Magtymguly (city)

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Garrygala (circa 1924-2004)
Kara Kala (Кара Кала)
Karakalinsk (Каракалинск)
Alexandrov (1890?-circa 1924)
Ganlygala (Middle Ages-1890?)
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Location in Turkmenistan
Coordinates: 38°26′N56°18′E / 38.433°N 56.300°E / 38.433; 56.300 Coordinates: 38°26′N56°18′E / 38.433°N 56.300°E / 38.433; 56.300
Country Flag of Turkmenistan.svg  Turkmenistan
Province Balkan Province
 (1989 census) [1]

Magtymguly (formerly Garrygala, Kara-Kala, Russian : Кара-Кала) is a city (Turkmen: şäher) in far south-western Turkmenistan in Balkan Province. It lies west of Aydere and is the administrative capital of Magtymguly District. In 1972 it had a population of 5700 inhabitants, rising to 8412 in 1989. [2] It is located in the foothills of the Kopet Dag mountain range, and it lies on the Sumbar River, a tributary of the Atrek River.

The ruins of a vast fortress on the river bank are located in Magtymguly. The fortress was used as a base by the Armenian Kings Tigranes I to Tigranes VI. A small museum devoted to the poet Magtymguly Pyragy is located in Magtymguly.


Atanyyazow explains that Turkmen originally called the fortress, which he asserts was built here by Shah of Persia Mohammad, "Ganlygala" ("bloody fortress", from gan "blood" and gala "fortress") because of the amount of blood shed in fighting over it. At the end of the 19th century, under Russian influence the settlement was called Aleksandrov, but in the Soviet period it was renamed Garrygala in Turkmen (Russian : Кара Кала). [3] Following Turkmenistan's independence, on 4 June 2004, by Presidential Decree No. 4066, Garrygala city and district were renamed in honor of Magtymguly Pyragy. [4]

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The history of Turkmenistan is largely shrouded in mystery, its past since the arrival of Indo-European Iranian tribes around 2000 BC is often the starting point of the area's discernible history. Early tribes were nomadic or semi-nomadic due to the arid conditions of the region as the steppe culture in Central Asia was an extension of a larger Eurasian series of horse cultures which spanned the entire spectrum of language families including the Indo-Europeans and Turko-Mongol groups. Some of the known early Iranian tribes included the Massagatae, Scythians/Sakas, and early Soghdians. Turkmenistan was a passing point for numerous migrations and invasions by tribes which gravitated towards the settled regions of the south including ancient Mesopotamia, Elam, and the Indus Valley Civilization.

Balkan Region Region of Turkmenistan

Balkan Region is the westernmost of five regions of Turkmenistan. Clockwise from north it borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan (north); two provinces of Turkmenistan (east), Iran (south) and the Caspian Sea (west). The capital city is Balkanabat, formerly known as Nebit Dag. The boundaries of the region are identical to those of the former Krasnovodsk Oblast' , a Soviet-era province of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic. This oblast was liquidated and restored many times in the mid- to late nineteen-hundreds and in 1988 it was abolished for good. However, the administrative boundaries of the region were restored in 1991 when Balkan Region was established.

Magtymguly Pyragy 18th-century Turkmen spiritual leader, poet and sufi

Magtymguly Pyragy, born Magtymguly, was a Turkmen spiritual leader, philosophical poet, and sufi, who is considered to be the father of the Turkmen literature and the most famous figure in Turkmen literary history.

Balkanabat Place in Balkan Province, Turkmenistan

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Turkmen State University named for Magtymguly is one of the leading universities in Turkmenistan, located in the capital city Ashgabat. It is named after Magtymguly Pyragy, a Turkmen poet. Its current rector is Gurtnyýaz Nurlyýewiç Hanmyradow.

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Magtymguly Avenue, transliterated from Russian as Makhtumkuli, is an avenue in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It is considered to be the longest and most prominent avenue in the capital

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Görogly, previously called Tagta, is a city subordinate to a district and the administrative center of Görogly District, Daşoguz Province, Turkmenistan. It is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Daşoguz.

Nyýazow, Turkmenistan Place in Daşoguz Region, Turkmenistan

Nyýazow, previously called Andreyevsk and Täzebazar, and in Russian referred to as "Niyazovsk" or "Nyyazovsk", is a city subordinate to a district and the administrative center of Saparmyrat Nyýazow District, Daşoguz Province, Turkmenistan.

Türkmenbaşy şäherçesi Town in Balkan Province, Turkmenistan

Türkmenbaşy şäherçesi is a town and the administrative center of Türkmenbaşy District, Balkan Province, Turkmenistan. It is east of the city of Türkmenbaşy, Turkmenistan, with which it should not be confused. Türkmenbaşy şäherçesi was previously called Janga.


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