Madeleine Lambert

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Madeleine Lambert
Born7 May 1892
Died24 July 1977
Years active1921-1968 (film )

Madeleine Lambert (1892–1977) was a French stage, television and film actress. [1]



1931 My Cousin from Warsaw Lucienne
1937L'amour veilleSophie
1938 The Curtain Rises Élisabeth
1940Menaces...La patronne de l'hôtel
1945Le père SergeLa comtesse Varvara Alexandrovna Kedrov
1948 Emile the African Madame Cormier
1949 Branquignol La marquise de Pressailles
1951 Two Pennies Worth of Violets Une amie
1951Une histoire d'amourUne invitéeUncredited
1952 La Vérité sur Bébé Donge Madame d'Onneville
1952 Leathernose Une invitée
1954Les révoltés de LomanachLa comtesseUncredited
1955 Marguerite de la nuit L'admiratrice de l'OpéraUncredited
1956Mademoiselle PigalleHeadmistress
1956 The Bride Is Much Too Beautiful Aunt Agnes
1957 Charming Boys Madame Micoulin
1959 Les Liaisons dangereuses Mme Rosemonde
1965 Passeport diplomatique agent K 8 La tante
1966A nous deux, Paris!Mme Hagueauner mère
1968You Only Love Once(final film role)

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The Bouquinquant Brothers is a 1947 French drama film directed by Louis Daquin and starring Albert Préjean, Madeleine Robinson and Roger Pigaut. It is based on the 1930 novel The Bouquinquant Brothers by Jean Prévost. It premiered at the 1947 Venice Film Festival and went on general release in France the following year. The film's sets were designed by the art director Paul Bertrand. It marked the film debut of the actress Juliette Gréco.


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