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Macedonian Republic Football League (Macedonian : Македонска републичка фудбалска лига) was the highest football league in the Socialist Republic of Macedonia within the Yugoslav football system. During the time of SFR Yugoslavia, it was third level league for most of the time and the winner was usually promoted to Yugoslav Second League.



In SFR Yugoslavia

SeasonChampionClubs playing at a higher level
1944–45 Makedonija Skopje
1945–46 Pobeda Skopje
1946–47 Makedonija Skopje Pobeda S (I)
1947–48 Dinamo Skopje Vardar (I), Rabotnički (II)
1948–49 11 Oktomvri Kumanovo Dinamo, Vardar (II)
1949–50 Rabotnik Bitola 11 Oktomvri, Vardar (II), Rabotnički (III)
1950–51 Rabotnik Bitola Rabotnički, Vardar (II)
1951–52 Pobeda Prilep Rabotnički, Vardar (I)
1952–53 Rabotnički Skopje Vardar (I)
1953–54 Pobeda Prilep Rabotnički, Vardar (I)
1954–55 Metalec Skopje Vardar (I), Rabotnički (II)
1955–56 Belasica Strumica Bregalnica, Metalec, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Rabotnik, Vardar (II)
1956–57 Pelister Bitola Vardar (I), Belasica, Metalec, Pobeda, Rabotnički (II)
1957–58 Belasica Strumica Vardar (I), Pelister, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Sloga (II)
1958–59 Pobeda Prilep Vardar (I), Rabotnički (II)
1959–60 Pelister Bitola Vardar (II)
1960–61 Pelister Bitola Vardar (I), Pobeda (II)
1961–62 Pobeda Prilep Vardar (I)
1962–63 Pobeda Prilep Vardar (II)
1963–64 Bregalnica Štip Vardar (I), Pobeda (II)
1964–65 Teteks Tetovo Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Pobeda (II)
1965–66 Rabotnički Skopje Vardar (I), Pobeda (II)
1966–67 Bregalnica Štip Vardar (I), Pobeda, Rabotnički (II)
1967–68 Rabotnički Skopje Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Pobeda (II)
1968–69 Teteks Tetovo Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Tikveš (II)
1969–70 MIK Skopje Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks, Tikveš (II)
1970–71 Kumanovo Bregalnica, MIK, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks, Vardar (II)
1971–72 Tikveš Kavadarci Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Kumanovo, MIK, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks (II)
1972–73 Rabotnički Skopje Vardar (I), Bregalnica, Kumanovo, Pobeda, Teteks, Tikveš (II)
1973–74 Teteks Tetovo Vardar (I), Kumanovo, Pobeda, Rabotnički (II)
1974–75 Pelister Bitola Vardar (I), Kumanovo, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks (II)
1975–76 Bregalnica Štip Vardar (I), Pelister, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks (II)
1976–77 Rabotnički Skopje Bregalnica, Pobeda, Teteks, Vardar (II)
1977–78 Tikveš Kavadarci Bregalnica, Pobeda, Rabotnički, Teteks, Vardar (II)
1978–79 Pobeda Prilep Teteks, Tikveš, Vardar (II)
1979–80 Rabotnički Skopje Vardar (I), Pobeda, Teteks (II)
1980–81 Pobeda Prilep Vardar (I), Rabotnički, Teteks (II)
1981–82 Pelister Bitola Teteks, Vardar (I), Pobeda (II)
1982–83 Belasica Strumica Vardar (I), Pelister, Teteks (II)
1983–84 Bregalnica Štip Vardar (I), Belasica, Pelister, Teteks (II)
1984–85 Teteks Tetovo Vardar (I), Belasica, Bregalnica, Pelister (II)
1985–86 Pobeda Prilep Vardar (I), Belasica, Bregalnica, Pelister, Teteks (II)
1986–87 Metalurg Skopje Vardar (I), Belasica, Pelister, Pobeda, Teteks (II)
1987–88 Belasica Strumica Vardar (I), Metalurg, Pelister, Pobeda, Teteks (II)
1988–89 Borec Veles Vardar (I), Belasica, Pelister (II), Bregalnica, Metalurg, Ljuboten, Osogovo, Pobeda, Sileks, Teteks (III-E)
1989–90 Balkan Skopje Vardar (I), Pelister (II), Belasica, Borec, Bregalnica, Metalurg, Pobeda, Sileks, Teteks (III-E)
1990–91 Makedonija Gjorče Petrov Pelister, Vardar (II), Balkan, Borec, Bregalnica, Pobeda, Sileks, Teteks (III-E)
1991–92 Sasa Makedonska Kamenica Pelister, Vardar (I), Balkan, Teteks (II), Belasica, Borec, Bregalnica, Makedonija GjP, Osogovo, Pobeda, Sileks (III-E)

Performance by club

ClubTitlesYears Won
Pobeda Prilep 81952, 1954, 1959, 1962, 1963, 1979, 1981, 1986
Rabotnički Skopje 61953, 1966, 1968, 1973, 1977, 1980
Pelister Bitola 51957, 1960, 1961, 1975, 1982
Teteks Tetovo 41965, 1969, 1974, 1985
Bregalnica Štip 41964, 1967, 1976, 1984
Belasica Strumica 41956, 1958, 1983, 1988
Makedonija Skopje 21945, 1947
Kumanovo 21949, 1971
Rabotnik Bitola 21950, 1951
Tikveš Kavadarci 21972, 1978
Pobeda Skopje 11946
Dinamo Skopje 11948
Metalec Skopje 11955
MIK Skopje 11970
Metalurg Skopje 11987
Borec Veles 11989
Balkan Skopje 11990
Makedonija Gjorče Petrov 11990
Sasa Makedonska Kamenica 11990


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