Television Series Way Back into LoveNominated
201348th Golden Bell Awards Best Actor in a Television Series Flavor of LifeNominated
Best Actor in a Miniseries or Television Film Laba Hong's MelodyWon
201621st Asian Television Awards Best Actor in a Leading Role The Taste of Dang-Liang's FamilyWon

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