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Marc-Gilbert Sauvajon (25 September 1909, Valence, Drôme – 15 April 1985, Montpellier) was a French film director, script-writer, playwright and author.


After studying law, he was made chief editor of the daily newspaper Sud-Est. He founded the journal Valence-Républicain .

His play "All in the Family", adapted by Victor Wolfson, was given its first performance at the Strand Theatre, London on 17 June 1959. It was directed by Norman Marshall and designed by Paul Mayo. The cast consisted of Maxine Audley, Donald Sinden, Andre Morell, Brian Oulton, Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Michael Logan, Vanda Godsell, Pauline Knight, Virginia Maskell, Mary Powell, Douglas Malcom and Philip Ashley.


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