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Lyn Harding
Mr. Lyn Harding LCCN2014692774 (cropped).jpg
Harding in 1915
David Llewellyn Harding

(1867-10-12)12 October 1867
Died26 December 1952(1952-12-26) (aged 85)
Years active1890–1947
Maria Frieda Reidacher
(m. 1895)

David Llewellyn Harding (12 October 1867 – 26 December 1952), known professionally as Lyn Harding, was a Welsh actor who spent 40 years on the stage before entering British made silent films, talkies and radio. He had an imposing and menacing stage presence and came to be cast as the villain in many films, notably Professor Moriarty in dramatisations of the Sherlock Holmes stories.


Early years

He was born in 1867 at St. Brides Wentloog, in Monmouthshire, into a strict Congregationalist Welsh-speaking family. [1]

Acting career

He started his career as an apprentice draper in Newport, Wales and but he was drawn to an acting career. He began giving readings from Shakespeare at a chapel in Cardiff. In 1890 a chance meeting with a touring group on a train led to him standing in for a sick actor and his first professional engagement. He opened on 28 August 1890 in The Grip Of Iron at the Theatre Royal, Bristol. [2]

Harding with Marie Doro (left) in Oliver Twist at the New Amsterdam Theatre (1912) Marie Doro and Lyn Harding.jpg
Harding with Marie Doro (left) in Oliver Twist at the New Amsterdam Theatre (1912)

He toured "the provinces" and eventually made his London debut at the Shakespeare Theatre, Clapham on 19 July 1897.

He later changed his name to "Lyn" to make it more acceptable to English audiences who found "Llewellyn" difficult to pronounce.

Harding as Sir Francis Drake in the 1912 play Drake, with Amy Brandon Thomas, at His Majesty's Theatre, London AmyBrandonThomasinDrake.jpg
Harding as Sir Francis Drake in the 1912 play Drake, with Amy Brandon Thomas, at His Majesty's Theatre, London

In 1910, he portrayed Dr Grimesby Rylott in Arthur Conan Doyle's play The Speckled Band . [3] [4]

His career spanned stage, silent screen, talkies and radio productions and he toured in the United States, Japan, India and Burma. He worked at different times with John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and Anthony Quayle.

His last stage appearance was as Abu Hassan in Chu Chin Chow in the West End in 1941 when he was 74 years old. At the age of nearly 80 he played Owain Glyndŵr in Shakespeare's Henry IV for BBC radio.

He lived for about ten years in Leverstock Green, near Hemel Hempstead where he played an active role in the local community, even staging plays and revues with fellow actors to help raise funds for a much needed parish hall. He died in London in 1952, aged 85. [5]


1920 A Bachelor Husband Kenelm Foss
1922 When Knighthood Was in Flower Robert G. Vignola
1924 Yolanda Robert G. Vignola
1927 The Further Adventures of the Flag Lieutenant W.P. Kellino
1927 Land of Hope and Glory Harley Knoles
1930 Sleeping Partners Seymour Hicks
1931 The Speckled Band Jack Raymond
1932 The Barton Mystery Henry Edwards
1933 The Constant Nymph Basil Dean
1934 The Lash Henry Edwards
1934 The Man Who Changed His Name Henry Edwards
1934 Wild Boy Albert de Courville
1935 Escape Me Never Paul Czinner
1935 The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes Leslie S. Hiscott
1935 An Old Spanish Custom Adrian Brunel
1936 Spy of Napoleon Maurice Elvey
1936 The Man Who Changed His Mind Robert Stevenson
1937 Fire Over England William K. Howard
1937 Knight Without Armour Jacques Feyder
1937 The Pearls of the Crown Christian-Jaque
1937 Please Teacher Stafford Dickens
1937 Silver Blaze Thomas Bentley
1937 The Mutiny of the Elsinore
1937 Underneath the Arches Redd Davis
1939 Goodbye, Mr. Chips Sam Wood
1939 The Missing People Jack Raymond
1941 The Prime Minister Thorold Dickinson

Selected stage credits

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