Madame Angot's Daughter (film)

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Madame Angot's Daughter
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Directed byJean Bernard-Derosne
Written byJean Bernard-Derosne
Jean-Jacques Bernard
Based on Madame Angot's Daughter by Clairville, Paul Siraudin and Victor Koning
Starring André Baugé
Jean Aquistapace
Raymond Cordy
Cinematography Lucien Joulin
Jacques Montéran
Music by Charles Lecocq
Société Française de Productions Cinématographiques
Release date
11 October 1935
Running time
85 minutes
Language French

Madame Angot's Daughter (French: La fille de Madame Angot) is a 1935 French musical comedy film directed by Jean Bernard-Derosne and starring André Baugé, Jean Aquistapace and Raymond Cordy. [1] It also featured early screen appearances by Arletty and Madeleine Robinson. It is based on the 1872 comic opera Madame Angot's Daughter .


The film's sets were designed by the art director Jean Douarinou.


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