Madeleine Tabar

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Madeleine Tabar
Born (1958-02-26) 26 February 1958 (age 62)
Years active1982–present

Madeleine Tabar (Arabic : مادلين طبر) is a Lebanese actress.



Tabar was born in Beirut on 26 February 1958. [1] She studied Public Relations and Advertising at the Lebanese University. [2] She began her work on radio and television in Lebanon and later became a very famous actress in Egypt and the Arab region.

Tabar was one of the personalities who participated in the cultural project "Egypt in the eyes of the world" at the invitation of the Embassy of Lebanon in Egypt.

Tabar has worked on television in Egypt. She is one of the few actresses in Egypt who speaks French.

Television series

Titles translated from Arabic

The Women's Game1982
Quick Lubna1988
The Bridge1997

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