Mannar Urban Council

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Mannar Urban Council
மன்னார் நகர சபை
Santhanpillai Gnanaprgasam, TNA
Since March 2011
Deputy Chairman
Sebastiyampillai Jemes Firansis Jesuthasan, TNA
Since March 2011
Seats 7
Last election
Sri Lankan local government elections, 2011

Mannar Urban Council (Tamil : மன்னார் நகர சபைMaṉṉār Nakara Capai; MUC) is the local authority for the town of Mannar in north-western Sri Lanka. MUC is responsible for providing a variety of local public services including roads, sanitation, drains, housing, libraries, public parks and recreational facilities. It has 7 members elected using the open list proportional representation system.



Mannar Urban Council was created with effect from 15 April 2006 from parts of Mannar Divisional Council. [1] However, according to the pro-LTTE TamilNet, the Sri Lankan government had suspended all local government in the north and east of the country in 1983 using emergency regulations. [2] The civil war prevented elections from being held for MUC until 2011..

On 27 January 2006 local authority elections were called for the entire country. [3] [4] It was later announced that elections would be held on 30 March 2006 across the entire country. [5] The Election Commissioner subsequently postponed the elections in the north and Batticaloa District until 30 September 2006. [6] On 23 September 2006 elections in the north and Batticaloa District were postponed until 30 June 2007. [7] [8]

MUC continued to be administered by special commissioners until the 2011 elections.

Election results

2011 local government election

Results of the local government election held on 17 March 2011: [9]

Alliances and parties Votes % Seats
  Tamil National Alliance (ITAK, EPRLF (S), TELO, PLOTE, TULF, TNLA) 4,757 58.60% 5
  United People's Freedom Alliance (ACMC, EPDP et al.) 2,848 35.08% 2
  United National Party 272 3.35% 0
Independent 1 236 2.91% 0
Independent 2 5 0.06% 0
Valid Votes8,118100.00%7
Rejected Votes 345
Total Polled 8,463
Registered Electors 15,979
Turnout 52.96%

The following candidates were elected: [10] Santhanpillai Gnanaprgasam (TNA); Sebastiyampillai Jemes Firansis Jesuthasan (TNA); Nilamutheen Nahusheen (UPFA); Anthony Charles Morines Perera (TNA); Subramaniyam Pirunthavananathan (TNA); Sampooranam Rathinasingam (TNA); and Selvarasa Selvakumar (UPFA).

Santhanpillai Gnanaprgasam (TNA) and Sebastiyampillai Jemes Firansis Jesuthasan (TNA) were appointed Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively. [10]


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