Lyès Deriche

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Lyès Deriche
Arabic:  [إلياس دريش]
Tifinagh: Lⵢèⵙ ⴹⴻⵔⵉⵛⵀⴻ
Lyès Deriche
National Liberation Front Member
In office
Revolutionary Committee of Unity and Action Member
In office
Special Organisation Member
In office
Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties Member
In office
Personal details
Souk El-Had, Algiers department, Kabylie, Algeria.
El Madania, Sidi M'Hamed District, Algiers Province, Kabylie, Algeria.

Lyès Deriche (Arabic:  [إلياس دريش] , Berber languages : ⵉⵍⵢⴰⵙ ⴷⴻⵔⵉⵛⴻ), (born 1932 in Souk El-Had, Boumerdès Province, Kabylie, Algeria; died 1982 in El Madania, Algeria) was an Algerian Berber politician after the French conquest of Algeria. [1]


Algerian War

Lyès Deriche, the grandson of Mohamed Deriche, housed in his villa in the Algerian commune of Clos-Salembier the meeting of the Group of 22 baptized Revolutionary Committee of Unity and Action (RCUA). [2]

On 25 July 1954, in the modest villa belonging to Lyès Deriche, twenty-two Algerians spoke for the unlimited revolution until total independence. They were all elders of the Special Organization who were summoned in the second half of June 1954. [3]

Many of them were from families where there were qaids and bachaghas who had studied in the schools of the Association Of Algerian Muslim scholars [4]  ·. [5]

Lyès Deriche, a friend of Zoubir Bouadjadj, was a former militant of the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Liberties who exploited the notoriety of his family to weave a clandestine revolutionary network in Lower Kabylia. He welcomed Mohamed Boudiaf who was the revolutionary leader of Algiers, and had prepared the meal for the participants in the historic meeting. [6]

About noon the owner of the house, Deriche, invited the presents to a couscous, and after a short pause they returned to work. [7]

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