Maizuru Line

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Maizuru Line
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Special express Maizuru.jpg
A Maizuru limited express services at Higashi-Maizuru Station in July 2005
Owner JR West
Locale Kyoto Prefecture
Termini Ayabe
Type Heavy rail
Line length26.4 km (16.4 mi)
Track gauge 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Electrification 1,500 V DC, overhead wire

The Maizuru Line (舞鶴線, Maizuru-sen) is a 26.4 km (16.4 mi) railway line in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, operated by the West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It connects Ayabe and Higashi-Maizuru, the line beyond there being called the Obama Line connecting to Tsuruga.



Ayabe 綾部0.0S  E   Sanin Main Line Ayabe Kyoto Prefecture
Fuchigaki 淵垣5.3S
Umezako 梅迫8.2S
Magura 真倉15.5| Maizuru
Nishi-Maizuru 西舞鶴19.5SM Kyoto Tango Railway (Willer Trains) Miyamai Line (M8)
Higashi-Maizuru 東舞鶴26.4S Obama Line


The line opened in the autumn of 1904 to transport troops and materiel to the naval base and Maizuru-Higashi Port during the Russo-Japanese War, which commenced in February of that year. [1] Although built by the Japanese Government, it was initially leased to the Bantsuru Railway Co, which opened the Ayabe - Fukuchiyama section of what is now the Sanin Main Line the same year.

The company was nationalised in 1907, the year the 2 km Maizurukō Line (舞鶴港線) from Nishi-Maizuru to Maizuru Port opened. Passenger services operated on that branch between 1913 and 1924, and it closed in 1985.

Nishi-Maizuru was also the junction for the 4 km Naka-Maizuru Line (中舞鶴線) to Naka-Maizuru which operated between 1919 and 1972. [1]

The line was electrified in 1999. [1]

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