Maolsheachlainn Ó Dúgáin

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Maolsheachlainn Ó Dúgáin (fl.mid-19th century) was an Irish scribe.

Ó Dúgáin was a native of Claregalway and related to Tomás Bacach Ó Dúgáin and Liam Ó Dúgáin, all of the same parish. His scribal work consists of songs.

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Macalla is a 1985 musical album by Irish folk group Clannad. It is their ninth album and became prominent with a collaboration between Clannad's singer Moya Brennan and U2 vocalist Bono on the duet "In a Lifetime". Furthermore, it featured some internationally renowned artists such as art rock saxophone player Mel Collins, an ex-King Crimson member and famous for his solo on The Rolling Stones' "Miss You", and Anton Corbijn's photography.

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Seán Mór Ó Dubhagáin was an Irish Gaelic poet.

Tomás Bacach Ó Dúgáin, Irish scribe, fl. 1848-1858.

Liam Ó Dúgáin was an Irish scribe who flourished in the mid-19th century.

Ó Dubhagáinn was the name of a bardic family from Baile Uí Dhubhagáin, in Uí Maine,. The family were not related to similarly named family of Dugan of Fermoy, County Cork.

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